Seikishin -Saint Doll- Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

[Saint Doll] Arc 3 Chapter 29 – Time of Sorrow

“Since I still have work to do, I’m going to excuse myself”
The headmaster who had been listening to their exchange in silence suddenly spoke up.
She didn’t say that not because she didn’t want to see the stuff that will happen from now on, but because she already confirmed that the contract between her student and her patron is completed. This reception office is often used as place for noble and Miko apprentice to conduct an interview, so performing s.e.xual act in this place is something that is common. If one opened a door connecting this room to the next one, they would find a bed and shower ready to be used at anytime.
Right now it doesn’t matter whether Yuri is an Apprentice Miko or the True Miko, she’s just someone who had sold her body to her patron and will be treated like any other Miko would.

“You don’t want me watching right?”
After saying that, Fea immediately disappeared out of consideration for Yuri’s feeling.

“I’m really sorry”
“Don’t worry. This is my choice”
While taking their clothes off, Rubilia apologized to Yuri. The fact that she’s going to embrace another man right now all happened by Yuri’s own will. She’s convinced that Rubilia plays no role in this. It just happened that one of the people she’s selling her body to is Rubilia’s brother.

“Is this enough?”
“Now this is wonderful”
“It still looks like a child, but great nonetheless”
The naked Yuri is standing quietly. Yuri is, without a doubt, a beautiful girl. However her breasts are small and there isn’t much fat under it. Compared to Rubilia and Lapis who is standing beside her, Yuri’s body does indeed look like a child. But even so, Yuri’s body would still draw the attention of men who looked at it, for her skin which is white as if it was transparent is flawless save for one single line in her lower body that formed a beautiful crack which can’t be mistaken as anything else but female genitalia. Her body is one such display where someone eyes being attracted to it is something that is natural.

“Is it really fine for me to go first?”
“No worries, my original intention was to embrace Rubilia after all”
“I never planned to insert mine today. I’m going to have fun with the Miko’s hole after her development is over”

and George gave their way to Dia who had just gulped his saliva. As the result, Yuri moved in front of Dia, Rubilia in front of Caroly, and Lapis in front of George.

“Take my thing out and insert it yourselves, you can do that right?”
“Do me just like Dia. I heard your first time is with a tool, this is your first experience with a man right?”
“Serve me with your mouth and breast, make sure to drink what came out”
After the three gave their instructions, Yuri took out Dia’s cock from his pants while he’s sitting and looked at it to confirm the size. It’s longer than her finger and Shin’s thing, but the size can still be accepted inside her if she is wet, but Yuri is aware that her own genitalia isn’t getting wet at all.

“Aah wait, you’re not wet at all. There’s oil here, use it on yourself and my thing, it should be fine then. This stuff is special and expensive, since Miko-dono is going to use it every day from now on, I shall bring more of it from my country”
Yuri nodded, received the bottle of oil handed to her, and spread it on her own vagina. After that she painted Dia’s cock with it and straddled his waist again. The entrance of her vagina made contact with the glans, she would accept his thing inside her just by sitting down, and Yuri then let out a small sigh.

(Shin-chan, I’m sorry)

Yuri’s waist fell, her vaginal walls are split open as the cock of someone that is not Shin pushed its way inside Yuri and then rested inside her. There isn’t the slightest hint of pleasure, but the vaginal wall that was forcibly moistened with lubricant is still wrapping against the foreign object between it gently. Meanwhile, sense of guilt is gouging Yuri’s heart and left a big open wound in it.

“This is quite the amazing stuff you have. Now move your waist and make me come”
Yuri moved her waist just like she’s ordered to. The neck is gouging her vaginal wall, the glans is rubbing against her womb, each and any movement of the rod keeps reminding Yuri about what kind of stuff she is doing right now even if she doesn’t like it. Then when the cock inside her vagina is swelling slightly, Yuri lowered her waist down and accepted the cock to the back

back of her womb.

“It’s coming!!”
While her womb is being pounded and showered with hot sensation, droplets of tears is flowing from Yuri’s eyes.

“Let’s switch. Miko-dono will move to George-dono’s place, and Lapis to Caroly-dono”
After Dia spoke, Yuri noticed the fact that her mind had went absent and she leaned her body on top of him. Then when she stood up to follow what she was ordered to do, she also noticed the large quantity of semen that was poured inside her don’t drip down because she has unconsciously absorbed everything and converted it into divine power. Meanwhile next to her side, she can see semen dripping from Rubilia’s vagina and semen spilling from the edge of Lapis’ mouth.

“Rubi. I never intend to hold someone with dirty blood like you, but this time will be your special reward. Accept your brother’s, the King’s semen, inside your womb gratefully”
Rubilia then lifted her waist on top of DIa.

“Make this a good appetizer before the main dish okay? I’ll leave it to you”
While lapis is guiding Caroly’s cock toward her vagina.

“I feel like cumming just from being touched by that silky hand of yours. I’ll entrust it to your mouth and hand”
As for Yuri, she’s crawling her tongue on top of George’s cock that is covered with the smell of a male.

After the third round, Yuri who had received semen inside her mouth and vagina is sitting on the floor with a blank expression. The s.e.x that she thought was fun is not enjoyable at all, the semen that she thought was delicious is not tasty at all, and the ejaculation inside her vagina that would fill her with happiness is painful instead. The figure of Rubilia and Lapis who is lying on the floor is not much different than Yuri. Meanwhile, the three Kings are standing and fixing their clothes in front of those three.

“The three of you should take the special classes. Your technique isn’t even on the level of clumsy”
“You can use the branch store of my country for your final field training. I will pay the appropriate reward for that high class store”
“The escort maid will be sent soon. When you’re done with him, I’ll come back to embrace you”

The three Kings then make their leave. After Yuri saw them left the room, she looked at the oil that is dripping from her vagina and dirtied the floor as if she

if she was confirming something.

And then she weeps.

“(I’m sorry)”

While keep repeating those words quietly.

“Ooohh, amazing!”

That voice resonated inside a cold, wide room.

“What a soft feeling, it feels like it’s sucking my finger in”
“Her breasts are small but it’s really smooth and firm”
There are five men in this place, they’re all gathered around a girl sitting on a chair and scrambling to touch her skin.

“Hey, spread it yourself for a bit”
“Right right, it’s necessary to make the Miko Stone”
The girl had her feet fixed to nearly 180 degree position, then just like how she was told, she used both of her hands to spread open her labia to the left and right.

“Awesome…… For something that is small and looks undeveloped, the inside sure looks squirmy”
“It’s amazing how the hole is closing up even though her legs are spread to its fullest. Does this really have been penetrated before?”
“Oi, I think we need to change the number one in ranking position”
“Ooh, the successor of the empress huh. This is certainly above that”
The men’s eyes are focused at the girl’s genitalia that she spreads open herself. Their excited breaths are blowing over the girl’s crotch, yet the girl never made any reaction. She just sat there silently while spreading her own genitalia.

“Oi, prepare some oil, it’s not wet”
“Also bring the photography tool here while you’re at it. The card for this one is worthy enough to be paid with your own money”
“Can’t wait until the training machine class aren’t you, well not like I can wait either”
The men are scampering around to tinker with the girl’s genitalia, then one of them brought a box shaped machine and photographed it for many times. The box is a magic tool that works just like a camera, it was created by borrowing the knowledge of a Fallen man and would create a picture in the shape of a card. All of the men are cheering in joy while kissing the card that had come out from the box with the girl’s genital reflected on it.

“……Are you, done yet”
The girl asked a question with small voice. The eyes of this girl who is spreading her own genital is cloudy and don’t reflect the men in front of her at all.

“Aah, sorry sorry, we’ll do it now”
“We need to see the reaction, I’m going to expose your clit”
“……Please do”
The man peeled the man peeled the girl’s clitoris without waiting for her answer. Even though these men already oiled her, the girl is making an ashamed face when her sensitive spot reacted toward the outside stimulus. She paid no mind at how the men keep taking more photograph of her. She just quietly sat there as the core of the Miko Stone is inserted inside her and also leaving her body to them so that the catalyst can be poured inside.

“I want to do her, but the aftermath will be messy”
“You sure aren’t hiding your intention. Even if you can coax her and get her consent, we’re still stuck with our contract”
While looking at the Miko Stone forming inside the girl’s crotch, the men are sighing in disappointment.
Meanwhile, the girl who is still spreading open her labia is gazing at the ceiling while occasionally muttering “I’m sorry”.

“She had a partner though. I wonder if it will end up broken from all the crazy stuff. It’s a damn waste”
“I wish it can stay healthy, considering I can finally be in charge of the Miko Department”
“Maintaining this pussy will be the best thing ever, don’t you think so?”
“Let’s hope she will be put into Introspection room or the toilet, we can have a go too that way”
Next toward the men who are conversing with each other, the one who is located near the girl’s genital is pulling out the Miko Stone from inside her and stands up.

“It’s done”
“Yosh, bye then”
“Thanks for the picture. I’ll use it a lot later”
“Thanks for the meal~”
After saying those, the men scrambled to leave the room.

And the girl who is left alone, while still touching her genital, muttered quietly.

“I’m sorry”

Over and over.

“What a bunch of low-lives”
“At least they won’t do it by force. They understand their place”
Rubilia sighed toward Lapis who had muttered resentfully, and then she pondered about the future of Yuri, someone who has become her friend.

“The damage is bigger than I expected. She had gathered her resolve for the sake of Shin-sama, but it seems her heart is unable to endure the fact that she had betrayed him”
“What should we do?”
“For the time being, let’s put some clothes”
Following Rubilia’s instruction, Lapis walked toward Yuri while also pondering about her own future.

“After apologizing, begging for forgiveness, and embraced by him, she should recover. I wonder if I can pull it off well”

Seikishin -Saint Doll- Chapter 29

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