Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 434

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Dispel The Clouds And See The Sky

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Of course, Ling Chen hadn't pa.s.sed through the World Barrier and travelled thousands of kilometres to the East Ocean Continent just to hara.s.s the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative.

He couldn't beat her in a battle and his blackmail was ineffective. She didn't seem to show any signs of giving in despite being hara.s.sed for so long… was there really no way?

Up until now, Ling Chen had already stayed in the East Ocean Continent for 12 days. He had found the orb that Su'Er's information had referred to, but he was unable to retrieve it. However, it wasn't as if he had no gains these past 12 days. After all, he had found the Libra Orb, and found three treasures in the Celestial Cherry Valley.

Wait… three treasures…

These days, Ling Chen had been focusing all his time and effort into plotting against the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative, hara.s.sing her and training. He almost forgot about the three treasures that he had obtained, and he took them out.

The sealed Spatial Stone. Spatial Stones were incredibly powerful, and this piece was comparable to the one he had obtained in the past. Although it was just a little piece, its price could not be determined in gold. The seal evidently prevented it from escaping, and although it was put on by the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative, Ling Chen was confident that the Dwarves would be able to unlock it.

The Belt of Blessing was now wrapped around his waist. Although it didn't quite match with the t.i.tan's Embrace, Ling Chen simply couldn't resist its stats, and could find no reason not to equip it. With the 5 Luck it gave, Ling Chen now had 22 points in Luck.

The Flying Scroll was a magical scroll that could increase a skill's level by 1… any skill!! Ling Chen had first seen this scroll when he encountered Qian Gun Gun, but it was a pity that he couldn't afford it at that time. Who would have thought that he would obtain one at the East Ocean Continent.

Which skill should he use this scroll on? Or… should he save it for future use? This was because during the late stages of the game, as one's profession became more powerful, so did their skills. As such, the difficulty to increase the level of skills also increased drastically. The effects of using the scroll now simply couldn't be compared to using it in future.

Ling Chen opened his stats page, and quickly looked through all of his skills. Because he had two professions, Ling Chen had far more skills than any other player. Moreover, adding on the fact that his skills were all quite powerful, as well as the debuff from the Lunar Scourge, the amount of SP required to level up each skill was monstrous.

Luckily, with Xiao Hui, the average level of Ling Chen's skills was not low at all. Currently, he had three upgradeable skills from the Feng Chen Curse Zanni profession: the LV6 [Feng Chen Technique], the LV3 [Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow] and the LV3 [Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow]. Other than those, none of the other skills needed to be levelled up. In the Ling Tian Battle Soul profession, the most commonly used skills, [Ling Tian Slash], [Ling Tian Burst] and [Four Corners Star Formation] were all max level, and the [War G.o.d Technique] was LV6 and the [Battle Soul Possession] was LV3.

The remaining skills were his own skills. The [Heaven Wind Technique] and [Item Manipulation Technique] were powerful ancient techniques given by Tao Tie. He also had the max level [Soul Sacrifice], the not yet useful [Soul Demise], [Scan], which every profession had, and [Lucky Hand], which he had obtained through the Skill Copy Scroll.

Wait… Lucky Hand?!

Ling Chen suddenly had an epiphany, and he stood up with a 'swish'. He stared fixedly at Lucky Hand's description, and read it over and over again. After reading it five times, his eyes completely lit up.

Before, he was deliberating as to whether he should save the Flying Scroll for future use. However, he completely dispelled that thought, and used it on the LV3 Lucky Hand.

Lucky Hand was a very abnormal skill, and came from a treasure creature. It was an incredible theft skill that humans shouldn't possess, and had incredibly savage and overpowered effects. However, consequently, levelling it up was incredibly difficult. Levelling it up from LV3 to LV4 required a whole 300,000 SP, which was even more than Soul Demise required. In fact, it was the skill that required the most SP to level up. Ling Chen was reluctant to use his SP on it, and the only reason it was LV3 was because of Xiao Hui's [Holy Spirits' Gift].

And now, a Flying Scroll had saved him 300,000 SP… a number that could give normal players a heart attack. Within the light given off by the Flying Scroll, a delightful system announcement sounded out.

"Ding… [Flying Scroll] has been successfully used, your skill [Lucky Hand] has successfully levelled up to LV4."

Lucky Hand: Current level: LV4, Highest level: LV5, SP to upgrade to LV3: 500,000, After reaching LV5, the skill will automatically evolve into [True Lucky Hand]. A G.o.dly skill that comes from the treasure creature Lucky Cat, this skill allows the user to use an unseen hand to steal away the target's money without the target noticing. Within range, the user can steal 60%-80% of the target's money. The success rate is affected by the target's level, grade and luck. Base success rate for stealing is (Luck x 8)%. Being able to steal without being detected is also affected by the target's level, grade and luck. Base success rate for not being detected is (Luck x 8)%. Consumes 10 MP, cooldown time: 5 seconds.

After upgrading to LV4, Lucky Hand could steal even more money, had a higher chance of success, had a lower chance of being discovered and had a shorter cooldown time. The (Luck x 8%) with his Luck of 22 meant that it would have a 100% success rate! Of course, these were just basic stats. In reality, this would also be affected by his target's Luck and overall strength. The higher his target's Luck and level, the lower the chance of success. However, among all the players, there was almost certainly no one with higher Luck than Ling Chen. That meant that when Ling Chen used Lucky Hand on players, it would always succeed without them noticing.

Ling Chen didn't upgrade [Lucky Hand] to steal money or because it required the most SP to level up. But rather it was because, "After reaching LV5, the skill will automatically evolve into [True Lucky Hand]".

[Lucky Hand] stole money.

Ling Chen had read the description of [True Lucky Hand] from the Lucky Cat before. It was even more terrifying, cruel and overpowered than [Lucky Hand] by countless times. This was because it could steal any item on the target! Money, items, equipment… even things that were currently being used or equipped.

Since he couldn't take it by force, and blackmailing didn't work, and neither was she giving in to his hara.s.sment…

If he had [True Lucky Hand], he could steal it!!

He could directly take the orb from the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative!

Ling Chen suddenly felt as if the clouds had been dispelled and he could finally see the sky. He couldn't help but grin with glee. Levelling up True Lucky Hand from LV4 to LV5 required 500,000 SP. Unless he could go and kill a LV50 Mysterious G.o.d grade Boss, it would take him years to obtain that much SP. However, Ling Chen wasn't worried… because he didn't have to rely on SP to level up his skills.

He had Xiao Hui!

Every time Xiao Hui's [Holy Spirit's Gift] levelled up, all of Ling Chen's skills would also have their level increased by 1. The next time Holy Spirit's Gift would level up was when Xiao Hui was LV40. That meant that when Ling Chen reached LV40, so would Xiao Hui, and so his [Holy Spirit's Gift] would reach LV3, [Lucky Hand] would reach LV5, becoming [True Lucky Hand], then directly jump to LV4 [True Lucky Hand]!

From this, one could truly see just how absurdly powerful Xiao Hui's skills were.

After finally finding a solution, Ling Chen felt like his vision had cleared. In that case, he wouldn't go and hara.s.s the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative until he hit LV40. Any animal would lash back when cornered, and he didn't know what the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative would do. Despite being hara.s.sed again and again, she didn't leave. That meant that there was something preventing her from leaving- she was probably guarding something. If he really pushed her past her limit and she notified the Moon G.o.d Clan… the situation would be out of his control.

His goal now… was to quickly reach LV40!

During his stay in the East Ocean Continent, Ling Chen had been quite lazy, and gained less than 2 levels in total. Currently, he was at LV31, and was 15% away from LV32. If he put all his effort into training, he would be able to upgrade to LV40 in half a month.

Staying in the East Ocean Continent for another half a month wasn't a very pleasant thing.

As such, in order to quickly leave this place, he would have to quickly level up.

The first time Ling Chen had gone to the Celestial Cherry Valley, he hadn't used a Spatial Orb. Instead, he had rode on his mount and walked. As such, he knew the general areas of where the monsters were, as well as which areas were suitable for him. He summoned his mount and rode towards the north.

Hmm… will killing monsters help me level up faster or killing players…

 He pa.s.sed by many groups of j.a.panese players on the way, and he was constantly tempted to kill them. However, he spent a great deal of effort to suppress those urges. After all, players were smarter than monsters, so killing them would be less efficient. Because he wanted to quickly level up, he wouldn't waste time on those people. After stealing the orb from the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative… then he would do as he pleased.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 434

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