Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 622: Earth Dragon Liberation (Ii)

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Chapter 622: Earth Dragon Liberation (II)

Brrr! The earth violently shook as terrifying earth elemental fluctuations burst out; dense earth elemental fluctuations erupting in an area extending to a range of a thousand meters. In a large explosion, the ground split instantaneously and the whole Moon Demon Palace started shaking profusely along with the whole Modu Core City.

How could this happen? This question arose instantly in all the Moon Demons. They were all powerhouses of the 8th step, with naturally sufficient perceptions. The instant they perceived a threat to their life, these Moon Demons flew away in panic, rus.h.i.+ng away from the air.

Any demon, whichever its race, would prioritize their own safety in front of a life threatening danger.

At this time a second sudden explosion rang out.

It gave an instant feeling of a dragon king arising from the ground. In the whole Moon Demon Palace, large pieces of ground cracked, countless boulders splas.h.i.+ng in all directions. Those terrifying earth elemental fluctuations only kept causing intense rumbles over and over again.

The Moon Demon Palace truly deserved being called the most important building for the Moon Demon Clan demonkinds. Even in the midst of these explosions, it kept glinting instead of getting caught in the explosions. All around it, layers of dark purple halations rippled all around. That was its defensive formation, made specially for the building. This place being the Moon Demons’ headquarters, consecrated to the Moon Demon G.o.d, how could it be so easy to shake?

Even if the Moon Demon G.o.d’s pillar was not part of the defensive formation, its defensive power was still incomparably terrifying.

As the main ringleader for this accident, Long Haochen wasn't thinking about destroying the Moon Demon Palace! Yue Ye and him had planned thoroughly, and obviously knew about the extent of the Moon Demon Palace’s defensive power. Their actual goal was, rather than to destroy this Moon Demon Palace, to borrow the power of the Ninth Holy Guard’s earth elemental forbidden spell to make everyone aware that an attack was ongoing against the Moon Demon Palace!

The forbidden spell finally erupted at its peak, causing the whole of Modu to shake with terrible rumbles. Loads of walls from the Moon Demon Palace crumbled and myriads of rocks came falling down, producing a terrible explosive force. Even a powerhouse of the ninth step wouldn’t dare approach at this time.

The Moon Demon Palace’s defenses were certainly solid, but that was the palace itself, not the ground underneath! Along with some deafening blasting sounds, the whole Moon Demon Palace was blasted by a terrifying pus.h.i.+ng force, rus.h.i.+ng instantaneously into the air.

One could clearly see a huge earth-yellow colored dragon drill into the Moon Demon Palace from underneath, extending over more than a hundred meters. Whirling around at frantic speed, its body let out terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy, causing the nearby rocks to blast away, as if all surrounding rocks had just become artillery made of spiritual energy.

Many of the Moon Demons that did not make it in time to escape screamed in misery. The area serving for Moon Demons to have meals in had already long since collapsed, and in this short amount of time, over a third of the Moon Demon Palace’s interior had turned into ruins. The rocks in the midst of these ruins still kept exploding frantically: only the area protected by defensive formations, the most important areas of the palace, were preserved. The earth attribute forbidden-spell level Earth Dragon Liberation came out from the ground below the Moon Demon Palace, elevating itself several hundred meters high in the air, becoming visible from any corner of Modu Core City.

That huge yellow dragon did not keep attacking, only rolling frantically while causing powerful bursts of earth elemental essence.

Even the Moon Demons of the ninth step did not dare approach it.

Of all earth forbidden spells, Earth Dragon Liberation wasn’t the most powerful, because of its greatest flaw: its scope. Generally, forbidden spells have a very wide range, but Earth Dragon Liberation’s range was limited to only five hundred meters, what extended beyond being no more than residue from its power. But its true might would only be deployed in a range of five hundred meters.

But for this very reason, the might of this earth dragon was terrifying enough to place it above a lot of other earth elemental forbidden spells. It was unable to launch a direct attack, but attacking it would only cause terrible repercussions. This Earth Dragon borrowed its power from Earth’s true might and condensed it, formed on its own of over 300,000 spiritual energy. Of course, it was only able to wreak havoc on its original location and for a limited time, after which it would disappear on its own. That’s its other flaw.

So the fact a powerful earth mage chooses to use this forbidden spell can only mean that his goal is to destroy an area and not kill the enemy.

In Long Haochen’s plan, this Earth Dragon Liberation was the greatest candidate to be released there.

That crystal Yue Ye handed him was able to store spiritual energy of forbidden-spell level for a short time, but the spiritual energy inside will disappear as time So it should be used promptly after storage.

The Ninth Holy Guards could not possibly complete the forbidden spell while teleporting it entirely through Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody, which was a little issue Long Haochen had originally forecasted, and resolved thanks to this crystal. At the moment, the earth dragon coming from the forbidden spell was perfectly completing its mission, drawing the whole Modu Core City’s attention, including all the demon powerhouses present.

“Gathered attacks, and hall defense!” A dignified voice spread. On black colored clouds, two dark purple figures appeared noiselessly in the sky above the Moon Demon Palace. One of them flashed past, and pierced through the Moon Demon Hall while the other landed on the ground, releasing myriads of purplish light from its body, forming a huge purple mantle towering over the coiling earth dragon.

Standing in front of a forbidden spell, what kind of overbearing act was that? Though, of course, he was not planning to obliterate this forbidden spell, only to restrict its power.

The appearance of these two figures immediately calmed down the frenzied Moon Demon clansmen, a large amount of whom started to release powerful magic. Some were trying to protect the Moon Demon Palace, and some tried to restrict the coiling earth dragon alongside the second figure.

No doubt, the two suddenly appearing situation-reversing Moon Demons were two of the Four Moon Demon Great Emperors, the other two being reported as brought alongside Agares to follow the Demon G.o.d Emperor to the Exorcist Mountain Pa.s.s. while these two were left to protect the Moon Demon Palace. They were the true top powerhouses of the Moon Demon Clan.

As the second greatest clan, although Moon Demons were caught off guard by the forbidden spell, they still made a prompt response, reducing the damage to its lowest. However, even so, this sudden forbidden spell still destroyed a great part of the buildings inside the Moon Demon Palace, which would take quite a while to rebuild.

And, right at this time, large amounts of shadows, mostly black colored, rushed toward the Moon Demon Palace.

Long Haochen seemed expressionless at the sight of the changes in the situation, but actually, his mental force was stretched to the greatest extent, enabling him to perceive all the changes all around.

The instant the Moon Demon Palace elevated itself into the air, Long Haochen accelerated even further, knowing that his primary plan was already complete.

This route he was currently speeding along was carefully and cautiously chosen, not a straight line from the Moon Demon Palace to the Star Demon Palace, but the most  inconspicuous route. Blending in among high buildings’ shadows on the route, his shadow was furthermore almost imperceptible without paying extreme attention, thanks to his current speed.

At this crucial moment, Long Haochen was extremely concentrated and serious. Gradually, his rus.h.i.+ng breath was coming back to normal, and the light essence of extreme purity in him didn’t leak out at all, as he only relied on external spiritual energy to advance forward.

They are finally making a move, Long Haochen’s attention was suddenly drawn, making him pull back some of his most extended mental force. That’s because he distinctly sensed from the direction of the Star Demon Palace that over a hundred flying figures came out, heading toward the Moon Demon Palace. They were the first additional large group of the whole Modu Capital City to set in to action. As expected, the Moon Demon Palace and Star Demon Palace were the closest, confirming the feasibility of the rest of the plan.

After the Star Demon Palace reacted, a figure swept past around it. That instant, Long Haochen had retracted all his mental force, and didn’t dare do any scouting.

Demons were really powerful! Long Haochen gasped secretly. The instant his mental probing was retracted, he could distinctly sense that at least forty of the flying demons visible in the sky already reached the ninth step. This was a really colossal strength, the true demon elite, and that was when the Demon G.o.d Emperor had brought away a large part of it.

Today must be a success! Long Haochen determinedly clenched his fists, and as more and more individuals were gathering around the Moon Demon G.o.d, he finally reached his destination.

His footsteps came to a step, and setting himself afloat, Long Haochen headed to an inconspicuous spot on the Star Demon Palace’s side. At some point a yellow star shaped gem had appeared in his right hand.

Some elemental fluctuations were faintly discernible outside the Star Demon Palace. But upon coming into contact with Haochen, they magically disappeared, as the gem in his hand dispersed faint traces of warmth.

Having finally decided on this plan, Long Haochen had put in meticulous care when preparing it. Having discussed a lot with Yue Ye to perfect it, he had now an overall understanding of both the Moon Demon Palace and the Star Demon Palace. And, Yue Ye had supplied quite a few crucial goods, including the crystal enabling the forbidden spells release, as well as that gem in his hand being used right now.

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 622: Earth Dragon Liberation (Ii)

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