Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 446

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Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

 "What's even worse is that you three are still trying to make excuses! As the leaders of the largest guilds, are you trying to throw away the rest of your dignity?!" By the end of his sentence, Kato Masa was almost roaring. Evidently, he was completely furious.

Ling Chen stood at the side enjoying this scene.

Currently, Yamamoto Michio and the others felt even more humiliated and horrified than having to eat 10 piles of dung. They were still trying to explain themselves, but felt incredibly powerless.

"According to the agreement, the three of you, get on your knees and apologise to Ling Tian… right now!" The furious Kato Masa pointed at Yamamoto Michio, Shoi f.u.ku and Saji masao as he yelled.

The three guild leaders' faces fell. Yamamoto Michio was the leader of the largest guild in j.a.pan, the Unsetting Sun; Shoi f.u.ku was the President of the second largest guild Black Dragon Guild, and Saji Masao was the Alliance Master of the third largest guild Grand Alliance, as well as the son of the richest man in j.a.pan. No matter if it was in the real world or the virtual world, they had incredible statuses and were the three most influential people in the East Ocean Continent. And now, they had to kneel down and apologise to a Chinese player…

How could they accept this?! Yamamoto Michio laughed and said with a darkened face, "Kneel and apologise to him? Hahaha… when have I, Yamamoto Michio, ever knelt for someone before? You want me to kneel and apologise to him? Hahahaha!"

"Even if we wrongly accused Ling Tian, so what? Who is Ling Tian, to deserve our apologies?" Shoi f.u.ku added as he coldly laughed.

"You want us to kneel and apologise to Ling Tian? Hahaha, this is the funniest joke I've ever heard," Saji Masao also started to laugh.

Kato Masa's face started to stiffen, making him look like a rock, "Before looking at the recording, you agreed that if Ling Tian had touched your bodies, he would give you the City Creation Token for free as well as 10 billion gold each, and would kneel and apologise to you. However, if Ling Tian was innocent, you three would kneel and apologise to Ling Tian. Haha, could it be that you were just spouting bull c.r.a.p?"

"So what if we agreed to that? Hmph, we'll always keep our promises to fellow j.a.panese people, but keeping a promise to a Chinese person is a joke!" Saji Masao coldly said.

Kato Masa heavily breathed out and his face became bright red. It was clear that he was completely and utterly enraged. He coldly said, "If you dare to make the bet, you should dare to accept the consequences. That way, you'd at least keep your spirit and pride. However, you… not only were you in the wrong, but you're even throwing away your pride and dignity! People like you, no matter which country you belong to, would become the shame of that country! I'll give you one last chance: get down and apologise to Ling Tian!!"

Kato Masa had an incredibly upright character, and spoke clearly and forcefully. He gave off a sense of might and vigour with every word he had said. When the j.a.panese players heard his words, they all inwardly trembled. Although Kata Masa was ordering j.a.pan's three most influential people to kneel down and apologise to a Chinese player, despite being j.a.panese players, they couldn't help but feel that he was right. They all felt that those three should indeed kneel down and apologise to Ling Tian. Kneeling down and apologising was shameful, but according to Kato Masa, refusing to do so would be even more shameful - to the extent that they would bring shame upon their country.

Under his mask, Ling Chen's mouth was wide open, and his respect towards Kato Masa became as vast as the waters of the Yellow River. What explosive words!

Hearing Kato Masa say this, the three guild leaders' ears all went red, but at this stage, they were still unwilling to kneel and apologise to Ling Tian no matter what. Yamamoto Michio gnashed his teeth, pushed aside the people around him and stormed off… his actions were a clear reply to Kato Masa: I won't kneel and apologise to Ling Tian; what can you do?! Shoi f.u.ku and Saji Masao also pushed aside the crowd and started to leave. Right now, all they wanted to do was to leave this place that made them feel so uncomfortable. They even forgot about the huge sum of money they had all just lost.

"Get back here!"

Kato Masa's furious voice reached every corner of the hall, "Get back here immediately, and kneel and apologise to Ling Tian! This is your last chance to regain your pride and dignity! Otherwise… otherwise I'll immediately notify the Lord of this City and kick you out of the Sunrise City so that you will never be able to take even half a step in it again! People like you would only pollute such a beauty city!

The j.a.panese players all stared, dumbfounded, and fell silent. Yamamoto Michio and the others felt as if they had been struck by lightning, and immediately stopped walking. They didn't dare move a single inch forwards.

They were determined not to apologise to Ling Tian, much less humiliate themselves by kneeling to him. They had thought that the Notary Office would be powerless to do anything to them if they just left like this. Even if Kato Masa killed them, they were resolute in their decision. Moreover, it was extremely unlikely that an NPC would attack and kill them.

However, they never would have thought that Kato Masa would threaten them in such a terrifying manner.

This gave even Ling Chen a big shock, causing his respect for Kato Masa to surge even higher.

If they didn't apologise, he would tell the Lord of the City to kick them out permanently… holy c.r.a.p! The Sunrise City was like the Azure Dragon City in the Forgotten Continent. No matter how powerful a player was, if they could never enter the main city, they would be finished. This was even more so for Yamamoto Michio and the others. Their three guilds had their foundations in the Sunrise City. Much of their business occurred within the Sunrise City and they often gathered there as well. If they could never enter the Sunrise City again… Just thinking of that made them break out in cold sweat.

With Kato Masa's personality, if he had said such words, he would definitely carry them out.

Yamamoto Michio's body trembled, and his face twitched. It was as if he had been violated by 10 muscular men. Finally, he returned around, bitterly walked to Ling Chen and knelt down.

"Ling Tian, I'm sorry…"

He didn't dare to make this bet as he couldn't afford to bear the consequences. When he knelt down, his face became completely twisted, and the boundless shame turned into boundless hatred, which he buried in his heart. He forced out the word 'sorry' from his lips and after apologising, he got up and stiffly strode out, not looking at anyone. However, everyone could feel his anger and humiliation.

Just like Yamamoto Michio, Shoi f.u.ku and Saji Masao didn't dare to take the risk presented to them. The two of them came before Ling Chen and knelt down, also saying those words that made them want to smash their heads and die, "I'm… sorry…"

After doing this, they also had no face to remain in the Notary Office, and quickly left.

After those three influential figures knelt down and apologised to Ling Chen, the pride and dignity of j.a.pan's three largest guilds had been trampled beneath Ling Chen's feet. Unless Ling Chen died, this humiliation would never disappear. Although it wasn't them who had to do such a thing, every single j.a.panese player felt this humiliation. As the three guild leaders left, the other j.a.panese players also quickly left… to them, the three guild leaders had tried to plot against Ling Tian, but had miserably failed. Instead, they had been humiliated and forced to kneel and apologise. As such, the j.a.panese players also felt ashamed and quickly left, completely forgetting about the City Creation Token.

Seeing the three guild leaders leave, Kato Masa sighed and shook his head. He said to Ling Chen, "Since they've already done that, please don't continue to hold it against them. Ling Tian, I have already done all that I could. All I can do now is offer you my sympathy?"

Eh? Sympathy?

Ling Chen nodded and sighed, "Forget it, racism is something that has existed in our world for thousands of years. I'm not surprised that this all happened. Luckily I chose to make the transaction here, with Mr Kato officiating, otherwise… Mr Kato, your justice and pa.s.sion deserves my unending grat.i.tude and respect. I simply don't know how to thank you."

Kato Masa laughed as he replied, "No need to thank me, I'm just doing my job. Those brats were simply too despicable. That's right, the time has pa.s.sed 10:30am, so according to the rules, you can choose to keep the City Creation Token." "I'll take it back," Ling Chen said, "Now I understand that wanting to sell it to the j.a.panese players was a mistake."

"That's fine," Kato Masa nodded. He personally delivered the City Creation Token to Ling Chen and saw him out. Ling Chen's repeated flattery had caused Kato Masa's impression of him to become better and better, to the point that they were almost friends. Otherwise, he wouldn't have threatened the three guild leaders with the Lord of the City, as this had actually exceeded his authority as the Chief Notary.

After walking out of the Notary Office, Ling Chen easily lost the people that were trailing him, and came to a secluded place. He couldn't help but burst out in laughter, feeling incomparably happy.

From 10am to 10:30 am, he had used Lucky Hand 5 times and obtained about 12.5 billion gold! Moreover, the City Creation Token was still in his bag, and the three people he had stolen from had been utterly humiliated by being forced to kneel and apologise, and were seen as the villains!

This was 100 times better than what he had expected… he could just imagine those three guild leaders shouting and coughing up blood.

 In just half an hour, the amount of gold on Ling Chen had increased by over 10 billion gold, making him incredibly rich. Looking at the amount of gold, Ling Chen grinned as he thought of how to spend this money… it seemed like no matter how he squandered it, he would still not be able to spend it all. As such, Ling Chen did what any person would do if they instantly became rich: he logged off, walked into the courtyard, shouting, "Ying, Xi! Buy 30 sets of clothing for Tian Tian, myself and the two of you! Pick the ones that look the best and are the most expensive! And also buy a cool looking sportscar… it's all on me!"

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 446

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