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Yang Liqun had taught Bai Yunshan mathematics the previous year, but he was not her cla.s.s teacher back then. However, he had long heard of her att.i.tude. He was most impressed by the that she was not only strict on others, but even more so on herself. That's the so-called definition of leading by example.

He knew about Shen Menglian too, and was aware of her solid results. But, was this an excuse for her to disregard the teacher?

In order to fortify his position, he immediately asked Shen Menglian to stand up and listen to his admonitory talk attentively. On this first day, she had been subject to humiliation in a cla.s.s full of strangers.

This only intensified her grudge against Zhao Youyue. At the same time, she could not understand why a perfectionist like Bai Yunshan would cover up for Zhao Youyue.

Did they already know each other?

No, they did not know each other at all. The fact of the matter was far simpler. Bai Yunshan was not as gullible as what Shen Menglian thought. Could anyone simply take advantage of Bai Yunshan?

Bai Yunshan had no idea about the story between the two, but, she would not let Shen Menglian use her for her petty revenge.

As for Zhao Youyue, she took a mental note about it. She had not taken any action on her, for this was her first time…Of course, Zhao Youyue's beautiful face had also played role. Well, she was witnessing the effects of "lookism[1]."

Zhao Youyue was already born with a face that granted her a pa.s.s with the aid of "lookism," and her recent exploits had only given it more power.

After that, their dignified fatty cla.s.s teacher, Yang Liqun, ordered the only eight male students in the cla.s.s to had out and pick up the new books. It looks like the male students in this cla.s.s are going to experience bitter lives…

After seeing what happened to Shen Menglian, Zhao Youyue quickly kept away her cell phone. She had a gut feeling that this fatty Yang was not as flexible as Lao Qiu. This would be rather frustrating.

The privilege that top students enjoy heavily depended on their teachers. An uncompromising cla.s.s teacher would not hesitate to confiscate one's cell phone, regardless of how good his results are.

Next, it was the ice-breaking session. This wasn't actually necessary for a popular kid like her. Everyone knew that she was the top student whose results had improved notably during her last semester in the tenth grade. Now that they had been divided into Art and Science streams, she would probably rank first among the art cla.s.s students…

Zhao Youyue's self-introduction was short and simple. She simply stated her name, her former cla.s.s, and her hobbies - listening to and playing music. Nonetheless, the applause that she got was exceptionally pa.s.sionate especially from boys with glittering eyes as they gazed at her. After all, everyone is fond of beauty. On top of that, her beautiful face now far surpa.s.sed most girls.

The faces of the girls in this cla.s.s were not that bad actually but, they were incomparable to Jiang Qin Little Angel. Therefore, this gap only caused Zhao Youyue to become more outstanding in contrast.

Apparently, it is hard to find a girl who had the smarts and looks these days…

On the other hand, girls like Bai Yunshan and Shen Menglian whose results were excellent yet only had acceptable faces were far more common.

After that, Fatty Yang started to elect the cla.s.s committee members, without going through all the democratic fluff. He was the dictator type of cla.s.s teacher.

Undoubtedly, he chose Bai Yunshan, whom he considered a role model of students, as the cla.s.s monitor. He was certain that she would manage the cla.s.s well. 

As her former mathematics teacher, he knew her better than most. This girl had an unusual background which would serve well in her role.

After learning that Bai Yunshan was the cla.s.s monitor, Zhu Ran, who was the cla.s.s monitor of Zhao Youyue's former cla.s.s, was disappointed. Although he felt that being a cla.s.s monitor distracted him from his studies, he took it as a badge of honor. After losing it, he now felt incomplete…

Then, Zhao Youyue was appointed to be the Commissary in charge of studies. Fatty Yang knew nothing about her, but he knew for sure that her results were good enough to equal Huang Zhongchao and vie for the top spot in their grade. An elite student like her deserved to become the Commissary in charge of studies!

However, Zhao Youyue raised a hand. Kindly, Fatty Yang asked her to stand up, wanting to hear about her opinion about this arrangement.

"Teacher Yang, I don't think that I am suitable for this position. My learning style can't be an example for my cla.s.smates," Zhao Youyue said.

"Oh. So, how is your learning style like?" Asked Fatty Yang with interest.

"Well, I simply focus during cla.s.s and complete my a.s.signments dutifully. That's all. I won't do anything more. I spend my free time on music and reading novels. In other words, I don't have much motivation to study for my exams."

After listening to her explanation, the whole cla.s.s was silent, and Fatty Yang was dumbfounded. All this while, he thought that she was an elite scholar who spent most of her time studying. He never expected her to spare no additional time for her self-revision…

Even so, she had managed to pa.s.s her exams with flying colors. Well, this could only be justified with talent!

"Pretentious," Shen Menglian, who was still standing, murmured. Back in her previous cla.s.s, she was the Commissary in charge of studies. So, she was unhappy after knowing that Yang Liqun had appointed Zhao Youyue to this position.

"I would like to suggest Zhu Ran, my former cla.s.s monitor, to hold this position. His att.i.tude of learning is far better than mine, and he would be a good example for the cla.s.s." Zhao Youyue did not understand Zhu Ran well, but she knew him enough to suggest that role. Also, he had the apt.i.tude of becoming a cla.s.s committee member. For a hermit like her, she was reluctant to be bound by anything.

In fact, Zhao Youyue lacked a sense of collective honor as well as a sense of duty. All of these have been covered up by her good results, causing people to believe that she was a flawless model student. Well, she was just fooling around with her studies, and she did not have a sense of camaraderie for her cla.s.s either. She was an ultrindividualist.

Bai Yunshan, the cla.s.s monitor, was her counterpart from the other side of the scale. She was an ultrcollectivist.

Eventually, Zhu Ran became the Commissary in charge of studies as he had hoped. It was partly because of the recommendation of Zhao Youyue. His good results, which were not always consistent, helped too.

He was extremely grateful to Zhao Youyue for her help. He was now indebted to her, and would never turn away if she is ever in need in the future.

Soon, the election process of the cla.s.s committee members came to an end. Zhao Youyue felt at ease, as she had been left with no strings attached.

Finally, it was the time for the seating rearrangement. Shen Menglian prayed in her heart that it would be alright for anyone to be her desk mate except for Zhao Youyue. That woman would be her bane. Moreover, no one wants to be the green leaf to Zhao Youyue's rose petals!

Shen Menglian was a narcissist, and took great pride in her beauty and talent. However, she was hopeless when compared to Zhao Youyue…

"Shen Menglian and Zhao Youyue, your seats - second set - third row," Yang Liqun was reading from some notes that he had prepared beforehand.

Meanwhile, Bai Yunshan and a girl whose name was Qiu Ya were placed behind them.

Translation note:

[1] [刷脸] lit. meaning "Facial Recognition" is an internet slang means that someone can take advantage of something or get by something just because another party knows him/her or by using his/her appealing face. Here, we'll adopt the closest English counterpart known -"Lookism."

Shift! The Side-Character Heroine Chapter 271

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