Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 227: Bloody Battle! Real Core Of The Team (Iii)

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Chapter 227: Bloody Battle! Real Core of the Team (III)

Just at this critical moment, a white glow shot up from below. It wasn’t aimed to intercept that golden lightning attack, but instantly hit the Golden Birdy Demon’s body instead.

A strange scene happened when that incomparable golden lightning lance shifted directions just at the instant it was about to pierce the top of Yue Ye’s head. Instead it swept downwards and was drawn vertically, precisely in Long Haochen’s direction.

This was the riddles solution: at the time Yue Ye was about to die, Long Haochen intervened. He was already putting a great effort into blocking the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon in front of him, but he still used the second ability of his Saint Spiritual Stove, Pull, without any hesitation at all.

If anyone else possessed the same abilities as Long Haochen, he wouldn’t possibly have chosen this alternative of attracting all the danger to himself. An evolved Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon was already an enormous threat to him; how could he resist a Golden Birdy Demon at the peak of the seventh step in addition to that? This move was simply akin to suicide!

But Long Haochen still made this choice. It wasn’t his intent to court death, but he did it after considering their current precarious situation.

They stood no chance against such a powerful army. Even if those two powerhouses of the seventh step hadn’t appeared, and they would only have to confront the Birdy Demons, Berserk Demons, Dual Headed Demonic Eagles, as well as the Demonic Eyed Soldiers that had already broken through the caravan’s defensive line, their group would still most likely be wiped out completely.

Their only chance of survival lied in Yue Ye’s hands. Thus, no matter what, Long Haochen would definitely not permit this Golden Birdy Demon to kill Yue Ye. Only if this forbidden spell was really completed, would they have some hope to maybe turn the tables.

For this reason, regardless of how much pressure Long Haochen would have to face, he seized this chance for his comrades and himself to survive.

*The white radiance that originated from the Spiritual Stove inside of Long Haochen’s chest instantly pulled the Golden Birdy Demon off his course. Behind him, an enormous purple glow appeared, and merged with Long Haochen’s body. It was naturally Haoyue.

In an instant, Long Haochen’s whole body reached the peak of its power and entered a special state. Sweeping his Holy Spirit Shield horizontally, he unexpectedly launched a violent attack against that Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon, which, at the same time, increased his distance to the Golden Birdy Demon to the utmost.

It could clearly be seen that from Long Haochen’s whole body, purple ripples erupted, and a pair of wings, condensed from spiritual energy, spread at his back.

On the Light Elemental Fairy Yating’s body, a golden flame ignited. Completing her incantation, she directly placed herself over Long Haochen’s shoulder. Her whole body ascended, covered with that flame of light, and rose up to the limit.

That’s right, Long Haochen was doing his utmost to fight for this last chance to save his companions.

In the next instant, right after launching a shield charge, he replaced Holy Spirit Shield with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, and immediately afterwards, intensive blue and golden colored light blended together. It instantly formed a sharp edged cone, ready to welcome the Golden Birdy Demon’s all out attack.

-sounds of ripples-

A cracking sound exploded as the attack hit, and Long Haochen was completely shaken up. Immediately, blood spurted from his nose, as he was propelled back, shooting rapidly from the sky.

Just at that time, the bodies of all the members of the 21st General Grade Demon Hunt Squad lit up with dazzling golden light, and comprising Long Haochen, a golden symbol appeared on everyone’s chests.

Cai’er, Han Yu, Sima Xian, Wang Yuanyuan, Chen Ying’er and Lin Xin groaned out in pain at the same time, and their bodies swayed violently.

The direction where Long Haochen was sent flying was exactly the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s. Turning in midair, he unleashed Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light completely, violently striking the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s chest.

This blow’s extraordinary power broke out instantly, like a penetrative rain pouring down it brightly struck the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s body, and blood flowed from dozens of wounds.

This blow had been prepared by Long Haochen for some time, and contained all his strength at once.

The purple figure originated from his fusion with Haoyue, further adding the full strength assistance of the Light Elemental Fairy Yating. As a result, Long Haochen’s cultivation level temporarily shot up to the level of a Radiant Knight at the sixth step. Additionally, right before the completion of his fusion with Haoyue, a glint of red light covered Long Haochen’s body. It was the activation of the ability Sacrifice.

The amplification coming from this ability was extremely formidable, but it also came with an equally high price. Nevertheless, at this time, Long Haochen didn’t have any other choice, and could only stake everything. He was not only confronting the Golden Birdy Demon’s fatal blow, but also the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s counter. If he didn’t manage to dispose of those powerful enemies of the seventh step, who on their side would be able to block their attacks? Would he let Cai’er assume the duty of holding them back? Definitely not; no matter what, Long Haochen wouldn’t forget the oath he swore to Cai’er that he would protect her for all his life. How could he let his most beloved person face such a crisis?

For this reason, he chose to use Sacrifice, and added to this last attack another ability called ‘Last Gambit’.

The Hibiscus of Light’s first hit was directed to counter the Golden Birdy Demon’s attack, and through the bond of life connecting them through the Soul Linking Chains, his companions shared Long Haochen’s pain.

Having surpassed the 3,000th level of internal spiritual energy, Long Haochen was already at a whole new level compared to their previous battles. At the same time the immense and terrifying power struck him back, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s terrible bursting power erupted a second time.

The power of Last Gambit plus Bright Rain-Thrusting Hibiscus ferociously struck the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s body once again, but Long Haochen also suffered the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s blow: a sharp stab hit his right shoulder and pierced it vigorously.

The other members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad simultaneously moaned in pain once again. But the pain resulting from having his body pierced and bleeding profusely could obviously not be completely shared.

Long Haochen still wasn’t stopped by that. Violently stirring Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s power, he stood firm once again, and performed a vertical sweeping motion with both of his hands.

As he forced himself to drain his last reserves of spiritual energy under the influence of Sacrifice, a terrible pure golden flame emerged, and formed two enormous Light Thorns that swept forward horizontally, turning at least thirty Berserk Demons and Birdy Demons to ashes in its way, annihilating them in one blow.

Long Haochen’s body swayed. Nevertheless, the instant after he launched this attack, his gaze returned to the carriage’s roof.

He already did his utmost, and used his entire strength to get rid of the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon and repel the Golden Birdy Demon. He had successfully bought some time for his companions and Yue Ye. As for whether Yue Ye would manage to complete her spell in time or not, was already not within his grasp anymore.

A black figure jumped onto the carriage’s roof, forming a dark golden luster that rose to the sky. Unrestrained and intense killing intent poured out of her and caused even the Golden Birdy Demon to feel threatened.

It was Cai’er.

Cai’er understood more clearly than anyone else how high the price that Long Haochen had to pay was, as well as the reason why he still made this choice. After Long Haochen had been repelled by that golden lightning lance, the Saint Spiritual Stove’s effects had been interrupted because the distance between Long haochen and the demon extended fifty meters

Without paying attention to the situation below, the freed Golden Birdy Demon that lost his weapon still shot up without the slightest hesitation, throwing himself at the carriage to attack Yue Ye.

Cai’er chose this critical moment to take action as well.

Despotic Stab!

This was Cai’er’s response to this Golden Birdy Demon. At that split second, Cai’er’s entire body turned into a dusky brilliance and her ice cold killing intent burst out uncontrollably, taking on a material shape. It bombarded the Golden Birdy Demon and caused him to slow down greatly. Next, Cai’er immediately struck him ferociously.

If one’s eyesight was sufficient, he would notice how magnificent her fighting skills as an assassin were.

Being an assassin, Cai’er didn’t have powerful defensive abilities like Long Haochen’s Divine Obstruction. But what she had was an incomparable dexterity, speed, and terrifying attacks.

Jumping up high in the sky, she struck her Despotic Stab against the Golden Birdy Demon’s right claw. Then, Cai’er’s body instantly turned into an afterimage.

She didn’t choose to stubbornly block this Golden Birdy Demon from the front, but instead relied on her speed. The Despotic Stab’s power just disappeared before hitting again, this time from the side. In the next instant, the Golden Birdy Demon only smashed Cai’er’s afterimage, coming from the use of Doppelganger, into shreds.

Appearing at the Golden Birdy Demon’s back, Cai’er’s chest erupted with innumerable white glows, bombarding that Golden Birdy Demon’s back ferociously. Suddenly, her body came to a standstill in midair, and on her back, countless grey radiances emerged, forming a spiral and condensing before taking the shape of a golden dagger in her left hand.

Clearly, this was an ability similar to the knights’ Storing Power. But to be able to use it while stagnating in midair, although she didn’t have any flying ability, her dexterity was already at an abnormal level.

Under ordinary circumstances, even if Cai’er had used Shadow Doppelganger in combination with the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove when confronting a powerhouse at the peak of the seventh step like that Golden Birdy Demon, she still wouldn’t pose any threat to the opponent.

But the current situation didn’t permit this Golden Birdy Demon to give any consideration to Cai’er, or to fend off her attacks.

This Golden Birdy Demon’s senses were extremely sharp, and he understood thoroughly that Yue Ye’s spell could be completed at any time now. Even if he had to sustain injuries, he had to stop her from completing it no matter what. For this reason, even though he knew that Cai’er already reached his back, he didn’t pay attention to her at all. Relying on his body’s physical power, he chose to bear the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove’s firepower.

It was an undeniable fact that the Golden Birdy Demon’s physical strength was just too domineering. Even an ordinary magical beast of the eighth step wouldn’t be able to compare with it. Even the incredible offensive power of the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove could only cause a few bleeding scratches, but didn’t inflict any really threatening wounds.

Cai’er had leapt over seven meters high into the air, and now that she had exchanged places with that Golden Birdy Demon, his distance to Yue Ye only amounted to about five meters. In a blink of an eye, he would reach her.

The Golden Birdy Demon’s sharp claw was already stretched forward, and his attack was about to hit Yue Ye’s body.

Just at this time, the white glow that stopped him previously appeared once again.

It was the Saint Spiritual Stove!

Was it the so called mutual understanding? The real level of mutual understanding would only show its true colors in a situation of life or death. But wasn’t this exactly the case in the current situation?

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 227: Bloody Battle! Real Core Of The Team (Iii)

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