Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 462

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A City Full Of Skeleton Soldiers (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

The two Skeleton Soldiers summoned by Leng'Er had roughly the same stats as monsters of the same level, and were even superior in some aspects. Undead creatures hated sunlight, and the sunlight here was enough to cause them to go on a rampage. The Skeleton Soldiers didn't even look at Ling Chen as they gripped their weapons and wildly ran off in different directions.

Ling Chen was shocked to find that it had only taken Leng'Er an instant to summon these two Undead creatures… Leng'Er's eyes had flashed, and the two Skeleton Soldiers had stood up from the corpses. The entire process was as fast as casually throwing out sand from one's hand. This sort of summoning speed was simply incomprehensible! From Ling Chen's memory, even the best Summoner would only be able to summon 1 monster every 2 seconds. There had never been such an 'instant summoning' ability.

"Ahhh!!! Skeletons!!"

"What… What's going on? Why are there monsters in the city?!"

A few j.a.panese players appeared in his field of vision. The instant they saw the Skeleton Soldiers, they all cried out in fear, unable to believe their eyes. This was human territory, and more over was even a main city. It should be impossible for there to be monsters here. As they stared in disbelief, the Skeleton Soldiers showed no courtesy and attacked. They despised living beings and as they approached, the Undead Archer strung its bow and shot 3 arrows surrounded by a black gas towards the players.


Faced with the Skeleton Soldier's attack, the 3 players all cried out in shock. The player in the middle was. .h.i.t by the 3 arrows, and his body froze as he died instantly. Seeing this, the other 2 players turned and ran. Ling Chen looked at their equipment and deduced that they were Trade Profession players. After all, a portion of the players in the residential district were non-battle profession players. Facing these Skeleton Soldiers, the Trade Profession players had no way to retaliate or survive.

Moreover, to be able to own a private dwelling in the virtual world, they were probably from rich families. These sorts of players liked to enjoy the pleasures of the virtual world but disliked to train, and their financial conditions allowed them to stay far ahead of other normal players. There was one thing they all had in common… they all feared death!

As the two Skeleton Soldiers ran off further into the city, cries sounded out from the direction the 2 Skeleton Soldiers ran off in. Ling Chen evilly smiled, and his body gradually disappeared as he entered into stealth. He didn't choose the residential district for no reason- after all, there were only players here, so he didn't have to worry about accidentally killing NPCs. The Skeleton Soldiers wouldn't bother them either. Otherwise, if the Skeleton Soldiers killed NPCs, the consequences would be disastrous for him.

There weren't that many players in the residential district, which was convenient for Ling Chen. He went in and out of stealth, killing j.a.panese players as he saw them, and showed no mercy at all. Immediately afterwards, a Skeleton Soldier with the same profession would rise up from their corpses.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Ling Chen's Movement Speed was 238. After killing someone, he would immediately retreat. By the time other players yelled and charged over, they would see the ground littered with corpses, as well as Skeleton Soldiers who would brandish their weapons and run towards them. At the same time, a variety of Skeleton Soldiers would also charge at them from other directions.

Ling Chen slaughtered his way from the residential district's south side to the north side, and then back from the north side to the south side. In a single trip, he had killed countless players, and a Skeleton Soldier was summoned by Leng'Er from each corpse. It cost Leng'Er 100 MP to summon a Skeleton Soldier, and she didn't have any abilities to quickly recover her MP. As such, Ling Chen continuously fed her purple potions to help her recover her MP. By the time Ling Chen finally stopped to rest, the residential district was in complete chaos.

The residential district, which should have been an absolutely safe zone, was filled with monstrous skeletons with extremely high Attack Power. It was evident how much shock, fear and chaos they would bring. Ling Chen rose up and stood on a fairly tall construction, and smiled as he looked at the chaotic residential district. At a glance, there were skeletons roaming everywhere, and chasing screaming players all around. Some were casually walking around, while others were surrounded by battle profession players who were fighting with them…

"Why are there monsters here?! What's going on?!"

"Quick! Quickly call reinforcements! There are more and more skeletons, and we can't hold on for much longer!"

"Where did these skeletons come from? This is a main city!! Hurry… go and ask for help from the Lord!"

The usually calm and peaceful residential district became a place of panic and disorder. The skeletons weren't that hard to kill, but their appearance caused the players to have a lapse from shock and dismay for a long time. Monsters had actually appeared in the residential district of a main city! Moreover, they looked so terrifying- how were people supposed to continue living in the residential district after this?

After he admired the chaotic scene, Ling Chen grinned as he said in a low voice, "This is just the beginning."

At this moment, his gaze s.h.i.+fted towards the north. There were 3 large waves of players rus.h.i.+ng over, and the players in the residential district all yelled in joy that the reinforcements had arrived. These 3 waves of players were ma.s.sive, with each of them containing at least 10,000 people. Ling Chen's eyes narrowed as he grinned even wider, and he lifted his right hand. A new moon slowly rose into the air as he muttered, "It's good that you've come!"

"Leng'Er, the real compet.i.tion begins now!"

Ling Chen activated [Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow] and activated [Spread Wings]. He hovered in the air as he looked at the 3 waves of players. He couldn't activate any skills while using [Vanis.h.i.+ng Shadow], but he could maintain skills that he had already activated. With his incredibly high Movement Speed, he soon came to a position directly above the 3 waves of players. He lowered himself downwards as he appeared with his 2 dark golden wings spread wide open.

"Ling… Ling Tian!!"

A chorus of cries of shock as well as sharp inhales of breaths resounded through the waves. The name of Ling Tian, who had singlehandedly destroyed j.a.pan's top 3 guilds, had become a synonym for 'demon', and an invincible demon at that! Seeing him, even the 30,000 players were seized with fear… although the 2 sides had a great disparity in numbers, they did not feel safe at all. For him to be able to destroy j.a.pan's top 3 guilds in just a short period of time, 30,000 players were nothing to him.

"Quickly notify all of the large guilds! Ling Tian has appeared! He's in the city! Hurry!!"

Ling Chen coldly looked at the ruckus below him, and slowly spread out his hands as he icily spoke, "My j.a.panese friends, you are all very lucky, because… You're about to become the main characters of this undead banquet, hahahaha!"

The wild laughter caused everyone to feel uneasy. However, by the time they sensed something was wrong and looked up, the all-encompa.s.sing silver light had already fallen towards them.

Countless sharp screams instantly shook the heavens and the earth creating a symphony of death.

These 3 waves were probably from the same guild, or were led by some important and awe-inspiring figure. This was because after coming together, they combined to form orderly ranks, and were gathered quite densely. The number of targets [Moon Sacrifice] covered was far fewer than when Ling Chen had cast it at the large guilds, but it was still quite a large figure. Nearly half of the 30,000 players were covered by the silver moonlight and died. They fell to the ground and carpeted the ground with corpses.

The players in the distance who weren't covered by the moonlight were completely shocked. Some fell to the ground, and their teeth chattered as they cried out in shock. They had heard that Ling Tian had a skill that he could instantly cast, and could destroy and kill targets within a large AOE. However, hearing about it and personally seeing it were two completely different things.

Immediately, an even more inconceivable scene greeted their eyes.

Grey fog began to rise from the corpse on the ground, and illusory figures of Skeleton Soldiers began to stand up. By the time they had fully stood up, they became corporeal.

Leng'Er's maximum MP was now 5000, and when she had full MP, she could summon 50 skeletons. However, even the best MP Potions from the Potion Shop could only recover 400 MP every 5 seconds, which wasn't enough to support Leng'Er's ma.s.s summoning. As such, Ling Chen didn't hesitate to take out a 'Dew of Dusk' to give to Leng'Er to drink, and with the effect from [Fairy's Blessing], Leng'Er was able to recover 2600 MP every second. With Leng'Er's terrifying summoning speed, 26 Skeletons rose per second, which then rushed towards the dumbfounded players.

While the Skeleton Soldiers continuously sp.a.w.ned and stood up, Ling Chen quickly rushed towards the frightened j.a.panese players. He swung and slashed his Great Ravager and Twilight Spear, and caused many deaths and cries of anguish with each attack, as well as heaps of corpses. With countless corpses, unlimited MP sustenance and a reward of 10 dolls, Leng'Er did her best to summon them as quickly as she could. Because of this, there were more and more Skeleton Soldiers… some of them killed players, some of them were quickly surrounded by players, others rushed into the other parts of the residential district, and still others rushed towards the heart of the city.

At a rate of summoning 26 Skeleton Soldiers per second, 10 minutes later, Ling Chen had spent 60 drops of Dew of Dusk and Leng'Er had summoned more than 10,500 Skeleton Soldiers. They all dispersed and charged in different directions to different parts of Sunrise City, and their numbers continuously increased…

 In just 10 minutes, Leng'Er had created a Skeleton Army with more than 10,000 Skeletons. Even Ling Chen s.h.i.+vered when he thought about Leng'Er's ability.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 462

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