Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 466

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Beating Up the Evil Black Dragon

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

The grey energy, fearful screams and the black damage figures caused Ling Chen to subconsciously hold his breath.

When the dark energy was gone, the ground was littered with the debris from the doll's explosion. In front of Ling Chen, only 1 Light Mage remained standing, and the other 7 all lay on the ground. They weren't just temporarily on the ground, but dead. A grey fog swirled around their bodies without dissipating. Their eyes and mouths were wide open, and their pupils were dilated. It was evident how scared they were when they died.

Just from a single doll from Leng'Er, 7 out of the 8 Light Mages… had instantly died!

This was the first time Ling Chen had seen Leng'Er used her most powerful skill- the [Doll Grenade] that required her to sacrifice a doll! The attack dealt no damage, but had a 70% chance of the targets instantly dying! It was because of the [Doll Grenade] that the 7 Light Mages had instantly died. Once the instant death effect triggered, no matter how high their level was, how powerful their grade was or how much HP they had, they would be met with death.

The remaining Light Mage's face was incredibly pale. Although he was still alive, the Undead energy that surrounded him was so terrifying that he would be scarred for life. Darkness was afraid of light, but light was also afraid of darkness. Their Light attacks could counter Darkness, but Darkness attacks were what they feared the most. Their Light energy gave them high resistance to abnormal statuses, but they could not resist Darkness' abnormal statuses, which would be even more effective against them. This Light Mage simply couldn't accept that his 7 companions had all instantly died. His legs trembled as he scampered backwards, then let out a yell of fear. He scrambled away, and turned into a ray of light and disappeared from Ling Chen's vision.

A [Doll Grenade] had instantly killed 7 Light Mages and scared away the final one. This Ultimate Skill that Leng'Er had never used, and had never been willing to use due to the sacrifice, completely shocked Ling Chen. At the same time, he felt quite warm in his heart. His gaze towards Leng'Er became extremely gentle… because at that moment, he realised that Leng'Er was no longer as emotionless as she had been within the Eerie Castle, and was no longer the semi-spirit girl who only liked dolls. She now held feelings towards him. Perhaps her favourability towards him increasing was evidence of this. Moreover, becoming angry for him and throwing away a doll for him was even more concrete evidence.

Leng'Er floated over and came in front of the debris from the doll. She gently picked it up and looked at it silently… seeing her trembling eyes, Ling Chen's heart ached. He immediately walked over and smiled as he sincerely and warmly said, "Leng'Er, it's okay. Even if this one is destroyed, we still have many new ones. On the first day we were together, I promised that I would give Leng'Er at least 1 new doll every day… look!"

This time, Ling Chen took out a gigantic doll that he had been saving. As soon as this doll, which was even bigger than Leng'Er herself, appeared, she was completely attracted to it. Her dark eyes lit up and she spread open her arms, as she wanted to hug this big doll. Ling Chen laughed and gave it to her, and watched as she struggled to hug it as she smiled happily.

Ling Chen knew that if it wasn't for Leng'Er, he probably would have died. No matter what, he had to treat her even better in future.

"Leng'Er, let's go, otherwise those bad guys will be back."

Ling Chen took Leng'Er and continued to rush towards the north. At that moment, a system announcement sounded out in his ears.

"Ding… your pet Leng'Er's favourability towards you +9."

 "Ding… your pet Leng'Er's favourability towards you is now 'trusting'. Her obedience towards you has greatly increased and will take the initiative to help you in battle." [Note: 20: Closeness, 30: Trusting, 40: Liking, 50: Affectionate, 60: Infatuation, 70: Take a guess]

After leaving the Sunrise City, Ling Chen turned around to coldly look at the direction the Sunrise City was in. he coldly smiled… He knew that from now onwards, he would be unable to enter again. The moment he entered, there would be countless City Guards descending to arrest him.

"Since you're hunting me down like this and even almost killed me, then I won't hold back anymore." Ling Chen's smile became more and more sinister. An idea that he had previously thought of, but discarded out of mercy, now resurfaced in his mind. He took out a Spatial Orb and crushed it.

A white light flashed and he appeared to the west of the Sunrise City… it was the entrance to where the Sunrise City's City Lifeline was. The moment he appeared, he entered the pa.s.sageway without the Guards detecting him.

The pa.s.sageway was incredibly long, and Ling Chen remembered that the first time he had come, he spent nearly 1 hour walking. He grit his teeth and took out another Spatial Orb. He set the destination as the end of the pa.s.sageway, where the Evil Black Dragon was. Because of the barrier at the entrance, he couldn't use a Spatial Orb to directly teleport into there. However, now that he was already inside, he could use Spatial Orbs to move around inside.

A white light flashed and Ling Chen appeared at the end of the pa.s.sageway. In front of him was the gigantic Evil Black Dragon. Behind it was a large thick pillar, the City Lifeline.

This time, Ling Chen did not conceal his presence. The instant he appeared, the slumbering Evil Black Dragon woke up and opened its crimson red eyes, and looked at him with its b.l.o.o.d.y gaze… however, Ling Chen only gave it the opportunity to open its eyes. Before it could move or make any sound, the Lunar Scourge had already let out the light of [Moon Shadow].

"Ding… the Libra Orb's effects have been activated, [Moon Shadow]'s cooldown time has been reset."

The Evil Black Dragon was fixed in place and was unable to move even an inch. Ling Chen coldly laughed and took out the Twilight Spear and Great Ravager, and quickly walked towards the Evil Black Dragon. When he got close, he jumped high into the air and sent 2 [Ling Tian Slashes] from the left and right towards it.

Bang bang!!

2 [Ling Tian Slashes] heavily crashed onto the Evil Black Dragon's front claws. The frozen Evil Black Dragon's gigantic pupils contracted. The attack was extremely powerful, and added 300% pain- even if it was a powerful Ancient Beast, it couldn't endure the pain, but had no way to vent. After attacking, Ling Chen wildly laughed and arrogantly yelled, "You're that Evil Black Dragon? The Evil Black Dragon that acts as a watchdog for us humans? Your elder is free today, so I came to play with you, hahahaha!"

As he wildly laughed, he spread his Icy Gold Wings and floated to the same height as the Evil Black Dragon's head. Yet another 2 strikes smashed onto the Evil Black Dragon's nose… the pain from being hit on its weak nose was far greater than the pain from the previous attack, and caused the b.l.o.o.d.y light in its eyes to become much greater. Ling Chen raised his weapons and sent another 2 attacks towards its eyes as he activated the second [Moon Shadow].

"Ding… the Libra Orb's effects have been activated, [Moon Shadow]'s cooldown time has been reset."

The Libra Orb's effects was once again activated, and Ling Chen's attacks fell like rain all over the Evil Black Dragon's head. Ling Chen continued to laugh and mock it, "Hahahaha… so it turns out that apart from being big, the Evil Black watchdog is just a coward. I even hit your face, but you don't even dare to retaliate!! Hahaha, Ancient Beast, my a.s.s! You're just a piece of tras.h.!.+ No wonder you're our watchdog, hahaha."


"Ancient Beast? You're a disgrace to Ancient Beasts!"

"Look at your design! Why are you so ugly? No wonder everyone in the Sunrise City vomits when they even think of you!" "You actually dare to sleep while guarding the City Lifeline! You can't even do your job of being a watchdog properly! You're worse than a dumb dog!"

"Tras.h.!.+ You're an Ancient Beast but all you do is stay in this G.o.dforsaken place. Don't you agree that you're useless?! Your elder hit you but you don't even dare to retaliate… fudge, why don't you retaliate? Hahahaha!"

The Evil Black Dragon was a true Ancient Beast, and had Mysterious G.o.d power that could destroy the heavens and the earth. Even in the prehistoric times when there were many demonic beasts, it was unrivalled in the East Ocean Continent. It had been defeated by the Moon G.o.d Clan, and in order to save its life, it agreed to be the Guardian Beast of the Sunrise City. However, it still held a high position and no one dared to offend it! And neither did anyone dare to attack it!

From the day it was born, it had never been treated like this before.

Ling Chen's luck had exploded today, with the Libra Orb's effects activating 3 times in a row. Ling Chen released [Moon Shadow] 4 times, and froze the Evil Black Dragon in place for 20 seconds. During this time, Ling Chen treated it extremely savagely- he continuously attacked its face and mocked it in a way that even a buddha would be enraged.

 The Evil Black Dragon was not a buddha, but an Ancient Beast! An Ancient Beast's savageness and ferocity was something it could never get rid of. Having everything explode out after such a long time would be completely terrifying.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 466

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