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Leo, Capricorn (1) 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Underworld Royal City was quite large, and it wasn't smaller than the Forgotten City. As a living creature, Ling Chen was an extremely rare existence in the Underworld Royal City… of course, that was with the exception of the Underworld Merchant Qian Gun Gun. And now, his status had become even more special… the Underworld King's son-in-law!

As such, when Ling Chen and Leng'Er appeared in the Underworld Royal City, all of the high-grade Undead treated them extremely respectfully and would hurry over from a great distance away to pay their respects. There was even a large group of high-grade Undead fighting to take Ling Chen and Leng'Er for a tour around the Underworld Royal City.

The Underworld Royal City wasn't a very lively place, and it had a heavy deathly aura everywhere. After walking around for a while, Ling Chen started to feel bored, and he started to head towards the Business Street. There were not many shops on the Business Street; at most there were some small stalls with strangely dressed Undead selling all kinds of weird things. Ling Chen walked to the first stall and looked at some strangely-shaped… loudspeakers.

[Low Sound Quality Speaker]: A low-quality speaker made from poor-quality Underworld Sound Stones. When speaking into it, one will be be able to transmit their voice to the surrounding 10 kilometres. Price: 3 Underworld Coins.

[High Sound Quality Speaker]: A high-quality speaker made from high-quality Underworld Sound Stones. When speaking into it, one will be able to transmit their voice to the surrounding 100 kilometres. Price: 20 Underworld Coins.

[Super Quality Sound Cannon]: An ultimate speaker made from super Underworld Sound Stones. It has unimaginable broadcasting abilities - when speaking into it, one will be able to transmit their voice to the surrounding 1,000 kilometres. Price: 600 Underworld Coins, can only buy 1.

After casually looking through their effects, Ling Chen, who was just about to leave, suddenly stopped… speakers that could transmit one's voice to 100 or even 1,000 kilometres! What superb items! Ling Tian City needed a way to conveniently give announcements throughout the entire city. With these speakers, this problem would be perfectly solved.

Ling Chen looked at his Underworld Coins. After killing large numbers of vampiric Undead in the Path of Darkness and the 3 Heaven's End grade Bosses in the Ice Purgatory, Ling Chen currently had 23,000 Underworld Coins. As such, he unhesitatingly bought 10 High Sound Quality Speakers and 1 Super Quality Sound Cannon. After returning, he would give each of the leaders of the city a speaker, making it incredibly convenient for them to make city-wide announcements.

At the second stall were all sorts of strange stones. After looking at the first stone's description, Ling Chen was shocked:

[Void Underworld Stone]: A stone that can release a mysterious s.p.a.ce under certain conditions. They are found under the Underworld's tall mountains and are extremely hard to find. They are even worth the value of entire cities. After putting it into one's bag, it increases the item s.p.a.ce by 60,000 s.p.a.ces. Price: 6000 Underworld Coins.

60,000 s.p.a.ces… this mysterious stone could increase the number of s.p.a.ces in his bag by a whole 60,000! This essentially meant that Ling Chen would have an unlimited inventory!

Ling Chen currently had the Emptying Rock that he had bought from Qian Gun Gun for a high price, which gave him an extra 300 s.p.a.ces. Ling Chen already had the largest expansion for his bag, but he obtained items too quickly. Even with the Emptying Rock, he was unable to keep everything. As such, he often needed to throw away equipment and items. However, with this Void Underworld Stone, he would never have to worry about his inventory again.

Although the Void Underworld Stone costed an expensive 6000 Underworld Coins, it was definitely worth it, so Ling Chen instantly bought it.

As Ling Chen walked from one end of the Business Street to the other, he felt more surprise and shock with every step he took. The things here were weird and wonderful, and they had all sorts of effects. What's more, most of these things were quite common in the Underworld and not very useful to the powerful Undead. However, to Ling Chen, who came from the Forgotten Continent, they were completely different. Most of the things here were complete trash in the Underworld, but in the Forgotten Continent, especially to players, they would be apart of an incredibly rare treasure trove!

Why was the Underworld Merchant Qian Gun Gun famous everywhere under the heavens? Why did countless people desire to meet him and buy the things he had to sell? It was because Qian Gun Gun had many items from the Underworld that living beings could not obtain by themselves. The living world and the undead world were 2 completely different worlds, and the things that appeared within them were naturally different. Ordinary things in one world could very well be priceless treasures in the other. Standing at the end of the Business Street, Ling Chen's eyes lit up…

A business opportunity! A ma.s.sive business opportunity!!

The rubbish that Qian Gun Gun could casually find in the Underworld was all sold for astronomical prices in the Forgotten Continent, and there were countless people fighting to buy them, causing his name to be incredibly renowned. In that case, what if he bought things en from the Underworld and sold them in Ling Tian City?

This was naturally impossible for other people because living creatures couldn't even enter the Underworld and Undead who left the Underworld would become zombies that could only follow the Underworld King's command. After so many years, the only person who could do this was Qian Gun Gun, and to the current Ling Chen, wanting to do this was simply too easy! With Leng'Er's Underworld King power, he could safely enter the Underworld. What's more, he was the Underworld King's son-in-law! This was a status that was recognised by the Underworld King himself, and everyone in the Underworld knew about it!

Ling Chen thought of ways to bring things from the Underworld to Ling Tian City in bulk as well as how to bring some of the Forgotten Continent's ordinary things to the Underworld. That way both sides would benefit, and adding in Leng'Er's relations.h.i.+p with the Underworld King, how could he refuse?

After making this decision, Ling Chen decided to think about this matter in the future… it would be no problem gaining the Underworld King's approval, so it would be quite easy to facilitate the trade.

After bringing Leng'Er to take a look around the Underworld Royal City, Ling Chen took out one of the Spatial Scrolls that the Underworld King had given him. Before leaving the Underworld Royal City, he subconsciously looked up at the unnatural-looking red sky to the west of the Underworld Royal City before crus.h.i.+ng the scroll.

"Ding… you have arrived in the dangerous region 'Underworld Blood Lake'."

As the s.p.a.ce around them changed, the Underworld Royal City was replaced with the Underworld Blood Lake. Within Ling Chen's vision was the bubbling water, and after coming here again, Ling Chen's feelings were completely different. He no longer felt any danger or worry - after all, he could come to this Forbidden Area whenever he wanted, and he could leave whenever he wanted.

"Xiao Hui, Snow Cherry."

Ling Chen put Xiao Hui onto Snow Cherry's back as they lifted off into the air. Xiao Hui stood on Snow Cherry's neck, his horn lighting up as soon as he appeared. Ling Chen immediately asked, "Xiao Hui, have you found it? Hurry and find its location."

Ling Chen softly barked and turned around a few times before pointing his horn towards Ling Chen's right. Snow Cherry immediately changed direction towards where Xiao Hui was pointing. The further ahead they flew, the brighter the glow on Xiao Hui's horn became. When the brightness reached its maximum, Xiao Hui barked and Snow Cherry stopped there.

"Is it here?" Ling Chen looked down at the blood-red water, and after confirming the place, he said to Leng'Er, "Leng'Er, we'll be relying on you."

Out of all of them, only Leng'Er could go into the Underworld Blood Lake. After playing the 'game' with Ling Chen all night, she became much more obedient. She meekly nodded and lightly floated down, submerging into the Underworld Blood Lake. Ling Chen looked down and waited excitedly… which orb would it be this time?

Out of the Mysterious G.o.d grade orbs, the Leo Orb, Capricorn Orb, and Aries...o...b..were still left. Qi Yue said that the Leo Orb was for Physical Attack Power, the Capricorn Orb was for Magic Attack Power, and the Aries...o...b.. was useless before becoming a Shura, but after becoming a Shura, it would be more useful than the 3 Saint Destroyer grade Orbs. So which one would it be?

Ling Chen didn't have to wait too long. As the water rippled, Leng'Er broke through the water. Just as Ling Chen was about to call out to her, his expression froze… because Leng'Er wasn't holding an orb, and the Lunar Scourge on his wrist wasn't giving off any light.

What was going on? Xiao Hui's detection abilities had never failed him before. Could it be that the Underworld Blood Lake was too deep and there were too many things submerged underwater so Leng'Er couldn't find it or couldn't bring it out?

"Leng'Er, you didn't find it?" Ling Chen held Leng'Er's hand as he asked in a comforting tone. However, he suddenly saw that Leng'Er was holding a heavy, jet-black piece of metal.

"What's this?" Ling Chen took it into his hands. The instant it came into contact with his hands, the incredible feeling of heaviness suddenly appeared, causing Snow Cherry's body to fall by half a body position before stabilising. Ling Chen spent a great deal of effort holding it, and he found that it was not completely black. It actually contained a layer of dark-red within the blackness. The dark-red colour made him think of the colour of extremely thick blood after it had dried.

It was fairly flat and thick, but it had a hidden sharpness. It had a zigzag running along it, making it look like a fragment of a large sword.

Wait… this colour, heaviness, and shape… could it be…

[Shura Emperor Sword Shard 4]: 10,000 years ago, the famous 'Chi Xuan Sword Emperor' fell into the way of the Shura, and the sword he used became the [Shura Emperor Sword] after being bathed in the blood of countless beings. After becoming a Shura, the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor's sole purpose was to slaughter, and he ma.s.sacred countless creatures, causing a disaster everywhere under the heavens. In the end, he was punished by the heavens, and he was attacked by the Void Dragon G.o.d and the 3 Moon G.o.ddesses Fate, Order, and Freedom, dying at their hands. The 3 Moon G.o.ddesses tried to completely destroy the [Shura Emperor Sword], but they were unable to do so, so they split it into 5 segments and separated them so that they could never be brought together.

As expected!!

This was yet another shard of the strongest sword from the legends, the Shura Emperor Sword that the Shura had used to take countless lives!

Together with the ones he had already obtained, this was the fourth shard.

He had obtained the first one from the forgotten cave in the Novice Village. The second one was found at the War G.o.d's Trial Grounds, and the third one was found in the Dwarf's Palace. Now, he had obtained the fourth shard. He had heard many stories about the Shura Emperor Sword, and he felt a sense of curiosity towards it. He had never actively tried to find the sword's shards, but they seemed to be attracted to him.

After putting the shard away, Ling Chen's attention once again fell on Xiao Hui. After Ling Chen obtained the Shura Emperor Sword Shard, Xiao Hui's horn dimmed, but the glow did not disappear when Ling Chen put it away. Xiao Hui once again turned, and he faced towards the centre of the Underworld Blood Lake this time. 

Xiao Hui's detection abilities were extremely reliable and precise, but he could only determine where the items were, not what they were. In other words, what he had pointed them towards before was the Shura Emperor Sword Shard, so this time it should be the Lunar Scourge's...o...b..

 "Snow Cherry, let's go!"

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 669

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