Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite Chapter 90

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It's a Little Strange Desu

Translator: Kirisaki Shin

Editor: Frozen Ink

Sorry for the late update. Me and frozen ink don’t have much time in real life. But don’t worry I already translate ch 91 and still waiting for editing. So the next update will on Sunday as usual.

「In other words, you were hiding Lily, weren’t you?」

「……Yes, after Parfecto found out about it, I was driven out of the castle」 (Tn: looks like Nest is very angry with Parfecto, he didn't use 'sama' anymore)

「That’s right no ja」

We nodded as confirmation of demon king-sama’s question.

First I talked about why I came as an envoy, then I talked about why I was driven out from the castle.

「……Fumu, first of all, Nest, is at fault for hiding Lily. It would have been better if you told us first」

I had no choice but to remain silent.

It’s irritating to see Parfecto-hime standing nearby with a triumphant look.

「Parfecto isーー also at fault」


I thought that he would praise her for finding Lily, but surprisingly he said she was also at fault.

「You selfishly drove out Nest who was the official envoy without permission. You didn’t think that it'd be over by returning the people you mistakenly kidnapped to demon country did you?」


Hearing what demon king-sama said, Parfecto hime drooped her shoulder.

Looks like I didn’t think about it carefully. (Ed: you wussed out! screw thinking!))

「It’s a good thing that Nest came back again, if he told the king of the human country about this, the impression of us demons would further worsen.」

「I-I am sorry nanoja」

What demon king-sama said might be reasonable, but as for me, I didn’t have any intention to do it…

「……Hn, come to think of it, why did you come back Nest?」

Finally realizing it, demon king-sama stared at me and asked.

Finally, I thought, I can finally say what I've wanted to say.

「T-to bring Lily back desu」

「……Didn't Lily come back by her own will?」

Hearing my words, demon king-sama tilted his neck and asked Parfecto-hime.

「Tha-that’s right no ja!」

Parfecto-hime gave an immediate confirmation.

「……That’s what she said, so what are you going to do Nest?」

I didn’t think he'd ask that question.

Honestly, I wanted to say that I would take her by force, but it would be pointless to say such a thing.

「Well, how about I call Lily first?」

That’s what demon king-sama said.

He will apparently call Lily here.

「This way, you can ask her various things, right? I also want to hear Lily’s true feelings」

「Th-thank you very much!」

I reflexively bowed to demon king-sama.

But maybe it's for him to hear what Lily feel's from the person herself and make his decision from it.

Even so, this is a good opportunity for me.

But it’s weird for Parfecto hime to stay quiet.

「What’s the matter Parfecto? I want you to call Lily here」

looks like demon king-sama also thought so, then called Parfecto hime.

「Li-Lily is it……?」

What’s going on? It looks like she didn’t want to call Lily.

「Li-Lily has a cold right now nanoja!」


Lily got a cold……?

「Ah, I can cure her」

If it just that then it would be fine. I can use recovery magic after all.

「Hou, you can use recovery magic?」

「Yes, I can use it somehow」

It seems that demon king-sama didn’t know that I can use recovery magic.

「Come to think of it, Lily was sick when she was taken to the human country, did you perhaps heal her Nest?」 (Ed: pretty sure she was dying )

「Ah, perhaps… Yes, I did」

If I remember correctly, when I found Lily for the first time, she was Lying on a bed.

Maybe he was talking about that.

「Y-you liar! there’s no way human recovery magic can cure a demon!」

She who was quite till now said I was lying aloud.

「Eh, is that so?」

I didn’t know that at all, but……

「Aaah, yeah that’s right」

Demon king-sama nodded to confirm what Parfecto-hime said.

But even if she say's so, I surely cured Lily.

So I came up with an Idea.

「Actually my recovery magic is a little strange Desu」

Perhaps that’s the cause.

Parfecto hime said, human healing magic isn't effective on demons.

But I guess I was able to treat Lily because my recovery magic is strange.

「Strange? How so?」

Demon king-sama looked at me with anticipation.

I think it'd  better for demon king-sama to see it for himself.

So I asked demon king-sama to do something.

「Demon king-sama, please cut my armーー」

Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite Chapter 90

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