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Ice Purgatory

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Every time Ling Chen used the Thunder G.o.d's Bulwark, it decreased how much lightning it had stored within it. This power from the guardian beast White Tiger could cause miracles, and at this moment, he had to use it even if he didn't want to.

Just as the purple light started to expand out and was about to be released, a song that sounded like a gentle breeze sounded out.

Cai'Er, who had been hiding behind Ling Chen in fear, was currently floating beside Ling Chen. Her beautiful eyes were closed, and there was a pure smile on her pink and tender face. The song she sang sounded like a song from heaven, and every word and note could cause a person's mind to feel intoxicated from the bliss of hearing the song. As he listened to the song, Ling Chen gradually calmed down, and a beautiful scene appeared within his mind: a gentle breeze, quiet, flowing waters, the faint fragrance of flowers, the warm sunlight, the azure sky… it was as if he had no troubles or worries, only a peaceful and safe heaven.

At the same time, Ling Chen suddenly felt that the pressure around him was becoming weaker, and the howls of the vampiric Undead became softer. Within his field of vision, the vampiric Undead rus.h.i.+ng towards him slowed down, and the murderous looks within their eyes died. Even the bloodthirsty air around them gradually faded.


A [Boundless Desolation] from Ling Chen and a [Heaven-Burning Flames] from Xi Ling were simultaneously released, causing the Undead to Ling Chen's sides and above him to be annihilated. However, the vampiric Undead in the distance did not immediately charge over. Instead, the vampiric Undead on the ground looked at them and hesitantly took a few steps forwards before lowering their heads and starting to powerlessly mill around, as if they had forgotten about Ling Chen and his pets. The Demon Bats in the air did not fly over, and they instead flew around slowly - the rate at which they beat their wings became at least 3 to 4 times slower. Some would occasionally fly past Ling Chen, but before they could attack, they would lazily fly past as if they were too lazy to attack them.

Ling Chen turned to look at Cai'Er, who was smiling as she sang, and stared at her with incredulity. She wasn't the cute and bubbly Cai'Er that he knew, but she seemed more like a G.o.ddess. At this moment, he smacked himself on the head - he had forgotten about this little Fairy's abilities!

After all, this was the first time Ling Chen had summoned her after taking her as a pet, and Ling Chen was the most unfamiliar with her skills. Just then, when he had been almost overwhelmed by the attacks of the Undead and felt an incredible amount of pressure, he didn't have a chance to think about Cai'Er's Nature songs. There was a [Song of Redemption - Pure Heaven], which reduced the enemy's hatred and battle spirit.

Even if he had thought of it, he wouldn't have expected such a ridiculous effect. The vampiric Undead, which had wanted to rip him into pieces, did not even look at him now, let alone attack him. It was as if he didn't exist to them.

"Cai'Er, why didn't you sing this earlier? Xi Ling and I were fighting so hard back there." Ling Chen wiped the cold sweat off his forehead as he asked. During this period of time, he and Xi Ling had been incredibly tense… even if he forgot about the Song of Redemption, how could Cai'Er forget about it?

Cai'Er stopped singing and lifted her face, her small hand patting her chest as she said in a small voice, "There were so many scary monsters, and I was nearly scared to death, so… so I forgot about it."


In just the few seconds that Cai'er stopped singing, the vampiric Undead around them started to hiss and screech again. The vampiric Undead seemed to have been shocked out of a nightmare, and a berserk aura burst out from them as they charged towards Ling Chen, once again forming a ma.s.sive army of Undead.

Ling Chen's eyebrows jumped and he hurriedly sent the nearest wave of Undead flying as he yelled to Cai'Er, "Hurry and sing! Don't stop!!"

"Eh? Oh, oh!" Cai'Er, who had been given a big fright, hurriedly started to sing the Song of Redemption again. Just as she started to sing, the berserk aura died down by half and was soon gone. The approaching Undead army stopped and silently dispersed, with all of the monsters ignoring Ling Chen and his pets.

Ling Chen let out a breath and asked Xiao Hui to find the direction before quickly advancing. At first, Ling Chen was still quite cautious, but after 10 or so minutes, he was able to let down his guard. The vampiric Undead here were like big cabbages, and none of them attacked him as he pa.s.sed by. Despite pa.s.sing right before them, they didn't even bother to look at him and uninterestedly walked away. There would sometimes be a wall of Undead blocking their way, which would be incinerated by Xi Ling, and the Undead around them would continue to mill around, not caring at all.

As such, Xi Ling opened the way from the front and Xiao Hui was right behind her, collecting the Underworld Coins, while Ling Chen followed behind them in a carefree manner. Their journey was completely un.o.bstructed, and 2 hours later, he came out of the Path of Darkness as the lighting changed and a system announcement sounded out.

Cai'Er was undoubtedly the one who made it possible to pa.s.s through the Path of Darkness so easily. Without Cai'Er, Ling Chen definitely wouldn't have been able to make it through the Path of Shadows, and it would have been incredibly difficult for him to make it past the Path of Darkness. After walking out of the Path of Darkness, Ling Chen opened Cai'Er's stats page and looked through her abilities a few times, especially all of her Nature's Songs. After committing them to memory, he once again advanced.

At a different place.

"All of the signs we've seen points to Ling Tian hiding in Su Hang City, and he is under the Li family's protection. There's definitely some sort of relations.h.i.+p between him and Li Xiao Xue!"

"Are you sure?" Long Tian Yun turned around, his gaze sinister.

"I'm completely certain! Furthermore, although the Yun family has been desperately searching for her, Yun Meng Xin hasn't returned to the Yun family and is staying somewhere else. However, it seems that there are people protecting her - all of the people I've sent to monitor her haven't returned. We haven't even found any corpses."

"Then her as well!" Long Tian Yun laughed, a trace of madness in his eyes. "If I can't have her, I'll just have to destroy her. Even if it's her, she deserves to die for forcing me to this state!"

"Young master wants to… carry this out immediately?"

"That's right, you can start right now." Long Tian Yun's laugh was incredibly cold and savage, "However, you should know the consequences if this is leaked. Even my own father would kill me, so none of you will be able to escape either!"

The black figure trembled and lowered its head as it said, "Rest a.s.sured, young master, we'll definitely carry this out perfectly without any flaws! They won't be able to suspect anyone."


The black figure nodded and quickly disappeared from Long Tian Yun's sight.

"You forced me to do this… enjoy this nightmare!"

"Ding… You have entered the 'Ice Purgatory'. There may be great danger ahead. Please proceed with caution or immediately leave."

As Ling Chen stepped into the Ice Purgatory, the s.p.a.ce in front of him became quite wide. The world before him was no longer dark but was instead quite bright, allowing Ling Chen to see the entire s.p.a.ce clearly. It seemed to be a region constructed with crystals, and no matter if it was below their feet, above them, or to the sides, it seemed to be made of light-blue ice. At a glance, this seemed like a sealed world, but it was thousands of metres under the surface, so it shouldn't have any natural light from above. The light in here should be from the crystals.

"Wow! It's all ice here! So pretty… it's just a bit cold." Leng'Er looked around with wide eyes that were full of curiosity and excitement as she subconsciously pulled her thin clothes closer to her. There was ice everywhere, so naturally it would be quite cold here. However, it was not to the point that it was 'freezing'. But then again, Ling Chen had the Aquarius...o...b.. so even if it was at absolute zero, he wouldn't feel it at all.

It was all ice below his feet, and it was quite difficult to walk due to how slippery it was. As such, Snow Cherry had to fly low to the ground. Ling Chen flew slowly, continuously looking around him. The s.p.a.ce was not very big - it was at most 300 metres wide, and as soon as Ling Chen had entered, he could see the exit. The ground directly ahead was flat and slippery, and there was nothing to obstruct him. On the sides were countless large and small mountains of ice, and it was so silent that one could hear a pin drop, making the atmosphere seem quite oppressive.

"Big brother, it was so dark outside, so why is there light here? I can't see any magic lights here," Cai'Er asked curiously while appreciating the icy environment.

"Shhh…" Ling Chen put his finger to his lips.

Cai'Er immediately covered her mouth, blinking at Ling Chen.

Snow Cherry continued to advance but at a slower rate. Then, as Ling Chen's eyebrows twitched, Snow Cherry came to a complete stop.

It was completely silent around them, and there was not even a trace of sound. They were less than 100 metres from the exit, but Ling Chen had suddenly stopped and paused there, his eyebrows furrowed as he narrowed his eyes.

Suddenly, his pupils contracted as he activated [Moment of Elegance] and shot upwards like an arrow.


The still surface of ice beneath Ling Chen was suddenly broken through as countless bone-spikes pierced upwards, reaching 10 metres in the air. The bone-spikes extended for 100 metres across, forming a shocking forest of bone-spikes.

Because of Ling Chen's incredible reaction time in using [Moment of Elegance], Snow Cherry and he narrowly avoided the bone-spikes, and Leng'Er's body was in a spirit state, so she naturally was not harmed. However, Xiao Hui, Xi Ling, and Cai'Er were hit…




Although Xiao Hui was only Heaven's End grade, his maximum HP was 88,960, and adding on the Holy Spirit's s.h.i.+eld, which negated 50% of all damage, that terrifying attack was not enough to insta-kill him. For Xi Ling, apart from Water, all of her elemental resistances were not lower than 80%. As such, she bore only 20% of this Darkness element attack. However, Xi Ling's lifeforce was quite weak, and even with Cai'Er's Nature's Heart, her maximum HP was only 10,720, so although she didn't receive much damage, her HP bar was instantly emptied. As for Cai'Er, 5 of her elemental resistances were at 90%, but she was incredibly weak against Darkness attacks. With her -100% Darkness Resistance, the attack dealt a ma.s.sive amount of damage to her and also instantly killed her.

However, Xi Ling and Cai'Er did not immediately die. Instead, Xiao Hui's body shone with a grey light.

"Ding… your pet Xiao Hui's Pa.s.sive Ability [Holy Spirit's Sacrifice] has been activated and has taken the place of Xi Ling and Cai'Er's deaths. Xi Ling and Cai'Er have been restored to the state before they died."

"Ding… your pet Xiao Hui has died."

"Ding… your pet Xiao Hui's Pa.s.sive Ability [Holy Spirit's s.h.i.+eld] has activated and has been revived with full HP."

Ling Chen, who was high in the air, saw an eerie white shadow about 50 metres to his left.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 643

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