Sect Master And Psycho Chapter 1-2

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Sect Master and Psycho – Chapters 1-2

August 12, 2018 by Bee

I needed to escape.

Ten days had pa.s.sed in the cave since I fell off the cliff and was rescued by Psycho. My arms were completely immobile and my left leg was broken. Only my right leg was intact. It would have been alright if I just stayed here to recuperate until I was completely healed. It was better than carrying my battered body only to be discovered and beaten again by the righteous sects. If they captured me, my survival rate would be zero.

But…. The one who had rescued me was Psycho, and he had a serious mental disorder. If I didn’t escape, I was afraid that I would’ve gone crazy too.

Just as I was in the midst of thinking, I suddenly heard a familiar sound from the cave entrance. I tensed up. Psycho was back!

Outside was hot and sunny but the cave was cool and refres.h.i.+ng. Weak rays of light illuminated the cave enough for me to see the man coming in.

He was tall, wearing only clothes made out of leaves and animal hide. His hair was messy like dried hay and most of his facial features were hidden behind a bushy beard. Only his twinkling, hawk-like eyes were visible.

He threw the game from his shoulders onto the ground. I took a good look at it. It was a fat, st.u.r.dy stag.

“Brother, you hunted another large one again. Pretty impressive…. Mmph!” I wanted to compliment him some more but he hurriedly strode up, stripped my clothes off, spread my legs open, took his member out, and topped me, not caring one bit for my pitiful state.

Psycho was a psycho who liked to go from behind and couldn’t differentiate male from female. I sure ran into some very bad luck. Not only was I disabled, I had to let this stupid man humiliate me!

“You…. Aah…. Don’t…. It hurts!”  This man had no self-control. It was like I was nailed to his body every time he entered. His large member penetrated so deeply that it was unimaginable. My arms had no strength. Only my one leg was still mobile. I could use that leg to kick him, kick him as far away from me as possible.

“Nan Nan, give me…. Birth me a child. Be good.” It was as if he saw through my intent. He gripped that leg, spread it even wider, and thrusted with more force.

“Aah aah!” Suddenly, my leg was numb. I no longer had the energy to struggle.

[Who wants to birth you a child?! Open your d.a.m.n eyes and look carefully! I’m a man!!! A male!!!]

But I kept my thoughts to myself and didn’t say them out loud because if I opened my mouth, I would unconsciously and shamelessly moan.

“Birth my child…. Want child….” Psycho lay on top of me and continued to thrust without any steady rhythm, just like a wild dog. His voice was hoa.r.s.e and his intonation was strange, as if he hadn’t spoken in many years.

“No….” I weakly shook my head. My long hair dripped with sweat. Bit by bit, I felt a small sensation of pleasure from this wild coupling.

I panted heavily, forcing those sharp cries that were about to released back into my throat.

From the moment that I woke up on the first day, I was topped like a woman by this psycho.

I didn’t know whether he honestly thought of me as a woman or was so sick that he had forgotten that men couldn’t give birth. His daily activities were either hunting for food or staying in the cave to f.u.c.k me.

He would say the same nonsense sentences each time, such as “Birth me a child” or “There will be a baby this time.”

If I got better, I just needed forty percent…. No, thirty percent. The first thing that I would do would be to neuter and then kill him! Otherwise, my hatred would never be quelled.

Eventually, he slowed down after all those continuous thrustings. I then felt a warm sticky liquid being squirted inside me. My entire body convulsed. “Haah.… haah….”

I was already injured. My body’s uncontrollable convulsions made it even more painful. Eventually, a low groan, mixed with misery and pleasure, was heard. It sounded like…. I didn’t want to admit it but…. It was pathetic.

“Be good. Birth my child….” Psycho held my face in his hands and kissed me but I turned my head in disgust.

I didn’t know how long it had been since he had shaved. His face was full of long, p.r.i.c.kly hair.

“Psycho! I’m a man. I can’t have kids!!!” I didn’t know how many times I have said this before. Telling him was the same as not telling him.

I moved my lower body and discovered that he was still inside of me. I gritted my teeth, so angry that I wanted to bite his nose off.

“Pull out!” I snarled at him.

It seemed that he had understood me but he didn’t get up. Instead, he held me tighter until my chest began to hurt.

“It’s leaking! I can’t get pregnant now.”

[f.u.c.k your mother! I originally can’t get pregnant anyway! Even if you f.u.c.ked me thousands and tens of thousands of times, I still can’t!]

I held in my fury. “I’m hungry. If I’m hungry, then….” I closed my eyes. Every word was forced out of my clenched jaw. “I can’t get pregnant!”

After hearing me speak, he pondered and slowly pulled out his member. He used a dried leaf to wipe my lower body clean and didn’t forget to help me put on my clothes. After all was done, he got up and went to the cave entrance to prepare the stag meat.

It couldn’t go on like this anymore. I had to think of a way to counter Psycho. I had to use abnormal methods against abnormal people.

I looked towards the cave entrance. Psycho was naked. His body was muscular. As he hacked the stag into pieces, fresh blood sprayed all over his face, making him look terrifying.

I retracted my gaze and glanced down at my belly. It was very flat, taut, and straight….

On the second day, Psycho came onto me again. I suddenly turned to the side and dry-heaved.

If I couldn’t even fake in front of a crazy psycho, then I, Han Qingyan, would have wasted all these years of living!

Pregnancy was ten months. I should have already been fully healed by then. By that time….

I narrowed my eyes at the surprised yet happy Psycho. By that time, I would have skinned him alive, dislocated all his joints, and then dismembered him!

“Get up. Eat.”

It was early morning and I wasn’t fully awake. My mouth was already stuffed with a few wild fruits. They were tart yet sweet, very pleasant and delicious.

I hadn’t finished swallowing so I turned my head to one side and muttered, “Slow down. Can’t you see that I haven’t finished?”

Ever since I had pretended to be pregnant, my days had gone by very well, better than before. At least, Psycho wouldn’t think about trying to make me pregnant again. Even though I was suffering through h.e.l.l — being treated as a woman was humiliating enough but to fake pregnancy and fool around with Psycho on this nonsense merry-go-around…!

I moved my left leg which was bound to a tree branch. A sharp pain shot up. I gritted my teeth. It still wasn’t ready. I had to wait until I could stand on both legs, then I would walk out of this cave to search for an escape route.

Suddenly, Psycho grabbed my chin. I didn’t know what method it was but he merely used two fingers to ma.s.sage my throat. Just like that, the food smoothly made its way down. He then stuffed another fruit in my mouth, watched me chew, and repeated.

Psycho knew martial arts and it seemed that he was highly skilled. Perhaps, Psycho became like this because of qi deviation. Shortly after I had realized that he was quite powerful, I was left with no choice but to quickly recuperate and find an escape solution as soon as possible.

“Nan Nan, be good.” The man looked very happy. He kept patting my head and rubbed the juice from my mouth with his thumb.

I impatiently furrowed my brows. “Don’t call me Nan Nan….” I paused and then continued, “My name is Han Qingyan.”

Psycho looked at me like he understood yet didn’t at the same time. He only smiled at me.

“Nan Nan!”

“Han Qingyan!!”

“Nan Nan!!”


“NAN NAN!!!”

“….” Speechless, I rolled my eyes. Why did I even bother arguing with a psycho? He could call me whatever he wanted.

I kept quiet and ignored him. Seeing that I was displeased, he tried to feed me another piece of fruit.

I didn’t open my mouth this time. I was already full and didn’t want to eat anymore.

“Eat. Child…. grow…. fast.”  He roughly shoved the fruit against my mouth.

A fire suddenly surged within me. I kicked him with my good leg. “Child child child! All you know is the child!!!”

He held down my leg and his eyes suddenly turned cold. “Don’t…. move. Hurt child.”

I froze and didn’t move an inch. I was afraid that he would hit me.

This psycho was insanely strong. His mood had rapidly changed in the blink of an eye. What an a.s.shole! Acting all mean to me yet expecting me to birth his kid!

I bit down on my lips and immediately put on a painful expression, scrunching my entire face. “My…. my abdomen hurts.”

“AH!!!” All of a sudden, he lost control and screamed. He quickly released my leg and rushed to check my entire body from head to toe. Helplessness was written all over his face.

I was covered with injuries so he couldn’t do anything but carefully ma.s.saged my belly, as if that would calm the nonexistent child, telling him to be good and don’t fuss.

“It’s all because of you not listening to me that I got emotional and…. upset the baby.” I, Han Qingyan, was a real man who knew when to yield. Besides, there was no third person here so if I had to pretend to be a pregnant woman in order to save my life, why not?!

Psycho became gentler, afraid that I would break. “Nan Nan…. Don’t be…. angry.” He lowered his voice and lightly kissed my belly.

I got gooseb.u.mps. “Can you stop touching my belly all the time? What if you hurt him?”

As I thought, Psycho got up and moved farther away from me. He didn’t dare to touch my belly again.

At night, he brought a fish over. Its skin was fried to a crisp and the meat was very tender and juicy. He wasn’t afraid of the heat, directly shredded pieces of it, and fed them to me one by one. Just like that, half of the large fish was already inside my stomach. Only the head, tail, and parts of the meat near the spine were left.

After he saw that I was full, he ran back to the cave entrance and hungrily wolfed down the remainders.

The tree, where he picked the fruits from and fed them to me this morning, looked very tall and its branches were very th.o.r.n.y. Over these past days, his hands had more and more wounds on them. Even the fruits seemed to carry the scent of his blood.

If he wasn’t psychotic to this degree or never treated me as a woman, considering the fact that he took great care of me, then I might just bring him along when I leave this h.e.l.lhole. Unfortunately….

I retracted my gaze and slowly closed my eyes.

Unfortunately, there was no what if.

Sleeping halfway through and not knowing what time it was, the area between my legs began to feel strange. I woke up suddenly and saw Psycho removing my pants and parting my legs.

f.u.c.k!!! Even when carrying his kid, he still wouldn’t let me go! I was ready to vent out my anger and wanted to kick him but then held it back.

I put on a frightened expression  and whimpered, “It’ll…. It’ll hurt the baby!”

Wasn’t the child his main concern right now? At this time, he should stop!

I didn’t think that he would then close my legs, take out his enlarged member, place it between the gap, and begin to rub against me.

“Won’t…. enter…. Nan Nan not afraid.”

I began to feel the heat radiating from there. If there was a mirror nearby reflecting my face, it would look dark grey. [f.u.c.k your ancestors, you l.u.s.tful creep! Will he die if he doesn’t do it for one day?! Being stuck here and not being able to release it must be why he went crazy in the first place!!!]

Sect Master And Psycho Chapter 1-2

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