Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 441

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A Big Deal!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The Soulstealing Curse's effects were simply horrifying, but it was severely limited in its number of uses. With Ling Chen's current level, he could only use it 3 times. When he hit LV100, he would be able to use it 10 times. Moreover, if he failed, his Comprehension would permanently be reduced by 30%. Although it was quite a harsh penalty, it wasn't too bad, as the reward for succeeding was gaining a free slave.

In that case, who should he use this terrifying Feng Chen Curse on?

A few people came to mind…

After the j.a.panese had desperately attacked for more than 2 hours, Ling Chen had casually stolen the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor. Not only was that in itself extremely rewarding, but he had also reaped great benefits from it. His greatest gain was the East Ocean Continent's only City Creation Token. Holding this golden token, Ling Chen started to evilly laugh… this City Creation Token could only be used by j.a.panese players, and was restricted to being used in the East Ocean Continent. However, that didn't mean it was useless to Ling Chen. Conversely, it was incredibly useful…

After equipping some ordinary-looking equipment, Ling Chen stealthily entered the Sunrise City and headed straight for the City Centre.

The j.a.panese players were still in chaos, and the large guilds all mobilised their elite units, madly searching for Ling Tian. As long as he was still in the East Ocean Continent, they wouldn't stop searching. There was nothing more important than retrieving the City Creation Token from Ling Tian- they definitely couldn't allow him to take it back to the Forgotten Continent. However, even in the Forgotten Continent, despite the Yan Huang Alliance's vigilant searches for Ling Tian and the bounties they issued, they couldn't even find a shadow of him- what could these j.a.panese players do? Let alone his counter-espionage skills, just the regions he visited were places that would be impossible for j.a.panese players to reach.

By the time night fell, the j.a.panese players still hadn't made any progress. At this moment, a public announcement sounded out. Naturally, it came from Ling Chen.

"Ding… public announcement from player 'Ling Tian': Tomorrow, at 10am sharp, I'll be selling the East Ocean Continent's City Creation Token at the Sunrise City's Notary Office. Selling price is 500 million gold; no more, no less. The sale will be fully supervised by the Sunrise City's Notary Office. Anyone is welcome to buy the City Creation Token. The first person who pays after 10am will receive the City Creation Token, so don't miss out on this opportunity."

This public announcement from Ling Tian caused the entire East Ocean Continent to fall silent.

Evidently, the goal of this public announcement was to notify everyone that he was selling the East Ocean Continent's only City Creation Token!!

Since it was the East Ocean Continent's City Creation Token, it was completely useless to Ling Chen. As such, selling it for an astronomical price was the best option. The j.a.panese players felt completely humiliated- the City Creation Token that belonged to them by right was now being sold to them by a Chinese player. However, this public announcement was a piece of good news for them. At least this way, they would definitely be able to retrieve the City Creation Token, and wouldn't forever lose the right to create their own city. Otherwise, finding Ling Tian and taking it back from him… after seeing his strength with their own eyes, they all knew that this would be almost impossible.

500 million gold was a shocking amount of money. However, because of the extreme importance of the City Creation Token, Ling Tian was fully ent.i.tled to ask for such a price. For the East Ocean Continent's only City Creation Token, this price wasn't too extreme. Back then, China's first Guild Creation Token had been auctioned for 1 billion gold. After all, 1 billion gold was nothing to a large guild! Moreover, this was something that gave the j.a.panese players the right to create their own city- let alone 500 million gold, they would be willing to pay even 5 billion gold!

Moreover, Ling Tian was carrying out the trade through the Sunrise City's Notary Office? The Notary Office was where all the serious and official transactions were executed. With the Notary Office supervising the trades, any trickery or fraud was impossible. Let alone acting dishonestly, once the deal was struck, even rescinding the agreement was impossible. It was said that the of the Notary Office was of the Celestial grade- who would dare act up in front of him?

Immediately, waves of players began to flood toward the Sunrise City's Notary Office. They saw Ling Tian's public announcement displayed clearly on the Notary Office's large announcement board… the Notary Office had officially accepted Ling Tian's request to preside over this transaction, and the City Creation Token was now with the Notary Office. Tomorrow, if someone could pay 500 million gold, they would immediately be able to retrieve the City Creation Token without having to worry about anything going wrong… However, if no one could pay 500 million gold, the City Creation Token would naturally be returned to Ling Tian.

The j.a.panese players immediately settled down and felt much calmer. 500 million gold for the City Creation Token was an incredibly good deal. The large guilds would definitely fight for the opportunity to buy it.

After j.a.pan's large guilds and powerful family groups had confirmed the information, they all quickly gave out orders: immediately call back the teams looking for Ling Tian and prepare enough money. Immediately go and line up at the Notary Office to buy back the City Creation Token!!

The guilds that were working together to capture Ling Chen ceased their communications, and kept to themselves. The entire East Ocean Forgotten lapsed into a strange silence… it was the calm before a storm.

Needless to say, all of the large and powerful guilds wanted to obtain that City Creation Token. Tomorrow would definitely bring with it a b.l.o.o.d.y battle. What would follow after that was an even more horrific battle… obtaining the City Creation Token but not having sufficient power would simply result in it being wrestled away from them. There were more than 10 hours until 10am, but there was already a sea of people waiting at the Sunrise City's Notary Office, and the number was still increasing. As for the one who had started all of this… he was only a step away from LV40. However, he did not continue to train, and instead played video games with Tian Tian. He simply didn't care what was going on in the East Ocean Continent.

9:50 am at the Sunrise City's Notary Office.

The Notary Office's hall was quite grand, and its capacity could hold a thousand or so people. Usually, there weren't many people there, as Mystic Moon's strict trade system made it incredibly difficult to defraud anyone. As such, there weren't many people who came to the Notary Office to make their transactions. However, today the Notary Office's hall was filled to the brim, and it was so cramped that it would be difficult for even water to flow through. The crowd gathered outside the Notary Office extended as far as the eye could see.

The Notary Office's employees were scared into a cold sweat.

However, officiating this transaction would bring them over 100,000 gold! It was the first time they had such a generous patron. They had been extremely excited since the previous night, and were determined to make this transaction go well.

This transaction drew much attention, not only from the entirety of j.a.pan, but also from other countries. Of course, it wasn't because the deal was worth 500 million gold, but because of the words 'City Creation Token', 'Ling Tian' and 'China and j.a.pan'.

The time drew closer and closer to 10am, and the j.a.panese players became more and more excited. Within the hall, the leaders of j.a.pan's 10 largest guilds were all present. Even if they had other important matters on, because the City Creation Token was involved all of them would come to personally claim it. None of them would give in or show courtesy to each other, as this was the only City Creation Token… they were all determined to obtain it.

At the centre of the front desk sat an old man who looked about 70 or 80 years old. His hair and beard were white, and he had a serious and austere expression. His arms were crossed as he sat on his chair, and he didn't react at all to the bustling of the players. He was the Sunrise City's Notary Office's Chief Notary, and was the person who would officiate the transaction today. He was called Kato Masa, and was renowned and respected throughout all of the Sunrise City. He had seen through countless transactions before, and there had never been anyone who could play tricks while he was watching.


The clock loudly chimed, and the hands showed that it was now precisely 10am! The j.a.panese players instantly fell silent, and Chief Notary Kato Masa's eyes suddenly opened. His aged eyes gave off a stare that was as piercing as a sword, and he stood up from his chair, and calmly looked at the crowd in front of him. He slapped the table, and clearly and loudly said, "The time has arrived. The transaction for the East Ocean Continent's only City Creation Token will now begin. I, Kato Masa, will be officiating this transaction. With my honour as the Chief Notary, I will not allow any unfairness or injustice to occur! The City Creation Token is already with my Notary Office, and anyone here with 500 million gold can immediately purchase it. 500 million gold; no more, no less! Before 10:30am, the City Creation Token will stay with the Notary Office, and cannot be retrieved by the client. We won't allow the client to go back on the deal, nor will we allow him to raise or decrease the price. No one is allowed to disrupt the dealings of the Notary Office, otherwise they will be severely punished according to the East Ocean Continent's laws!"

Kato Masa had an impressive aura, and spoke with great vigour and intensity. Everyone heard his words clearly, and relaxed. In the end, they were still worried that Ling Tian would pull some sort of trickery… 500 million gold was an astronomical figure, but for a City Creation Token, it was simply too cheap. Ling Tian didn't seem like someone who would give out a good deal like this, so there was definitely something up. After hearing that the City Creation Token was with the Notary Office and that Ling Tian couldn't take it back before 10:30am and couldn't change the price, none of them were worried anymore. Moreover, Kato Masa was from the East Ocean Continent, and definitely wouldn't show favouritism to someone from the Forgotten Continent.

Kato Masa looked around him and loudly announced, "And now, I would like to invite the client for this transaction, the one who initiated this transaction… Ling Tian from the Forgotten Continent."

After Kato Masa spoke, a person slowly walked out from behind him… it was a tall figure wearing a set of ordinary equipment and a plain fox mask that seemed to be grinning. Above his head was the name 'Ling Tian', confirming his ident.i.ty.

Ling Tian's appearance instantly sent the j.a.panese players into an uproar.

Ling Chen ignored the j.a.panese players and walked to the trade seat, then waved… he had actually greeted all of the j.a.panese players, and said, "Good morning, my j.a.panese friends. To see face to face so many j.a.panese friends is Ling Tian's honour. I'm sure everyone knows that yesterday, I saw many of my j.a.panese friends being bullied by a big eagle, causing countless deaths. In China, we always stand up against injustice, so I angrily attacked and insta-killed that big eagle, saving many j.a.panese friends. In China, we have a saying that one shouldn't seek recognition for their deeds, so I took the things that belonged to me and quickly left. Who would have thought that despite keeping such a low profile, my j.a.panese friends still would have recognised me, and gathered here to thank me… ai, I'm so touched by my j.a.panese friends' grat.i.tude!"

Hearing the first half of his speech, the j.a.panese players were all completely dumbfounded… this pleasant voice speaking such polite and courteous words- was it really that demonic Ling Tian who had caused so much chaos in the East Ocean Continent? When they heard the second half, they nearly coughed up blood… he had evidently stolen the kill and caused countless j.a.panese players to die for nothing, and yet he had called it 'standing up against injustice'. Moreover, he had taken all of the spoils of war and run off, and yet the players who were desperate to kill him were said to be gathered here to thank him…

 Tens of thousands of 'screw yous' sounded out in the j.a.panese players' minds, and there was nothing more that they wanted to do than just pour a mountain of bull c.r.a.p on him.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 441

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