Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 94: Retribution Knight Long Hao Chen (Iv)

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Chapter 94: Retribution Knight Long Hao Chen (IV)

Compared to the peak of the fourth step, the fifth step was fundamentally different! If not for the fact that he had used so many formidable abilities, and relied on his innate talents enabling him to naturally exceed ordinary knights’ speed, intuition, and his tyrannical Retribution Knight abilities, there was no way he could have won this. Surprisingly though, as he was defeating his opponent, he had made sure not to injure him.

“I lost. I actually lost?” Knight #4 dazedly sat on the ground, his face ashen. Even as an Earth Knight, he hadn’t been able to enter into the top ten of this Demon Hunt Selection. Consequently, he couldn’t become a genuine member of a Demon Hunt Squad. He had already reached the maximum age eligible for this Demon Hunt Selection, and could no longer partic.i.p.ate in another. In an instant, this defeat had completely removed him from becoming one of the Knight Temple’s core members.

When Long Hao Chen heard the words “I lost”, he had already put away his two swords and silently walked over to pick up the Radiant Light s.h.i.+eld at the edge of the arena. Although he had won this battle, he had not won easily. The pressure which was brought upon him by Knight #4 was enormous.

“No——, I can’t accept this and I won’t accept this!” Knight #4 suddenly leapt up from the ground, his eyes red as he looked towards Long Hao Chen. “I haven’t even summoned my mount, nor am I fully armored. I have a set of Spiritual Tier armor. How then could you even be my opponent? How? Referee, I don’t accept this. I want to have a rematch.”

The referee coldly looked at him and stood between him and Long Hao Chen, saying indifferently: “You’ve lost.”

Knight #4 desperately said: “I haven’t lost. How could I have lost to a brat of the fourth step?”

An aged voice rang out from the platform, full of anger, “I ask you, what are the Ten Standards of a Knight?”

Knight #4 looked blanky. These rules were something every knight had to learn since a young age, and he almost subconsciously answered: “Modesty, honesty, compa.s.sion, courage, fairness, sacrifice, honor, perseverance, humility, justice.”

That aged voice said in a low voice: “Then where is your humility and honesty? Rather than saying you lost to #97, instead you should say that you’ve lost to yourself. Not even armoring yourself or summoning your mount was your own decision. You can’t even comply with the two most basic standards of a knight. Your nature isn’t even fit for a knight. Come, throw him out and expel him from the Knight Temple.”

Knight #4 shook violently and his face turned deathly white in an instant. What did expulsion from the Knight Temple mean? It meant that a person was no longer a member of the Knight Temple. At the same time, Knight #4 also knew who this aged voice belonged to. Even the three highest ranked elders of the Knight Temple had to express the utmost courtesy when facing this person.

A thudding noise rang out as Knight #4 knelt onto the ground. Facing the platform, he said in a trembling voice: “Senior Saint Knight, I’ve done wrong. I know the wrongs I have committed. Please give me another chance. I dare not make the same mistake .”

The Chief Saint Knight’s voice slowly sounded: “That you can become an Earth Knight before 25 years of age, it is evident that your innate talent is extremely good. However, you should also know that what our Knight’s Temple emphasizes is not level but character. As a chief member of the six Great Temples, if any core knight of a Demon Hunt Squad cannot comply with the Ten Standards of a Knight, he can only bring shame to the honor of the Knight’s Temple. Tell me, what is honor?”

All the knights of the stadium stood in one body and shouted in unison: “Honor is life.”

The Saint Knight Head calmly said: “#4, you have now heard. Honor is life. Do you still possess the honor of a knight?”

Knight #4 trembled violently. But even as he knelt there, he couldn’t utter a single word. He could tell that the Senior Saint Knight’s temper had already been ignited.

“Senior Saint Knight.” Right at this moment, a clear voice sounded out. Everyone’s line of sight couldn’t help but turn.

The one who spoke was precisely Long Hao Chen. He fisted his right hand and placed it over his left breast, respectfully giving a Knight’s salute in the direction of the platform.

“Speak.” The Saint Knight Head’s voice was clearly gentler and didn’t at all conceal the fondness he had towards Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen glanced at Knight #4 who was still kneeling on the ground beside him, then respectfully said: “Saint Knight Head, when I was very young, my mother told me: no one is perfect. Knight #4’s mind is only a bit unstable right now because of this defeat. His arrogance was indeed a mistake. However, that his life must completely change just because of this matter, I think it is a bit unfair. Development of character and maturation are interlinked, and he cannot totally be blamed. Please give him another chance. After learning from this matter, I believe that he will correct himself.”

Hearing Long Hao Chen’s words, Knight #4 raised his head and looked towards him, stunned. His eyes even possessed a peculiar light.

The platform suddenly went silent, and all the spectators also paid attention to the platform. After all, a genius like Knight #4 who had broken through to the fifth step before 25 years old was also extremely rare within the Knight’s Temple.

Only after a while did the Senior Saint Knight let out a sigh from the platform. “Alright. Because you’ve requested it, I will give him a chance. Listen closely, #4. If you wish to continue staying in the Knight’s Temple, then from this point on, you are #97’s retainer knight. If you can carry this duty until the start of the next Demon Hunt Selection, then I will permit you to return to the Knight’s Temple.

#4 first stared blankly, then rejoiced at this good news, “Many thanks to the Senior Saint Knight for giving me another chance.” After saying so, he stood up and turned towards Long Hao Chen. After a momentary struggle flashed through his eyes, a thud was heard as he knelt on one knee before Long Hao Chen, “Master, I, Han Yu will obey your commands. I still do not know your name.”

Long Hao Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and said, “Th-this……”

“His name is Long Hao Chen.” A cold voice sounded from the resting area. Long Hao Chen turned to look, and the voice that spoke belonged precisely to Teacher Ye Hua.

Han Yu respectfully said:,“G.o.d of Light above, I, Han Yu, will henceforth serve Long Hao Chen as my master for five years. My master’s honor is my honor. If I break this oath, then may the G.o.ds punish me.”

Long Hao Chen was ever level-headed in battle, but he was, after all, only fourteen years old. Under these circ.u.mstances he immediately became fl.u.s.tered and hastily said: “Quickly get up.” Saying so, he held out an arm to pull Han Yu up.

Han Yu respectfully said: “Master, I still have some affairs to take care of at home. I will return now to manage them, then return tomorrow to look for Master. From this day forward, I vow to follow you.”

After the previous setback, there was no longer any evidence of pride on his face. Although his eyes still gave hint of unreconciliation, after thinking about almost getting expelled out of the Knight’s Temple, he finally overcame his reluctance and turned to leave after saluting Long Hao Chen. Although he was conceited, he was highly ambitious. Once he was expelled from the Knight’s Temple, how could he ever achieve his aspirations?

Although Long Hao Chen couldn’t clearly make sense of the situation, there had to be a reason why Ye Hua would let him accept. After covering himself with [Holy Mantle] he returned to the resting area.

“Lil’ Bro, you’re so awesome.” Li Xin immediately rushed over and gave him a big hug. As for the other knight partic.i.p.ants, when they looked at Long Hao Chen, their expressions all revealed a bit of fear.

Within these one-on-one matches, retribution knights were clearly superior to guardian knights. Although Han Yu had ultimately lost because of his pride, do not forget, Long Hao Chen’s last stream of offensive skills hadn’t even given him a chance to react. Was this something an ordinary retribution knight could achieve? That instant, exploding force, especially that final combination of skills paired with [Holy Sword], was the real reason for Long Hao Chen’s victory. Even a fifth step knight couldn’t block his attack!

Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 94: Retribution Knight Long Hao Chen (Iv)

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