Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 349: Haoyue’S Fourth Head, Blue Butterfly (I)

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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 349: Haoyue’s fourth head, Blue Butterfly (I)

Lin Xin’s Blazing Phoenix Spiritual Stove gave his comrades a pleasant surprise, but he also suffered some backlash.

The more powerful a spiritual stove was, the greater the drawbacks would be. Cai’er’s spiritual stove was the best example for that. Although Lin Xin’s Blazing Phoenix Spiritual Stove couldn’t compare with the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, it barely belonged to the ranks of the first tier spiritual stoves as well, and would grow along with Lin Xin’s strength.

After the return of the Blazing Phoenix Spiritual Stove, Lin Xin felt his internal spiritual energy instantly becoming empty, while an intense burning feeling filled his whole body. This sensation gave him no other choice but to sit down cross-legged on his original location, and concentrate all his attention on resisting the burning fever. It hit him in fact both inside and outside, giving impeding him to an extent one may well imagine. And this burning sensation would last for a total of six hours.

In itself, Lin Xin wasn’t harmed much, and this state actually even increased his own connection with fire, and trained his body. However, this process came with extreme pain. Bearing it for six hours would undoubtedly be a great challenge.

However, Lin Xin was now in a rather good mental state. This was his first time using the Blazing Phoenix Spiritual Stove, and he didn’t expect the cost to be so great, but even when facing such great drawbacks, he felt absolute ecstasy. That was the so called rejoicing over learning great news. In this kind of state, the pain he felt didn’t even feel like much.

By relying on the powerful attack of the Blazing Phoenix, he gave Long Haochen and the others an ample amount of time to rest. With Yating’s help, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy and his physical energy recovered at great speed.

Although the Zombie King was pushed back to the base of the mountain, but Long Haochen still kept his focus on him. Like this, he could sense the changes on him after sustaining the attack.

To his pleasant surprise, Long Haochen found out that the Fire Phoenix possessed formidable offensive power. The wings on the back of the Zombie King were actually directly burnt to nothing, and his body had suffered severe wounds and injuries. Furthermore, the Blazing Phoenix wasn’t aiming at a single target, but also had effects on a large scale. All those elite zombies, Iron Zombies, and Bronze Zombies had died immediately, turning into ash. Only the Gold Zombies and Silver Zombies were a little better off, and had only parts of their bodies dissolved.

That was the action of a real mage, dealing extreme damage.

Long Haochen felt a lot better now, and returned to leading the others. He didn’t display his excitement overly, but Han Yu couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Has-drugs bro, you finally revealed your power! You’re almost making my cheeks stream with tears.”

Lin Xin gave him a disdainful glare, thinking secretly: Are your cheeks even showing the tiniest tears? Why is it that from what i see, you are just laughing happily? However, because of the aftereffects of the spiritual stove, he could only use his glare to respond to him.


Right at that time, a furious roar suddenly rang out, and the zombies which had been attacking without fear of death before, stopped in their advance.

The one letting out this roar was the seriously wounded Zombie King. He clearly looked infuriated, and sensed the terrible threat from them, but more importantly, he still didn’t target these humans at all. If he didn’t manage to kill Haoyue while he was evolving, he would then surely get punished by the Undead King. But now, he vaguely sensed that Haoyue’s evolution was almost accomplished.

The Zombie King didn’t keep approaching the mountain, but abruptly turned around. He faced his own brother zombies before suddenly emitting a dense dark green mist.

Immediately, all the kinds of zombies immediately melted in this mist like snow under the sun.

Having a bit of intelligence, all the elites zombies immediately fled upon seeing their Zombie King unleash this mist, but the ordinary zombies weren’t blessed with any intelligence, and simply turned into liquid. These liquid corpses seemed to form a slimy stream, flowing towards the Zombie King.

That thick dark green fog infected an increasing number of zombies, and continuously gained in scope, while the flow of liquid zombies entered the Zombie King’s body through his feet. It seemed as if it made him recover from all the damage he had sustained, but at the same time it caused his body to grow in size as the liquid zombies kept being sucked into his body.

Although Wang Yuanyuan and Han Yu didn’t have such a strong perception as Long Haochen, they could see what was happening before their eyes. The great density of the dark green fog as well as the enlargement of the Zombie King were right in their line of sight

  The two of them took the same action, and looked at Long Haochen, carrying inquiring expressions on their faces.

Long Haochen turned his head to look inside the cave, where Haoyue’s breathing clearly became heavier. He was reaching a critical moment. On the other side, as the Zombie King fused with his little brothers, his strength was shooting up rapidly. Even if their elements counteracted each other, in case his strength reached the ninth step or beyond, Long Haochen’s group would hardly be able to stop his attacks. And obviously, Lin Xin’s Blazing Phoenix could not be used a second time.

I cannot let him continue to increase his strength! At this time, the slightest hesitation could very possibly lead to their complete annihilation.

With a glint of golden light, another figure appeared at his side. It was Cai’er, who had been waiting in the Tower of Eternity for a long and painful time before finally being summoned.

The reason why Long Haochen hadn’t summoned Cai’er here before was that he needed some assistance in defense and not in attack, but right now, offensive strength was what he needed more than anything else.

“Cai’er, come with me. We have to stop that zombie from amassing strength. Meanwhile Han Yu, Yuanyuan, guard the cave well!”

While Long Haochen was still in the middle of speaking, he already started to propel himself forward, his wings flapping with full strength, directly aiming at the Zombie King. Their resplendent golden color instantly reached the peaks, just like a golden sun making its way towards the Zombie King.

When Long Haochen rushed forward, Yating also glinted in gold, right before disappearing without warning. When she appeared again, she was right at Long Haochen’s back.

The Glorious Holy Shield was stored in the Eternal Melody while Long Haochen was flying forward. Now, his two hands gripped Bright Discipline, while his spiritual energy was poured in with full strength. Bright Discipline carrying the ability Holy Sword, instantly exploded with strength, and emitted a concentrated white heat surrounded by an incandescent glow carrying a strong killing intent.

Astonishingly, Long Haochen actually shone in the same incandescent glow as Bright Discipline, and the same went for the four wings on his back. Everywhere the rich white glow passed, the dark green fog in the air was purified at lightning speed.

The Zombie King sensed the fatal threat, and smashed his incomparably large fists against Long Haochen.

In his incessant process of absorbing the liquid zombies, his body had grown more massive, and his now terrifying strength produced sonic booms as he struck with his hands. From this, one may well imagine the terrifying level he reached.

Long Haochen didn’t clash with him head-on, but used the Nine Long Footwork to appear on his side in a flash. While dodging, he raised the dual-gripped Bright Discipline above his own head.

Yating’s body rocked, turning into a golden flow of light that made its way into Bright Discipline. Immediately, the white heat from Bright Discipline turned into a dark golden flame.

However, right then, Bright Discipline gave off a buzzing sound, as if uttering sad calls. It was as if with its ranking on the basis of the Glorious Tier, it couldn’t bear the pressure from the dark golden flames.

After his blow ended up fruitless, the Zombie King instantly turned around, but what he saw at that time was a heavy sword coming down in his direction.

This strike caused Long Haochen to look entirely distorted. From the top of the mountain, Wang Yuanyuan and Han Yu felt dawn descending on a world of darkness, as if the rich light was purifying the whole world.


When Bright Discipline crashed on the top of the Zombie King, with a crisp and clear sound, a terrible scene emerged. Even given the extremely good material it was made of, making it a weapon carrying the supplementary ability Holy Sword, as well as an absorbing ability, it still burst to pieces, and Long Haochen was sent flying by the terribly strong power of the Zombie King.

However, the Zombie King wasn’t so well off either. In this violent bang, a sort of snapping sound was mixed in, a bit like the sound of oil falling on a hot surface.

One could faintly see that the Zombie King’s two steel-like arms actually melted, even after reaching such a terrifying level of strength. An intense burst of dark golden flames engulfed him almost instantly, infecting all the surrounding green mist that disappeared immediately upon contact, unable to spread to the remaining ordinary zombies.

“Woah!” A mournful cry echoed from the Zombie King, who tried frantically to disperse the golden flames igniting him. He desperately tried to stop them from burning, and didn’t spare any cost for that, even spouting the dark green liquid from his body.

From his last attack, Long Hoachen also suffered great damage. However, he managed to insert the dark golden flames into the forehead of the Zombie King. Now, even cutting off his own limbs wouldn’t save him.

Long Haochen landed afar, spouting a surge of blood from his mouth. His hands covered the two sides of his body. He had some dislocated joints, and bled from several wounds.

He looked very miserable, but against expectations, not a single zombie dared take the initiative to attack him.

At the time Bright Discipline had broken into pieces, Yating regained her physical body, floating beside Long Haochen. Her face also looked very pale, as a result of the immense consumption from that attack.

After awakening as a god’s chosen one, Long Haochen obtained some special abilities specific to gods’ chosen ones. These abilities were all related to the Goddess of Light. The ability that made his body gleam with a white flame was called Spiritual Ignition, and enabled him to ignite his own spirit and spiritual energy to give a great boost to his own power. The produced might even exceeded his past Sacrifice ability by a lot, but Spiritual Ignition also had important side effects. After using it once, Long Haochen would be in a weak state for seven days. Using it wantonly would actually even cause a major decline of his strength, even threatening his own life.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 349: Haoyue’S Fourth Head, Blue Butterfly (I)

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