Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 624: Star Demon Pagoda (I)

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Chapter 624: Star Demon Pagoda (I)


This divine sword was filled with the power of creation of life in light and water, nurturing this Sword of Creation. It didn’t have the normal multicolored light from a divine tool, but had its own luster, proving that it was already thoroughly surpassing the scope of an ordinary divine tool.

Even a demon god would not necessarily manage to thoroughly resist such an attack. Those two Star Demons of the ninth step couldn’t attend to keep guarding the Star Demon Pagoda with their magic, and could only release barely orange barrier on their own while retreating swiftly.

Large explosions finally reverberated. In this demon capital, in the core area of the Star Demon Clan came a hard to describe powerful burst of holy aura. The two Star Demons of the ninth step were repelled while spurting blood, their defensive barrier having been once again ruptured.


To Long Haochen’s own surprise, his attack caused enormous damage on these two Star Demons. What a shame that this was not in the Star Demon Palace, otherwise these two Star Demons would have no chance to escape if his group were to follow up with another attack.

This was the first time for Long Haochen to use the Divine Sword of Life and Creation, his greatest trump card, surpassing by far both its components in terms of tyrannical power. Long Haochen was already certain that even the weapon of the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang of those times was definitely not more powerful than his.

The Sword of Life and Creation had Yating as its soul, and was born from the perfect fusion of the Aria of the Goddess of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light; yielding a true divine tool far surpassing ordinary ones. Although it was not yet comparable to a supra divine tool such as the Tower of Eternity, it was already approaching the level of the Divine Snail Shield’s true power.

This sword fusion was comprehended by Long Haochen back in the time he had killed the Panther Demon God, and was brought about by Yating. As a fused spiritual stove, Yating’s role had been to be a support so far, but only Long Haochen knew that among all the spiritual stoves of his comrades, probably none could compare with her. After all, Yating was an intelligent spiritual stove.

In terms of spiritual stove classification, she had already surpassed the first tier of spiritual stoves, becoming an intelligent spiritual stove. Of course, maybe Yating was still a bit short of the true ultimate intelligent spiritual stoves of legend, but she already gave Haochen an enormous help.

The fallen meteorite absorbed by the two divine swords strengthened them greatly, and back then Yating told Long Haochen that they had a very strong compatibility, which is also why she recommended to upgrade the two of them together.

But these divine swords were after all not created originally as a set. Their material and properties still differed, so how could they still be perfectly fused as one? This is due to Yating’s continuous great efforts. In fact, it was only after having perfected the last hurdle in the spiritual stove fusion that she finally informed Haochen.

Light and water were undoubtedly the two main elements composing life and giving birth to life. The great compatibility of these two sword attributes made their fusion feasible, and and Yating herself was the catalyst of that fusion.

Fusing with the Saint Spiritual Stove gave Yating its nurturing ability, so she was the one nurturing the two divine swords throughout their absorbtion of the fallen meteorite. In some sense, it was because of Yating’s nurturing that the two divine swords had a total change, so they had a great affinity with her.

Yating was not a human in itself, and even though she really seemed like a living being, she was not one. So by making her own self something close to a sword soul, she managed to act as a catalyst for these two swords’ true fusion. 

This was how the Sword of Creation and Life was born.

Long Haochen could not currently study the miracle brought by this divine sword. In this heavy clash, the gate stopping him was finally burst open, and with no hesitation, Long Haochen brought his group inside.

Since the start of the operation, everything was going smoothly, and the heavy damage caused on these two Star Demons of the ninth step by his previous Star Swords Rain was a nice unexpected surprise. Now it seemed that they were really likely to succeed.

Long Haochen broke inside first, but Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang did not immediately follow, instead guarding the gate. Lin Xin, Chen Ying’er, Han Yu and Sima Xian passed them, then they followed before hastily closing that door.

Those two Star Demons of the ninth step outside already cried out with all they had, but no matter what rescue signal they would send, Long Haochen’s group was already inside the Star Demon Pagoda.

A grey figure watched everything happening in front of the Star Demon Pagoda, clenching his fists, making his extreme nervousness visible.

“They are just too daring! No wonder I had the feeling that something was off. They were actually aiming for the Star Demon’s god pillar! But can they really succeed? That’s just too dangerous.”

Taking a deep breath, this grey figure kept quiet, but had an indescribable feeling of panic arising inside him.

Terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy circulated in the air, as Long Haochen kept going forward, his eyes flickering in light.

Entering abruptly into the Star Demon Pagoda gave them an illusory feel, just like the first time they entered in the Tower of Eternity. Except that inside this Star Demon Pagoda, that feeling was full of mystery.

Everything in the surrounding shone with a dark gold gloss. Under their feet was a massive dark-golden magic array, with many symbols unknown to Long Haochen on its body. They were certain that these symbols weren’t ancient elvish language, but extraordinary magic runes. These runes extended all over the ground to the walls of the whole Star Demon Pagoda, and in the center of this pagoda lay a massive pillar that would need four people to wrap around it.

From the outside, the Star Demon Pagoda did not look so large, but upon entering for real, Long Haochen’s group found out with shock that the area inside the Star Demon Pagoda was close to the Alliance’s Great Stadium. From that huge pillar linking heaven and earth, a dark golden gloss dispersed slowly, and grains of orange star-shaped dots flickered all around.

Some of these stars were large, some small, some illusory, some material, but each of them looked different. But at first glance, they felt like they made only one.

The bizarre magic fluctuations gave off the feeling of seeing through the future. That instant, Long Haochen realized that it seemed like countless pairs of eyes were watching him, giving off an unbearable feeling.

“This is the Star Demon God Pillar? Boss, hurry!” Sima Xian was already shouting in impatience.

Long Haochen immediately awoke from that eerie feeling. How could I let myself soak into that feeling? While blaming himself, Long Haochen swiftly initiated Haoyue’s summons. They were already arrived and everything was going so smoothly. Next, they would have to collaborate with Haoyue to crush that pillar with their all. After completing the attack, Long Haochen would then transport all his comrades through the Tower of Eternity, before looking for a way to break out, and get as far as possible. After all, teleporting from as far as possible from the Star Demon Palace was the best, since they could only reappear at the location they had previously teleported from.

Of course, this was the best case. If things were really undoable, their only option would be to leave by teleportation.

This was Long Haochen’s whole plan, to draw in all the powerhouses in Modu Core City, misdirecting them, then raid to attack the Star Demon Pagoda.

The whole operation was near its end, and only needed Haoyue to achieve it.

But Haoyue didn’t appear.

This instant Long Haochen froze. His whole body was shaken greatly as if a current of electricity had travelled through all of it, because...

The summon was a failure!

Right, his summoning of Haoyue had failed.

Ever since Long Haochen had concluded a contract with Haoyue, this was the first time it failed so far. He was unexpectedly unable to sense Haoyue’s existence, unable to sense the blood link between the two of them, and moreover unable to bring him into this world. Their connection was breached without any reason.

How could this happen? Long Haochen had already considered any possible issue in his meticulous planning during this operation, but the only thing he didn’t expect was a severing of the connection between Haoyue and him.

How could such an awkward thing happen in such a crucial time?

Seeing how Long Haochen’s body was shaking, Cai’er who was sticking close  behind him stepped back in a rush, “Haochen, what’s happening?”

Every one of the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope could see the shock in Long Haochen’s look. At the same time, they had an ominous feeling arising inside each of them.

“I am unable to contact Haoyue, nor to summon him!” Long Haochen almost lost his voice while saying that. As the commander of his team, he was in total panic at this time, despite having so many years of battle experience.

This was Modu Core City, and moreover, the core of the Star Demon Pagoda inside the Star Demon Palace, a place where such an issue could very possibly cause their annihilation.

At this time, a bizarre voice slowly reverberated, “You finally came. I have been waiting a very very long time for you. Welcome to you, Long Haochen, spokesperson of Austin Griffin.”

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 624: Star Demon Pagoda (I)

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