Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 440

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Soulstealing Curse

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Even a Buddha's patience had limits. Yamamoto Michio was one of the most important figures in j.a.pan. He had been suppressing the anger within him to negotiate with Ling Tian, but hearing such a response, he lost all control. He took a few steps back and furiously roared, "Ling Tian! Yes, you're powerful, but you won't be able to survive the anger of all j.a.panese players! If you don't hand over the City Creation Token, this will be your burial ground… everyone attack!!"

Yamamoto Michio's yell was met with deafening roars. In an instant, large waves of players flooded towards Ling Chen from all directions, as far as the eye could see.

However, even if there were 10 times as many of them, Ling Chen wouldn't have been afraid. Back then, at the Sunrise City's Central Square, Ling Chen had mercilessly toyed around with countless j.a.panese players. Whenever they heard Ling Chen's name after that, they couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver. Ling Chen looked at the people charging over and took his time in putting his weapons away. The situation was completely different right now- their City Creation Token had fallen into another region's player's hands, and they were completely furious. They were like rabid dogs that didn't know fear or prudence. No matter how much they struggled, it was completely useless.

The best way to torment rabid dogs was to disappear right in front of them! As long as he was still there, no matter how great of a price they paid, there would still be hope to retrieve the City Creation Token. However, if he disappeared, they would be unable to vent their anger, much less retrieve the City Creation Token. They would be so devastated that they might even stab themselves.

 "Heh…" Ling Chen smirked, and gave a condescending laugh. He released a Moon Flare, causing countless pained cries to sound out. Some of the players at the front even fell to the ground and covered their eyes as they howled. Ling Chen quickly changed into a set of ordinary-looking equipment, activated Broken Shadow, and rushed into the crowd, completely hiding himself.

After the bright light disappeared, the players could find no trace of Ling Tian.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!" Yamamoto Michio yelled as he ground his teeth in fury. The humiliation and hatred in his heart made him feel like exploding. He turned around, shouting, "Everyone, listen up! Our only City Creation Token has fallen into Ling Tian's hands! We cannot suffer such humiliation!! All of you leaders of guilds, I don't care what disputes you had in the past- from today onwards, you're all going to work together and find Ling Tian no matter what! We must retrieve our City Creation Token! No matter what!!"

10 minutes later, Ling Chen had arrived at a secluded place- the Barren Valley's Fourth District. He sat down, and started to go through the items dropped by the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor.

[Golden Feather Knuckledusters]: Type: Gauntlet, Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Melee professions above LV40. Knuckledusters were made from the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's feathers, which are harder than steel. They are cold and heavy, and filled with killing intent. Equipping it will greatly increase one's Attack Power.

Stats: Defence+30, Physical Attack Damage+50, Agility-10, Critical Chance+3%, Pierce Chance+5%.

Knuckledusters were a type of Attack Gauntlets. Not only did they protect one's hand, they also gave a whole 50 points of Physical Attack Damage. This number on a Gold grade equipment was simply ridiculous. Ling Chen didn't hesitate to equip the Golden Feather Knuckledusters. Immediately, his hands were covered with many golden feathers which had emitted a cold light.

[Icy Gold Wings]: Type: Cloak, Grade: Celestial, Equipment Requirements: Any profession above LV40. Made from the golden feathers that fell from the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor over hundreds of years ago, shaped into wings by the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's power. If the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor's wings break, these wings can be used to temporarily fly. It is guaranteed to be dropped after killing the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor and will become an ownerless item.

Stats: Defence+130, HP+500, Agility+25, Movement Speed+20, Wind element Resistance+15%, Immunity to Movement Speed Debuffs, Evasion Debuffs and Hit Debuffs.

Bonus Skill: [Spread Wings]: Spread the golden wings and temporarily gain flight. Allows one to fly or glide at a maximum of 20 metres high in the air. Flying speed is equivalent to Movement Speed, and consumes 10 MP per second. Can be used to fly for a maximum of 30 minutes per day, and can be activated or deactivated at any time. Gripping the golden wings in his hands, Ling Chen's eyes lit up and he excitedly stood up with a 'whoosh'.

He hadn't been disappointed. With his super high Luck and his insta-kill, the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor had dropped a Celestial grade equipment! And it was a Celestial grade Cloak!

It was an incredibly precious Cloak! This was the second Cloak he had obtained after the Ghost Cloak. Compared to the Silver grade Ghost Cloak, its stats were many times more superior. What made Ling Chen especially delighted was that this wing-shaped Cloak… gave players temporary flight! And for half an hour!

Flight! With this ability, he would never have to worry about facing enemies that could fly. He would never have to worry about falling from cliffs, and it increased his survivability by many times! It could also allow him to easily cross large chasms, cliffs, etc… its uses were simply innumerable!

This was far better than anything Ling Chen had expected.

Ling Chen immediately equipped the Icy Gold Wings. A pair of dark golden wings opened up elegantly on his back. Although it was a luxurious golden colour, it gave off an incredibly sharp aura. Ling Chen looked to his left and right, then looked up. His wings began to flap as he activated Spread Wings, and he gradually rose to the sky. This was the first time Ling Chen had experienced flying in the air, and it was unexpectedly pleasant. He didn't feel disorientated or tired, and the satisfaction he felt almost made him sigh in pleasure. He rotated his body a few times, and spreading out the wings again, he sent out a gust of cold wind. Ling Chen closed his eyes, deeply inhaling and exhaling… the air up here was very different to on the ground.

Your granddaddy can fly, hahahaha!

There was a strict limit on the amount of time he could spend in the air, so Ling Chen did not dare to waste any more of that time. He descended, and continued to go through the rest of his spoils of war. The Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor had dropped 13 pieces of equipment. One was the Celestial grade Cloak, and there were 4 other Gold grade equipment and 8 Silver grade equipment. Most were equipment for Magicians and, and the only ones that Ling Chen could use were the Golden Feather Knuckledusters and the Icy Cold Wings. As for the items, there was nothing that really moved Ling Chen, except the City Creation Token.

After going through the items dropped by the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor, Ling Chen took out a golden bead, the thing that Xiao Hui had spat out after devouring the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor. What sort of extraordinary thing did he refine after devouring a LV40 Celestial grade Boss?

[Spirit Stone]: A mysterious stone that can calm a person's spirit and can be easily dissolved in water. After consuming, Comprehension+3 permanently.

Comprehension+3 permanently! Ling Chen couldn't help but sigh in awe, and unhesitatingly popped it into his mouth. Just as the icy feeling touched his tongue, it completely dissolved. Comprehension… was something that he desperately needed. The main use for Comprehension was to unlock additional profession skills. The reason Ling Chen had so many skills was because of his extremely high Comprehension. At the same time, the duration of his Feng Chen Curses were directly linked to his Comprehension. Every bit of Comprehension he gained would increase the effectiveness of his Curses.

"Ding… you have consumed a [Spirit Stone], Comprehension+3."

"Ding… your Comprehension is above 20, one of the 3 Forbidden Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses, [Soulstealing Curse], will be unlocked."

After consuming the Spirit Stone, Ling Chen's Comprehension had reached 21. A system announcement sounded out in his ears, causing him to pause in shock… 3 Forbidden Feng Chen Curses?!

What was that? Forbidden Feng Chen Curse? Why hadn't Xiao Feng Chen mentioned them before?

Ling Chen immediately opened his skill page, and looked at the new Feng Chen Curse.

 [Soulstealing Curse]: One of the 3 Forbidden Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses- cannot be levelled up. When cast towards a single target within the user's field of vision, the user's mental energy forcefully enslaves the target's soul. The user's mark will be imprinted on the target's soul, making them completely obedient and loyal. The success rate is determined by the difference between the user and target's mental energy, as well as overall strength. Upon success, the effects will last forever. Upon failure, the user's Comprehension will be permanently reduced by 30%, and their mental energy will enter an exhausted state. Consumes 4,700 MP, can only be used once per day. Maximum number of uses in total = [Current Level/10] (rounded down), number of uses left: 3/3.

Ling Chen: "⊙o⊙!!"

The duration of all Ling Chen's Feng Chen Curses were dependent on his Comprehension. With his current Comprehension, they would last for 21 seconds. With how powerful the Feng Chen Curses were, 21 seconds was already quite a long time.

And yet, this [Soulstealing Curse] would last forever… and the effect was to make the target his slave!!


Even though it was him who possessed this [Soulstealing Curse], its terrifying effects made Ling Chen take in a breath of cold air. It was simply too monstrous and shocking. Soulstealing Curse, a horrifying Feng Chen Curse that could steal one's soul! No matter how powerful, mighty or brilliant one was, if they were successfully cursed, they would willingly and unconditionally become the user's slave… this was simply appalling!

If someone successfully used the [Soulstealing Curse] on him… thinking about it, Ling Chen couldn't help but shudder.

 This [Soulstealing Curse], one of the 3 Forbidden Feng Chen Curses, caused Ling Chen to truly understand just how powerful the Feng Chen Curses were. No! This sort of effect couldn't just be described as powerful… but simply unbelievable and universally shocking!

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 440

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