So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: The Punk's Revenge

In that split moment, Ling Zhiyun was stunned. What did he want to do? Could he have recognized me? But at the next moment, Ling Zhiyun understood the present situation. He fell on her because of the force of inertia.

"You..." Even though Ling Zhiyun was a bit shy, but whenever she thought that how she and he had already... She didn't shout anything although her voice was a bit unnatural when she reminded him.

"Er..." In fact, Yang Ming had already understood the situation. It was just nice to put his head into a pretty girl's bosom. However, the moment he thought how Chen Mengyan used her knee to hit his little dd [1] he sobered up right away, didn't dare to continue. He stood up awkwardly and said, "Sorry, I didn't hold the handle properly when the train stopped."

"It's alright." Ling Zhiyun shook her head and said plainly. From her expression, Yang Ming couldn't see whether she was angry or not, so he didn't dare to continue the conversation, and just conscientiously stood aside.

Ling Zhiyun was originally a girl who didn't express herself very well. In her heart, she didn't feel that Yang Ming had taken advantage of her just now. However, this was also exclusive to Yang Ming.

The more they spoke, the easier it was to get exposed. Lin Zhiyun didn't want Yang Ming to recognize her so she just dropped her head down and pretended to be shy.

Yang Ming also realized that his action was rather sudden, so he didn't want to speak much. However, Yang Ming felt that the girl in front of him was really familiar. She was incredibly familiar! He was pretty sure that he had met her somewhere. But where? Yang Ming couldn't recall anything.

Some blurred faces crossed Yang Ming's mind, but he still couldn't recall. Did I see her in my dream? Would she be my dream girl if that was the case? Yang Ming felt a bit stunned.

In the end, Yang Ming decided to ask for the girl's name. Maybe he could remember something from that.

"You..." Yang Ming just finished saying "you" when the girl stood up immediately.

"I have reached my station. You can have your seat. Thank you." Ling Zhiyun took her thermal food container as she stood up.

"Ah... That's fine..." Yang Ming didn't want to continue with his question. All he could do was shake his head helplessly. This was the city hospital stop. Yang Ming recalled how the girl had a thermal food container in her hand and couldn't help but think to himself, Could it be that one of her family members had fallen ill? Did she come here to give them their meal? En, if that was the case, she was really a filial daughter.

Yang Ming sighed. As he prepared to sit down, a punk came and squeezed in. When he saw the seat in front of Yang Ming, he just rested his b.u.t.t there. "Ha! I got my seat!"

The punk wanted the seat so badly that he caused Lin Zhiyun to stumble a bit as he squeezed himself in. As Yang Ming saw how Lin Zhiyun was unbalanced, he extended his hand to help her out.

"Thank you." Lin Zhiyun nodded her head and easily disengaged from Yang Ming's hand. Then she got off the train.

F***, this useless punk. You have not only taken my seat, but you still hit my "dream girl". Do you want to die? Yang Ming felt angry He pointed at the punk and scolded, "You f*****, stand up now."

"Are you a dumba**? Why would I stand up? Is your brain still functioning?" The punk started teasing him.

"Firstly, you took my seat. Secondly, you hit the girl just now, and you didn't even let out a single f*rt. Don't you know how to say sorry?" Yang Ming looked at the punk arrogantly.

"What does me hitting her have to do with you? Do you want to pretend to be a hero? She already left." The punk spoke sarcastically, without any intention to stand up.

Yang Ming didn't want to waste his words with him. He went up, grabbed his t-s.h.i.+rt, pulled him up and placed him aside. Then, he sat down calmly.

"You..." The punk wanted to be angry, but he hesitated. He thought about how the opponent was able to lift him with a single hand. Going against him with brute force wouldn't do him any good. So, he swallowed his pride and thought about how he could avenge himself.

Yang Ming stopped caring about the punk and continued to think about the girl. Yang Ming came to a sudden realization. What am I thinking? I already have Lan Ling, and I haven't even solved the situation with Chen Mengyan, and now I am thinking of another girl?

Yang Ming dismissed the idea in his mind. He took out his cell phone and started playing the pre-installed game.

The punk saw that Yang Ming was relaxed and playing a mobile game, but he couldn't let go of his anger. However, noticing how he wouldn't be able to fight this strong person physically, he thought about doing something behind Yang Ming's back.

As he thought about this, the punk got an idea. He took his wallet from his pocket and tossed it twice in his hand. A trace of an evil smile flashed over his mouth.

The punk had always been a gangster. Stealing, setting up people, and fighting were all common things for him, so his hands were quick. While the train stopped as usual, the punk used the momentum to slip his wallet easily into Yang Ming's big pocket.

Even though Yang Ming was playing the "snake" game, he observed the punk's every move. Regardless, Yang Ming had spent many years as a gangster himself. He can understand the psychology of this kind of person easily. He knew that this person would surely think about revenge, therefore, he had been observing the punk's actions. He could also guess to 80%-90% accuracy of what the brat wanted to do.

He looked at the wallet with his x-ray vision. d.a.m.n, this punk dared to gamble, right? There was 2,384 yuan inside the wallet, as well as a KTV voucher for Jiulongpo.

Hehe. you want to set me up? Let's see who's the one with bad luck later. Yang Ming was reasonably interested at a few thousand yuan.

Therefore, Yang Ming pretended he didn't notice anything and continued to play his Nokia phone game. He purposely pretended to be engrossed in it.

After about a minute, the punk started to make a scene. "Ai ya! Where's my wallet? How did my wallet go missing?"

This punk's yelling captured the attention of everyone on the train.

"Who stole my wallet? I must report it to the police!" The punk shouted.

Yang Ming pretended to have not heard it and continued to play his game. However, he used his peripheral vision to look at the punk who was acting while he smirked in his heart.

Since the Yang Ming didn't look at him, the punk got angrier. He suddenly had a bright idea and pointed at Yang Ming, "I feel like it was you who stole my wallet! Yup, it must be you!"

Yang Ming raised his eyebrow slowly as he stared at the yob, "Are you an idiot?" As he finished, he continued to indulge himself in his game.

The punk was so angry that he clenched his teeth. In his heart he was saying, You continue to be arrogant. Let's see what you can do later. "When I mentioned I lost my wallet everyone was looking at me, but why was your head still lowered? You were unmistakably feeling guilty!'

"I shall not speak to an idiot. If you want to think that way, then I couldn't do much anyway." Yang Ming looked at the punk and said plainly, "There are many crazy people in this world. Why would you want to look at all of them?"

"Hmph, I say it must be you. Do you dare to let me do a spot check on you?" The punk pointed at Yang Ming as he shouted.

"Spot check? Did a donkey kick your head? What right do you have to do a spot check on me?" Yang Ming smiled.

"If you are not guilty, you wouldn't be afraid anyway. If you are innocent, you must let me do a spot check on you!" The punk said without hesitation.

"He! Based on your logic, you should do a spot check on everyone here in the train?" Yang Ming reb.u.t.ted.

"This... Of course, I would search you first. You were the nearest to me. If the wallet wasn't on you, I would only then search the others!" The punk knew that the wallet was on Yang Ming, but he didn't dare to appear so certain about it.

However, everyone else on the train didn't know the details. When they heard that the punk wanted to spot check everybody, they didn't appear to be willing at all. Initially, everyone wanted to mind their own business and stay away from it. But now that it could interfere with their own rights, some of them felt dissatisfied. "Report to the police. Report it to the police!"

"Yeah, let the police do a spot check! Who are you to do a spot check?" The other pa.s.sengers complained.

At this time, someone rang the emergency alarm in the train.

The punk didn't stop them either since he was pretty confident of himself. If he could get the police, it would be even better. Maybe they would capture this brat (Yang Ming) to the police station!

Not long after that, the two "train police" officers came into the train compartment where Yang Ming and the punk were.

"What's happening? Who rang the emergency bell?" The elderly train policeman asked.

"This was the case." The punk said immediately, "I lost my wallet. I think that this guy stole it from me!" The punk pointed at Yang Ming as he spoke.

"Oh?" The elderly train policeman was puzzled, "He is sitting down. How could he steal your wallet?"

"It must be him. I am sure. Just now only he came into contact with my body!" Therefore the punk explained the conflict with Yang Ming once more. Since stealing a seat wasn't illegal, it was just a bit embarra.s.sing.

Indeed, after the younger train policeman heard it, he looked at the punk with contempt. But according to what the punk had said, suspicion on Yang Ming was indeed the highest.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 127

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