Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 684

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Sweeping Away All Obstacles

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The Forgotten City's soldiers, who had been suppressed to the point that they almost couldn't breathe, had rejoiced upon seeing the Undead reduced to low health, and they had thought that the situation was about to be reversed. However, the Undead army had been restored from critical HP to full HP in a matter of seconds, kicking them down the abyss of despair again. The soldiers stopped advancing, staring at the Undead army that looked the same as before. All of their hope and battle intent was crushed.


The fully-recovered Undead army charged towards the Forgotten City's dumbfounded army, causing the reorganised army to once again fall into chaos. The double suppression of both their battle power and minds caused them to crumble once again, and even the Celestial grade and Heaven's End grade commanders were powerless to change anything.

White Eagle, who was still fighting with Greenwood, was unable to remain calm anymore. After he saw that Black Demon's ultimate skill, which had a ma.s.sive range, was unable to stop the Undead army, his expression completely changed. He started to use his full strength in his battle with Greenwood, and he continuously thought of ways to escape. However, how could Greenwood let him go? Although Greenwood's attacks were not as strong - at least, they were far weaker than White Eagle's - the Fairies' Nature magic was unrivalled in restricting and pinning down the opponent. Even though White Eagle used his full strength, he was unable to get away from Greenwood, and the situation between them was completely reversed.

Cai'Er's song did not change, and she continued singing[Song of Healing - Drizzle At The Light Of Dawn], causing the Undead army to recover 20% of its HP every second. The Undead already had quite high Defence and HP, and this terrifying recovery rate meant that they would often heal more than they would be damaged. The army became a true undying army.

What could cause more despair than an unkillable enemy? What's more, the unkillable enemy kept on multiplying, causing the Forgotten City's soldiers to feel like the light of hope was becoming dimmer and dimmer. Even the Celestial grade and Heaven's End grade commanders' battle intent was quickly crumbling. When Ling Chen was rus.h.i.+ng out of Ling Tian City, Xi Ling was no longer standing above the gates, and she instead spread her golden wings and loudly cried out as she flew towards the Forgotten City's army that had been driven back several kilometres by the Undead army.


Golden fire descended from the sky, mercilessly falling towards the Forgotten City's suppressed army. Xi Ling's attacks were definitely not as 'gentle' the Undead's. Wherever the golden flames went, they left behind 7-figure damage figures in their wake. From the normal soldiers to the Gold Corps, all of them were instantly killed. The high-level commanders who were not instantly killed screamed from the soul-burning effects, and after being afflicted by the [Burn] status, they screamed and rolled around on the ground in pain.

Every time [Nine Inferno Heavenly Flames] fell, it took hundreds of lives. Immediately after these soldiers died, they became Lord grade Undead, joining the Undead army.

Before Xi ling had returned, Ling Chen had fantasised many times about Xi Ling's destructive power and Leng'Er's Undead summoning power working together… after his journey in the Underworld, both Leng'Er and Xi Ling's abilities had become much more powerful, and their cooperation reached a terrifyingly perfect level.


After casting a few [Nine Inferno Heavenly Flames], the cooldown time for [Heaven-Burning Flame Sea] ended. In an instant, the surrounding 1,000 metres burned with golden fire, and the air and sky also became a brilliant golden colour. Within the sea of flames, a whole 6,000 soldiers of various grades, levels, and professions were insta-killed. Their pitiful cries shook the heavens and moved the earth. By the time the sea of flames disappeared, the large company of soldiers had been reduced to burnt corpses, and only a few powerful commanders remained, trembling as they stood. Following this, 6,000 Undead rose up. They did not immediately join the Undead army, and instead, under Leng'Er's command, rushed towards the Celestial grade and Heaven's End grade commanders who had not been insta-killed.


Xi Ling cried out, attacking mercilessly as Ling Chen had ordered. When she cried out, 6 golden b.a.l.l.s of fire floated out from her body, circling around her. Following this, the 6 b.a.l.l.s of golden fire quickly transformed into 6 golden Phoenixes that were as big as her, and they all cried out simultaneously before flying towards the Forgotten City's unorganized army.

Although these golden Phoenixes could only release Xi Ling's normal flame attacks, even Xi Ling's most basic attacks had terrifying destructive power and range. Even more importantly… these Phoenixes were invincible!

The 6 Phoenixes rushed towards the Forgotten City's army, bombarding them with fiery grenades. The golden flames continuously exploded outwards, lighting the ground ablaze and causing the Forgotten City's soldiers to scream and cry out. The Forgotten City's army suffered heavy casualties every second. These soldiers were the ones at the back of the army, and they were the only surviving ones. In fact, there wasn't even any need for the Undead army and Xi Ling to continue attacking - just these 6 golden Phoenixes were enough to send the Forgotten City's army into complete chaos and deal heavy casualties.

Originally, Black Demon had thought that bringing him to destroy a small player's city was simply overdoing it. However, now, he felt incredibly sullen - he found that even as the most powerful Mage G.o.d in the Forgotten Continent, he was unable to influence this battle at all.

Black Demon was completely furious. He looked up at Xi Ling in the sky with a hint of fear and savageness in his eyes as he roared in a low voice. Berserk wind blades spun around his body, and he spread out his hands as he muttered in a low voice, "All of you… go and die!!"

The wind blades spinning around Black Demon became faster and stronger. The airs that this attack gave off was even more powerful than the tornado that had lifted up the Undead army…

Ling Chen roared as he shot into the battlefield like a meteor with Dark Samsara in his right hand and Chilling Star in his left. He simultaneously activated [Soul Sacrifice] and [War G.o.d's Fury], and under his rapid charge, he left vortexes of air wherever he pa.s.sed… Black Demon, who was preparing a powerful attack, felt a soul-chilling coldness as the Dark Samsara and Chilling Star simultaneously blasted onto his body.

"Nirvana Samsara!!"

"Extinguis.h.i.+ng the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest!!"




The ground trembled with Ling Chen's body at the centre, and an unbridled, powerful force swept outwards. The wind storm that the Black Demon was preparing to release was completely dissipated, and he flew like a cannonball into the distance. In just an instant, he flew thousands of metres away. Although he was also Mysterious G.o.d grade, no matter if it was his battle power or his lifeforce, he was on a completely different level compared to Chi Xuan Wu Hen. Ling Chen had dealt 2 heavy blows to him in his most powerful state, dealing more than 20% of Black Demon's HP in an instant… to be able to reduce a Mysterious G.o.d grade expert's HP by more than 20% in an instant was something so terrifying that it almost caused his soul to leave his body. He had never seen or heard about something like this before!


Black Demon's body was smashed into a small mountain, and the forced caused him to only stop after he was tens of metres within it. The small mountain slightly shook, and long cracks began to extend from the middle before it became peaceful again.

This scene was witnessed by White Eagle, who was still unable to escape from Greenwood, shocking him completely. By now, the Forgotten Emperor's eyes were completely bulging, and his body swayed and almost fell to the ground.

Smas.h.i.+ng the almost invincible Wind G.o.d to such a degree…. Just… Just what sort of power was this?! Surely this was on the same level as the powerful Moon G.o.ddesses!

Ling Chen's current state was completely different from when he had fought the Undead War G.o.d, especially in regard to his attack damage. Now, he was so powerful that he would be able to fight equally with the Undead War G.o.d even without the [Shura's Death Domain]. After blowing away the Wind G.o.d with a single attack, Ling Chen, who was still in his most powerful state, turned to look at the commanders who were surrounded by the Undead army. A look of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes as he said in a low voice, "Leng'Er, go and destroy everyone in the back… leave these people to Xi Ling and me!"

The Undead army immediately stopped attacking and surrounding the enemy, and the Undead instead marched towards the back of the army that the 6 golden Phoenixes were bombarding.

The pressure on the commanders, who were barely able to breathe under the suppression of the Undead army, greatly lessened, but before they could take a few breathes, they felt a bone-chilling coldness. In their terror, they saw the player who had blasted the Wind G.o.d away staring at them, his gaze as deadly as a viper's.


A gust of wind erupted outward. Ling Chen did not bother exchanging useless words with them and charged while Xi ling circled above them, her body s.h.i.+ning with a golden light. She unleashed her barrier skill [Golden Heaven], causing all of the Forgotten City's powerful experts to be covered within it.

-1,382,400, -1,382,400, -1,382,400…

 The world around them became completely golden, and red 7-digit damage figures started to rise up from the commanders' heads. Moreover, all of their Fire Resistance had been lowered to -100%, meaning that all fire attacks would deal twice as much damage. Ling Chen activated Broken Shadow and charged towards the commanders, who were like super bosses to normal players, like a ferocious tiger. With his extreme speed, the completely bewildered commanders were unable to react at all. With a [Eight Directions Annihilation] from his right hand and a [Boundless Desolation] from his left, the s.p.a.ce around him violently trembled. Golden fire continued to rain down from above Ling Chen, giving one the sense of an apocalypse.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 684

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