Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 438

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Powerful Insta-kill

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Countless players flooded in. Currently, there were about 30,000 players gathered here, and the numbers were still increasing. j.a.pan's 10 largest guilds were all present, and even their leaders were present. Ling Chen looked around, and quickly found the leader of the largest guild, 'Unsetting Sun'. This was the most authoritative j.a.panese player, Yamamoto Michio. Behind him was a ma.s.sive crowd of players, which was still expanding. Facing the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor, he displayed the character that the leader of a big guild should possess. Instead of conserving his own forces so that he could take the final victory at the end, he continuously directed his forces to attack. Although the players charging up were all cannon fodder, causing even a little bit of damage was better than nothing… because the greatest weakness of this Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor was that it didn't have any regeneration abilities! With a sea of players surrounding it, no matter how great the sacrifices were, they would be able to kill it eventually!

"Charge! For the glory of the Unsetting Sun!"

"This is our j.a.pan's first Celestial grade Boss, and you're all about to see the first Celestial grade equipment in j.a.pan! Charge!!"

Hundreds of players with ranged professions rushed forwards. Evidently, they were now somewhat familiar with the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's attacks, so they all dispersed when they were attacking.

"Scree~~" The Golden Feathered Emperor Eagle screeched, and flapped its wings. Its dark golden feathers resembled sharp arrows that glinted as they shot out in all directions.


The terrifying tearing and stabbing sounds caused Ling Chen's scalp to feel numb. After being pierced and slashed by the countless feathers, half of the players were sent flying back, cras.h.i.+ng into the players behind them. Less than 10 players were fortunate enough to enter attacking range. After launching a few lightning bolts and wind blades, the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor once again attacked, insta-killing the players with its nightmarish claws. The few attacks that hit it could barely be compared to a little tickle.

After only one round of attacks, nearly 200 players had been sacrificed, and they had barely dealt over 1,000 damage.

"Keep attacking and don't give it any opportunity to breathe!"

As the first Celestial grade Boss to be discovered in the East Ocean Continent, everyone knew just how powerful it was. However, if they could kill this Celestial grade Boss, the first Celestial grade piece of equipment would appear in the East Ocean Continent, and the guild that finished it off would receive much fame and glory.

The players simply charged up and died in droves, without any strategy… against such a powerful opponent, any strategy was simply useless. Forming a barricade with a sea of people was that they could do. They sent waves and waves of people to attack, hoping that it would use its 'Twister Wings', after which it would not be able to attack for 3 seconds. Countless players from large and small guilds partic.i.p.ated, as well as many solo players. None of them fought with each other, and although they all had one goal, all of them were clear that they had to work together. However, all of them knew that when its death was close, there would be a horrifying fight… causing everyone to shudder.

Although the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's flying was not the greatest, in the end, it was still an eagle. With so many people surrounding it, it could choose to fly away at any time, and none of the players would be able to do anything. However, eagles were proud creatures, and this was an Eagle Emperor. In front of the humans that were like ants to it, how could it run away? This was its pride, and its weakness. Adding on the fatal weakness of not being able to regenerate, it was destined to die at the hands of these players sooner or later.

However, everyone was clear as to just how great of a price they would have to pay to kill this Celestial grade Boss. Despite this, their greed and desires were bottomless. No one could give up on this ma.s.sive temptation, no matter what the price. This Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor was like a mountain of gold that was separated from them by a wide chasm. However, the leaders of the guilds simply didn't care how many people were sacrificed- they were all focused on what they would obtain from j.a.pan's first Celestial grade Boss.

"Heheh, not bad."

The calmest out of all the players was undoubtedly Ling Chen. If he wasn't wearing a mask, the people around him would have seen an expression of delight on his face. He sat on the ground and smiled as he watched the giant eagle slash through the waves of j.a.panese players like they were cabbage. Despite their sacrifices, the rate at which these players were reducing the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's health was so slow that even a snail would be ashamed.

Ling Chen watched for a short while as he thought of the best way to kill the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor. He then yawned and logged off.

He had logged off exceptionally early today, and it was the first time this month he had logged off before Tian Tian. He stretched his body, and walked into the kitchen. During this period of time, Tian Tian's cooking had improved by leaps and bounds, and was now familiar with Ling Chen's tastes. She would try to make every meal according to what he liked. Today, it was his turn to serve the little princess.

After eating lunch and watching some TV, Ling Chen took a short nap. After about two hours, Ling Chen once again returned to the bedroom and re-entered the game world.

"Attack! No matter how many people we sacrifice, we have to take it down!"

"It's nearly at half of its HP, we're getting closer and closer to victory!! We have to record this battle from every angle so all j.a.panese people can witness this glorious battle!"

"Warriors, s.h.i.+eld Bearers and, go and attract its attacks. Attackers, stay behind them! Don't think about staying alive, just charge! Even if you can attack it once, you'll be a hero!"

Ling Chen appeared where he had logged off, and as soon as he appeared, his ears were a.s.saulted by the yelling. The Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor was still there, but had moved tens of meters away. It was still surrounded by countless player's corpses and even more players were charging up. As it screeched in fury, waves of players would die almost every second. The HP bar above its head was now about half empty.

Ling Chen immediately summoned Xiao Hui to inspect the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's HP:


It still had approximately 52% of its HP!

In 2 hours, after repeated a.s.saults from the players, the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's HP had been reduced by nearly half. However, the price was the sacrifice of countless players. The higher the players' levels were, the harder it was for them to level up. Dying meant that days of hard work would go to waste, and would result in a big guild's overall strength decreasing. Despite this, as long as they could kill this Celestial grade Boss, everything would be worth it. Ling Chen tapped his chin and silently smiled. He slowly walked over to the sea of people and activated Broken Shadow.

After increasing his Movement Speed by 10 times, Ling Chen became a wild gale. This allowed him to blast through the densely-packed crowd, causing many j.a.panese players to cry out. As he ran, he changed back into his own equipment, and gripped his strongest weapons in his hands as he charged towards the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor.

All that the j.a.panese players could see was a blur rus.h.i.+ng towards the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor. It was simply too fast, and they were unable to see who it was.

In the blink of an eye, Ling Chen had rushed past countless people, and arrived under the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor. He didn't even acknowledge the attack from its huge claws as he lifted the Twilight Spear, causing a blinding ray of light to appear in everyone's vision.

"Moment of Elegance!"


The ray of light pa.s.sed through the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's body, from its claws to the top of its body.

-9,410! A single attack had dealt the amount that would require countless lives of j.a.panese players to be sacrificed. Ling Chen landed on the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's back and leapt forwards like a streak of lightning, steadily standing on its neck… At this moment, the j.a.panese players could see who this person was, and they all cried out in dismay.

"Ling Tian!! It's that Ling Tian!!"

"It's Ling Tian!! He's still in the East Ocean Continent!"

"He actually jumped onto that ma.s.sive eagle's back! Does he have a death wish?!"

As the emperor of giant eagles, the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor erupted into fury when the human stepped onto its back. Just as it was preparing to violently shake the human off, a ball of silver light erupted out from Ling Chen's body, freezing it in place.

"Soul Sacrifice!!"

"Battle Soul Possession!"

With Moon Shadow freezing the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor in place, Ling Chen stood on its neck as he looked at the dumbfounded j.a.panese players. He instantly activated all his buffs, entering his strongest state, and sent two of his strongest skills mercilessly smas.h.i.+ng towards its head, "Thousand Kilogram Rend!!"

"Four Corners Star Formation!!"


Great Ravager's strongest strike and the Battle Soul profession's strongest attack simultaneously hit the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's head - it's weak point, and created a thundering explosion.


Author's Note:

Were those numbers quite shocking? There was nothing wrong with them. This was how they were calculated:

2,413 (Basic Attack Power) x 130% (Heavenly Wind Technique) x 500% (Soul Sacrifice) x 200% (Battle Soul Possession) x 200% (Critical Hit) xx (Thousand Kilogram Rend 500%; Four Corners Star Formation 800%) = (go calculate for yourself…)

 With an overpowered skill like Soul Sacrifice, insta-killing Lord Bosses is child's play, so I decided to get rid of it… and replace it with an even more overpowered one.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 438

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