Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 494

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Chao Xi and Chao Ying's Stunning Debut

Translator: Greengra.s.s

Editor: Allenwa

The banquet officially started at 7 o' clock. Chao Ying and Chao Xi arrived just in time, and were the last guests to arrive. By the time they entered the hall, it was already packed with people. There were even numbers of men and women as well as people from different age groups.  Apart from their own relatives, the rest who entered the hall all received invitations from the Su family. Every one of them came from an astonis.h.i.+ngly superior background to be able to receive the invitations in the first place. Thus, the guests in the hall room would pay attention to everyone who walked through the door. The upper-cla.s.s society was in fact very small, thus, they would have heard about the other person's name even if they didn't know each other.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi walked in slowly. Their footsteps were incredibly light, as if they were striding over the clouds. People were unable to withdraw their attention once it fell onto them either intentionally or unintentionally.... They were supposed to withdraw their attention very quickly, but somehow they couldn't. The busy hall suddenly became so quiet that one could even hear the sound of people swallowing their saliva.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi had dressed up just to attend this special birthday banquet. However, the dress up was more for the people who attended the banquet. Both of them wore the same light blue long dress which were embroidered with patterns of blooming lilies. Their dance shoes were tiny and their black hair naturally fell on their shoulders. They were naturally beautiful without any accessories.  Their diamond earrings were crystal clear and s.h.i.+ny. They wore a s.h.i.+ning jewelled necklace and their skin was translucent as if you could see their bones through their skin.

Their b.r.e.a.s.t.s were full and firm, and their legs were white as snow. Along with their long and elegant physique and their tiny waists, all those beautiful features made made them look extra attractive and breathtakingly beautiful.

They slowly ambled into the room.  Their eyes were clear as water and their skin was frosty and soft, which made them look elegantly cool and enchantingly charming.  They also displayed the airs of n.o.bility as if they were royal princesses. Their eyebrows were thin and long as the willows and both of their eyes were clear as a mountain stream. Their cheeks were bright and clean as jade, better than the snow. And all of those beautiful features happened to come together on the same…. No... on two identical faces. Under those straight noses were their cherry red lips, as if they were red rouge used and crafted by G.o.d's miraculous hands. They were gorgeously strong and beautiful but did not seem vulgar at all.

A beautiful girl like this was enough to draw everyone's attention. Now there were two of them walking together. Their looks, physiques and even their facial expressions and walking pace were exactly the same. They were as bright and colourful as the rising sun, and everyone was impressed by these two incomparably pretty women in the room. 

Such G.o.dlike women were not people you could encounter on earth!  This was surely a heavenly view that could only be seen above.

If there was anything imperfect about them, it would be the bodyguard behind them…. For such stunningly beautiful girls, their bodyguard on the other hand had such an ordinary dead-pan face which no one would want to have a second look at. However, guys around them envied this bodyguard as he could stand so close to those two ladies to protect them….. Every guy would surely envy this bodyguard for the special treatment he received.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi were already used to this kind of situation. They seemed as if they didn't know that they were the only attention in the room, and walked into the hall as if there was nothing unusual. By the time they reached the guests' table, half of the audience still looked very dazed and lost.

"Whose daughters are they…… they were born so ridiculously and devastatingly pretty… besides, they are twins…" a 60 or 70 year-old guy wearing an army uniform with 3 stars on his shoulder praised them with a sigh. A girl that pretty was enough to take a man's breath away, and there were two of them. It was too overwhelming to one's vision and senses. He believed that he would surely lose his mind if he was 20 years younger.

 "They are Li Yun Ze's adopted daughters, Ol' Song, have you not heard about them?" An old man behind smiled and said.

"They are?! I only know a bit about his adopted daughters. I heard that there were so many sons from the rich families who fought for them in the Su Hang province….Now I have seen them today, I can see that they surely live up to the rumours. I thought the young guys in Su Hang province failed to live up to expectations. But seeing this with my own eyes now, we can't blame them anymore.  I can't say what I would do if I was a little bit younger….Hehehe."

"However, to have those two young girls coming over from the south…. It's surely not a good sign." The old man in the army uniform smiled bitterly. He glanced over at the young guys sitting on the other end. As expected, those sons of n.o.bility tried to keep onto their dignity and manners but each of them were blus.h.i.+ng and breathing heavily. Some even had their eyes staring straight at them the whole time. Some even stood up, looking blankly for a while before they asked the people around them, or tried to ask around about who those girls were and so on…. such as whether they had a man already.

Ling Chen behind Chao Xi and Chao Ying saw everything but remained steadily calm. He was not weirded out by this situation at all. These two girls' charm was indeed undefeatable. Even if it was him, he chose them in the first sight that year when he was selecting his "rewards" after winning the compet.i.tion. He felt disappointed and frustrated as he reminisced about what happened that time. He looked over to the girls subconsciously.  There were some droplets on the side of their face, which might be their sweat stains from what happened before. Their black hair was like a waterfall pouring down onto their shoulders. It moved smoothly like the silk as they walked around the room shakily. The lights in the room accentuated their glossy hair texture, making them look so superior and elegant that all the other rich girls in the room looked plain compared with them.

A young man sitting near the outer edges of the room quickly reacted. He waved his hands to get all the bodyguards on the same table to stand up as Chao Xi and Chao Ying walked closer. He then walked elegantly towards them and smiled warmly and said gently, "Ladies, I happened to have empty seats here. Please sit here if you don't mind! "

This young man was wearing a white suit. He looked about 25ish and his white and clean face made him seem naturally n.o.ble and confident. His name was Lan Cheng Yu, and his father was the Vice-Mayor of Beijing. His mother was the president of Lang Hai Technology. He was cla.s.sic "second generation" young master considering how superior his family backgrounds were.

He never looked at the bodyguard behind them. Chao Xi and Chao Yingdidn't even have the opportunity to speak when a surprised voice sounded out, "Chao Xi! Chao Ying! It's you two! Why are you guys here?!" A tall and st.u.r.dy man around the age of 30 walked towards them. Looking surprised, he approached them in admiration and excitement. Chao Xi and Chao Ying both smiled at the same time, "Big brother Li, you came too!"

 "Hahah, yes, yes. My dad didn't have time so I came for him. Although I was reluctant but if I knew earlier that you guys were coming, I would have surely attended even if my dad would have to break my legs." The tall guy continued and laughed as there was no one else around them. He then pointed at the table behind which he had just quickly cleared out, "It's so glad to see you two here!  I happened to be the only one sitting near this table, so just sit here instead. We have a lot to talk about."

This guy's background was also not simple. His name was Li Wu Que. His father was the main force in Zhong Zhou province! His power was high among the whole Zhong Zhou province. At the same time, his father and Li Yun Ze were good friends. How the Li family was able to settle in Su Hang was largely due to this relations.h.i.+p between them. The Li family was looked after by them during their development in Zhong Zhou province.

Since Li Yun Ze adopted these two daughters, Li Wu Que visited the "uncle's" house ten times more often than before. He would still persist on coming even if he could not see Chao Xi and Chao Ying most of the time.

On the other hand, Lan Cheng Yu did not seem impressed. He glared at Li Wu Que and mocked him coldly, "Young master Li, didn't your mother teach you how impolite it is to interrupt someone when they're speaking?

Li Wu Que stopped smiling after hearing this. He then replied dismissively, "What? Are you p.i.s.sed?"

Those two young masters were surely the "hegemons" over the others. Everywhere they went, they showed no signs of inferiority, fear, envy and worry or any need for them to flatter or fawn on someone. When Chao Xi and Chao Ying were in front of them, both of them started become more emotional, compet.i.tive and proud as they began to lose their basic rationality.  It was almost impossible to let one of them step back in this situation.

Lan Cheng Yu turned his body around and mocked him again, "Young master Li, I am very sorry that you don't have manners. I know you are invincible and powerful around Zhong Zhou province. Indeed, you are very impressive. But here, Beijing is not your territory. Stay humble, otherwise, it would not be good if you got lost and couldn't find your way out of Beijing."

Lan Cheng Yu's words were indeed very aggressive, and everyone around him frowned.  Li Wu Que had never been threatened by anyone before, so he suddenly became furious. However, he chose to face Chao Xi and Chao Ying with a regretful smile and said, "Sisters, you are both fairylike people, and I am so regretful that you had to face someone disgusting like him. Come, let us all sit on that side. The banquet is about to begin. I thought there were many n.o.bles in Beijing. What I didn't expect was a bunch of trash who feel superior and proud…Even though deep down, they are worth nothing… "

 "You want to die?!" Lan Cheng Yu became very angry. His bodyguards behind him plunged forward upon hearing his yell and the whole room suddenly quieted down.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 494

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