Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 668

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Do Your Best, Son-In-Law!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

When Ling Chen woke up, it was about 8:45am, and it was already daytime in the real world.

No matter what time it was, it was always quite dark in the Underworld. When Ling Chen woke, his movements also disturbed the girl in his embrace. During the night, she had not been sent back to the Pet s.p.a.ce, but she had instead cuddled with Ling Chen as they slept. She had woken up earlier than Ling Chen, and after feeling Ling Chen's movements, she opened her eyes and started mumbling. She stretched out her body, revealing her jade-like body as she hugged Ling Chen's arm. She then once again closed her eyes, feeling incredibly safe and peaceful.

Looking at Leng'Er beside him and thinking back to what had happened during the night, Ling Chen s.p.a.ced out for a while. When he came back to his senses, he looked at the time and then at the light from outside, gently lifting the blanket covering them and saying, "Leng'Er, it's time to get up."

After the blanket was lifted up, her pet.i.te and flawless body was revealed. Her skin looked just as white even under the dim lighting, causing Ling Chen to stare. He couldn't help but stretch his hand towards her body and feel her suppleness, and after feeling this, he felt reluctant to move his hand away. He started to greedily play with her naked body, and his groping became more and more intense, causing the half-awake Leng'Er begin breathing raggedly.

"Ahh…" Leng'Er softly moaned like a kitten's mew, and she opened her eyes, looking at Ling Chen hazily, and spoke with a soft voice, "Master… are we going to play the game again?"

"Err… does Leng'Er like playing that game?" Ling Chen softly played with her cotton-like chest and gem-like buds, feeling the slight trembles through her body as an undetectable lecherous smile appeared on his face.

"Mm…" Leng'Er nodded, looking incredibly pure.

Ling Chen smiled. "Compared to hearing stories, which one does Leng'Er prefer?"

Leng'Er blinked as if she was trying to compare the two. However, not too long later, she said in a soft voice, "Playing the game…"

"Do you want to play the game regularly then?" Ling Chen smiled wider as he moved his hand from Leng'Er's chest towards her legs.

Leng'Er's trembling became even more intense, and she subconsciously caught Ling Chen's hand between her thighs. A pink glow appeared on her face as she breathed deeply, saying the answer Ling Chen wanted to hear, "Okay…"

Ling Chen grinned and tossed the blanket away. Leng'Er helped as he lifted her bottom up, spreading her tender, white legs on either side of him, saying, "Let's play now then." 

After the previous night's experience, Leng'Er knew what was about to happen, and she started to pant as she tightly closed her eyes. Her cheeks became red as she raised her bottom in nervousness and antic.i.p.ation, her small feet continuously trembling…

Ding… your pet Leng'Er's favourability towards you +12."

By the time Ling Chen took Leng'Er back to the hall, it was past 10am. Leng'er was dressed the same way as before and had the same expression, but there was a subtle hint of something extra in her gaze, the traces from the 'game' she had played. Her face was no longer pure white, and it instead had some hints of pink, making her look incredibly cute and enchanting.

The Underworld King seemed to be waiting for them, and when he saw Ling Chen and Leng'Er come out, he immediately went over and laughed as he yelled out, "How did son-in-law do… err, sleep last night?"

Before Ling Chen could reply, the Underworld King leaned over and looked at little Leng'Er, looking hesitant as if he was afraid that his loud voice would scare her. "Chan'Er, did you sleep well last night? Was the bed comfortable?"

Even though the Underworld King had done his best to look as warm and affectionate as possible, his appearance, which could scare any young girl, caused Leng'Er to subconsciously retreat behind Ling Chen. The Underworld King stared, and he started pulling at his hair, looking incredibly downcast.

Ling Chen couldn't stay calm, and he asked in a small voice, "Underworld King, didn't you say… ahem, if we did that… you know, Leng'Er would regain her memories? How come she still doesn't recognise you? Last night, I did exactly as you said!"

When Ling Chen said these things, he felt a bit guilty and angry. Guilty because he had slept with his daughter, a girl who looked too young. Angry because… he had slept with her, but it was because of what the Underworld King had said! It was the Underworld King who had said her memories could be recovered! It wasn't his fault that her memories weren't back.

The Underworld King waved his hand, giving a nonchalant 'oh', and casually replied, "Her memories aren't back yet? That's alright. How could they come back so easily?"

Ling Chen instantly felt as if he had been played, and he took a step forwards as he unhappily said, "Underworld King! You mean… you knew that Leng'Er wouldn't regain her memories today? So you were lying to me yesterday?"

The Underworld King gave him a sideways glance as he replied, not feeling guilty at all, "How could it be so easy to restore a soul that was damaged 10,000 years ago? Even if a True G.o.d still existed, it would take them at least 3 to 5 days!"

"Then were the things you told me about Leng'Er being able to recover her memories and remember you as her father if I consummated with her all a load of nonsense!?"

"Err…that, I was too happy to see Chan'Er yesterday, and I remembered incorrectly. Mm, that must have been what happened." The Underworld King was indeed someone who had lived for a long time, and his face didn't become red nor did his heart beat faster. "I checked the Underworld King Collection last night and found that even if she consummates with the person who she has a Soul Sacrifice Contract with, it'll be impossible for her soul to recover in a short period of time… However," The Underworld King patted Ling Chen's arm, giving him a look of encouragement and pleading, "this is the best method that doesn't have any risks or side-effects."

"… Then how long will it take?"

"Let me think… if you consummate once every day, it'll take about a year," The Underworld King said in a deadly earnest manner.

"I…." Ling Chen started.

"Good son-in-law, I'll leave this to you. For my daughter, and for your life, do your best." The Underworld King patted Ling Chen's shoulder, looking at him deeply.

Ling Chen felt his mouth twitch and couldn't speak for a while… encouraging a man to 'do' his best, and he had mentioned that they needed to do it once per day… this father was so G.o.dd.a.m.n… fudge!!!

If Leng'Er didn't have the Underworld King's power, Ling Chen would have begun to suspect whether the Underworld King really was her father.

"That's right; I saw the reason why you came to the Underworld from Chan'Er's memories. You seem to be seeking the Lunar Scourge's...o...b...  The Lunar Scourge…" When he said that name, the Underworld King's eyes flashed. "The Lunar Scourge is an incredibly terrifying yet desirable item. Back then, the cause of the Shura's Devastation was the Lunar Scourge. The Shuras it can create can cause even the heavens to tremble. It's said that if one is controlled by the Lunar Scourge, he will become a Shura who only wants to kill. However, if one can instead control the Lunar Scourge, he will be able to use the Lunar Scourge's power while also possessing the Shura's power. After hearing various legends and seeing the power that the Shura displayed back then, I once wanted the Lunar Scourge. Afterwards, that desire gradually disappeared.

"However, I can see that although you have the Lunar Scourge, you're not controlled by it. In that case, it must be that you have controlled the Lunar Scourge. The Underworld King looked at Ling Chen deeply as he said, "Good son-in-law, well done."

Ling Chen: "……"

"You came to the Underworld to search for the Lunar Scourge orbs, right? Could it be that the orb you want is in the Underworld Blood Lake? If that's the case, you can go look for it at any time. Take these scrolls; they'll allow you to directly reach the Underworld Blood Lake's boundary."

As he spoke, the Underworld King took out 3 scrolls and handed them to Ling Chen.

[Spatial Scroll - Underworld Blood Lake]: A special spatial scroll created by the Underworld King's powerful Underworld King power. After crus.h.i.+ng the scroll, the user will tear open a spatial tunnel to the Underworld Blood Lake. Can only be used while not in battle.

Ling Chen put away the scrolls and said, "Thank you, Underworld King. Just like you said, I'm here to look for the Lunar Scourge's...o...b... There might be one within the Underworld Blood Lake."

The Underworld King frowned before complaining, "You've already wedded my daughter; shouldn't you be calling me father-in-law?"

"Err… this… can you please answer one of my questions?" Ling Chen earnestly asked.

"What is it?" The Underworld King replied.

"What was the real reason… why you wanted to marry Leng'Er to me so eagerly?"

The Underworld King looked at Ling Chen deeply and used a tone that Ling Chen couldn't recognise, "The true reason… when the day comes, you'll naturally know. You only need to know that I'll never harm my daughter. Because my daughter's life is tied to yours, I will never harm you either." The Underworld King stopped speaking, and his tone changed as he impatiently yelled, "Alright, go do what you need to do! Go find that orb or go take a walk around the city. I have things to do, so I won't be staying with you any longer."

After speaking, the Underworld King swung his sleeve and strode away, afraid that Ling Chen would continue to ask him questions.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 668

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