So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: Su Ya! My Old Hatred!

Yang Ming felt like he was knocked over by thunder. He stared at Charming Baby without looking away at all!

This face was very familiar to Yang Ming. Up to now, the memory was still fresh in his head. The girl was very pretty, but a rage burned in Yang Ming's eyes. There was also a smirk on Yang Ming's mouth.

However,  at the same time, Yang Ming felt that things were somewhat unbelievable. Why would she do this kind of thing? This person was completely different from the one in his memory! The girl that Yang Ming remembered would surely not be in such a position, but this Charming Baby on the screen was openly touching herself unreservedly in front of the webcam!

Yang Ming took over Zhang Bing's mouse and opened Charming Baby's profile. When he saw that the high school alma mater was "Song Jiang Red Flag High School", he knew there was no mistake. It was indeed her!

When Yang Ming saw that her real name contained the word "Jia," it further confirmed his thinking!

Zhou Jiajia! I never thought you would come to this! While Yang Ming felt mockery and euphoria, a sense of sadness also floated into his mind. His emotions had been brought back to that fall afternoon in Grade 8, where he and Su Ya were summoned to Wu Chiren's office.

The person behind the scene who triggered this was this girl in front of him called Zhou Jiajia! It was only later that Yang Ming found the truth from others' mouths.

Zhou Jiajia was Yang Ming's study commissary in his junior high school. But her study results had always been behind Yang Ming and Su Ya. Therefore, she had started to envy them. Gradually, the jealousy grew into hatred. Hence, when she saw Yang Ming and Su Ya chit-chat with one another at the school entrance after dismissal, an evil plan sprouted in her head!

This plan was to report a false accusation to Wu Chiren that Yang Ming and Su Ya was having an early relations.h.i.+p! An early relations.h.i.+p was still a sensitive topic in a prestigious junior high school like Song Jiang Red Flag Junior High School. Moreover, Zhou Jiajia was the study commissary. After she added a few more inflammatory details to the story, Wu Chiren believed everything she said. If the teacher was like Li Huihua or Zhao Ying, the results would have been an entirely different case. But Wu Chiren was exactly one of those failures whose personality was at the bottom of the list of teachers. Like his name, Wu Chiren, in reality, was also a person who had no shame [1]!

The first idea that Wu Chiren thought of was to use the excuse of an early relations.h.i.+p to threaten the family members of both parties. He would report it to the school unless they sent him some gifts. Of course, this plan didn't pan out. All Father Su did was immediately transfer his daughter to another school. Yang Ming's blue-collar family didn't have extra cash to spend on gifts.

Afterward, when Yang Ming questioned Zhou Jiajia on why she lodged the false accusation, Zhou Jiajia just gave him a cold "hmph" and said, "I just didn't like how you both had such good exam results even though you were in an early relations.h.i.+p!"

At that time, Yang Ming almost exploded in anger. He wanted to give her a tight slap on the spot, but it wasn't right for a man to hit a lady, especially in the school compound. Therefore, he restrained himself.  

But holding back at that moment didn't mean that he wouldn't retaliate. One day after school about a month later, a few bad girls surrounded Zhou Jiajia and slapped her multiple times. Both her cheeks turned into mandarin buns, and then a zucchini [2] was born.

Yang Ming had made a request to these girls. At that time, Yang Ming was already very popular for fighting, so getting those three bad girls were a piece of cake.

Even so, Yang Ming still hated Zhou Jiajia. Now that he thought about it, Su Ya was his first love. How could he let others destroy his own woman? How would Yang Ming not be angry?

However, the Zhou Jiajia in that year was a woman with principle. How did she become a wh.o.r.e now? He still remembered that many others pursued her, but she didn't entertain them and just reported them to the teacher.

But no matter what, Yang Ming felt that he had let go of some anger, and felt refreshed.

Zhou Jiajia, even you have come to this! However, Zhou Jiajia's face had only appeared on the screen for a short time. It was probably because of the lag in the internet connection that Yang Ming had enough time to recognize her!

When the Zhou Jiajia realized that her face was viewable, she immediately s.h.i.+fted her body. This was done at a lightning speed, therefore Zhou Jiajia didn't even know that she was recognized!

d.a.m.n, if I broadcast your webcast to the world, wouldn't you enjoy it more? Yang Ming thought about it ruthlessly. But Yang Ming didn't want to do such an underhanded, filthy and wretched thing. He disagreed with treating a woman using this kind of technique.

Zhang Bing was captivated by it. Naturally, he didn't realize that Yang Ming's expression beside him had 180 types of expressions. Knowing that the person in front was Zhou Jiajia, Yang Ming became especially interested in it too. Looking at the pa.s.sionate video of someone he knew was indeed something that felt rather enjoyable and even more so when it was a woman he hated. That strong sense of condemnation and revenge felt very good for Yang Ming. But in the midst of that good feeling, Su Ya's image kept circling in Yang Ming's mind.

Do I still like Su Ya? Have I not forgotten her? Yang Ming sighed. Yeah. First loves can be the hardest to forget.

When Yang Ming roused from his reverie, Zhou Jiajia had already finished the pa.s.sion video...

After turning off the video, Zhang Bing laughed as he asked, "How was it? Very nice, right? Wasn't it way better than watching p.o.r.n?"

"It's still fine." Yang Ming wasn't thinking, all he did was use a word or two to entertain Zhang Bing.

"F***, are you a man? That pa.s.sionate and you say it was just 'okay'?" Zhang Bing looked at Yang Ming unbelievably, "Oh, oh yeah. I have forgotten about Lan Ling. That girl is pretty much world cla.s.s. With her, of course, you wouldn't be so interested in others!"

Zhang Bing's confident look made Yang Ming feel that it was rather funny. He didn't understand what he was thinking. "Alright, stop guessing. Oh yeah, what do you plan to do with the recording?"

"I was recording for fun. It was for myself to watch when I have nothing to do." Zhang Bing said, "Nevermind. Maybe I should delete it. My dad always plays on my computer. If he sees it, he would say that I have nothing better to do!"

"Alright, let me help you. Let me borrow your computer to go online for a while." Yang Ming hesitated for a moment. Even though he knew that doing such a thing may not seem ethical, the hatred in his memory caused him to still want to hold onto an enemy's weak point.

"Then you play with it. I shall call for something to eat. It's already 12 p.m. If it wasn't because of this s.e.x video, I would have finished my lunch!" Zhang Bing complained. "What do you want to eat?"

"Shredded pork with chili, spicy beancurd, and a big bowl of rice. For the rest, you can decide!" Yang Ming said.

"Alright, I got it." Zhang Bing went into the living room to make a call when he finished his sentence.

Yang Ming quickly found the recorded file. He used the WinRAR software to compress the file and send it to his email that was registered outside of the country. Then he used the 360 software to split the original file.

Yang Ming went online to learn about this method after hearing about Edison Chen's photo scandal [3].

Even though this video had no use for now, he couldn't guarantee that he won't use it in the future. Therefore, Yang Ming stored it for himself.

After he finished all of these things, Zhang Bing's voice came through the door, "Yang Ming, the delivery is here. Come out and eat!"

Yang Ming logged off his email immediately and walked out of Zhang Bing's room to the living room. This Zhang Bing was rather luxurious. It was just the two of them sharing a meal, but he ordered four dishes - shredded pork with chili, spicy beancurd, sliced lean pork, and a tomato persimmon soup. Zhang Bing didn't want to eat rice. This guy had a unique hobby of eating stubble porridge [4]. It's at the level where he panics if he didn't have his porridge for three days.

Stubble is a traditional word from the north which fundamentally means corn. This type of rough grain would be tough to digest for most modern people if they were to eat it every day. Most would only be able to eat a meal or two with it, but Zhang Bing was an exception.

The two of them enjoyed their meal. They attacked the four dishes and finished pretty much everything.

After their meal, the two of them took a break and played the PS3 that Zhang Bing had just bought. Yang Ming condemned him again for wors.h.i.+pping a foreign country's item and buying a j.a.panese product. While Zhang Bing showed a bitter face, he said, "We don't have a local brand for video games and this kind of thing!"

In the afternoon, Zhang Jiefang's driver came over to Zhang Bing's house to drive them over to Zhang Jiefang's company. Zhang Bing turned off the computer, packed for a while and went out with Yang Ming.

When they met Zhang Jiefang, he had undoubtedly drunk some alcohol. His face was entirely red as he discussed some things with his client. When he saw that Yang Ming and Zhang Bing arrived, he nodded his head to signal for them to wait in the office.

Zhang Bing understood and brought Yang Ming over to the CEO's office. The last time Yang Ming came over here, he didn't have that opportunity, but this time he had the chance to a.s.sess Zhang Jiefang's office.

The interior design of Zhang Jiefang's office was simple. It wasn't like any of those legendary CEO offices which were luxurious in design. Maybe Zhang Jiefang's business wasn't large enough yet, but he was already one of the biggest bosses that Yang Ming met.

At this moment, the office door was pushed open and a pretty girl walked in...

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 130

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