Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 757

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Lunar Scourge Divine Spear  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


With Ling Chen's speed, going from the entrance of the First Shrine to the end took only an instant. The instant the orb came into his hands, the Lunar Scourge's 12 God Orbs lit up with a similar light. This light confirmed that the orb in his hands was definitely one of the Lunar Scourge's orbs. With the Shura's indomitable power, even this orb, which was hidden away in the most impossible of places, easily fell into his hands… obtaining this orb was even easier than obtaining any of the other orbs.  

The orb in his hands was almost twice as big as the other orbs, and the light it gave off was even more intense. Ling Chen held it in front of him, looking at its stats expectantly.  

[Moon God Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Super Saint Destroyer, Attributes: None, Equipment Requirements: Can only be socketed into the Lunar Scourge. Effects: HP+50,000,000 and can summon and put away the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear] at will.  

The Moon God Orb's effects caused even Ling Chen, whose mental state became many times stronger than before, to feel completely dumbfounded. His hands slightly trembled, and he almost threw up the Moon God Orb in excitement.  

This Moon God Orb's grade was not Saint Destroyer as Ling Chen had expected but Super Saint Destroyer! This meant that it was something that surpassed even the Saint Destroyer grade!  

50,000,000… that's right, a 5 followed by seven 0s! The Moon God Orb gave him a whopping 50 million HP! With the Virgo Orb's bonus and various other bonuses, the Moon God Orb gave him around 300 million HP!! It was even more than what Heaven's End grade creatures had! With this sort of HP, even the 3 Moon Goddesses would not be able to instkill him with their powerful attacks.  

Just this stat alone was enough to make the Moon God Orb completely and utterly heaven-defying. Even a Saint Destroyer grade equipment should not give such monstrous stats, and it was completely worthy of the grade of Super Saint Destroyer. However, the Moon God Orb's effects were not just that: It also allowed him to summon the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear].  

Lunar Scourge Divine Spear… this was the spear that the Lunar Scourge's ultimate destructive skill, [God-Killing Moon], had mentioned! So it wasn't a separate existence, and it instead existed within the Moon God Orb. Ling Chen became quite excited and hurriedly socketed the Moon God orb into the Lunar Scourge.  

"Ding… the [Moon God Orb] has been successfully socketed. Your base HP+50,000,000, and you can summon the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear] at will."  

Ling Chen looked at his current HP: 301,342,080!  

This was a HP figure that could not appear on a player; it was a truly astronomical figure in the world of players!  

"Ding… the Lunar Scourge's unique lunar skill, [Eternal Moon Grief], has been unlocked."  

"Ding… all 12 God Orbs and a Saint Orb have been socketed into the Lunar Scourge. Lunar scourge's unique lunar skill [Crescent Moon] has been upgraded into [Half Moon]."  

[Half Moon]: Lunar Scourge exclusive lunar soul skill. When activated, the Lunar Scourge's lunar energy forms a half moon in the sky, letting out mysterious moonlight. Can be activated at any time and cancelled at any time. Can be cast for a maximum of 30 minutes per day. No MP cost.  

[New Moon] had been unlocked after 6 God Orbs had been returned, [Crescent Moon] had been unlocked after 12 God Orbs had been returned, and [Half Moon] had been unlocked now that a Saint Orb had been returned. The unlocking of [Half Moon] allowed the [Moon] to remain for longer period time, and it also increased the might and range of the related lunar skills. Most importantly… with [Half Moon], Ling Chen could now use [Eternal Moon Shadow], [Eternal Moon Flare], and [Eternal Moon Grief]!  

[Eternal Moon Grief]: Gentle moonlight spills down to silently corrode the targets' minds, erasing all memories related to strength and magic, making them permanently forget all battle skills and abilities.  

Effects: A super long-range skill, its maximum range is determined by the form of the [Moon]. Cannot be used with [Moon], [New Moon], or [Crescent Moon]. Maximum range is 3,000 metres with [Half Moon], 10,000 metres with [Waxing Moon], 30,000 metres with [Full Moon], and 600,000,000 metres with [Broken Moon]. Once activated, all targets' skills (including equipment skills) will disappear forever. Costs 3 MP, cooldown time: 1 month.  

Eternal Moon Grief's effects were just as Ling Chen had expected, and it was just as terrifying as Eternal Moon Shadow and Eternal Moon Flare. Once affected by the skill, all of their skills would permanently disappear, turning them into a complete noob. To most martial experts, this was even crueller than killing them.  

Now that [Half Moon] had been unlocked, Ling Chen could use all 3 of these monstrous skills! With these 3 skills, even if he didn't have the Shura's profession, he would be able to do as he wished in the Mystic Moon world.  

"Congratulations little master on obtaining the Moon God Orb; this was something that even the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor was unable to do 10,000 years ago," Qi Yue said joyously within Ling Chen's mind. "Little master can summon the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear now. This spear, which has not seen the sun or sky in 10,000 years, must be feeling incredibly impatient."  

After Qi Yue spoke, Ling Chen put away the Dark Samsara and stretched out his hand, muttering, "Lunar Scourge Divine Spear."  


A lightning-like white light shot out from the Lunar Scourge into Ling Chen's hand and then instantly formed into a silver spear.  

The spear shone with a faint light. It was more than 2 metres long, but it was incredibly light. The spear's body was elegant and flawless, and the spearhead was shaped as a crescent moon. After being grasped in Ling Chen's hand, the entire spear trembled as if it was feeling joyful and excited upon seeing the sun and sky again.  

[Lunar Scourge Divine Spear]: Type: Spear of Heaven's Wrath, Grade: Unable to be determined, Equipment Requirements: Master of the [Lunar Scourge]. A spear with an unknown history, it is made of unknown materials and has an unknown power core. It is an item that seems to have been left behind from ancient times, and it contains enough power to destroy the heavens and earth and obliterate the stars and moon. It was sealed into the [Moon God Orb] for unknown reasons, and only the Lunar Scourge's master can summon it and use it.  

Stats: Physical Attack Power+32,000, Magic Attack Power+32,000, Strength+1,000, Constitution+1,000, Agility+1,000, Spirit+1,000, Movement Speed+100, Luck+10, Comprehension+10, Fire Resistance+30%, Water Resistance+30%, Wind Resistance+30%, Lightning Resistance+30%, Earth Resistance+30%, Light Resistance+50%, Darkness Resistance+10%.  

Bonus Attributes: Parry Level: 20. Contains the [Heaven's Wrath] debuff. Every time a Lunar Scourge Divine Spear skill is used, maximum HP and maximum MP will be permanently reduced by 1000.  

Bonus Skills:  

[Peerless]: Passive Ability. When attacking with the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear], it will deal 2 identical amounts of damage to the target.  

[Shattered Moon]: Gathers the spear's power into the crescent moon-shaped spearhead, creating a large moon of power. When the moon of power shatters, the surroundings fall into an abyss of disaster. Effects: It is a super long-range destructive attack, and the largest area is 5000 metres around the user, dealing 8000% damage to the surrounding targets with a 100% chance of adding a 30 second [Blind] status. When focused on a single target, damage is increased to 15,000%. Costs 50,000 MP, cooldown time: 1 hour.  

[Heaven's Tears]: The spear flies to the heavens, sorrowfully crying before turning into tens of thousands of spear shadows, falling like a destructive rain from the gods, destroying everything within 30 kilometres and dealing 10,000% damage. Costs 2,800,000 MP, cooldown time: 3 days. After using this skill, the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear] will fall silent for a day and return to the Moon God Orb, and it cannot be summoned within a day.  

[God-Killing Moon]: The Lunar Scourge's ultimate destructive skill. Condenses heaven's power, gathers moonlight, causes demons to weep, slays gods, and destroys buddhas. Requires the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear] to activate, Attack Damage: ???? (Unable to be determined), range: ???? (Unable to be determined). Can only be used with [Full Moon] and [Broken Moon]. After using the skill, the [Moon] will immediately disappear, and the [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear] will not be able to be used for 3 months (cannot be nullified by the Aries Orb's effects). Cooldown time: 1500 years (cannot be refreshed by the Libra Orb's effects).   

Powerful! Indescribably, unbelievably powerful!  

From the Moon God Orb's Super Saint Destroyer grade, Ling Chen guessed that the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear would be at least Saint Destroyer grade. However, how could the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear only be Saint Destroyer grade? From its stats, it had completely surpassed the Saint Destroyer grade… no, it even completely surpassed the Super Saint Destroyer grade!  

The incredibly mighty Saint Destroyer grade [Shura Emperor Sword] gathered all of its strength into Physical Attack Power, giving it the extreme stat of Physical Attack Power+30,000. And yet, this [Lunar Scourge Divine Spear] gave even more Physical Attack Power than the [Shura Emperor Sword], and its overall stats and bonus skills were completely shocking… it was a bug-like existence! A heaven-defying equipment that even the heavens and earth feared - no wonder it had the [Heaven's Wrath] debuff.  

However, Ling Chen only glanced at the debuff that decreased his HP and MP by 1,000 each time he used a Lunar Scourge Divine Spear skill and paid it no further attention. After all, with the Aries Orb, he could ignore any negative effects from skills from the Lunar Scourge.  

Ling Chen didn't hesitate as he swapped out the Dark Samsara for the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and then rushed out of the First Shrine. The instant he came out of the First Shrine, the dark clouds in the sky became even more agitated, following which, even more berserk tribulation lightning madly slammed towards him… as well as the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear in his hand.   

Crack! Crack! Crack!!  




3 bolts of tribulation lightning which had been gathering for a long time and possessed much more power than the previous ones slammed into Ling Chen's body. The force from the crackling of lightning caused the entire Moon God Island to quake, and massive waves crashed within the surrounding ocean. Ling Chen closed his eyes, blissfully enjoying the comfortable feeling, and he did not forget to absorb the lightning into the Thunder God's Bulwark.  

"Qi Yue, tell me, am I invincible in my current state? I feel… that I can easily step on even the Moon God Clan, the most powerful faction in the Mystic Moon world."  

With the Shura Emperor Sword in his left hand and Lunar Scourge Divine Spear in his right hand, Ling Chen looked at White Snow, Purple Dress, and Blue Heart, who were floating some distance away, giving off an aura that could cause the entire Mystic Moon world to tremble.  


Shura’s Wrath Shura's Wrath Chapter 757

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