Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 447

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Long Tian Yun in the North and Li Zhao Nan in the South


Translator: Greengra.s.s

Editor: Chlocolatte

Su Hang province, 208 Street, was considered to be a paradise full of wealth, mostly because the stores on this street only sold luxuries. Even the most ordinary hat or silk scarf from a small store would cost up five digits in Chinese dollars. It was not a paradise for the typical rich person but only for those who were astoundingly rich. Even a millionaire or even billionaire with many a.s.sets would be overwhelmed by the ridiculous pricing, only a multi-billionaire could sort of afford to squander money here.

One could easily find many pretty young ladies in fancy clothing on the street. Each was more beautiful than the last, but of course, they didn't come here to shop. Rather, they would be able to get rich easily, if they grabbed a millionaire's interest.  Even if they were only their mistresses for a short period of time, the money they received could last them a long time.

 Followed by a drastic sound of car braking, a light gold coloured Maybach 62 stopped in front of a jewellery store in the center district of 208 Street. A fancy car worth billions like this stood out in the crowd even in a street full of luxurious and expensive vehicles. Many people who came to 208 Street stared at this car in admiration, trying to guess who had arrived. All they could do was admire it. Barely anyone would have been able to afford a luxury car like this, even between the people from the upper cla.s.s. The pretty girls looked very eager to see the car's owner and showing their best and sweetest smile, they walked in the most elegant way towards that direction in an attempt to attract the car owner's attention

The doors at the front opened, and two men in black suits walked out wearing black Although summer was over, Su Hang Province's weather could still rise to 30 degrees. Today happened to be cloudy with not much bright sun, which made the two men seem a bit too overdressed. They closed the doors swiftly, and walked to the back. One stood cautiously on the left while the other one opened the door politely.

A guy around the age of 30, with a proportionate body elegantly walked out of the car.

The silver blaze he wore made him look rather n.o.ble and his face looked quite handsome with a little bit of his smile showing.  The girls suddenly looked more interested and they all felt their body melt. The car's owner was so young and his face had such beauty. He wasn't obese like the other rich people, which made him a perfect target to pursue!"  

"Let's go, show me this legendary paradise of wealth!"

The guy looked as if he was used to having attention around him. He didn't glance around at all. The two guys in black followed and kept a distance of three people behind him. All the girls tried to walk past him deliberately but their overly thick powder and strong perfume smell only made him frown and feel disgusted. The girls were all really pretty but he had met too many beautiful women before. Normal pretty ladies would hardly grab his attention anymore. Also, he was so used to seeing women to an extent where he had already started to develop feelings of disgust.

"Is Li Family's jewellery store okay?  I heard that they only sell the most exquisite and luxurious diamonds. The cheapest one would cost at least 500 thousand Chinese dollars. Each year, they would sell at least 10 items of precious jewels that were worth at least a million dollars," said the guy standing in front the jewellery store. He seemed to have known a lot about the place even though he had never visited here before. His body, all of a sudden, trembled just when he was about to walk in. He couldn't keep his eyes off what was in front of him.

A pink Lamborghini slowly stopped on the side of the road. Two girls walked out from the car in the most elegant and graceful manner. He had seen so many luxurious cars and many beautiful girls driving fancy cars, but he never knew that walking down from a car could be so elegant and pretty.

Both girls were wearing the same kind of yellow dress. The dress itself was not stunning but on them, it had become pretty and elegant. The girls' bodies were round and curvy, their b.r.e.a.s.t.s were huge and their waists were tiny. Their S curves were breathtakingly attractive and so were the lines their long legs had drawn out.

The world was not fair; those girls not only had an incredible body, their looks were also remarkably attractive. Their eyebrows were thin like willows, their eyes, watery, their noses, delicate and their lips were red like cherries. Every time they blinked or frowned, it took everybody's breath away. However, they also had this aura of superiority around them that scared people away. Their looks were enchanting and their skin was a million times smoother than the best silk in the world. They looked absolutely seductive with the slight scent of their bodies and their beautiful body lines.

One girl's beauty was already enough to cause the whole country to collapse. These two were not only identical in their clothing and bodies, their faces also looked the same! They were obviously twins, both with a naturally beautiful look. Their skins were whiter than the snow. They looked refined and elegant but at the same time very seductive.

The guy in the silver suit was so fixated on them for so long that he didn't realise that his throat became dry. The two guys behind him at that moment were not even guards at all. They were so into staring at the twins as well.

The guy had been in touch with numerous pretty women before. But from his memories, he couldn't find anyone comparable with the two girls. Judging from their looks and appearances, it was no doubt that one glance from them was enough to take someone's breath away. Their thigh lines were impeccably pretty and ivory white. Their temperament gave out this elegant but seductive vibe. But their manners were so cold that even a guy like him found them hard to approach.

For women like them, he was willing to sacrifice 30 years of life just to win both of their hearts.

Having had s.e.x since the age of 10, this guy was not one to get aroused easily. Even when he was with the s.e.xist woman on earth, he required medication and a long time to achieve an erection. But after staring at these angelic twins, he suddenly felt his p.e.n.i.s get so hard, like it had been set on fire&h.e.l.lip; he had never felt this aroused before.

I can't believe that the world has women this pretty! I'd be willing to sacrifice everything just to win the hearts of those two beauties.

The two girls left the car and walked side by side away in the direction opposite to the guy in silver. The guy stared at their back for a while until he noticed that they were leaving him. He waved his hand and was just about to chase after them when a hand landed on his shoulders.

"Sup, interested in them?"

A deep voice was heard from behind him. He turned around and glanced over at his guards, and blocked them from chasing the girls. He smiled, "Women like them are most likely not interested in men anyway."

The person who patted his back was a young man around the age of 25. He was wearing casual clothing but even the b.u.t.ton on his s.h.i.+rt would have cost a fortune. After all, anyone who was able to wander around on 208 Street would have to have come from a rich background.

"Well said!" The young guy nodded in pride. "Then do you know who they are? It seems like you are new here. I think it'd be best if you first check out their ident.i.ty before pursuing them."

 "My hometown is in North China; this is my first time in Su Hang. From what you're implying, those two girls must have an interesting background. Why not tell me about it?" The guy in silver replied calmly.

"No wonder!" The young guy looked away and continued, "as you're a foreign guest to this town, let me tell you something every local knows. The two girls are called Chao Ying and Chao Xi. As you could probably see, they are twin sisters; they're also the daughters of Li Yun Ze."

"What? Li&h.e.l.lip; Li Yun Ze's daughters?" Although he knew that the girls were not easy, he was still a bit surprised hearing the new information. Li Yun Ze was the chief executive of the Li Family's financial group and was surely the richest in all of China! But quickly he shook his head and questioned, "No way! Didn't Li Yun Ze only have one daughter called Li Xiao Xue? How come there's two more?" 

"I haven't finished," the guy rolled his eyes at him. He stared at the girls as they disappeared in the distance with admiration and greed. "These so called 'daughters', are not daughters in blood but rather, are adopted." How this bond started was that they were sworn sisters with Li Yun Ze's only daughter, Li Xiao Xue. Li Yun Ze was really fond of them and accepted them as his adopted daughters. However, the Li Family is not their only guardians. You don't know how many men in Su Hang province dreamt about having them&h.e.l.lip; including the mayor of Su Hang Province, his son, the head of Su Family's financial group and the young master from the biggest underground power in Su Hang. Each of their social status' were higher than the other, and each of them were crazier at pursuing the girls than the other. But so far, no one had even a chance to compete for them. We have no idea who the twins will end up going out with, but there is one thing that we know for certain&h.e.l.lip;." 

The young guy kept on staring at the guy in the silver suit, and continued emotionlessly, "Don't dare to pursue them if you don't have enough confidence. Otherwise, many people would beat up whoever annoyed them until that person resembled a dead dog&h.e.l.lip; for example, me&h.e.l.lip;"

The guy in silver remained silent.

"And finally," the young guy started laughing and strode in the direction where the girls went, "those two will be mine eventually!! No one could steal them away from me even if they were Long Tian Yun."

The guy in silver didn't dare to speak anymore or chase after them. He was overwhelmed by the enormous pressure that was forced upon him. He quietly returned to his car and readied to depart. He didn't dare have any more fantasies about the two girls whose beauty had taken his breath away. The young guy he had just met also reminded him of someone&h.e.l.lip;.

 Li Yun Ze's nephew&h.e.l.lip; Li Zhao Nan! Although he was young, he had a very high reputation and social status within both the business and political world. After all, the old saying of 'We have Long Tian Yun in the West and Li Zhao Nan in the South,' had referred to two of the best amongst the youth of China.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 447

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