Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 456

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Guild Destroyer (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

By the time Yamamoto Michio rushed over, he was just in time to see Ling Chen destroy the third defensive door in 2 strikes. His body froze as his eyes grew wide and his jaw almost dropped to the ground… he had never doubted his eyes to this extent before.

That was a defensive door with 15 million HP! In his eyes, it was an impenetrable barrier that could block anything! And yet, it had taken Ling Tian just 2 strikes to demolish it.

This was the Unsetting Sun's Headquarters. When their headquarters had been attacked, all of the Unsetting Sun players received a system announcement telling them to return to the headquarters. Currently, the headquarters were filled with players, and Ling Chen was surrounded by countless players. However, not a single person dared to go up and attack. They were all staring at him, dumbfounded. None of them could believe that he had destroyed those defensive doors by himself… from when he had started attacking to now, only about a minute had pa.s.sed. And yet, he had destroyed the main door, the secondary door and the third defensive door by himself…

Was he even human? How could a player be so powerful?!

Ling Chen noticed that Yamamoto Michio had come. His gaze locked onto his position as he savoured the terrified look on Yamamoto Michio's face and said, "Yamamoto Michio, you've been desperately looking for me, right? Just as you wished, I've come to find you. I'm sure you're feeling quite happy, right?" Ling Chen's words were like a bucket of cold water that had been poured on Yamamoto Michio's head. His body trembled and the fear within him grew much greater… because after witnessing what had just happened with his own eyes, he finally realised that the defensive doors were like nothing to this Ling Tian. In that case, it was entirely possible that he could rush to the innermost region of the guild. If Ling Tian was allowed near the guild sign, the Unsetting Sun faced the possibility of destruction!!

As the word "destruction" flitted across Yamamoto Michio's mind, his body instantly erupted into sweat and his face paled. He had never even considered this possibility, as he never thought that anyone could achieve such a feat. However, seeing Ling Tian destroy a defensive door so easily, he knew that that word could easily become a reality. He immediately pointed towards Ling Chen, roaring, "What are you all standing around for? Immediately kill him!! Whoever kills Ling Tian will immediately be promoted to Elder and will be rewarded with 5 million gold!! Attack!! Kill him at all cost!!!"

The players all felt as if they had been awakened from a dream and all rushed towards Ling Chen… however, if they could overcome him with numbers, they would not have been toyed around with him back then at the Sunrise City's Central Square. Moreover, Ling Chen was far stronger than he had been back then. Seeing that dark mob charging towards him, Ling Chen didn't seem anxious at all. He raised his right hand and released [Moon Grief].

"Ding… the Libra Orb's effects have been activated, [Moon Grief]'s cooldown time has been reset."

Even a Moon G.o.d Representative couldn't resist the light from this heaven-defying item, much less measly players. The players in the 80 metres around Ling Chen all forgot how to cast their skills. To Ling Chen, even if there were twice as many of these players in this state, he wouldn't feel any pressure at all. He charged towards the fourth defensive door as the weapons in his hands casually swept out towards the players in front of him… sounds of people and weapons colliding, and screams of horror filled the air.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang…

The j.a.panese players, who had all forgotten their skills, froze mid-action. As they looked around in bewilderment, death came swiftly upon them. Ling Chen's attacks didn't give out the normal sounds weapons would make when hitting something, but rather an ear-ringing sound of explosions. Every time he sent out 2 powerful Ling Tian Bursts, at least 20 players would be caught in it and sent flying. Needless to say, they were all insta-killed. Even the bravest of the players lost their courage when they heard the screams of the other players. Moreover, even without Broken Shadow, Ling Chen was still incredibly fast. He whirled his 2 weapons around within the chaotic mob of j.a.panese players, taking lives here and there.

As for the j.a.panese players' attacks, Ling Chen didn't even pay attention to them. When he attacked with his Great Ravager and Twilight Spear, none of the melee players could even come close. As he casually swung his weapons around, there would always be a large vacuum of s.p.a.ce around him. Before that s.p.a.ce was filled to even half by players, it would once again be cleared out. The blood-red damage figures that rose up and the howls of the victims of his attacks, caused all of the players to breathe in a breath of cold air, and in their shock, some had even forgotten to attack. The only ones whose attacks could threaten Ling Chen, the Mages, could only stand there dumbly, trying to remember how to cast their spells. [Moon Grief] was the most terrifying when it was used in group battles. With [Moon Grief]'s effects activated, even though Ling Chen dived into a sea of thousands of players, it was as if a wolf had dived into a herd of sheep. He was just facing a group of trash who could barely attack, and adding on his extremely high Defence, he felt no threat from them at all. By the time [Moon Grief]'s effects were about to end, the Unsetting Sun players had fallen into complete chaos and their screams shook even the heavens. Despite being surrounded by so many people, Ling Chen continued to ma.s.sacre his way to the fourth defensive door.

In the distance, Yamamoto Michio's face was as pale as a sheet. Of course, he had seen how powerful Ling Tian was in the past, but now he was so shocked that every cell in his body was trembling. At this moment, he saw a piercing white light, which caused Ling Chen to teleport 10 or so metres, sending him towards the players who were stoutly defending the fourth defensive door… In the next instant, waves of howls began to sound out from there.

With the Twilight Spear's active skill, Ling Chen directly pierced through an entire wall of people, placing him just 10 or so metres away from the fourth defensive door. He then sent out a [Four Corners Star Formation], blasting out all of the players around him. At max level, the [Four Corners Star Formation] had a range of 15 metres, and sent out violent shockwaves. Because of how densely the players had gathered to defend the fourth defensive door, that single attack caused almost 200 players to fly into the air. Part of the marble floor had also been lifted up, and broken shards were sent flying along with the players. In the 15 metres around Ling Chen, there was not a single part of the ground left unscathed. Ka… Bang…

Behind Ling Chen, 10 metres away, tens of cracks quickly appeared on the fourth defensive door. As the cracks grew longer and wider, the door finally broke down.

The fourth defensive door had been directly destroyed by the [Four Corners Star Formation], without Ling Chen even needing to attack a second time.

Just like that, four of the five defensive doors had been destroyed. This was a terrifying nightmare for all of the Unsetting Sun players. If Ling Chen destroyed the fifth defensive door, he could enter the Inner Hall… all he would have to do was gently attack in order to destroy the Unsetting Sun.

"Block him!! Block him with your bodies!! Squash him to death! Don't let him advance!!"

As he watched the fourth defensive door being destroyed, Yamamoto Michio could feel his mind breaking down. At this moment, he truly realised that making an enemy out of Ling Tian had been a grave error. He was now filled with fear and regret… after witnessing his power at the Sunrise City's Central Square, he should have kept his distance. Yamamoto Michio realised that even though Ling Tian was from another country, he should have tried to become friends with this madman! Even if that wasn't possible, he should have avoided becoming enemies at all costs!

If the Unsetting Sun was really destroyed… then everything would be finished… With the survival of the Unsetting Sun on the line, the Unsetting Sun players had to give all they had. They all gave up on attacking, instead opting to rush at Ling Chen as fast as they could. This was an extremely desperate measure- they wanted to use their bodies to surround Ling Chen and limit his movement… or perhaps it was so their corpses would build up and trap him in place or bury him. Occasionally, when facing extremely powerful Bosses, they would use such extreme measures. They never thought that they would be forced to use such a tactic against a single player.

Looking at the players who had all accepted their fates, Ling Chen smirked and gauged how far he was away from the last defensive door. A pair of dark golden wings spread out from his back, taking him into the air. All of a sudden, he was 20 metres above the other players.

The players who were charging over were all dumbfounded. They all stumbled as they stopped running, staring at Ling Chen and his wings in shock and disbelief… of course, there was also admiration and envy. Flight equipment was incredibly rare in the virtual world; they were just as rarely seen as a phoenix's feather or a qilin's horn. If a player had flight equipment, they would be able to fly in the sky… this was something everyone dreamed of! And it turned out that this incomparably powerful Ling Tian had flight equipment! It was as if all the good things in the world had been monopolised by him!

In the air, Ling Chen smiled as he looked down at the j.a.panese players sympathetically. He then raised his head as he muttered, "Today's moon is quite beautiful, eh?"

The j.a.panese players also looked up, and found that a very faint moon had appeared without them noticing.

The moon! This was the first time they had seen moonlight in the Mystic Moon world… however, it was daytime 24/7 in the Mystic Moon world, so how could a moon appear?

"Alright, I'll let you appreciate some beautiful moonlight that you'll remember for the rest of your lives!"

Ling Chen raised his right hand and a silver-white light rushed out from the Lunar Scourge up into the air towards the new moon…

 "Ding… the Libra Orb's effects have been activated, [Moon Sacrifice]'s cooldown time has been reset."

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 456

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