School Flower Versatile Security Guard Chapter 55

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To be frank, he was somewhat surprised that the members of South China Tiger Special Force violated their discipline to beat that newly enrolled student. After all, the discipline and rules of special forces were much stricter than those of common army and among these rules, many which were for common citizens was even more stringent. Although Xu Taiping had never mingled with any special forces, he knew that the special forces were not allowed to casually a.s.sault any ordinary citizens and more so in case of a student even if that student had done something to invoke their wrath.

"Later the leader of the military district came here and punished every member of this squadron who has partic.i.p.ated in that scuffle. And he has punished w.a.n.g Li with a major demerit on his record ." Xu Youdao said.

'As expected!" Xu Taiping sighed. He knew that if members of South China Tiger Squadron had done something like this then they would have been surely punished, after all, regardless of what kind of intention you had, if you had violated a discipline then you had to receive punishment. w.a.n.g Li's punishment was most grave, to receive a major demerit as punishment, it was same as saying that one was not going to have any possibility for further promotion in a short period.

"Good, I won't disturb your rest. There is still two days of military training left, and on the third day, there is going to be a grand military parade. If you can partic.i.p.ate then it best, after all, now you are our University's big hero, but if your body still have any problems and you can't partic.i.p.ate then, it's all right. At that time you can sit together with us on the platform. You do as you see fit." Xu Youdao said and then raised his hand to touch Xu Taiping body in appreciation and then turned around and left that place with that group of people.

Xu Taiping stooped down to pick up Erdan from the ground who was incessantly rubbing her body on Xu Taiping's foot from the beginning and then walked to the bed and sat down. He held Erdan in front of his face and said, "Erdan, you say what should I do?"

Erdan tilted his head to stick his tongue out and started to look at Xu Taiping. Her small tail was incessantly shaking. This whole week she hadn't met with Xu Taiping, and it was Su Nianci who was feeding her, so right now when she saw her master she was delighted.

"Why does everyone behaves so good with me like this." Xu Taiping asked in melancholy, "w.a.n.g Li and those men of South China Tiger, just because of me are disciplined, this friends.h.i.+p,  Xia Jinxuan such dearly loves me, this feeling and now Su Nianci has helped me by feeding you for a whole week, I now again own her a favor, Haa."

A ruthless man was most afraid of this kind of emotional burden. Xu Taiping had always tried his best never to own anyone's favor. However, there were many situations when he didn't have any control of the situation, and in those time he started to become somewhat panic-stricken because for him the more emotional burden he had, the more weaknesses enemies had to use against him.

Tring Tring Tring.

Someone rang the bell of his room's door.

Xu Taiping limpidly walked to the door and opened it.

It was Song Jialing who was standing outside the door, and she was holding a tiny pot in her hand.

"This is the bones of a wild goat which I have asked a person to boil for several days. I have heard that this has a tremendous effect in case of broken bones! Today, when I heard that you had come back, I have specially asked a person to deliver it from my home, you drink it while it's still hot." Song Jialing smiled to say.

"Thank you." Xu Taiping smiled to receive that pot from Song Jialing's hand. When he opened it to see, he saw that inside the soup there were many bones which had been turned white due to boiling and this soup was seasoned with many types of Chinese herbal medicines; and he smelled a very medicative aroma from it.

'I will drink it in a while." Xu Taiping said.

"Hmm, oh right, you disappeared like this for a week, and even our university student Xia Jinxuan also disappeared for this whole week, were you two giving company to each other?" Song Jialing asked casually.

"Look at this body posture of mine, even if I want to accompany her, I am afraid that I won't be able to." Xu Taiping helplessly said.

"I also think such. You properly rest. After your health gets better, I will invite you on a meal. To be frank, your action on that day has deeply shocked me. That day you were like some big hero, and I am fond of heroes since childhood." Song Jianling said.

"Hmm, invite me again after I get better!" Xu Taiping nodded. Song Jialing also turned around to depart, she didn't talk many things with him.

The soup of Song Jialing was really good. After Xu Taiping drank a bowl, he felt as if the bone inside his whole body started to itch. He simply lay down on the bed and started to prepare for a nap, but even before he was able to close his eyes, the bell of his door was again ringed.

This time it was the team leader of South China Tiger Squadron w.a.n.g Li.

w.a.n.g Li was carrying a basket of fruits. He entered the room of Xu Taiping's room and put that fruit basket in bedside cabinet while smiling at Xu Taiping to say, "do you know, how scared I was when you suddenly disappeared that day?"

"Team Leader w.a.n.g, you are someone who has already experienced various aspects of the society, how can this small matter of mine scare you!" Xu Taiping smiled to say.

"You are a hero. If someone like you slip away from under my eyes, then what would I have replied, if the leader of the military district or those city leaders had asked me? But since you didn't have any matter, that everything else doesn't matter."  w.a.n.g Li said.

"Thank you,  Elder Brother w.a.n.g."  Xu Taiping sat down on the bed to say.

w.a.n.g Li naturally knew that Xu Taiping was thanking him for what. He shook his head to say, "any unyielding man will do such. When that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d was grabbed, he has a very indifferent expression on his face, really was asking for a good beating."

"Because he is ignorant, that's why he still doesn't understand the value of life." Xu Taiping said.

"Nowadays, many youngsters are reading books to become foolish. They use ignorance to cover their real personality, and this is something that must be treated." w.a.n.g Li said.

"Later when military training finishes, I will arrange a table, we will have a good chat over a few of drink, how about it?" Xu Taiping asked.

"No problem, only, we can't violet any discipline. Oh, that right, Taiping, last time I have said a matter with you, did you give any thought to it?  Back then I didn't force you because South China Tiger Special Force didn't have any deficiency of someone with good physical capability, however, last week because of that matter, I am even more convinced of my idea. You’re a man who is willing to give his all for someone else. This type of person is something our army, our South China Tiger special Force most lacks. To have you this kind of man in our team, I think that the life of common people will be even more smooth and steady!"  w.a.n.g Li seriously said.

"To be honest team leader w.a.n.g, I saved that person is emphatically not because I have some n.o.ble conscience, rather because of this cloth on my body. I am a security guard and what is the job of a security guard? Naturally is to protect students, if I am an not even capable of ensuring a students safety, then what type of security guard I would be? I don't have any big ideals or any big ambitions. I think that being a security guard inside this university is already enough for me. Actually, I can't understand why everyone is holding me to praise like this, I have only performed my duty, that's all. I don't think that I deserve some special reward for something like this." Xu Taiping said.

"Because there are too many people in this society who can't even do their job satisfactorily, that's why even it's a matter of someone performing well at their job; it is still very amazing. I still think that you are not willing to join us only because you don't have a proper understanding of us. Later after military training finishes, I will invite you to our base for a tour, to look at our training, to feel the connection that the younger brothers of our South China Tiger Special Forces have with each other. I believe that you will surely join us!!" w.a.n.g Li said.

"Let’s talk about it on that day!"


Due to some matters, w.a.n.g Li went back after exchanging few greeting, but just after he went back, a group of people led by Chen Wen knocked on the gate of Xu Taiping's dormitory.

All those thirty persons who were partic.i.p.ating in military training with Xu Taiping were standing outside his door and Zhao Bigan, Chen Wen and security department director w.a.n.g Jincan who had comparatively good relation with Xu Taiping were sitting inside Xu Taiping's room.

"Taiping, regardless of anything, I, Lao Zhao really admire you. It is not everyone who dares to jump down from five floors. My daughter has recently asked me about you. We can really look for a time to eat together and at that time I will introduce you to my daughter. If you this man can become my son-in-law, that I, Lao Zhao will certainly be happy!" Zhao Bigan laughed to say.

"Time, place you decide. As long as your daughter come, I will bear all the cost. And if your daughter falls for me, then on the same day I will at once ritually kneel to marry her and go into the bridal room!!"  Xu Taiping said with a vulgar smile.

"f.u.c.k Off, even if she falls for you, you can't be like this with her so quickly. What do you take this thing for? To drive a duck onto a perch?" Zhao Bigan scolded with a smile.

"Taiping, I have seen this daughter of Lao Zhao. Her face, stature all is magnificent, especially her voice. Naturally, her heart is also lovely and she is even the lead actress in our city theatrical troupe. I have heard that there are a lot of men who are chasing after her!" w.a.n.g Jincai smiled to say.

"You don't say anymore, My this heart has already started to pound in antic.i.p.ation." Xu Taiping said.

"Hahaha, look at this appearance of yours. I can't even compare this appearance of yours with that appearance when a week ago, you jumped from that building. Oh, that's right, this is a small regard for you from everyone in our security department. You take it to buy some tonic for your body." w.a.n.g Jincai said while giving a red bundle of notes to Xu Taiping.

From the thickness of that red bundle, one could easily estimate that there was at least ten thousand yuan inside it.

"According to my principles I shouldn't accept this money, however, if I don't accept everyone’s kindness, that will be same as not respecting everyone's friends.h.i.+p, that's why I will accept this money!" Xu Taiping said and at once took that money from w.a.n.g Jincai's hand.

"You are really not modest." w.a.n.g Jincai laughed to say.

"Later I will ask everyone to have a meal at the most expensive restaurant in our city!"  Xu Taiping said in a rich man's style.

"This is something you have said on your own and we all have remembered it, hahaha. I think that today you have met a lot of peoples, and would be really tired. We won't disturb you any further, we going back first." w.a.n.g Jincai said.

"OK, we will again meet during the military parade!"


After seeing off all the member of Security department, Xu Taiping finally became idle. He moved a small tool to sit outside the dormitory to look at the floating cloud in the yellow horizon while smoking a cigarette.

Erdan was sitting down beside Xu Taiping while sticking her tongue out. She was also acting like Xu Taiping and with a serious face, she was looking at the sky.

"Erdan, I feel that upcoming days are going to be very busy!" Xu Taiping took a mouthful of smoke to say while feeling wronged.

"Ao Wu!" Erdan as usually didn't understand and started to howl toward the sky.

"Well that is also good, my this flesh and bones have also grown to be rusty." Xu Taiping said. He threw that cigarette filter inside a garbage can beside himself then pulled open his throat to yell, "G.o.ddess Nuwa mended the sky, a leftover stone become Huashan. Tai Shang Lao-Tze plowed the land, his leftover furrow turned into Huang He."

[T/N: it is some kind of song. Nuwa is the creator of human in Chinese mythology. Tai Shang is the t.i.tle of respect for Taoists. Lao-Tze is the founder of Taoism. Huashan is westmost of the five sacred mountain, Huang He is also known as yellow river ]

A powerful sound carrying the vicissitudes of past started to reverberate in the horizon to surprise innumerable birds inside the forest.

School Flower Versatile Security Guard Chapter 55

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