Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 697

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Ridiculous Situation

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

"Mind control? How long does it last for?" Fey looked at him, a mysterious light in her eyes. 

"I'm not really sure, but that's pretty much it. As for the length…" There was a pleased smile on Ling Chen's face. "If nothing goes wrong, it should last for a lifetime."

"Ahh!" Yola cried out. "That skill's so overpowered… how could there be such an overpowered skill; that's a Moon G.o.d Representative… Adam, does that skill work on players?"

"Of course it does!" Ling Chen grinned.

Yola subconsciously shrank back, looking terrified. "Then will you do what you just did and secretly use that skill… on us?"

"Oh!" Ling Chen's eyes lit up as he clapped his hands together. "Thanks, right! Little Yola, you've reminded me of something important. If I use this skill on little Yola, she'll become as docile and meek as a little kitten and won't be disobedient anymore!"

"Ahh!" Yola cried out, diving behind Fey like a little squirrel so that she was only revealing half her head. "I don't want that! I don't want that!" 

"Alright Yola, he's just scaring you." Fey rolled her eyes at Ling Chen and coaxed the scared Yola out from behind her. "This sort of skill definitely has limitations, and it most likely has a low success rate. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked for my help. Since it affects one's mind, it must rely on breaking past one's mental defenses. With our powerful mental energy, using this skill on us will be almost impossible."

After saying this, Fey turned her attention to something else, and her gaze became pa.s.sionate. "Adam, I already helped you with what you wanted. Now, it's time for us to settle things between us. This place is quite suitable."

They were currently in the air above a desolate mountain range. There was no one in sight, and there wasn't even a bird or a beast. This meant that no matter what they did, no one would come to disturb them.

Ling Chen slightly smiled as he replied, "To be perfectly honest, I've been waiting to battle with you again because it's simply been too long since we last fought… since we've met, this has been the longest time."

"During those 3 years in heaven, everyone died except us. You looked at me from the boundary of death, and I looked at you from the boundary of death. At that time, we were already fighting; we were seeing who would last the longest and become the ultimate 'victor'. However, 3 years pa.s.sed, and after being baptized in countless deaths, neither of us fell. For me, it was because of Dia Wu, and for you, it was because of your mother. They supported us while we also supported each other. During those 3 years in h.e.l.l, we fought 10 or so times every day, and each fight left us with countless injuries to the point that we didn't even have the strength to stand up anymore…"

"Are you feeling nostalgic?" Fey gave a lightly smiled.

"Nostalgic? Not unless I'm mad!" The muscles on Ling Chen's face twisted as he gnashed his teeth. "You left thousands, if not tens of thousands, of wounds on my body during those years. And you think I'm feeling nostalgic?"

"As for you, you left 363 wounds on my body, not even 10% of what I gave you - oh, it's not even 1%. Any woman has that sort of advantage, and that's even more so for a peerless beauty like me. No man can bear to be so cruel as to injure me. As for you, a big man, bleeding is something you should be doing. It's not like you'd die." During the first half of what she said, Fey's voice was quite soft, but as she spoke, her voice became more sinister as she also gnashed her teeth. "But why didn't you mention how many of my clothes you ruined? And you didn't even spare my underwear! When I fought with you, more than 80% of the time I would be fighting against you naked! And you say I gave you too many wounds? I was already merciful to not have chopped off your ding dong while you were asleep!"

Yola pursed her lips, doing her best not to laugh out loud.

"Ahem… alright, alright, I forgot to mention that small~ matter. After all, no one could go to where we were training apart from Yola, so what difference did having or not having clothes on make?" Ling Chen casually replied before deeply laughing, "We fought many times, and each of us won many times. However, even if we won, it would often be an incredibly tough victory. However, I should be responsible and tell you… this time, you're definitely going to lose."

"Oh?" Fey's eyes slightly narrowed, "Where's this confidence coming from?"

"You'll know very soon!" Ling Chen chuckled as the Dark Samsara and Chilling Star appeared in his hands. "Fey, get ready for my attacks. This time, I'll beat you completely!" 

Naturally, Ling Chen wasn't confident without reason - after all, he had Lachesis' Tear on his finger!

Back then, when he had obtained this Mysterious G.o.d grade ring, he had been incredibly dissatisfied and displeased with its +50% HP stat. As for the bonus effect of nullifying all negative effects and damage from the Lachesis, he had completely ignored it. However, when Eve had mentioned the name 'Lachesis' and having a battle, he had almost laughed his head off.

The Lunar Scourge was incredibly powerful, and the Lachesis was something on the same level. If it was in its complete state, it might even rival the complete Lunar Scourge. Lachesis' Tear provided immunity to its negative effects, and this effect was clearly quite powerful given that this effect was what gave it its qualification to be Mysterious G.o.d grade. As such, because Ling Chen had this ring, the Lachesis would be useless against him.

Ling Chen inwardly cheered… Heaven's will! Heaven's will! It was the heaven's will for him to beat Eve, that madwoman! That madwoman's strength most likely came from the Lachesis, just as his strength came from the Lunar Scourge. When they fight, if she suddenly finds that the Lachesis is useless against him, she will definitely be terribly shocked and cough up blood in anger… at the very least, if an item that could nullify the Lunar Scourge's effects appeared, he would cough up blood.

"Hmph! Let's see why you're so confident!" Fey uncrossed her arms and slowly opened them up. A blue light shone in her left hand while a red light shone in her right hand. 2 daggers of different colours appeared in her hand: one was a flame-red colour, while the other was an icy-blue colour.

These 2 daggers were both quite short, only being the length and width of a finger. With that length, even if they were completely buried in one's body, they wouldn't be able to completely stab through it. Small weapons were easy to conceal and use, but when they were this small, they were not that easy to use. When fighting, length equals strength; shorter weapons face a natural disadvantage against longer weapons. However, daggers were the only weapons that Fey had ever used before, and the longest ones she had ever used were 2 fingers long. Even Ling Chen could not rival her in the use of daggers. She had killed countless people with daggers, but she had never been touched by even a drop of blood.

Yola conscientiously retreated far away and opened her golden eyes widely as she nervously prepared to watch them enter battle. Over the past few years, she had essentially watched them grow together through battle, but this time, it had been over 4 years since they had last fought. What's more, this was the battle that would decide something 'big', so she was very excited to be spectating. 

What sort of result would the battle between Adam and Eve bring? Would it be like before?

"According to our tradition, ladies first," Ling Chen said somewhat carefreely, feeling incredibly confident.

"Don't lose too badly, my Adam!" Similarly, Fey also seemed to be full of confidence. Within both of their hearts, they were both sure that they would be able to defeat the other person, and easily at that. Fey did not show any courtesy, and she slowly brought her daggers together in front of her. As her daggers started to move around, her gaze became as cool as snow, and there wasn't even a trace of emotion. A sharp aura filled the s.p.a.ce and expanded outwards… it was no less remarkable than the sword qi that Xuanyuan Dia Wu gave off.

Following this, Fey moved.

The only person in the world who could make Fey make the first move was Ling Chen. Just as Fey moved, the frozen s.p.a.ce seemed to be completely shattered. An icy gale swept out, and only an afterimage was left where Fey had been, with her real body completely vanis.h.i.+ng.

"Dimensional Fracture!!"

Fey's voice sounded out from above Ling Chen. In that instant, a strange feeling a.s.saulted Ling Chen from all directions, and a piercing sound struck at his ears…


With Ling Chen at the centre, the 20 metres around him was suddenly filed with tens of jet-black cracks… that's right, cracks had appeared in s.p.a.ce! In that instant, it looked as if a mirror had been shattered. 

What's more, the cracks were not merely cracks but… black holes!

"Ahh!!" Yola's mouth fell open as she cried out. She subconsciously covered her mouth, muttering to herself, "How could it be… big sis said that she would give him a 'surprise' at the end, so why is she doing this right from the beginning… Dimensional Fracture is almost impossible to block… it can't end like this, right…"

The black hole fractures were terrifying, but they only lasted for a moment. Very soon, the fractures completely disappeared. However, as the fractures disappeared, Ling Chen remained where he was, standing completely straight and even smiling! No damage figures rose up from his body, and he looked completely fine.

Fey stared in surprise, and Yola's eyes widened even more… the damage from s.p.a.ce itself being fractured was simply terrifying, and even Celestial grade Bosses or normal Heaven's End grade Bosses would be crushed into pieces. Furthermore, this sort of attack was completely unblockable, and the s.p.a.ce around the target would be locked, making it impossible for them to escape. And yet, Ling Chen looked completely fine! This caused both Fey and Yola to be completely surprised.

As the s.p.a.ce shattered, Ling Chen started to sweat cold sweat. To be able to even shatter s.p.a.ce… what sort of ridiculous power was this? Even in his most powerful state and using his most powerful skills, he was only able to cause ripples in s.p.a.ce; fracturing s.p.a.ce was simply impossible. And yet, this madwoman's attack had completely shattered s.p.a.ce! It seemed that not only could the Lachesis use spatial energy to teleport, but it could also attack as well!

If it wasn't for Lachesis' tear, there was a 90% chance that Ling Chen would have been insta-killed. The remaining 10% chance was that the Evil G.o.d's Mask would have been able to reflect even this sort of spatial damage.

Could this ability be even more overpowered? No wonder why she was so confident! However, this madwoman was simply too savage - she had tried to insta-kill him from the very beginning… what a sinister woman! A madwoman was indeed a madwoman! Ling Chen wiped the cold sweat from his forehead before rus.h.i.+ng towards Fey like a bolt of lightning…

It's my turn!

"Moon… Shadow!!"

The Lunar Scourge erupted out with a silver light, instantly covering the 60 metres around them, Fey included… even without the Libra Orb activating, the 5 seconds that Moon Shadow would freeze Fey was more than enough for him to trample her.

Since you tried to be so cruel, don't blame me for being merciless! Since you tried to insta-kill me, don't blame me for insta-killing you… Ling Chen smirked and slowed down as he swung Dark Samsara and Chilling Star towards Fey.

Ping! Ping!

However, Ling Chen instead felt recoil, which caused his unprepared body to tremble. His Dark Samsara and Chilling Star had not been able to hit Fey, and they were instead accurately pincered by her dual daggers. An icy coldness and a berserk hotness rushed at him from both sides, causing him to release all of the strength gathered in his arms. With a dull explosion, he released the heavy force behind both of his attacks, blasting both of them away from each other. After they stabilized their bodies, neither person attacked, and they instead stared at each other.

This time, it was Ling Chen's turn to feel flabbergasted.

Currently, Moon Shadow had a range of 62 metres, and he was 10,000% sure that Fey had been covered by it. And yet, she was still able to move freely. Not only was she able to quickly and accurately parry his attacks, she was able to counterattack…

Moon Shadow's effects were absolute no matter what grade or level the target was! Ever since he had obtained the Lunar Scourge, Moon Shadow had never failed him before. No matter how powerful the enemies had been, Moon Shadow had always completely frozen them without exception!

So what was going on here?! How come Fey could move within Moon Shadow as if she was wholly unaffected?

"How come you can resist my Moon Shadow?!"

"How come you can resist my Dimensional Fracture?"

The 2 of them simultaneously yelled out before falling back into silence. Following this, their gazes became quite strange.

"I say, surely you didn't obtain something… that can counter the Lunar Scourge, right?" Ling Chen testily asked. He only thought of this because he was only able to resist Fey's spatial power due to the Lachesis' Tear.

Fey, who was just about to say something, pursed her lips and silently looked at him for a while before replying, "I was about to ask you the same thing. However, seeing your expression, I think I've come to… a ridiculous answer."

After saying this, she pulled at her neck, revealing a pendant that was hidden by her red dress. The pendant was in the shape of a crescent moon, and it was snow-white and flawless as if it was carved out of pure jade. The instant Ling Chen looked at it, he felt a sense of familiarity. After slightly frowning, he realised where the sense of familiarity came from… its shape was exactly the same as the one on the side of the Lunar Scourge. Even the size was roughly the same.

The pendant's description was displayed by Fey to Ling Chen:

Sacred Moon: Type: Necklace, Grade: Mysterious G.o.d, Equipment Requirements: Unknown. A secret weapon created at the same time as the Lunar Scourge. It seems to have been created by the Lunar Scourge's creator in order to prevent him from being harmed by the Lunar Scourge as a result of not being able to control it completely by suppressing the Lunar Scourge. It travelled to a western continent by unknown means.

Stats: MP+50%, negates all damage and negative effects from [Lunar Scourge].

Ling Chen's mouth started to twitch, and following this, even his eyelids started to twitch. He looked at the Sacred Moon with a complicated expression and then looked at Fey, who had an equally complicated look in her eyes. Ling Chen stretched out his hand and displayed the Lachesis' Tear to her while breathed raggedly. "What a ridiculous situation!"

Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 697

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