Seasoning of Wood Part 30

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=Rift.= To split; cleft.

=Ring shake.= A large check or crack in the wood following an annual ring.

=Roe.= A peculiar figure caused by the contortion of the woody fibres, and takes a wavy line parallel to them.

=Sapwood.= The outer portions of the tree next to the bark; alburnam.

=Saturate.= To cause to become completely penetrated or soaked.

=Season checks.= Small openings in the ends of the wood caused by the process of drying.

=Seasoning.= The process by which wood is dried or seasoned.

=Seedholes.= Minute holes in wood caused by wood-destroying worms or insects.

=Shake.= A large check or crack in wood caused by the action of the wind on the tree.

=Shrinkage.= A lessening or contraction of the wood substance.

=Skidways.= Material set on an incline for transporting lumber or logs.

=Species.= In science, a group of existing things, associated according to properties.

=Spermatophyta.= Seed-bearing plants.

=Spring-wood.= Wood that is formed in the spring of the year.

=Stamen.= The pollen-bearing organ of the flower, usually consisting of filament and anther.

=Stigma.= That part of the pistil which receives the pollen.

=Style.= That part of the pistil which connects the ovary with the stigma.

=Taproot.= The main root or downward continuation of the plant axis.

=Temporary checks.= Checks or cracks that subsequently close.

=Tissue.= One of the elementary fibres composing wood.

=Thunder shake.= A rupture of the fibres of the tree across the grain, which in some woods does not always break them.

=Tornado shake.= (See Thunder shake.)

=Tracheids.= The tissues of the tree which consist of vertical cells or vessels closed at one end.

=Warping.= Turning or twisting out of shape.

=Wind shake.= (See Thunder shake.)

=Working.= The shrinking and swelling occasioned in wood.

=Wormholes.= Small holes in wood caused by wood-destroying worms.

=Vernation.= The arrangement of the leaves in the bud.

=Whorl.= An arrangement of organs in a circle about a central axis.

Seasoning of Wood Part 30

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