Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 419

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The Orb That Can Tamper With Order- Libra!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

This place that was 100 metres under the ground and about 5 kilometres away from the exit, and had a mysterious energy sealing the exit. It was an extremely secure and sealed region. This seal was so strong that even the Spatial Orb was useless in front of it.

Moon Shadow' effects were about to end, but Ling Chen did not panic. He acted decisively, and quickly moved behind the Evil Black Dragon. The moment Moon Shadow's effects ended, he instantly activated Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow, and disappeared.

When Moon Shadow's light disappeared, the slumbering beast opened its eyes. Its eyes were completely red, as if they had been stained by blood. The instant it opened its eyes, the entire s.p.a.ce was filled with red light, and an incredibly overwhelming and terrifying aura swept out from its body that caused the air to stop moving.

Ling Chen abruptly stopped moving. Although he was concealed with a concealment technique from the Feng Chen Technique, faced with an awakened Ancient Beast, he didn't dare to move at all. He even held his breath. With Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow activated, unless he cancelled its effects, it would be almost impossible for any creature to detect him. However, the Evil Black Dragon was one of the 10 Ancient Beasts of the East Ocean Continent, as well as the Sunrise City's Guardian Beast, so it was possible that its detection abilities far exceeded those of any other creature's. Ling Chen was worried that even Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow would not be able to keep him safe.

The giant beast did not know why it had woken up or if it had been woken up by something. It stretched out its body, and looked around with its terrifying, red eyes, scanning every part of the area. Slowly it began to turn around, looking past where Ling Chen was. Ling Chen held his breath and slowed his heartbeat, maintaining an extremely calm state. He felt the crimson eyes look at him, but they did not stop, and continued scanning.

Ling Chen relaxed slightly, but he knew the crisis was not over. Although the awakened beast did not find any abnormalities, it did not immediately go back to sleep. Instead, it rose up, and calmly looked towards the pa.s.sageway. Evidently, it still had its suspicions. It seemed to be calmly waiting for its target to reveal itself.

Time slowly flowed on… 10 seconds… 20 seconds… Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow's effects ended, and Ling Chen's body appeared.

This time, Ling Chen didn't dare to even allow a single one of his muscles to twitch.

Not only could Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow hide one's body, but could also conceal their aura. Without Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow, he had no way to hide, and he had to control his aura by himself. Luckily, he was near the Evil Black Dragon's tail. Since its back was facing him, when Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow' effects ended, it did not react- evidently, it had not discovered him.

Please don't turn around!!

Ling Chen controlled his breathing and heartbeat while screaming inwardly. Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow had a cooldown time of 100 seconds, which meant that for the next 80 seconds, he had no way to hide himself. If the Evil Black Dragon turned around, it would be able to see him. If Ling Chen slightly moved or made any noise… if he caused even any ripples in the air, it was likely that the Evil Black Dragon would detect it.

With regards to his stealth techniques, he believed that if he claimed second place, no one could dare to claim first place. Even Instructor h.e.l.l, who had trained him, couldn't compare to him in terms of stealth. Under his careful control, the aura he gave out was less than that of a tiny blade of gra.s.s. If he could maintain this state, even if it was an Ancient Beast, it wouldn't discover him.

He continued to scream for the Evil Black Dragon not to turn around, but in the end, his worst fears came true… the Evil Black Dragon began to slowly twist its neck. It turned extremely slowly, examining every square inch of the area.

G.o.d freaking dammit!!

Ling Chen's body erupted with cold sweat… if the Evil Black Dragon's neck turned another 30 degrees, it would see him. Ling Chen gritted his teeth- was his only option to force his way out?

He had already used his 3 Broken Shadows while fighting against the j.a.panese players, and the Evil G.o.d's Mask and Lunar Scourge would not be enough to help him survive against an Ancient Beast's onslaught. This 5-kilometre-long pa.s.sageway, which he couldn't teleport through, wiped out any hope he had. Ling Chen desperately thought of a way out, then gnashed his teeth…

He could only make a gamble!

He maintained his stealth state, and an item appeared in his hand. It was something that was shaped like a pineapple, was the same colour as a pineapple and had leaves like a pineapple…

That's right, it was a pineapple.

He then silently chanted, "Boroboromi!"

After he chanted the mystical incantation, Ling Chen's body vanished, and the pineapple he was holding appeared on the ground where he had been standing.

[Furious Pineapple]: A demonic and explosive pineapple. Its favourite phrase is, "Don't think that pineapples are so easy to mess with!" Effect 1: [Pineapple Grenade]: after being thrown, when it hits the ground, it will explode, causing strong vibrations. It has a 100% chance to stun everything within 50 metres for at least 5 seconds. It does not cause any damage. After exploding the pineapple will disappear. If the Furious Pineapple is caught before it hits the ground, its explosion can be prevented. Effect 2: [Boroboromi]: If one holds this pineapple and silently chants "Boroboromi", the user can transform into a large pineapple. No creature of any level or grade will be able to determine your true ident.i.ty and form. The effects last for 10 minutes, after which the pineapple will disappear.

By this time, the Evil Black Dragon had already looked over the area. If it saw the pineapple, it would definitely be shocked. After all, how would a pineapple suddenly appear in this area that it had protected for countless years? However, compared to its body, the pineapple was simply too small, and the pineapple that Ling Chen had turned into was right next to its tail, about 30 centimetres away. The Evil Black Dragon's tail was more than 10 metres long, and the thickest part of it was more than 2 metres thick, so it completely covered the pineapple. Unless the Evil Black Dragon moved its tail, it would be impossible for it to see it.

The Evil Black Dragon didn't seem to want to make any noise, and it didn't move its tail. After looking around and finding that there were no abnormalities, it once again lay down and close its red eyes, causing the area to become dim again.

Not too long after, its heavy breathing once again sounded out. The Evil Black Dragon seemed to be asleep again.

However, the pineapple that Ling Chen turned into still did not move… 5 minutes pa.s.sed… 10 minutes pa.s.sed… the pineapple soundlessly disappeared, and Ling Chen reappeared where he had originally been.

A seven-foot-tall man had actually turned into a pineapple! Although he had no other choice, it wasn't a very pleasant experience. Ling Chen gently breathed in and out, and activated Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow. With his presence perfectly concealed, he silently crept towards the exit. After travelling for 50 metres, Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow's effects ended, and he walked even softer… after walking extremely carefully for 1 kilometre, he deeply breathed in, and started to sprint as he came closer and closer to the exit.

The situation just then had been incredibly dangerous. What he didn't expect was that what saved him was the big pineapple he had obtained from the Lucky Cat!

The Furious Pineapples had 2 effects: the first was an AOE stun, which was incredibly powerful. The first time he had entered the Fairy Realm, he had relied on this to escape. The second effect was something he had not paid much attention to, but had unexpectedly saved him this time.

Of the 5 Furious Pineapples he had originally obtained from the Lucky Cat, he now only had 2.

Ling Chen did not stop at all. Because he had pa.s.sed through this place on his way here, he travelled very quickly. A bit less than 45 minutes later, Ling Chen saw some faint, natural light s.h.i.+ning on a flight of stone steps.

Ling Chen walked up the steps, and soon, he had reached the place from which he had entered from. Just like before, when the Lunar Scourge came near to the door, the black light disappeared. As soon as Ling Chen walked out, he used a Spatial Orb to quickly teleport away. None of the Guards had any idea what had just happened.


At a secluded area, Ling Chen fell to the ground and deeply inhaled and exhaled, then began to cheerfully laugh.

Indeed, he was ent.i.tled to laugh. Although he had been in many incredibly stressful and dangerous situations, he had reaped great rewards!

"A G.o.d Orb! I actually found a G.o.d Orb in there! What incredible luck!" Ling Chen couldn't help but inwardly exclaim. Not only did he obtain a G.o.d Orb, although the process was quite risky, everything had gone quite smoothly. In fact, it could be described as just him 'entering' then 'exiting'. He didn't fight or pay any price- he had simply taken the G.o.d Orb! It was as if fate had determined that he should obtain this...o...b..

And this was only his first day in the East Ocean Continent.

Qi Yue had said that this G.o.d Orb was probably the strongest one out of the 12 G.o.d Orbs. Ling Chen calmed himself down and took out the orb that was as big as a ping pong ball. It shone with a faint silver light, and had a 'Ω' etched on it.

This symbol was…

[Libra Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious G.o.d, Attributes: None. Equipment Requirement: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge.

Effect: After using any skill (including equipment skills), there is a 50% chance of the cooldown time being immediately reset.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 419

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