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Accepting A Big Gift

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

After the earth-splitting explosions pa.s.sed, two giant damage figures rose up, causing countless eyes to widen.

The Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's head was its weak point and hitting it would result in a guaranteed Critical Hit. Celestial grade monsters had high Defence and Evasion, but because of the Lunar Scourge, its Defence and Evasion were nothing to Ling Chen. With Soul Sacrifice and Battle Soul Possession activated, Ling Chen was able to freely attack in his strongest state… the large guilds that had sacrificed incredible amounts of resources over the past two hours had all of their hard work stolen by Ling Chen in a single instant.

That scene, that strike, that ma.s.sive explosion, those 2 ma.s.sive damage figures… almost every single player watching wondered if there was something wrong with their eyes.

The Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's HP instantly fell to 0 and Moon Shadow's effects ended. It let out a piercing cry and stretched out its wings, then powerlessly fell to the ground. A light flashed and large amounts of items fell to the ground… there were white ones, gold ones, silver ones, yellow ones… almost blinding the players around.

There was such an abundance of loot due to this monster being a Celestial grade Boss.

 "Ding… you have successfully killed the LV40 Celestial grade Boss 'Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor', Fame+4000, SP+4000."

"Ding… congratulations you have levelled up to LV39…"

"Ding… your pet Holy Spirit Beast 'Xiao Hui' has levelled up to LV39…"

"Ding… your pet 'Leng'Er' has levelled up to LV39…"

Ling Chen had instantly reduced the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's HP by more than half, and he was not even in a party. Adding on the fact that all of the players who had previously dealt damage to the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor had died, Ling Chen received all of the EXP, Fame and SP from killing the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor. As for the j.a.panese players who had sacrificed their time, effort, and levels to bring it down to half HP… they received absolutely nothing.

From the morning until the afternoon, countless j.a.panese players had sacrificed their lives. Many large guilds and their leaders had come, sacrificing much time and resources. It could be said that this was one of the most important moments in the East Ocean Continent's history. If they could kill this Celestial grade monster, they could endure any type of loss… however, after enduring such a ma.s.sive loss and harbouring such great expectations… Ling Tian had suddenly appeared and insta-killed it.

Complete shock; shock that could not be calmed. If they had not seen it personally, they would not have been able to believe that a player could deal such monstrous damage. Even the incredibly powerful Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor would not be able to deal such damage. Back then, when Ling Tian had shown his might at the Sunrise City, he had shocked all of the j.a.panese players as well as the rest of the world. No one doubted his strength, but no one would believe that he could deal such terrifying damage either.

With the Belt of Blessing, Ling Chen's Luck was now 23, which was almost 4 times that of normal players'. As such, killing a monster would result in 4 times as much loot as a normal person would receive. Celestial grade monsters usually dropped much more loot than normal players, and with Ling Chen's extremely high Luck, as well as the fact that the system deemed that he accomplished a solo-kill, the amount of loot was simply unbelievable… gold coins covered the ground, as well as many items and equipment that they had never seen before. There were over 10 of them in total!

How could the items dropped by a Celestial grade monster be normal times? Even the worst of them would be heavenly treasures. Out of the more than 10 items, even the worst of them was s.h.i.+ning with a silver light. The surrounding players were dumbfounded and simply couldn't recover from the shock. Otherwise, they would have lost all control and rushed up to s.n.a.t.c.h the items. However, because the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor had been killed by Ling Chen, the items that were dropped could only be picked up by Ling Chen during the first minute.

Ling Chen jumped down to the ground, and summoned Xiao Hui, who ran as fast as he could, collecting everything that the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor had dropped. Afterwards, he happily walked over to the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's corpse and opened his mouth. A wave of grey fog covered the Golden Feathered Emperor Eagle's ma.s.sive body… Xiao Hui hadn't enjoyed this sort of delicious and abundant meal in a long time.

This was the first time that the j.a.panese players present had seen such an abundant pile of loot, which had been collected by Xiao Hui in an instant. They quickly came back to their senses as Ling Chen pointed his right hand's thumb downwards and mocked, "A bunch of trash."

Ling Chen's words fell like thunder on their ears, as if he had slapped them all on the face.

All of them were elite players of j.a.pan, making up the 10 biggest guilds that were all present, along with even their leaders. They had desperately battled for more than two hours, and their deaths were innumerable… and yet Ling Tian had killed it in a single instant! Just this single instant turned all of their hard work into nothing. When comparing, the sea of j.a.panese players was but a speck of sand to him.

"B-b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!" Yamamoto Michio gripped his hands in fists, gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth. A Celestial grade Boss was a ma.s.sive challenge to players in the current stage of the game, and for this Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor, they had paid a great price. The Unsetting Sun had sacrificed thousands of people, and Yamamoto Michio never expected such an outcome!

After expending so much effort and resources, a single attack from Ling Tian had turned them into a ma.s.sive laughingstock!

All the players who had partic.i.p.ated in this battle felt a fire burning in their chests and their anger had reached extreme heights. After putting in so much effort and sacrificing so much, they had not reaped even a bit of benefit. They could only watch as the loot dropped by the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor was collected by Ling Tian… It was as if a ma.s.sive stone weighed down on their hearts, and their jealousy and hatred made them want to spit out blood. In their eyes, those things belonged to them! It was their reward for paying such a heavy price!

Just as the j.a.panese players' fury was about to explode, a loud system announcement sounded out.

"Ding… server announcement. All j.a.panese players, please be aware that the East Ocean Continent's only [City Creation Token] has been obtained by China's player Ling Tian. Please retrieve it as soon as possible, otherwise j.a.panese players will lose the right to create a city."

"Ding… server announcement. All j.a.panese players…"

"Ding… sever announcement. All j.a.panese players…"

The sever announcement sounded out 3 times, sounding like 3 explosions in the j.a.panese players' ears.

This was because it had mentioned the three words that could cause any region's players to go crazy: City Creation Token!

"City… City Creation Token? Am… Am I hearing things?"

"That ma.s.sive eagle! It… It dropped a City Creation Token! Our j.a.pan's only City Creation Token!! It was taken away by Ling Tian!!"

When the j.a.panese players could finally react, they descended into a state of utter panic and chaos. All of them had extremely unpleasant expressions on their faces and felt so depressed that they almost spat out blood. What was a City Creation Token? Only one of them dropped in every region, and it was the only thing that could allow players to build a city. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that it was the most valuable thing a player could obtain in a virtual game. It was so valuable that it simply couldn't be given a price. To be able to obtain a City Creation Token was every large guild's goal and dream.

And now, the City Creation Token had appeared, and so early on at that. However, it had fallen into the hands of a Chinese player! The most important thing to all j.a.panese players had been obtained by China's Ling Tian!

This ma.s.sive blow made the j.a.panese players all feel dizzy, and their eyes became red as their blood began to boil. They immediately forgot about how terrifying Ling Tian was, as well as the trauma he had left in them. They only wanted to retrieve the City Creation Token from him at all costs. If they couldn't take it back from him, the j.a.panese players would never be able to construct their own city! This was an extremely shameful and unacceptable outcome.

Hearing the system announcement, Ling Chen was also shocked. He hurriedly opened his bag and looked through it, and took out a golden token. On the front was engraved the word "command". Ling Chen was speechless.

He had obtained China's City Creation Token from the Heaven's End Grade Mountain Giant. And now, he had killed a LV40 Celestial grade Boss in the East Ocean Continent and obtained the j.a.panese City Creation Token…

His luck was simply ridiculous!!

He sighed in awe, and looked at the golden token in his hand, Ling Chen felt utterly ecstatic.

He had received such a grand gift from the East Ocean Continent…

How could he accept this big gift? Looking at the golden token in Ling Chen's hands, the j.a.panese player's eyes almost jumped out. The sea of players started to close in around Ling Chen, locking him in the middle of a ma.s.sive encirclement. All of them gripped their hands into fists and breathed raggedly as they stared, fixated on the golden token in Ling Chen's hands. As soon as the guilds' leaders gave the order, they would rush at him madly.

"No one act rashly!"

Yamamoto Michio immediately yelled out. After Ling Chen killed the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor, his organs had nearly exploded in anger. And now, seeing the City Creation Token in Ling Tian's hands, he simply wanted to rip him into pieces. However, he wasn't stupid- he remembered how Ling Tian had toyed with countless j.a.panese players at the Sunrise City…

Yamamoto Michio suppressed his anger and walked out of the crowd of players, and stood in front of Ling Chen.

"Ling Tian! This was the first Celestial grade Boss in our East Ocean Continent! We paid a heavy price, and just as we were about to succeed, you stole away the kill! And you even stole away our City Creation Token!" As he spoke, Yamamoto Michio breathed heavily. Evidently, he was doing his utmost to remain calm, "You should know how important a City Creation Token is! That City Creation Token belongs to us, and is useless to you. As long as you hand it over to us, we can forget about you stealing our Celestial grade Boss! Otherwise, we'll show you how terrifying the fury of us j.a.panese players is!" The City Creation Token was simply too important, and if Ling Chen really took it away, he would be the target of all j.a.panese players' fury… the hatred and anger of over 100 million j.a.panese players was no joking matter. Very few people would be able to survive in such a situation, as this was much more severe than even Ling Chen simply entering the East Ocean Continent. Yamamoto Michio's words were compromising yet hostile, and had a threat hidden in them. However, he didn't directly force Ling Chen, giving him the respect he deserved.

Any sane person wouldn't be so stupid as to enrage an entire country of players… however, it was a pity that the person the j.a.panese players were facing was Ling Chen. After all, he was the number 1 fugitive in China! To be fine despite being wanted in China, where there were billions of people, he simply didn't care about the hatred from 'little' j.a.pan.

 Xiao Hui had finished his devouring, and after refining the food he had just eaten, he spat out a dark golden diamond-shaped item. Ling Chen quickly picked it up, and didn't even look at Yamamoto Michio as he lazily replied, "I'm not interested in talking with trash. p.i.s.s off already."

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 439

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