Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 212

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Nightmarish Light

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Proofreader: JSmith

Ling Chen was now LV18, and Moon Shadow's effects covered an area of 18 metres. Within this area, apart from Ling Chen, everything else was frozen in place. As such, when Moon Shadow's light burst forth, everyone saw an incredibly strange scene. Within the area around Ling Chen, every person stood unmoving, and all attacks, including arrows and elemental attacks also froze in the air… it was as if time had stopped. Moreover, anyone who entered into that area would become frozen as well.

The only one who could move was Ling Chen. Everyone could only watch as he jumped up, raised his hand and threw the silver spear, which eventually nailed Long Tian Yun to the ground. Because Long Tian Yun was also within the AOE of Moon Shadow, he remained upright, and no damage figure arose above him.

What sort of skill was this?!

To be able to freeze everything around him… if he used this skill against the Sword Emperor, then it would have only taken 1 second to defeat the Sword Emperor!

Ling Chen moved towards Long Tian Yun in the last seconds of the effect of Moon Shadow, moving past the attacks that were locked onto him and the players that were about to attack him. In the last second, he stood in front of Long Tian Yun, stretched out his hand and retrieved the Soaring Cloud spear.

"How can I let my Soaring Cloud fall into your hands!" Ling Chen derisively said as he looked at Long Tian Yun.

At this moment, the effects of Moon Shadow expired. A gigantic damage figure rose up above Long Tian Yun, whose eyes widened. Under the gaze of countless players, he fell to the ground.

Long Tian Yun, the highest authority in the Yan Huang Alliance, which had the greatest fame and reputation in China, had been killed by a single Ling Chen despite being surrounded by countless Yan Huang Alliance guild members.

This was the first time Long Tian Yun had ever died in the virtual world. This death meant that from this day onwards, he would be lifelong enemies with Ling Tian.

"The Alliance Master… The Alliance Master died!!"

"The Alliance Master… was killed…"

"Kill… Immediately kill Ling Tian!!"

The players quickly fell into confusion, and all members of the Yan Huang Alliance were completely furious. Ling Tian had annihilated the Flame Emperor, defeated the Sword Emperor, and killed Long Tian Yun despite the fact that he was so heavily protected… moreover, this was all carried out by himself without anyone helping him. This one person had completely destroyed the dignity of the Yan Huang Alliance. Some of the Yan Huang Alliance guild members were furiously shouting to kill Ling Tian. This was what they had to do, as well as the only thing they could do to retrieve a bit of honour.

Within Heart's Dream's small room, the excited atmosphere had become one of dismay and fear. The girls' faces had all become pale… none of them expected that Ling Tian would actually kill Long Tian Yun. However, right now this was not important- Ling Tian was currently surrounded by more and more Yan Huang Alliance members, all of whom were intent on killing him. The girls' hearts were beating so hard that they threatened to explode- with so many people around him, Ling Tian definitely wouldn't be able to escape… this was exchanging his life for Long Tian Yun's life!

Only Mu Bing Yao remained completely calm. Looking at the colossal group of players around Ling Tian, she softly gave a cold harrumph, "You want to kill my lord? You don't have the right…"

The entire Plains Region was in uproar. Killing the Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance was equivalent to killing an Emperor in the olden days. The entire Yan Huang Alliance was now in movement, and there were now thousands of people charging at Ling Tian furiously. Even a G.o.d would not be able to escape.

Ling Chen slightly frowned, and he coldly harrumphed, and sprang into action. He charged into the group of players charging towards him, but because he was too fast and his action was too sudden, they were unable to react in time. As soon as he entered into the crowd, the players began to fall like leaves.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang…

From the left and right, two Ling Tian Bursts were sent out… in such a dense crowd, the Ling Tian Bursts' effects were fully displayed. A grey arc of light and a green arc of light flew out, and instantly wiped out twenty or so players… Ling Chen's attacks would never result in a 'miss'. Coming into contact with Ling Tian's attacks was an instant death sentence- there were no exceptions. Those who were slashed by the Zephyr Blade immediately fell to the ground, and those who the Great Ravager came into contact with were sent flying, cras.h.i.+ng into the players behind them. Ling Chen's actions did not stop at all, and continuously attacked within the group of players while quickly moving around. As such, the archers and Mages were unable to lock onto his position. Every time he changed his position, two gigantic arcs of light would be sent out, resulting in pitiful cries as players died.

In a one vs many fight, the worst thing that could happen was being surrounded. This was because once one was surrounded, it would be difficult to defend from both the front and back. However, Ling Chen was different, as he could use two weapons at the same time. Thus, he could attack in front and behind him at the same time. Every time he released a Ling Tian Burst, he would clear out the area within 5 metres of him. By the time the next wave of players filled this area, his next Ling Tian Burst would be there to meet them. Thus, those who came too near to him would instantly die, without even a chance to attack him. It was simply a ma.s.sacre.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Bang! Boom…

The sounds of people being continuously hit and sent flying rang out, accompanied by the cries of people as they died. Ling Chen's two weapons were like two DeathG.o.d's scythes, mercilessly killing waves and waves of players.

Swish swish swish swish swish swish…

A large wave of arrows descended towards Ling Chen like a downpour of rain, covering the entire area around him. Similarly, countless elemental abilities rained down on the area around him.

As the arrows and elemental attacks descended from above, Ling Chen did not panic, but rather continued to slaughter the Yan Huang Alliance's players with his Ling Tian Bursts. When the arrows and elemental attacks finally fell on where he was, the spectating players all cried out in shock, as if they had already seen Ling Tian fall to the ground… However, they saw Ling Tian's body almost become illusory, and his speed skyrocketed as he charged towards the players behind him. In the blink of an eye, he had escaped from the area that the arrows and elemental attacks were falling towards. Raising his two weapons, he once again began to slaughter.


Above Ling Tian's head, people only saw two damage figures.

In such a dense attack, Ling Tian was only hit twice! The spectators simply could not believe their eyes… how had he done this? Could it be that just then, his body really had become illusory!?

"He's simply a monster!!" Against the Sky's eyes twitched. Evidently, he was very shocked by this sight. Right now, the Yan Huang Alliance was determined to kill him. Although there were probably thousands of people attacking him, he still had not died, and there were countless bodies of the Yan Huang Alliance on the ground.

"Indeed, he's even more terrifying than a monster. This sort of performance can't be achieved by just relying on levels or good equipment. However, he has his limits. Being blocked like this, it's impossible for him to escape, and I doubt he can last for too long. See if you can create an opening for him and get a favour. He will remember this." Skyfall said.

"Mmm, I've already given out the orders. Right now, our players have more or less finished preparing."

Ling Chen was like a sharp blade, stabbing in and out of the crowd of Yan Huang Alliance players. In just a moment, he had charged into the group of Mages that posed the greatest threat to him. Having come into such close proximity with Ling Chen, these fragile Mages were like defenceless lambs, and were annihilated by Ling Chen with two Ling Tian Bursts… at this moment, in the distance, the light of a scroll flashed, and Long Tian Yun, who had been lying on the ground, slowly stood up.

The revival scroll that Long Tian Yun had been preparing to use to revive Ling Tian after the Sword Emperor killed him was instead used on himself. Although Long Tian Yun had revived, he was still incredibly furious, to the point that his eyes became red. He personally ordered all of the Yan Huang Alliance's players, "Kill Ling Tian, he must die!!"

However, just as his words came out, a player somewhere else called out, "I can't watch this anymore. So many people attacking just a single person, this is too shameless! Ling Tian, I'll help you!"

This one sentence caused many other players to roar in approval, and a large group of players wearing different clothing and equipment charged towards the group of Yan Huang Alliance players attacking Ling Tian… however, it was evident from the actions of the new group of players that they were a group of people working together from the beginning!

"Hmph! Looking to die!" Seeing the group of players charging towards the Yan Huang Alliance's players, Long Tian Yun's expression became incredibly unsightly.

The group of players coming to Ling Tian's a.s.sistance was surprisingly large, and there were more and more joining them, creating great pressure for the Yan Huang Alliance. Ling Tian did not pay much attention to them at all- his gaze was directed at the revived Long Tian Yun.

He actually… dared to revive!!


Ling Chen coldly laughed, and raised his right hand. The Lunar Scourge released an intense silver light.



Countless voices cried out in agony. A terrifying bright light had cut into their eyes, painfully blinding them. No matter what they did, they were unable to get rid of the pain or open their eyes. The players in the distance were not affected, but the intense silver light caused them to look away, not daring to look in that direction. Within 36 metres around Ling Tian, the entire area was covered by the silver light… inside that area, nothing could be seen except the intense light. From a distance, it looked like a silver sun had appeared.

"Protect the Alliance Master!!"

"Don't panic! No one panic! Immediately kill Ling Tian!!"

It was painful to even slightly open their eyes, so they could only scream and yell as they stumbled around covering their eyes. They had no idea who they were attacking, and could not see at all.

After 5 seconds, the silver light disappeared.

Inside the area covered by the silver light, there were countless bodies strewn on the ground. Some of them were killed by Ling Tian; others were killed by their fellow guildmates in the confusion. By the time the nightmarish light had disappeared, they could not see Ling Tian anymore.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!" Flame Shadow gnashed his teeth. The light from before was definitely released by Ling Tian. Why did he have such a terrifying skill?! He yelled loudly, "In such a short period of time, Ling Tian can't have escaped too far away. He definitely changed the equipment he's wearing and is hiding in the crowd. Immediately find him for me! Young master, should we… young… young… master!!"

He suddenly discovered that his young master was no longer beside him. Flame Shadow trembled as he looked down, and found that Long Tian Yun's body was lying beside his feet.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 212

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