Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 665

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Being Forced Into A Marriage 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Ling Chen slowly nodded. "So it was like that… wait! You just said that you and Leng'Er… err, your daughter, have been separated for 10,000 years?"

"That's right." The Underworld King heavily nodded. "10,000 years… a whole 10,000 years. 10,000 years have pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye, and if Leng'Er's body hadn't been destroyed and her soul hadn't been damaged, she would have already matured and may have become the next Underworld Queen… however, it's already good enough that she's back."

10,000 years… it had actually been such a long time. To humans, 10,000 years was something that they could not even comprehend. Ling Chen thought for a moment before hesitantly asking, "Then is it possible for you to tell me how you and Leng'Er were separated… after being with Leng'Er for so long, I want to know about her past."

"The Shura's Devastation," The Underworld King answered. Because of the things he had seen from Leng'Er's memories, he was incredibly thankful to Ling Chen, and he also deeply trusted him. "I'm sure that with your experiences you already know what the Shura's Devastation was. Countless beings died, bringing disaster to the entire Forgotten Continent. In the end, even the Underworld was caught in it. Chan'Er and I were mercilessly attacked by the Shura without any preparation. The Shura was simply too powerful, and even despite fighting with my full strength, I was unable to stop him. I was heavily wounded, and I lost my ability to fight for a long time. 

"Luckily, my Underworld Generals Warring Palace and Warring Star were able to escape with Chan'Er. Afterwards, I could not find them, but because of the connection between our bloodlines, I knew that Chan'Er was still in this world… after the Shura's Devastation, the Demon Beast Clan tried to bring more disaster. The Underworld had been greatly weakened, so we could only close all of the Underworld Doors, and I, who had temporarily lost the ability to fight, could only hide like a turtle in the Underworld Blood Lake to recover my strength, and I was unable to look for Chan'Er."

"Finally, after the Demon Beast Clan had finally been vanquished, I had recovered some of my strength, and I started to desperately search for Chan'Er. Afterwards, we found Warring Star's remains at the Demon Beast Clan's battlefield, but I could not find Warring Palace and Chan'Er… from then onwards, I searched for 10,000 years, but I was unable to find Chan'Er… 10,000 years!" The Underworld King raised his head. After feeling immense joy from finding his daughter, he was filled with immeasurable sorrow and aggrievement.

Ling Chen didn't know about Warring Star, but he clearly remembered Warring Palace. Evidently, they had been attacked by the Demon Beast Clan 10,000 years ago. Warring Star had died to stop the Demon Beast Clan while Warring Palace took Leng'Er and escaped. As they escaped, its lifeforce was about to run out and was about to turn into a skeleton, but its undying will allowed him to continue to remain by Leng'Er's side as a skeleton. Even after 10,000 years, he still had the willpower to protect her… until Xi Ling used the Heavenly Wrath of the 9 Suns to kill it and was once again killed by Ling Chen afterwards. 

Ling Chen couldn't help but respect the Underworld General called 'Warring Palace'.

"Regardless, the father and daughter have been reunited. Although Leng'Er's currently unable to remember her past, as long as she has enough time after she's returned to the Underworld… Oh! Right, Underworld King, did you say there were methods to help her restore her memory? Is that true?" Ling Chen looked over at Leng'Er behind him, who had no idea what they were talking about. His expression was calm, but the shock within him was unable to be calmed down… Leng'Er, who he had coincidentally picked up and spent every day making happy, was actually the Underworld King's daughter, and she was next in line to become the Underworld Queen. How could he feel calm in the face of such a terrifying truth?

Even more importantly, because of the Soul Sacrifice Contract, Leng'Er was his humanoid pet! An Underworld Queen was his pet, bound by an inviolable contract, sharing a life with him… OhmyG.o.d!

This journey to the Underworld had simply been too eventful! Just what else could happen?

"There are indeed many methods." The Underworld King nodded, but then he frowned and looked at Leng'Er before turning his gaze to the Underworld Blood Lake. "Chan'Er has lost her memories because her soul is incomplete. As long as we can awaken the damaged portion of her soul, she will naturally recover her memories, feelings, intelligence, and speaking abilities. Ai, although the Underworld Blood Lake can heal part of our power, it's unable to heal our souls. Although there are many ways to repair one's soul, not only are they incredibly tough, they also need an incredibly long time."

"How long?" Ling Chen asked as he frowned.

"The shortest takes 30 years, while the longest takes 70 or so years," The Underworld King calmly replied.

Ling Chen was speechless. Perhaps this amount of time didn't mean much to the Underworld King, but that was an incredibly long time to humans.

"Not only that, the soul will be greatly stimulated throughout the repairing process, causing pain to the soul. Moreover, there's a chance of failure," The Underworld King continued. However, Ling Chen strangely felt that the Underworld King seemed incredibly calm as he spoke… as if he had some other method. He definitely wouldn't be willing to use those methods on Leng'Er.

"Could it be that there are better methods?" Ling Chen asked.

"There are! Of course there are!" The Underworld King turned and looked at him with a burning gaze, making Ling Chen feel quite uncomfortable. The Underworld King smiled, "Before looking at Chan'Er's memories, I definitely wouldn't have used such a method. However, there's no problem…" The Underworld King's smile became deeper and stranger, "Not only will the effects be evident within a short period of time, but there also aren't any side-effects or pain. Moreover, not only will it restore Chan'Er's soul, but it will also slowly repair her body, turning her from a half-soul, half-corporeal existence into a true fleshly being." 

"What's more, the only person who can help her with this is you, who Chan'Er has the Soul Sacrifice Contract with," the Underworld King said as he gave Ling Chen a deep look and patted him on the shoulder.

"Me?" Ling Chen asked in surprise.

"That's right. This is because Chan'Er made a Soul Sacrifice Contract with you, and it's the last one she can use in her lifetime. With the Soul Sacrifice Contract, her body and soul are both attached to you. You should know that no one else can touch Leng'Er but you because of the Soul Sacrifice Contract. As such, you can use your soul and life force to awaken the dormant part of Chan'Er's soul and help her slowly regain her body… only you can do it!"

Although he had heard every word the Underworld King had said, Ling Chen felt incredibly confused, and he asked, "What should I do then?"

"Very simple." The Underworld King tapped his chin before saying in a low voice, "Consummate with her."

"Consummate?" Ling Chen frowned in confusion, and after falling silent for a while, his eyes widened as he asked, "By consummate, you couldn't mean… mean…"

The Underworld King grinned. "Nonsense! What else could it mean? Most of Chan'Er's memories are filled with you, and although she doesn't know it, she's heavily dependent on you. Although you're a human, I can tell that you're quite extraordinary from Chan'Er's memories. For you to be able to defeat even the Undead War G.o.d, even I feel some respect towards you, so I suppose you're good enough for Chan'Er! Most importantly, you're very good to Chan'Er and adding on the fact that your consummation can help her regain her soul and body, I think this is perfect."

"B-B-B-But…" Ling Chen started to stammer.

"What do you mean, 'but'?" The Underworld King glared at him. "Could it be that the Underworld King's daughter, the next Underworld Queen, is not good enough for you?"

"That's not the problem!" Just as Ling Chen was wondering if his journey could be any more eventful, it had suddenly become plenty more eventful. The Underworld King's words shocked Ling Chen out of his wits, making him feel at a loss as to what to say. "Don't you think… Leng'Er's still too young… she's still a child, so how could she…"

"Young? How is she too young? My daughter is 10,823 years old this year! Even your great-great-great-great-great grandfather would think she's too old! How could she be too young?" The Underworld King roared.

Ling Chen choked on his words… although Leng'Er looked like a young girl, she was actually more than 10,000 years old, so he was unable to use this excuse anymore. He scratched his head as he hurriedly said, "Underworld King, you should know that I'm a human, while Leng'Er belongs to your Underworld Royal Clan and is, therefore, an Undead. For a living being and an Undead to… err…"

"Undead? Who told you that the Underworld Royal Clan are all Undead?" The Underworld King retorted before pointing at Leng'Er. "Leng'Er is my daughter. Have you heard about Undead having children before?"

Ling Chen was speechless… indeed, he had never heard of such a thing before.

However, wasn't the Underworld King the Emperor of countless Undead in the Underworld? As the Emperor of Undead, how could he not be an Undead? Moreover, from Leng'Er's attacks, he could tell that they were evidently Darkness-attributed.

The Underworld King calmly replied, "The Underworld Royal Clan are not Undead, nor are we living beings. Our ancestor was the ancient… forget it, this is my Underworld Royal Clan's secret, and there's no need for you to know. You can think of it as the Underworld Royal Clan having an affinity with the aura of death and the power of death but with a living body and an Undead soul! Furthermore, I can promise you on the honour of the Underworld Royal Clan that there will be no problems with an Underworld Queen consummating with a living creature. Even having children will be no problem!

Ling Chen: "….." (What the h.e.l.l is that supposed to mean?!)

The Underworld King suddenly became infuriated. "You keep looking for reasons to refuse this. Could it be that you look down on the Underworld Royal Clan and think that my daughter isn't good enough for you?"

"No! Of course not!" Ling Chen immediately waved my hands,

"Could it be that you don't want to save my daughter?" The Underworld King became even more furious.

"Of course not…" Ling Chen almost felt like crying… what was this progression of events?!

"Then what are you hesitating for?" The Underworld King grabbed Ling Chen and roared at him, almost causing his eardrums to burst, "I've been separated from Chan'Er for 10,000 years, and I've been dreaming for her to call me father. And now, she's right in front of me, but she doesn't recognise me. A young man like you who hasn't been a father before wouldn't understand this sort of pain." 

"I don't want to wait for even a second! I'm going to immediately announce to the entire city that I've found my Chan'Er and that I've also found a son-in-law! Tonight, you're going to get married and help Chan'Er recover her memories so that she can at least call me father. If her memories haven't come back by tomorrow, t-t-t-then… don't even hope of leaving!"

 Ling Chen: "#$%..."

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 665

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