So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 152-153

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Chapter 152: Powerful Cousin

During the summer vacation, Yang Ming was busy shuttling between Lan Ling and Chen Mengyan. Chen Mengyan couldn't come out often, therefore, most of the time they only talked through the internet. As for Lan Ling, he could see her every day. Although they met quite often, Lan Ling still asked a lot of questions. After all, a woman was a very sensitive animal. She just didn't spit it out. Since that was the case, Yang Ming enjoyed the peaceful moment and acted innocent.

Yang Ming always met Wild Female Teacher when he went online. They usually talked casually before they went to cheat in Landlord. Now, people in the Northeast Netcom server knew that Wild Female Teacher and There's No True Love In This World were in cahoots. As soon as they appeared, the players immediately quit the room. Yang Ming couldn't help but create another account to keep cheating with Wild Female Teacher.   

Yang Ming kept advising "Wild Female Teacher" to find a boyfriend. She couldn't keep clinging to him. But Wild Female Teacher didn't like this, so she always diverted the topic.   

Yang Ming sighed, It looks like she is falling too deep in our relations.h.i.+p. I shouldn't convince her anymore. Sometimes Yang Ming even wanted to encourage her to find her true love. Yang Ming felt it was unbelievable. How could he be so generous as to push a girl away to others?

Was it because Yang Ming was too tired to juggle between two girls or that he didn't know what she looked like? Yang Ming only considered her as an internet buddy who he got along with.

As for "I'm a Superstar," she hadn't bothered Yang Ming lately. It's like she vanished into thin air. Yang Ming was worried that she turned crazy from being a superstar and joined a "Black Culture Corporation." They said that those companies restricted the freedom of girls and forced them to do something bad.

Yang Ming left her a message, "Superstar, where did you go? Has something happened?"

I'm a Superstar replied to Yang Ming after three days, "True Love, are you cursing me? Didn't I leave you a message a long time ago? I'm going to Korea to film an idol drama, so I don't really have the time to come online! I'll PM you when I'm back!"

Yang Ming gave a bitter smile. Went to Korea? Is that possible? Yang Ming wouldn't take it seriously, because he didn't believe that a real superstar would add him proactively. Interesting, she even used the internet lingo "PM."

In mid-August, Yang Ming received an admission notice from Song Jiang City Industry University. According to his family tradition, Yang Dahai prepared a feast and invited his cousin, Yang Dashan. Last year, Yang Dashan's daughter, Yang Li, who is Yang Ming's cousin was admitted to the Beijing University of Aeronautics. There was a feast, and all the cousins were there. Yang Dahai even gave five hundred yuan as a gift.

This year was Yang Ming's turn. If he wasn't accepted, then there would be no feast. Since Yang Ming was admitted to a university, Yang Dahai prepared a feast. If not for anything else but to receive back those gifts that he had given away.

On the 19th of August, Yang Dahai booked five tables at a high-cla.s.s restaurant. He invited his relatives and his wife's relatives.

Yang Ming's cousin, Yang Li, was here too. She never expected Yang Ming to be admitted to a university. During her feast last year, she told Yang Ming sarcastically, "You should put in some effort. Maybe you could get into a college. Don't give up!"

It turned out that Yang Ming was admitted to Song Jiang City Industry University. That is as good as Beijing University of Aeronautics! These universities were famous in the field of s.p.a.cecraft.


But Yang Li still spoke sourly, "Song Jiang City Industry University, is it? It's still a university in the north. It's still bad compared to Beijing University."

Yang Ming's face changed after he heard it. Song Jiang City Industry University is a leader in many specialties in the country. But Yang Ming didn't argue with Yang Li. She could say whatever she wanted to. It had nothing to do with him.

Since Yang Ming didn't argue, Yang Li said complacently, "If you have enough points, you still have to go for Beijing University. Beijing's room for growth is much larger than Song Jiang. But you couldn't help yourself either since your marks weren't enough to get into Beijing University!"

"Hehe, you're right." Yang Dahai didn't get the sarcastic meaning, instead, he agreed with her. "Your aunt and I had the same thoughts. We wanted him to study at Beijing University, but Big Ming wasn't listening. He wanted to stay in Song Jiang."

"Ha, he is making the right choice. Being the head of a dragon is better than the tail of a snake. The local university is more lenient in marking. The same marks could only get into an average university in Beijing."

"He had enough points. He could possibly get into Tsinghua University. He just wasn't willing to go." Yang Dahai said with a laugh.

"He had enough points?" Yang Li certainly didn't believe it. "How many points? Let me see which university could he attend in Beijing?"

Yang Dahai said, "697.5."

"697.5?" Yang Li was stunned. This was much higher than what she got last year. She still refused to acknowledge that fact. "I heard that the exam for this year was easy, so the scores were generally higher. Maybe this score is nothing in Beijing!"

Even if Yang Dahai was generous, he could understand the ironic meaning from his niece. He sighed, "I don't know about that. Your aunt and I are satisfied for Big Ming to attend Song Jiang City Industry University already."

"Hehe, Yang Ming, come to visit Beijing when you have the time. I will give you a treat!" Yang Li laughed, but she felt unpleasant. 697.5? Did you copy from others? But she knew very well that it was impossible to cheat on the National Higher Education Entrance Examination.    

Yang Ming's other cousin, Yang Xiaobo, who had just gotten into Grade 10, greeted him sincerely. He just took the Senior High School Entrance Examination. He was just admitted to Song Jiang No. 4 High School which was Yang Ming's alma mater. So he had to organize another feast as well.

Yang Ming was three years older than his younger cousin, but the relations.h.i.+p with him was better than the one with his elder female cousin. Yang Xiaobo always looked up to Yang Ming as a role model. Even when Yang Ming had lost his way, Yang Xiaobo still respected his older cousin. He registered for Song Jiang No. 4 High School because of Yang Ming.

"Brother, when will you show me sister-in-law?" Yang Xiaobo was kidding with Yang Ming.

"Hehe, it's still early." Yang Ming couldn't say much during dinner. He had already found Yang Xiaobo two sisters-in-law!

But Yang Xiao Bo seemed to misunderstand him. He said in a lowered tone, "Elder brother, I know you can't forget about sister Su Ya. But it has been many years already, shouldn't you forget about her?"

Yang Xiaobo also knew what happened to Yang Ming. But he could only remember the name Su Ya. He didn't remember what she looked like. He only remembered that she had big eyes and looked cute.

Forget? I have already forgotten about her! Yang Ming smiled bitterly. He couldn't say anything else. Next time he will tell him when they were alone.

But Yang Li heard about it, "Big Ming, if you're looking for a girlfriend, you must be careful. You must find a university student. Don't find those flappers! Show me when you have one. Let me inspect carefully!"

Yang Ming wasn't happy. What do you mean can only find a university student? If he didn't have Lan Ling, Yang Ming wouldn't be so angry. But now Yang Li's words were directed at Lan Ling! Although she didn't know about Lan Ling, Yang Ming would feel unhappy too.

It's my business to look for my girlfriend, why would I need you to inspect? So if you find a boyfriend, you have to get my permission too? So Yang Ming said in a neutral tone, "I just got into university. I haven't thought about this. If someone were to find one that would be you! How about this? If you bring me my future brother-in-law, I'll inspect for you."

Yang Ming's uncle, Yang Dashan, was a powerful person. He owned a sand digging plant near the sea and earned quite a bit of money, so he despised his two poorer brothers.

After Yang Dashan heard Yang Ming, he said, "There is no need for inspection. I have inspected already. Her boyfriend isn't bad. I'll let her bring him to have a dinner!"

F*ck! If the person in front of Yang Ming wasn't his elder, he would have already gone mad. She could inspect my girlfriend, but I couldn't inspect hers? Are you making any sense?!

Yang Dahai also noticed the heated gunpowder atmosphere, he immediately smoothed the situation. "Yeah, Li Li is so beautiful, and she studies well also. Therefore, her boyfriend must be excellent. If my Big Ming can have a wife, I'm satisfied already. Why would I be so choosy for my daughter-in-law?"

Yang Ming was helpless. When even his own father said so, he didn't dare to have an opinion on it. But why would you boost others' morale and kill your own prestige? Your son is now a superhuman, so finding a pretty wife won't be a problem at all!

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Chapter 153: Ostentatious Woman

Also, isn't Lan Ling considered pretty? Isn't Chen Mengyan considered pretty?

The thing is, I can't say it out loud. So be it. You can say whatever you want. I will just pretend I didn't hear it.

"Bro, sister is like this ever since she was young. Don't be mad about it." Yang Xiaobo looked at Yang Ming's sour expression.

"It's ok. Oh ya, with your results, you should be able to enroll in a better high school. Why are you studying at Song Jiang no.4 high school?" Yang Ming smiled a little and said coldly.

"Brother, don't you have the option to enroll in a better university? Why are you enrolling in Song Jiang Industry University?" Yang Xiaobo asked.

"I like it." Yang Ming answered.

"I also like it." Yang Xiaobo answered.

The brothers smiled at each other.

In the following days, Yang Dahai always encouraged Yang Ming to visit his cousin, Yang Li and ask about things to look after in university. Yang Ming wasn't quite willing to do so, but he couldn't stand his father's nagging and grabbed a ride to his uncle's house.

There's a reason for why Yang Ming had to address Yang Li as cousin. It is typical in the northeast, no matter if it is a cousin from the father's side or the mother's side, they are addressed as cousin. There is no t.i.tle such as paternal cousin [1]. At home, everyone addresses each other as brothers and sisters. For the extended family, it would be cousin. That is pretty normal here.

Particularly, most households right now only have one child. The address of "cousin" was usually omitted. During the introduction, people straightaway addressed them as "my brother" or "my sister."

Since it wasn't something urgent, Yang Ming was also lazy with grabbing a ride. He hopped onto the train and read his recently bought newspaper in a leisurely manner. Uncle's house was close by old man Fang Tian's place.

We'd have to say that some things happened in our world that were quite ironic. Not far away from the shanty area was the new urban area. In other words, it was the so-called luxurious residential area. It was not far away from the seaside, and the scenery was marvelous. A blemish in an otherwise beautiful scene would be the shanty area which faced it from afar.

Uncle Yang Dashan bought a house here. It was a duplex house. He bought it in 2002. He spent 950,000 yuan at that time. Now, he could sell it for more than three million yuan.

Yang Dashan was a worker at the Song Jiang Car Factory Employee Family Compound in his earlier days. He was like Yang Ming's father and held onto the fixed wage. The sea breeze from the 90's brought Yang Dashan to put down the machinery in his hands. He was contracted with a sand field. In the recent years, he acc.u.mulated a great fortune.

The houses here were great, and they filled Yang Ming with admiration. Yang Ming decided that once he became rich in the future, he must buy a house here for his parents to live in and enjoy a happy life.

Yang Ming rarely visited his uncle's house. After his uncle got wealthy, he didn't bother with his relatives. In fact, Yang Ming understood it as well. Elder Uncle simply considered the two of his brothers too poor. He was afraid they would request to borrow money from him.

After Yang Dahai won his lottery prize, Yang Ming's first idea was also the same idea, therefore, they didn't share the news with their relatives! Hence, it was human nature, but Yang Dashan was a bit overboard. If you are wealthy, then keep your riches. I am not going to borrow money from you. You shouldn't be looking down at others.

In particular, Yang Li lived like a little princess. No matter if it was the festive new year or a family gathering, Yang Li would always see herself above the others. When she spoke, she carried a tone of superiority. That was quite uncomfortable for Yang Ming.

"Big Ming is here, come in!" A middle-aged woman greeted Yang Ming warmly. The person was Yang Ming's aunt, a kind woman. She was in harmony with everyone. At uncle's house, she was the only one without much prejudice. That, in fact, was rare.

"Aunt, I am here to look for sister Yang Li." Yang Ming smiled as he greeted her.

"Oh, Yang Li is playing computer games with her friend right now. You should go up if you are looking for her." Aunt got Yang Ming a pair of slippers and said, "Big Ming, come to visit again when you have time. You are part of the family after all."

"Alright, aunt" Yang Ming nodded perfunctorily. If there wasn't any matter concerning him, he would never visit again.

Yang Ming went upstairs. He could hear the laughter from another female from afar. Yang Ming frowned a little, didn't we make an appointment to discuss my matter? Why is there another guest here?

Yang Ming knocked on the door and went straight in. Yang Ming who wasn't in a good mood already had enough of being polite. He wished to quickly turn around and leave.

As Yang Ming entered the room, he saw the people there, and he couldn't help but be surprised. There was a female the same age as him wearing a sleeveless sweater in front of him. It looked like she wasn't wearing a bra. Yang Ming's mouth opened widely due to the gleamingly exposed bosom...

Yang Ming was embarra.s.sed and quickly turned around, "I am sorry..."

"Big Ming, what are you doing? Did I let you in? Is the girl's room a place where you can freely enter?" Yang Li complained in a ferocious manner.

"Lili, is that your young cousin? He seems to be quite handsome. He isn't as bad as you described." The other girl said.

"Him? Hmph. Did you notice his gaze? His eyeb.a.l.l.s almost fell onto your body!" Yang Li hmph-ed coldly, "Sun Jie, don't concern yourself with him."

"I don't think so. He is still quite shy. Could he possibly still be a virgin?" Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming coquettishly and smiled.

Originally, Yang Ming was regretful of the accident where he inadvertently witnessed Sun Jie's state of dress. As he heard what Sun Jie said, a sense of prejudice arose. It seemed that she was a provocative woman. I don't know why my cousin hangs around with her. Could it be that my cousin is also a provocative woman?

Erm, most likely! Yang Ming thought to himself in disgust.

Yang Ming simply stopped hiding. He turned around and blatantly sat on Yang Li's bed while he looked over Sun Jie from head to toe.

Admittedly, Sun Jie was a stunner. Her were huge like a pair of papayas. They were ma.s.sive as though they would burst. Deep down this woman emitted a coquettish aura. Her gaze and actions had the charm to make someone a criminal.

Based on Yang Ming's experience, Sun Jie wouldn't be a virgin. The charm that emitted through her unintentionally could only be shaped by a woman with experience.

Hence, Yang Ming simply looked at Sun Jie without any reserve, G? H? Maybe it is even bigger! From his days of experience, Yang Ming had never encountered a pretty girl with such enormous b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Zhao Ying could be one of them but she was most likely an F cup. But, he never saw a woman who was so "milky." If I can grab a hold of it, wouldn't it be great?

"What are you looking at?" Sun Jie did not have the slightest aversion or shyness. She bit her lips and looked at Yang Ming as though she was smiling.

"What? Don't you let others see? Do you think that you can pretend to be a virgin if you tightly cross your legs?" If it was another person, Yang Ming wouldn't put it so bluntly. But, Sun Jie was Yang Li's friend. Naturally, Yang Ming didn't have any good impressions of her.

"Crossing my legs?" Sun Jie was surprised. Later, she looked at Yang Ming in a coquettish manner, "I didn't wear any undergarment. Do you want to have a look?"

Yang Ming surely didn't put any trust in Sun Jie's words. He twitched his lips and refused to speak any further. If it was in another setting, Yang Ming might tease Sun Jie a little. After all, a pretty girl with huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s has her charm. However, for today, Yang Li was there. Hence, Yang Ming wasn't in the mood.

"Yang Ming, watch your mouth!" Yang Li was quite unhappy with it as she pointed at Yang Ming and said, "Why are you behaving like a punk? Be wary that I will inform second uncle [2]!"

Am I a punk? The girl next to you is a female punk! It is hard to say you are a pretentious s.l.u.t. Do you dare to comment on me? Yang Ming said plainly, "Whatever."

"You!" Yang Li was furious as she glared at Yang Ming, "Do you still want me to talk about matters to look after as a freshman?"

"Just say it." Yang Ming said in a lazy manner. If his father didn't ask him to come, Yang Ming wouldn't have to suffer through this.

Since the start, Yang Li intended to take the opportunity of explaining important matters of a university to Yang Ming and be sarcastic to him. Certainly, the most important for her was to expand Yang Ming's horizon on her "high-cla.s.s lifestyle." It was to show off to her b.u.mpkin cousin.

Yang Li was a person who liked to show off. She liked the expression of others who looked at her in admiration. However, her paternal cousin, Yang Ming, always treated her with apathy. Yang Li always got angry when she thought about it. She was looking for an opportunity to be ostentatious toward Yang Ming all along!

We're not sure when ostentation became part of the societal culture. On the internet, there are the ostentatious women, Sister Lan, and the daughter of the Shanxi boss from America that were popular for a while. Those are examples of ostentatious people.

Of course, that is on the internet. In real life, this is abundant as well. Some of the prodigals start to behave boastfully toward their fellow cla.s.smates and compare with each other.

In fact, Yang Li was this kind of person. Even though Yang Ming didn't have much understanding of such behavior, it didn't mean that such behavior didn't exist. Occasionally, putting on an act to be pretentious was amusing, but if it kept on happening, wouldn't it be annoying?

Chapter Notes:

[1] In certain areas in China, cousins are divided into paternal cousin (堂亲) and maternal cousin (表亲).

More info here: 

[2] Due to the family system, Yang Li would refer to Yang Ming's father as second uncle.

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If you like works from this author, Fishman II,  Gravity Tales also features another one of his novels, , translated by Marcy and edited by Weirdo.  Lin Yi is a disciple of Yang Ming. He knows martial arts, is a great cook and highly skilled herbal doctor and of course, has his own harem!  Check it out!

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 152-153

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