Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 693

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3 Conditions

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Ling Chen walked forwards and said to the Forgotten Emperor with a dark expression, "Because of your own selfish desires, you accused Ling Tian City of crimes and led an army to attack Ling Tian City. You caused great damage to Ling Tian City and killed 19 innocent Fairies… do you admit your guilt?"

Just as Ling Chen stopped talking, the Underworld King's ferocious eyes glared at the Forgotten Emperor. His gaze caused the human with the highest authority in the Forgotten Continent to tremble, and he almost fell down. The Forgotten Emperor rapidly nodded and said, "I do… I do…"

Under the Underworld King's gaze, even if those things weren't true, he'd still admit them. Otherwise, the Underworld King might really just fire that cannon. With the Underworld King's power, toying with the Forgotten Emperor would be like toying with an ant.

"Repaying one's debts is a natural law of the heavens. Since you attacked Ling Tian City out of your own selfish desires and killed Ling Tian City's people, as the Vice-Lord of Ling Tian City, was I in the right for taking revenge on the Forgotten City?" Ling Chen calmly asked with a piercing gaze.

"You were…" The Forgotten Emperor bitterly replied. Even if his courage was as big as the heavens, he wouldn't dare to shake his head.

Ling Chen coldly smiled, "Then is the current state of the Forgotten City something that you deserve?"


"And no matter if it were Ling Tian City or the Forgotten City's losses and disasters, the root of it was you, the Forgotten Emperor, right?"

The Forgotten Emperor's face became incredibly pale, and he raised his head and shakily looked at the Forgotten G.o.d Representative and then the Underworld King. He lowered his head and spoke with a trembling voice, "Yes…"

"Since you've admitted it, then the resolution will be very simple," Ling Chen said as he lightly smirked. "Before, your attack on Ling Tian City that caused 19 Fairies to die should have resulted in your entire city dying with them. However, since the Forgotten G.o.d Representative has come out, how could I, a tiny player, not give her face…"

Ling Chen's att.i.tude had been extreme from the beginning, and the Underworld King was incredibly domineering and aggressive. However, now, Ling Chen was spinning this whole thing as giving the Forgotten G.o.d Representative face, causing her expression to darken. Ling Chen looked at the Forgotten Emperor as he said, "If you want me to get rid of the 1 million Undead and Phoenix G.o.d Heavenly Flames, it's possible… but you need to agree to 3 conditions. Otherwise, the Undead and the fire will remain until the Forgotten City is destroyed!!"

"W-What are they?" By now, the Forgotten Emperor was no longer able to rely on the Forgotten G.o.d Representative. Facing the Underworld King, the Forgotten G.o.d Representative did not have the right to even attack the Underworld King, let alone bargain with him - only the 3 Moon G.o.ddesses could do such a thing. As such, he could only act obediently.

"First of all, I want you to publicly apologise to Ling Tian City in front of the entire Forgotten Continent and go to Ling Tian City to pay your respects to the 19 fallen Fairies!" Thinking back to the sorrow and hurt that the families of the 19 Fairies had experienced, Ling Chen gnashed his teeth.

"Publicly? Impossible! I'm the Emperor of the Forgotten Continent. Asking me to publicly apologise to a player's city… how will I maintain my dignity… this is something that the entire Forgotten Continent will not be able to accept!" Hearing Ling Chen's first condition, the Forgotten Emperor shouted out. Power was of utmost importance in the Forgotten Continent, and players were much weaker than the Forgotten City's residents. As such, asking the high and mighty Forgotten Emperor to apologise to a player's city publicly was something that he simply could not accept! If he really did this, he would lose all face as the emperor - it would be admitting to the whole world his wrongs, and his reputation would be greatly tarnished among both residents of the Forgotten Continent and players.

"Sc.u.m! My son-in-law's giving you an opportunity to repent, yet you're refusing to agree! You think that your elder won't blow up your little city? Dignity? Pshaw! Let's see where your dignity is going to be after I've blown up your city!" Before Ling Chen could reply, the Underworld King had already started to roar. When the Underworld G.o.d Cannon slightly shook, the Forgotten Emperor, White Eagle, and Black Demon all fell to their knees.

The Forgotten G.o.d Representative frowned - apologising after committing a wrong wasn't anything big, and it was something that should be done anyways. However, the Forgotten Emperor was the emperor of the Forgotten Continent's humans, and making a public apology was not the same thing. However, facing the Underworld King's threats, the Forgotten G.o.d Representative had no other choice but to ask, "Ling Tian, what are your other 2 conditions?"

The Forgotten G.o.d Representative's words evidently signified that if the other conditions were not too excessive, the first one would also be agreed to. Her decision naturally represented the Forgotten Emperor. Ling Chen did not waste any words and directly said, "The second condition is to compensate Ling Tian City for 3 times our losses! The costs of repairing the city, the physical resources lost, labour required, time lost, relocation of residents, resettling fees, transportation fees, the economic loss from closing for 2 days, the damage to the Business Street, the damage to the cla.s.s change system, the damage to the quest system, the damage to the residential system, the damage to the entertainment system, the damage to our expansion plans, and the loss of levels and equipment for defending… as well as the mental harm caused to the players and residents, especially the Fairies… Ling Tian City will give you a total figure within 5 days. Those who owe money must repay money, and you are to repay 3 times that amount, not a single copper less!"

The Forgotten Emperor's face became paler and paler, and he started to feel dizzy. He knew roughly how much Ling Tian City made every day, otherwise he wouldn't have gone to attack it out of envy. The amount of money lost from closing for a single day was an astronomical number, and that wasn't even including the money for all of the 'damage'… and it was 3 times that. After the final number was calculated, even the Royal City, which had existed for many millennia, would take a great hit.

The Forgotten G.o.d Representative's chest heaved as she gritted her teeth and said, "… What's the third condition?"

"The third condition is much simpler," Ling Chen turned his gaze to the Forgotten G.o.d Representative, his gaze quite piercing. "I don't want to see this sort of thing happen again, and I'm sure that you don't want to see the Forgotten City disappear from this world. I want the Forgotten Emperor and you, the Forgotten G.o.d Representative, to take a blood oath that you will never act against Ling Tian City!"

The third condition was the simplest but most important condition. His revenge this time was enough to scare the wits out of the Forgotten Emperor so that he would never dare to make trouble for Ling Tian City again. However, there was still the Forgotten G.o.d Representative. With the Underworld King present, the Forgotten G.o.d Representative could only keep calm, but it was possible that she would come for revenge in future. The Underworld King belonged in the Underworld, and he couldn't always protect Ling Tian City. Moreover, Ling Chen was determined not to see the Fairies in pain again, so relying on the Underworld King and the Underworld G.o.d Cannon, he wanted both the Forgotten Emperor and Forgotten G.o.d Representative to make an unbreakable oath so that Ling Tian City could truly stand permanently in the Forgotten Continent.

"This is impossible!" The Forgotten G.o.d Representative refused, frowning as she said, "As the Forgotten Continent's Moon G.o.d Representative, I have the right and responsibility to protect the order in the Forgotten Continent and judge all evil! If I make such a promise, Ling Tian City will be outside my jurisdiction! If, one day, Ling Tian City decides to bring chaos upon the Forgotten Continent, will I have to just ignore it?"

"Haha, you're thinking too much," Ling Chen coldly laughed as he looked at the Forgotten G.o.d Representative. "Ling Tian City's people only want to live happily, and we will never act like certain people and attack others for no reason. What you're worried about will never happen… of course, being forced into action is a different matter. Nevertheless, I'll add a caveat to this: unless Ling Tian City commits an unforgiveable crime towards you, you are never to touch Ling Tian City!"

This time, the Forgotten G.o.d Representative did not refuse. Looking at the Underworld King beside Ling Chen, she simply could not find a reason to refuse. This was because of the Underworld King. Even if the Underworld committed some grave sin, let alone Ling Tian City, she would not necessarily go and bring judgment. The Forgotten G.o.d Representative frowned as she replied, "As long as Ling Tian City does no evil, there's no reason for me to act against them. A blood oath makes no difference to me."

Following this, she said calmly, "I, the Forgotten Continent's Moon G.o.d Representative hereby swear that unless the Ling Tian City commits an unforgivably grave sin, I will never act against Ling Tian City! If I break this oath, I will be executed by the heavens."

The Forgotten Emperor also made a similar oath.

"In that case, you agree to all 3 conditions?" Ling Chen said after expressionlessly listening to their oaths.

"With the G.o.d-Killing Underworld G.o.d Cannon pointing towards the Forgotten City, do we have the right to refuse?" The Forgotten G.o.d Representative asked mockingly before looking towards the Forgotten City. "I hereby agree to all 3 of your conditions on behalf of the Forgotten City. Please draw back your Undead army and Phoenix G.o.d Heavenly Flames."

Ling Chen secretly breathed out in relief. The Underworld King's appearance had made everything go much more smoothly. Otherwise, even if they had gotten to the same conclusion, it would have taken much more effort and danger. After all, the Fire G.o.d's Bulwark and Xi Ling's flames could never compare to the Underworld King and his Underworld G.o.d Canon. As such, the Forgotten G.o.d Representative and Forgotten Emperor readily agreed to the 3 conditions.

Under Ling Chen's command, Leng'Er silently appeared. The black crescent moon on her forehead flashed, and all of the Undead in the city stood still before vanis.h.i.+ng into black smoke. The Phoenix G.o.d Heavenly Flames were also extinguished by Xi Ling. With her Phoenix Royal Clan's bloodline, controlling the Phoenix G.o.d Heavenly Flames was incredibly easy.

"Aiyaya, this supporter's quite incredible." The woman with red hair, who had been watching on this entire time, tapped her chin, a look of wonder on her face. "Son-in-law… father-in-law… what an interesting way of addressing each other."

"The Underworld King of the East is called Ming Sa, and he is the only Saint Destroyer grade existence apart from the 3 Moon G.o.ddesses. He is just as famed as big sis's adoptive father, the Sea Emperor. However, Lord Sea Emperor taking big sis to be his adoptive daughter is not surprising at all, while this legendary Underworld King called him his son-in-law… that's simply too incomprehensible. Could it be that the Underworld King married his daughter… to a player? What's more, the Underworld King must be tens of thousands of years old, and his daughter must also be quite old. Who knows? She might be incredibly ugly and her body might be like a zombie's… ahh, so scary, how could he accept?" Yola said as she furiously shook her head.

"That's definitely not the case - that man avoids anything that isn't beautiful. Aiya, looks like I've got a headache now. Before, I thought that I could use my adoptive father to scare him, but I never thought that he would instead give me a surprise first. I feel terrible now," the woman with red hair said sorrowfully.

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 693

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