Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 690

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Burning the Forgotten City

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

White Eagle and Black Demon simultaneously rushed down, attacking the nearest wave of Undead. Their Mysterious G.o.d grade power was simply unstoppable and all of their attacks contained ma.s.sive destructive power. However, these Undead were, after all, Lord grade Undead, and they had fairly high Defence and HP. Even White Eagle and Black Demon's ultimate skills were not enough to insta-kill them, and it took multiple normal attacks to kill them. This caused the last trace of hope within their hearts to vanish, and all of the hairs on their bodies stood on end… these were not normal Undead, and they were instead just as powerful as the ones in front of Ling Tian City!

In the battle in front of Ling Tian City, tens of thousands of elite soldiers had been completely suppressed by these Undead, and all of the elite soldiers had been killed in the end. White Eagle and Black Demon could naturally tell that all of these Undead were Lord grade Undead! This sort of Undead was very rarely seen, and although they had both lived for a thousand years between them, they had only seen 10 such Undead. And yet, there were more than 1 million now in the Forgotten City!

"How could it be like this? What's going on?" Black Demon uncontrollably roared. "Where did these Undead come from? How can there be so many Lord grade Undead? Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming!!"

"I also wish that this was a nightmare, but this is all real!" White Eagle said as he gritted his teeth. "Let's go! Hurry up and report this to his imperial majesty! The only thing we can do is ask his imperial majesty to negotiate with Ling Tian in order to get Ling Tian to move away all of these Undead! Otherwise, the Forgotten City might really be destroyed!!"

Just moments ago, they had snorted in disdain when Ling Tian had given his warning, but when facing this disaster now, they felt a bone-piercing terror. They simply couldn't imagine how a player could cause more than 1 million Undead to appear within the Forgotten City! This was completely incomprehensible and impossible!!

"Ding.. Warning! Warning! The Forgotten City has been attacked by an army of Undead. Please immediately stop them, or the Forgotten City may be in danger of being destroyed!"

"Ding… Warning! Warning…"

"Ding… Warning! Warning…"

"Ding… Warning! Warning…"

Urgent warnings sounded out across the Forgotten Continent about once every 10 seconds. Evidently, the system could tell how terrifying this Undead army was, and it immediately sent a warning to the entire Forgotten Continent.

By the time these system announcements sounded out, the Undead army had spread to more than half of the Forgotten City. They destroyed countless building and killed countless city guards with every step they took. At the same time, their numbers increased. Leng'Er's senses could cover half of the Forgotten City, and once a city guard fell, a grey fog would appear around that soldier, giving birth to a new Lord grade Undead that joined the Undead army. Half an hour later, countless city guards had died, but the Undead army's numbers had not decreased at all! Instead, it had increased from 1.2 million to 1.4 million! 

A single Lord grade Undead was powerful but not terrifying. 10 of them could cause a small disturbance, and the Forgotten City would be able to deal with even 1,000 of them. 10,000 of them would cause a significant problem for the Forgotten City, but they would not be able to cause the destruction of the entire city, but 1 million… was something that the Forgotten City could withstand at all.

In front of the Undead army, sending normal city guards was simply suicide, and doing so would instead bolster the numbers of the Undead army. The only ones who could stall them were the Gold Corps. However, even with 1,000 Gold Corps soldiers fighting against 1,000 Undead, the Gold Corps soldiers would still lose. This was because every Gold Corps soldier that died would increase the numbers on the Undead's side! The longer they fought, the larger the gap between the 2 sides would be. In the end, the 1,000 Gold Corps soldiers would be completely destroyed, while the Undead army would end up with more than their original 1,000… how could they fight against such an enemy?

The Forgotten City had more than half of the entire continent's experts. There were powerful Celestial grade and Heavens' End grade existences that did not fear these Lord grade Undead and had the power to kill them. However, enough ants could kill an elephant, and this was all the more so for the Undead that were only 1 or 2 grades below these experts. As more and more Undead flooded into the city, the Celestial grade experts only lasted for a few minutes before fleeing, and some were surrounded and killed. Heaven's End grade experts were only able to last for 10 minutes or so, and some of the more courageous ones lasted to the end, but they were completely inundated by Undead and died.

The Forgotten City's Celestial grade and Heaven's End grade experts fell at the Undead army's hands one by one, unable to stop them at all. Let alone them, even White Eagle and Black Demon could only run after facing this Undead army a few times. A ferocious beast could easily crush a group of ants, and even hundreds or thousands of ants would be no problem. However, angering 1 million ants… was simply seeking death. Once these 'ants' started to attack, even a G.o.d might not survive.

The Undead army spread out more and more, and by the time the Forgotten City's residents realised just how terrifying these Undead were, they gave up all thoughts of resisting and fled towards the outsides of the city. The entire city descended into chaos - residents screamed as they fled, and Undead walked around killing and destroying, their roars heard everywhere. When the Undead army finally spread across the entirety of the Forgotten City, the Forgotten City experienced its greatest disaster in thousands of years.

The Royal City of the humans was now dominated by Undead.

High in the sky, Ling Chen silently looked down at the chaos below, looking incredibly calm and cold. There were more than 1 million Lord grade Undead, but this number was still was not enough to deal with the vast Forgotten City. When the Undead army spread to every corner of the city, they became spread out, and Ling Chen became dissatisfied with the damage they dealt and the fear they induced. After a long time, the Forgotten Emperor still had not appeared. In front of the palace, many Gold Corps soldiers and commanders stoutly defended the palace's entrance, and they did not let a single Undead pa.s.s by.

"Looks like this isn't enough," Ling Chen's eyes slightly narrowed as a cruel smile appeared on his face. "In that case, let's make this Forgotten City a bit hotter."

Ling Chen raised his face and spread out his hands as he released the Phoenix G.o.d Heavenly Flames from the [Fire G.o.d's Bulwark] in vast quant.i.ties…

The sky above the Forgotten City suddenly turned crimson-red as if it were burning. The clouds disappeared in an instant, and the terrified residents subconsciously looked up at the strange sky. At the same time, they felt that the air had become unbearably hot to the point that they almost couldn't breathe.

The crimson-red sky suddenly descended, and as everyone's pupils contracted, fire rained down from the sky, covering the entire Forgotten City. The instant that the fire-rain landed, it began to burn furiously - This was no ordinary fire. This fire the Phoenix G.o.d Heavenly Flames from the Phoenix Royal Clan, and it could easily destroy stones and the ground.  The instant that the fire-rain descended from above, the Forgotten City became a city of flames - boundless crimson flames burned in every corner of the city, and they started to quickly spread. The light from the flames also illuminated the crowds of Undead and the terrified faces of residents and players.

Countless players and residents died within the Phoenix G.o.d Heavenly Flames. At that moment, a great wind blew through the city, causing the fire to become even more intense and creating more and more seas of flame. Within the screams of fear and terror, many people used water or Water Magic to extinguish the flames around them. However, the Phoenix G.o.d Heavenly Flames were so powerful that even the Underworld King could not deal with them; how could they be extinguished by normal water or Water Magic? Whenever Water Magic was blasted onto the flames, the magic was instantly devoured, and ordinary water would immediately cause the water to start burning.

Those who did not believe that a disaster would descend and believed that the Forgotten City could take care of everything finally fell into despair and fear. They immediately took their most important things and started to run out of the city. The city guards and players who had escaped looked at the fiery sky above the Forgotten City in despair, and countless residents screamed in terror…

They had no heart to think of why such a disaster had descended on the Forgotten City. The flames that burned the city struck at their hearts like lightning, throwing them into hopelessness. At the centre of the city, even the palace was not spared. After the fire-rain descend on the palace, the entire palace began to burn. 2 Heaven's End grade Water Mages quickly ran over and started to use their Water Magic; however, they were shocked and terrified to find that their water Magic not only did not extinguish the fire but also caused it to spread. In just 10 seconds or so, the entire roof of the palace began to burn.

"The Emperor's still inside!! Hurry and save the Emperor!!" One of the Water Mages cried out while looking at the burning palace. Instantly, a black figure and a white figure rushed into the palace. Soon, the pale-faced Forgotten Emperor was escorted out by them on his left and right, and they quickly flew into the air.

"Eh? Old Forgotten Dog, where do you think you're going? The Forgotten City's being burned and there are Undead all over the place. You're not thinking of running away by yourself instead of thinking of ways to resolve this crisis, are you?"

Ling Chen, who had been concealed, suddenly appeared and blocked the way before the Forgotten Emperor and his 2 Mysterious G.o.d grade bodyguards, looking at them condescendingly. The entire palace had started to burn below them, and the air was still so hot that one felt incredibly uncomfortable even tens of metres in the air.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 690

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