Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 473

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Obtaining A G.o.ddess As A Mount (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Ling Chen froze and split some of his attention to look towards the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative. He found that the Elemental Storm had completely disappeared- the lightning was no longer smas.h.i.+ng down, the dark clouds were gone, the ravaged ground was still and the wind was calm. The Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative floated in the air, her face pale as a sheet. Her surging aura was now incredibly weak, and her arms were horizontal in front of her chest as she held a jade-white orb. Her hands were trembling, and she looked so weak that she would not be able to hold the orb.

Ling Chen didn't have time to think as he approached the Evil Black Dragon and instantly cast Moon Shadow, freezing the Evil Black Dragon in the air.

The Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative had experienced Ling Chen's freezing skill many times, so she knew just how powerful it was. Seeing the Evil Black Dragon's body stop in mid-air, she was able to slightly relax and used the remainder of her strength to shatter the jade orb in her hands. A light shot out and enveloped the Evil Black Dragon's body the instant Moon Shadow expired, and transformed into a formation about as big as its body.

The formation quickly started to spin, like a terrifying vortex, sucking the Evil Black Dragon's body into it.

 "Lunar… Sky h.e.l.l… Formation… Arghhh!!"

The Evil Black Dragon gave a final cry before it was sucked into the formation and completely disappeared.

The spiralling formation instantly vanished, and just like that, the Evil Black Dragon was gone. There was not even a trace of it left.

The Lunar Sky h.e.l.l Formation was an incredibly powerful transportation channel. Its function was to send a strong target into the completely sealed Lunar Sky h.e.l.l, which Ling Chen had also been to!

Seeing the Evil Black Dragon disappear and that the Sunrise City's City Lifeline was completely restored, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative was finally able to relax. She swayed in the air, and almost fell down.

She had first duelled with the Evil Black Dragon, then expended all of her Moon G.o.d power in restoring the Sunrise City's City Lifeline. She had then spent more power on escaping from the Evil Black Dragon, which had escaped from its bindings, causing her aura to become extremely chaotic. Currently, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative was completely and utterly spent…

This presented an extremely rare opportunity to Ling Chen!

He had dreamed of having this opportunity, but he never thought that it would really happen, and so quickly as well. When the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative began to repair the Sunrise City's City Lifeline, Ling Chen had already thought up of a plan that caused his heart to race.

The Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative was completely defenceless. It was only because of Ling Chen that she had escaped this disaster and been able to send the Evil Black Dragon to the Lunar Sky h.e.l.l. Otherwise, without Ling Chen fixing it in place, the single-use Lunar Sky h.e.l.l Formation would not have been able to hit it. As such, she greatly relaxed her defences against Ling Chen, and neither did she have the strength or willpower to defend against anyone.

The dust from this great calamity was finally beginning to settle. Although the Sunrise City had been destroyed, the City Lifeline had been repaired, so they could rebuild it within a short period of time. The residents didn't need her help with this- the Heavenly Emperor City would a.s.sist them as soon as it received the news. Right now, what she needed to do was return to the Celestial Cherry Valley and recuperate… for a long time. If it was necessary, she would even return to the Moon G.o.d Palace.

As for Ling Chen, she completely ignored him.

Before, she could have used her own power to return to the Celestial Cherry Valley, but now, she had to rely on items. Just as she took out a teleportation item, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her, and she subconsciously looked up… she saw a pair of clear eyes, and a sinister and evil light flashed within them.

The Utter Despair Curse was activated!

After their eyes met for less than 3 seconds, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative's beautiful eyes became dim and lifeless. She looked as if she was uninterested in anything in the world, and there was nothing that could make her feel attached to life.

How could the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative in her current state resist the Utter Despair Curse?

Of course, Ling Chen hadn't waited for this opportunity just to use the Utter Despair Curse on her. After the Utter Despair Curse had activated, his eyes suddenly enlarged as a strange, invisible, light burst forth.

The Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative's eyes also enlarged as she stared straight back into Ling Chen's eyes… Under the effects of the Utter Despair Curse, she had lost all interest in everything, and didn't want to look at anything. However, she could feel some sort of invisible force dragging her gaze towards his, and she couldn't look away or close her eyes.

She had no strength to resist this terrifying and strange feeling, and because of the Utter Despair Curse, she didn't feel like resisting either. Suddenly, she felt her vision blur and her body felt incredibly light, as if her body had lost all of its weight. In front of her eyes was a boundless universe which slowly sucked her in. She helplessly tumbled and turned and floated… Until her consciousness became white.

When her consciousness scattered, the only things she saw were the pair of eyes, and the owner of the pair of eyes.

"Ding… Soulstealing Curse has succeeded! Target Snow Cherry's soul now has your mark imprinted on it, and will view you as the most important person in her life and will be absolutely obedient."

The Soulstealing Curse was one of the Feng Chen Sect's 3 Forbidden Curses, and was incredibly shocking. However, as a Forbidden Curse, it could only be used a limited number of times, and if it failed, there was a heavy price to pay. Ling Chen had crazily chosen to use his first Soulstealing Curse on the East Ocean Continent's Moon G.o.d Representative!

And he had succeeded!!

After using the curse, Ling Chen felt a bit dizzy, but his joy and excitement was indescribable. The Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative, who still had no idea she had been affected by the curse, closed her beautiful eyes. She lost consciousness and her body drifted downwards. Ling Chen immediately followed and caught her in his arms.

He had touched the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative many times in the past, and had groped almost every part of her body. However, he had never hugged her like this before. Holding a real Moon G.o.d Representative like this in her arms… Out of the billions of players, who would dare to even wish for such a thing?

Even Ling Chen felt a bit dazed.

A player was holding the Moon G.o.d Representative who was in charge of the order of an entire continent. The difference between their statuses and strength were like the heavens and the earth. Normally, they shouldn't even have met. However, he was currently holding a Moon G.o.d Representative so peacefully in his arms. Moreover, from today onwards, she would follow his every command and his place in her heart would exceed everything else.

Commanding a Moon G.o.d Representative! Ling Chen's blood boiled from just this mere thought… With a Moon G.o.d Representative's power, he would be able to dominate anything and anyone wherever he went!

"Ding… the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative's Moon G.o.d power has dissipated, and the East Ocean Continent's seal has been released. You can now use items to return to the Forgotten Continent. After you die, you will revive in the Forgotten Continent."

The system announcement brought some good news. His greatest worry had been dispelled- with the World Boundary Scroll, he could now return to the Forgotten Continent. At this moment, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative in his arms suddenly lit up with a faint white light. It was no longer that white moonlight from before, but a snow-white light… it was as pure and unblemished as snow.

Ling Chen watched with his eyes wide and mouth open as, within the white light, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative's body shrunk… when the white light disappeared, the beauty in his arm had disappeared. Instead, there was a small, snow-white, sleeping… fox!!

What… What was going on?!

"Ding… the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative, 'Snow Cherry', was the Mystic Moon world's last Nine-tailed Snow Fox. She possesses the Royal blood of the Nine-tailed Snow Fox Clan, and was purified by the G.o.ddess Order, who also gave her Moon G.o.d power and a human form. Because her Moon G.o.d power has been completely exhausted, the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative has turned back to her original form. You can immediately take her as your pet."

Ling Chen: "……"

The first time he had met the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative, Xiao Hui's information had told her that she was originally a Nine-tailed Snow Fox, but he didn't pay much attention to that. He only cared that she was the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative, and what her true form was didn't matter a single bit to him. However, now, he had made a ma.s.sive risk to use the Soulstealing Curse on the Cherry Blossom G.o.d Representative, but this Moon G.o.d Representative had turned into a small, snow-white fox!

However… taking her as a pet didn't seem too bad. Even if she was a little fox, she was still a real Moon G.o.d Representative!

"Alright! I'll take her as my pet!" Ling Chen immediately replied.

"Ding… the Nine-tailed Snow Fox 'Snow Cherry' has become your pet."

"Ding… the Nine-tailed Snow Fox's original name is 'Snow Cherry', would you like to rename the Nine-tailed Snow Fox?"

"No need," Ling Chen replied.

After a brief pause, another system announcement sounded out, "Ding… the Nine-tailed Snow Fox Snow Cherry has attack, support, crowd control and mount abilities. Her attack cannot be determined as the strength of Nine-tailed Foxes' attacks are unpredictable. Attacks may be completely useless, or can create miracles. Support abilities are top-cla.s.s, and can permanently increase her owner's HP and MP, as well as cast many buffs. When she has grown to a certain extent, she can even revive her owner. She has no crowd control skills while in her fox form, but they are incredibly powerful when she is in her human form. Her beauty can cause the heavens to topple and can beguile all beings. A single smile can cause even the most resolute enemies to lose their ability to fight. Her mount abilities are also exceptional- she can across land, air and waters, and is incredibly agile. She can react quickly to her owner's orders, and can change the size of her body to a certain extent. Please choose a route for your pet to develop in."

 Hearing this system announcement, Ling Chen thought for a long time.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 473

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