Santairiku Eiyuuki Volume 1 Chapter 17

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Once, Hercule had a sudden craving:

I wanna eat curry!

Curry is a dish that uses many kinds of spices. Some people think that Indians eat curry on a daily basis, but that is half true and half wrong.

First of all, the curry dishes in j.a.panese imagination are different from Indian curry. j.a.panese curry was based on British curry, which was in turn based on Indian curry.

So what is Indian curry? In the first place, there is no food called curry in India. There is no such thing as Indian curry.

What we call Indian curry is simply Indian stews that use spices, and each of those dishes has its own unique name. Spices to India are like miso and soy sauce to j.a.pan. Most of their cuisine use spices, so most of them ended up being labeled as “curry” too.

So it can be said that Indians eat curry all the time. That is half true, but also half wrong.

Anyway, the problem was how could Hercule get his hands on curry. Unfortunately, the man of his previous life only ever made curry with House Vermont roux, not once did he make curry powder from spices. (h.e.l.l, people who have done that are in the minority.)


What to do…

Just then, an idea flashed through his mind. That’s right, I just have to get someone who can make curry!

Although the geographical features of Hercule’s world and the previous world closely resembled, the two worlds were completely different fundamentally. Demons, spirits, magic, magecraft, elves, beastfolk; none of them existed in his previous world. Practically all plants and animals from the previous world existed in this one, however. Spices were the same here as well.

Spices were produced in warm tropical regions. Which means…

“Even if India does not exist, there must be an Indilike place. They have curry for sure.”

Thinking so, Hercule acted right away. He ordered merchants to bring chefs from spice-producing regions to him. And afterwards…

“Head chef, let me introduce the new cook. This is Kunala from Sindira.”

“Pleasure to work with you,” the man said with a harsh accent.

“N-No need to be so formal… err… what?”

Not having been informed of Hercule’s scheme, the head chef was baffled by Kunala’s sudden arrival.

Indians in popular imagination are turban-wearing people riding on elephants, but Kunala was nothing of the sort. The only specialty he had to curry Hercule’s favor with was his cooking ability alone. Curry favor, get it? Just kidding.

“Well, I kind of felt like eating Sindiran cooking, you know? The sooner the better, so I invited a native Sindiran cook here. For the record, he wasn’t brought here against his will, all right?”

“I strive, to serve!”

Kunala spoke in clumsy Lemurian as he made a fist pump. He was a human with moderately high social status originally, but he got caught up in a war then mistaken as a slave and was sold off. Such was his tragic past.

He was bought by Hercule and subsequently converted to the Messianic faith, so he was a freeman now.

“Your Majesty… As the head chef, the one in charge of preparing food in this Lemurian Palace, I take pride in my work. I can’t let this human of dubious origin come into the kitchen, he could try to poison you for all I know… Your Majesty, please let me see his cooking ability before making a decision.”

Needless to say, the Emperor had sole discretion to choose palace personnel. No one else, not even the head chef had any say in it. What the head chef just said was beyond insolent, no one would be surprised if he was strangled to death on the spot. But broad-minded as Hercule was, he could somewhat understand the head chef’s feelings.

“All right, all right. I want to eat curry as soon as possible, anyway. Kunala, prepare it at once.”


“Is this curry dish that delicicous?”

“Who knows? It’s my first time having it too. But it should taste nothing like anything you have ever eaten before.”

“Really? I’m looking forward to it!”

Carolina giggled delightfully. Since she was the “food before romance” type of girl, Hercule invited her to try Sindiran food with him.

“I can’t wait. I have never eaten Sindiran food before,” Garphis said.

“I ate it once, ages ago. The flavor was quite stimulating,” Christos remarked.

“A dish that uses a lot of spices… As a bishop, I can’t say I approve of such extravagant cuisine.” Even though he said that, Lucanos came to the dining table anyway.


“Hm! I won’t give my approval if it tastes bad!!”

So said the head chef who was allowed to sit with them as a special judge. Including Hercule, there were six judges in total.

A short while later, an appetizing scent of spices drifted into the air. Hercule’s mouth was flooded with saliva.

“Thank you for waiting.”

Kunala came out from the kitchen. At his signal, a group of maids set the food on the table.


Carolina and the others let out voices of wonder upon seeing the fragrant dish that they had never seen before. The curry had a darkish brown color, there were several big pieces of meat inside. There were large naans to go along with the curry.

“What meat is this?”

“It’s mutton!”

Hercule couldn’t quite recall what mutton was, but he figured that it didn’t matter as long as it was good. He was about to reach for the curry when…

“Gotta say my prayer first.”

Hercule was a rather pious Messianic believer. He never missed praying before meals.

O Lord! Thanks for always granting us your blessings!

After finis.h.i.+ng a typical prayer, he reached for the naan at once. His left hand holding the naan, his right hand tore a piece of it off. Carolina and the others followed, they were already used to eating bread so eating naan was nothing tricky for them.

Watching that scene, Kunala was bewildered. How could they casually grab naan with such dirty hands? But there was no way he would say that out loud.

Oblivious to the Sindiran fellow’s culture shock, Hercule scooped curry with his piece of naan and brought it to his mouth.

“Un, delicious. Wonderful.”

A stimulating fragrance of spices pierced his nose. His mouth was filled with a moderate hot taste. The meat with a somewhat unfamiliar taste… lamb meat perhaps, was cooked to a tender texture and seemed to melt apart in his mouth.

It was all in harmony with the naan that was just a little sweet.



“It would be better if it was a bit spicier.”

“My apologies. I thought it would be difficult to eat if I made it too spicy.”

“Your concern is understandable, of course. Make it just a bit spicier next time.”


Next time—meaning Hercule had approved of the taste of Kunala’s cooking. As a chef, nothing could make he feel happier than that.

“I’m giving you a pa.s.sing mark for this dish, but it doesn’t come close to the full mark. One star. Strive for three stars.”

“I will do my best!!”

After giving his evaluation, Hercule asked Carolina and the others.

“How is it, Carolina?”

“It’s delicious. The spiciness is neutralized by the sweet naan. Personally, I would like the curry to be a bit less spicy.”

“Oh well, to each their own.”

There is no “correct” taste when it comes to food. Everyone has their own preferences.

“Anyone would like a second helping?”

“Here, please.”

“So much spices wasted… such sinful food. Ah, I’m having seconds too.”

Having cleaned their plates in no time at all, Garphis, Christos and Lucalios asked for seconds. Although all three men were among the wealthy of Lemuria, eating cusine that used so much spices was a rare occasion for them. Since Hercule was footing the bill, they didn’t hesitate to eat as much as they could.

“How about you, head chef?”

“I would like another helping too.”

The head chef easily yielded. Thus it was decided that Kunala would get the job.

The Sequel

“Hey, Kunala. Do you know how to ride an elephant?”

“I don’t.”

“Do you ever wear a turban?”

“I don’t wear one.”

“You do yoga, yes?”

“Can’t say I do.”

“You don’t put nails in your body to train yourself or anything?”

“I’m not good with pain.”

“That’s weird… Don’t all Sindiran people ride elephants, play with tigers, wear turbans, train their bodies and eat curry everyday?”

“There are so many things wrong with that image!”

Santairiku Eiyuuki Volume 1 Chapter 17

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