Sevens (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 - Broken Heart

We returned to the inn where we are staying.

We left the guild, finished our hopping, ate lunch outside a bit earlier before returning. Speaking about what we were doing after entering the room, we were reading the booklet we received from Hawkins-san. A strange silence filled the room. But, I'm alone was being troubled by the voices coming from the Jewel. After all the reaction of the ancestors who were reading the booklet was terrible. Especially the first.

『What does it mean don't trouble other people! Is this thing talking to a kid huh!』

The second took a cold att.i.tude toward the first who was like that. With an exasperated voice that seemed to be making fun of the first, he spoke of how difficult the thing that was written in the booklet.

『Do you think how many people there are who are unable to do that? If even children can do what are written here, there won't be anything like bandit in the world. Also, go look at the mirror you stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d.』

The first in regard to the second,

『You want to say that I'm below even kid!? Come outside!』

『We cannot go out right? Also you see, if you are aware of it yourself stop making a ruckus. Lyle is going to collapse.』

I'm really happy with the second's opinion, but his words made it sounded like I was frail. Even like this I had trained, and even my magic power was considered big among people of my age. It only looked small because it was from the view point of the ancestors who were around their thirty……their golden age. That, was what I wanted to think. It was the third who soothed down the quarreling duo and laughed reading the content of the booklet.

『Well, there are a lot of cases where doing the fundamental thing is difficult. There are also a lot of kid who want to do it when told to not do it, even adult is the same. I too did something that couldn't be taken back in the past because of that……』

The end of the words of the third who was always carefree sounded a bit sad. Then Novem who finished reading the booklet closed it and carefully stored it inside the bag that we had just bought. She had finished reading it but it seemed she would carry it from here on inside her baggage.

「I have grasped the gist of basic way of taking request, and the rule and manner, but there seems to be a lot of things that won't be clear until we actually do a job.」

I had the same opinion like Novem's impression. The fundamentals were written there, but conversely speaking there was nothing more than that written in it. Don't bother Darion's residence and guild, don't anger the client……and then, you will be punished if you commit a crime, it was that kind of thing. If it was written in detail, then it would become one thick book. I also finished reading and placed the booklet on the bed I'm sitting at. Novem made a lightly troubled face and put my booklet inside the bag too. Seeing her like that I asked something that was bothering me.

「Hey, Novem……about that money──」

When I spoke that far, the voice from inside the Jewel stopped me. It was the panicked fourth.

『Lyle, wait. Stop. You mustn't ask. No, I understand your feeling but, don't make Novem-chan say it from her mouth! ……The guilt will be unthinkable.』

The first seemed to not realize why the fourth stopped me.

『Why? Certainly that was big money but, Forxus House right now is a baron house right? Then, it's not strange even if she had that much isn't it?』

The second also had the same opinion. Although he was also a bit displeased that his opinion matched the first.

『Certainly. For a baron house that much is──』

When the second spoke until that point, the third seemed to realize something. At the era of the first and second, Walt Key was a n.o.ble house of lowest rank with knight peerage. And then, at the era of the third the house became slightly rich and advanced in rank, becoming a baronet house. What the third noticed had already been noticed by the ancestors starting from the fourth generation.

『……Eh, don't tell me』

The third let out a really troubled voice, at the same time Novem was also looking at me with a troubled face.

I'm really curious. Without even understanding the reason of the ancestors' fl.u.s.tered state, I spontaneously asked.

「Was it money from Forxus House?」

Then the sixth talked loudly.

『Lyle, don't ask! Listen, think carefully before talking!』

Novem made a face that looked the most troubled during the travelling so far. Thinking that I was asking something bad, I was going to say that she didn't need to say it if she was reluctant──.

「My house also gave me some amount of money. But, thinking that it won't be enough, I sold the utensils and clothes that were prepared in my engagement with Lyle-sama for that money. That's, I also couldn't really trouble my house after all.」

──Hearing that explanation, the seventh muttered. From there, the ancestors started making a ruckus while ignoring my magic power.

『So it's like that as I thought. From the talk of her engagement with Lyle, and from how she was able to pay that much money despite being a second daughter even if she was from a baron house, I thought it was unnatural.』

The first confirmed to the surrounding with a shaking voice.

『Wait. Wait a second. In other word, what……Novem-chan, sold all of her dowry, to come along with Lyle? Furthermore, that much money, she used it for Lyle's sake……?』

The second was greatly fl.u.s.tered.

『A, at our era we would give it our all to prepare the dowry. Isn't it something really important for a girl? Is it different in this era?』

The second's voice was filled with hope toward the answer of the surrounding. But, the seventh cut down his hope decisively.

『More than ten years has pa.s.sed since the era when I was alive. But, even in my era dowry is the wife's a.s.sets. And then it's something important for them. After all for a woman who married into other family, it's their precious property. However……Novem, she is going that far for Lyle's sake』

The surrounding was making a ruckus in respond to the seventh's thinking. The first yelled loudly.


The uncle that the first mentioned must be the person of Forxus House who he was indebted to. The second was also the same, he was apologizing to the person of Forxus House who he was indebted to.

『Bro……I'm really sorry. I'll absolutely do something about this that's why』

The third was also the same.

『Aa, Nee-san's descendant is really praiseworthy. And yet my descendant is nothing but a burden……if it's like this, I have to make Lyle to seriously do his best.』

Frankly speaking, it didn't feel like it was just me who became a bother to Forxus House. It felt like all of the ancestors were in some kind of debt to them. The silent fifth loudly clapped his hands several times after listening to the talk until now. The inside of the Jewel turned silent.

『It can't be helped if she already sold it, that is Novem's will. In order to not disregard her will too, we must have Lyle to aim becoming a first cla.s.s adventurer. That's the only thing that we can do right now. If Lyle can become someone with income, he can then just buy dowry for Novem and anything she like. Let's have a more productive talk.』

The fourth seemed to have the same opinion, but he was concerned with the amount of money from the selling of that dowry. When it concerned money, the fourth became slightly more talkative.

『Well, the problem is that dowry. She was a second daughter was it? Even so if she would marry into a count house like Walt House that has higher rank……as expected, suitable goods would be prepared for her. I wonder just how much money it cost.』

The sixth also fell into similar thought. Their words cornered me, and also the first, the second, and the third.

『If they also took several years for the preparatory period of the dowry, and gathered items according to their preference that won't be a shame even for a count house……the amount might be something that made a baron house to force themselves to meet it.』

Not just Novem, it would be something that even burdened Forxus House greatly. When the first understood that, he yelled angrily at me.

『Ge, get out there right away and defeat monster! Then sell! Anyway sell monster materials and make as much money as you can! I, if you work hard from now then even gathering up the same thing is won't be──』

The seventh put a stop to the first who was like that.

『That's impossible. The monsters around here were written in the booklet, but none of them can become considerable money. It will be a useless effort.』

Because of the ancestors who continued to make a ruckus, my magic power was continuously consumed at intense pace. My body was gradually getting tired. Even though it was only a bit after noon, I was starting to get so tired I couldn't gather my thought. Novem was worried about me who was like that and called out to me.

「Lyle-sama, are you all right? Err, please don't let it weigh your mind. It was something that I did arbitrarily. Besides, if Lyle-sama's dream can come true because of it, then I'll have no regret.」

The third yelled hearing those words of Novem.

『Stop it, Novem-chan! The guilt is getting bigger! Or rather, what a really good girl……she is wasted on Lyle──』

Midway the voices from inside the Jewel vanished simultaneously. The limit of my magic power had arrived. And then, the limit of my mind also came. My useless self. And then my self that was criticized by the ancestors. Furhtermore, Novem who was doing everything she could for me who was like that──.

I'm at my limit.



「Just why are you that devoted to me! I'm someone who was thrown away by my own parents you know!」


I understood that I'm venting. I was acting spoiled and venting at Novem who had done so much for me. But, I couldn't stop it. Tears came out.

「You understand after traveling together with me right? I don't know anything. I cannot do anything! I cannot answer your expectation, so why are you devoting yourself to someone like me! I was even banished from the house. Someone like me who won't be given the time of the day by anyone……it's meaningless!」

Novem was watching me who was crying and venting my anger. She was watching with a serious expression, her hands pressed on her chest and then she opened her mouth.

「Lyle-sama is a splendid person. You could do your best even when you became alone in the Walt mansion. You didn't run away, and faced everything head on.」

Surely she was talking about my fight against Celes. But, from where I'm standing something like that was no different than running away.

「The end result was the same. I lost against Celes and my parents abandoned me! Everyone around me was disgusted at me. They said I'm the shame of Walt House! A failure! ……If it's like this, it would be better if I ran away. I pointlessly struggled thinking that someday I'll be rewarded……everything was meaningless!」

What I yelled loudly toward Novem was the word I had been keeping inside my heart until now. It was scary. Celes was scary. It was scary to be abandoned by my parents, and frustrating. It was also scary that the people around me distanced themselves from me. That was why, I wanted them to look at me and continued to swing my sword, and polished my magic. I read book and studied alone. But, all of that was pointless.

「You, it's meaningless even if you devoted yourself like this to me. I'm a man who is that worthless. Get it already. Don't make me……feel even more wretched than this!」

I knew that I was saying something terrible to Novem who had devoted herself to me until this far. But, I also thought that if Novem would leave me with this, then it would be for her happiness. I couldn't gather my thought. And then, my emotion became unstable. I used up my magic power and I even became really no good mentally. I sat down on bed and then looked down. Tears were falling in drops. Pathetic. Even knowing that, the me right now could only cry. Then, Novem stood up and gently hugged me. My face got buried into her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

「……I have been looking all this time.」


Hearing Novem's voice like that, I tried to move but she hugged me tightly. I couldn't see Novem's face. But, she was talking to me with a kind voice.

「I have been looking at Lyle-sama all this time. I happened to catch sight of Lyle-sama working hard alone in the mansion many times. There were also times when I called out to Lyle-sama. But, you were desperately working hard that you didn't have time to mind me.」

I recalled the past. That's right. There wasn't enough time for my effort, so I put all my time for training and reading. I even thought that the time to talk with other person to be precious. Thinking back now, I should look at my surrounding more.

「Besides……Lyle-sama once helped me. In the past, in a children only gathering, when I got shunned and watched by myself of everyone playing, Lyle-sama would call out to me without fail. There are also a lot of other things. When the talk about my engagement with such Lyle-sama came out, I was really happy. I swore that I would support Lyle-sama without fail.」

「……The past huh. My memory is vague I don't remember anymore. Something like that might have happened.」

I felt like there was something like that in the past, but the harsh environment since I was ten years old was the everything for the current me. Was this also the so called effect of Celes? Right now I could only recall the past vaguely, the me that Novem spoke about felt like a different person.

「Lyle-sama isn't worthless. I believe that.」

「Someone like me who won't be looked by anyone doesn't have any value……」

「I'm looking. And then, from now on I will stay at Lyle-sama's side forever.」

「Everyone said that but they still left me! Everyone……they abandoned me! What the h.e.l.l, is Celes that much better huh! Even Novem, you are better with Celes……someone like me, I'm just a man who lost against Celes and lost everything. I'm that kind of man!」

Novem hugged me even stronger than before and muttered into my ear.



「No matter what kind of person Lyle-sama is, I'll be at your side. I have yearned for Lyle-sama all this time. I won't ask Lyle-sama to love me. But, please allow me to love you. Just that, is enough for me.」

「……Novem, I」

「Lyle-sama is worthy for me to devote myself to. That's what I decided. That's why, Lyle-sama isn't worthless. Walt House might be important. But, Lyle-sama is also just as important. Lyle-sama……let's do our best together.」


Tears came out again hearing those words. This time it was tear of happiness that came out. I wonder, when was the last time someone needed me──wanted me until this far? Right now I couldn't remember. And then, I let go of my consciousness in relieve while staying like that inside Novem's embrace.

『No one will look at me~』

Inside the Jewel. With a bright red face, I was watching the trio dancing on the round table with their arms around each other's shoulders. With the third at the center, the first and second joined shoulders while shaking their body and singing. Next it was the second's turn apparently.

『Eve so Novem-chan is staying beside me~』

The first finished the song.

『Rather that's a plus you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Don't act spoiled!』

In front of me the trio acted in the way that I didn't know whether they wanted to make fun of me or scolding me. The fourth was watching the three with an exasperated expression. He fixed his' placement with his index finger while turning his gaze to me and he cleared his throat.

『Well, it's that isn't it. Lyle should have more self confidence.』

Everyone's warm gaze gathered on me. Embara.s.singly, even though I couldn't hear their voices, it seemed they still could watch everything. It was so embarra.s.sing my face was bright red and I hid my face with both hands.

「You're wrong. That was because I ran out of magic power and got mentally unstable. That's why, I'm not always like that.」

The first and others ignored my opinion.

『It was embarra.s.sing even for us who only listened! You, learn for a bit from Novem-chan. What the h.e.l.l with that, you acting like a d.a.m.n sissy like that!』

Even after hearing my excuse the surrounding ignored it. The fourth made the three to get down from the table and sat down on their chair. During that time the seventh who was my grandfather covered up for me.

『Lyle too was lonely wasn't you? However, you won't be alone from now on. You have to be stronger.』

Certainly, I'm not alone anymore. Novem is with me, surely when I woke up it would be the next day. And then we will meet the instructor and I will begin my life as adventurer for real. It would be pointless even if I was fidgeting here.

「I understand. I have to work hard from here on, I also have to return back this debt to Novem……」

Then the sixth looked at me.

『Aa~, Lyle. You still don't really understand huh. Listen, from now on you aren't alone, that means that you will have to provide for Novem. In other words a family.』

I looked at the face of the sixth who said such thing.

「Eh? Err……by family you mean……」

The fifth explained to me in monotone. He didn't look irritated, acting as though he was observing from some distance away. Such att.i.tude was unbroken until now. But, the tone of his words was a bit stronger than before. The feeling that no objection was allowed was conveyed to me.

『Marry her. Bluntly speaking there is no better wife than this. Besides, she is so devoted to you that she even sold her dowry which was really important for a girl. Abandoning her isn't an option that can be tolerated. You also don't hate Novem right?』

「Ye, yes. I, I love her.」

The third listened to my answer and nodded with his usual leisurely att.i.tude.

『The people concerned are also in acceptance, in that case there isn't any problem. Well, after getting banished from the house there isn't any need to follow the house precepts or anything, and the main line of Walt House is Lyle, so it's fine even if you newly built the house somewhere else. Besides, it will be really difficult if you are going to search for wife other than Novem-chan. The requirements from the family precepts are really strict. Though personally I also want to take in Forxus House's bloodline somehow.』

The second was slightly irritated toward such third.

『It was me who searched your wife for you. Good grief, do you know how hard it was to find someone who fulfilled the requirements.』

The seventh also encouraged the marriage with Novem.

『Well, she is a former fiancée that has done that much for you. Forxus House has served us well. And then surely they would also do the same from now on. Lyle, make Novem happy. That will be the sincerity that you can show here.』

The sixth also nodded.

『That's right. Well, even if she doesn't pa.s.s the requirements of the family precepts, if it's Novem right now then we also won't stop you from marrying her. Anyway that family precepts is troublesome after all.』

Walt House's family precepts. That could also be said as the family precepts for taking a wife. It was started from the first and protected seriously until now by Walt House. That was so but──here, there was only one person looking around and tilted his head.

──It was the first.

『What, there are requirements just for marrying? Who the h.e.l.l was it, the stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d who started that kind of troublesome thing?』

I heard that the family precepts for taking a wife of Walt House started since the first generation. But, was that wrong? When I looked around, the second was clenching his fist with shaking body.

『Oi, don't screw around you s.h.i.+tty dad.』

The third heard the first's word and looked understanding.

『Aa, it's like that huh. Certainly, it was unthinkable that Ojii-sama would make that kind of family precepts. Or rather, didn't anyone confirm it? Well, it was also surprising that it's still continuing though.』

The fourth watched the carefree the third enviously.

『The third had it good. The second arranged your wife for you. As for me, I was promoted to be baron house so it was really troublesome in various matters. I was also late in marrying……haa』

The fifth looked at the first while looking convinced.

『I thought it was something like that. It's mysterious how that kind of family precepts remained……but, the surrounding will get annoying if it's stopped midway so I couldn't stop it. At my time it even got increased by one instead you know?』

The sixth made a really complicated expression while,

『There was also contents that overlapped with each other, that it got interpreted forcefully in a way that could be accepted. Or rather, why doesn't the first remember it?』

The seventh stared fixedly at the first.

『You are the worst.』

The first looked around with fl.u.s.tered look.

『Wha, what are you talking about!』

The second spoke as the representative of everyone's feeling. I too was shocked that to think the first who created the family precepts of Walt House actually didn't know anything. Because Walt House that became a feudal lord n.o.ble──had believed the family precepts of taking wife that the first created until now.

『It's you. The one who created that bothersome family precepts, it was you stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Look at the mirror. The idiot mug of the stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d will be reflected there.』

Getting told that the first looked around while sweating.

『Lies……eh, I made something like that!? I don't know anything like that family precepts whatever!』

How did it become something like this? The second began to chase the first around. No one here tired to save the first.

『Let me punch you! Let me punch that face of yoursssss!!』

Chased around by the greatly enraged the second, the first seemed to understand that the fault lied on him and he was unable to strongly resist.

『You, wai-! I'm your father! You guys too don't just watch and help me!』

Surely inside the room of the round table, this was the moment where everyone's heart except the first became one.

(Shut up and get hit by the second already)

──They thought.


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