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Chapter 154: Suspicious Woman

At this moment Yang Ming still didn't know Yang Li's intention. He thought that she merely wanted to mock him.

"Yang Ming, firstly your att.i.tude just wasn't right. You are already in a university, yet when you meet someone you always give off this lazy att.i.tude. How are you going to handle social networking?" Yang Li said in dissatisfaction, "Do you think you are still at home? Once you are in society, you would need to learn how to be humble. Others are stronger than you, so you should form a good connection with them. It would benefit you in the future."

"Oh, understood." Yang Ming said robotically.

"At that time, your cla.s.s should have quite a few rich fellows. Then you should build good connections with them! In the future, it would be useful for your career development!" Yang Li said, "Today, your sister will bring you to see some of the rich's 'High-Quality Life' so that when you go out with your friends, you wouldn't be messing around and not know what to do!"

"You want to take me out?" Yang Ming asked, puzzled.

"Yes, I have already spoken to Sun Jie. Later on, we will attend our friend's party. You can come along." Yang Li instructed, "Sun Jie didn't have a male partner, so you will temporarily be her boyfriend."

Yang Ming was dissatisfied with Yang Li's arrangement. If it weren't because of their blood ties, Yang Ming would have slammed the door and left. You were messing with me for a long time yet now you are just here for my help? Even if you were finding me for help, you were still such a show-off, not to mention criticizing and mocking me. Now, you are saying you are bringing me to experience some sort of High-Quality Life. You were surely using me!

To be honest, being a temporary boyfriend for Sun Jie wasn't what Yang Ming disagreed with. Even though Yang Ming had a stricter principle on having relations.h.i.+ps with only virgins, but if it was a temporary play then there's not much to talk about there. Especially... this was such a gigantic b.o.o.b temptation!

"What? Say something. What do you mean?" Yang Li was pretty dissatisfied looking at how Yang Ming didn't say anything.

Yang Ming teasingly stared at Sun Jie and said, "Does a temporary boyfriend get to enjoy the treatment of a real boyfriend?"


When Yang Li was about to let loose of her anger, Sun Jie smiled and said, "What kind of treatment do you want? As long as it's allowed, it's fine."

"Hehe, so you say." Yang Ming didn't know what was allowed, but at least this Sun Jie didn't utter poisonous words like Yang Li did. She was rather seductive.

"Yang Ming, do you honestly think that you are somebody? Let me tell you, today you are just our temporary s.h.i.+eld. There are so many people who are chasing after Sun Jie. The person who is buying the meal would be Xiongfeng Group's vice president. At that time, you should just be an honest s.h.i.+eld. Don't mess up too many things for me!" Yang Li warned.

F*** it's once again Xiongfeng Group? Yang Ming felt uncomfortable once he heard these two words. Now it's a vice president? Then it's w.a.n.g Zhitao's future underling? Even if Yang Li didn't say it, Yang Ming didn't want to have any a.s.sociation with this kind of person.

"Then you shouldn't have asked me. I am just a person like this." Yang Ming said plainly.

"You- Okay, Yang Ming. You were sent here today by second uncle. He had already told me on the phone earlier that he was asking me to take care of you. If you don't listen to me, don't you know I can always report you to second uncle?" Yang Li said angrily pointing at Yang Ming.

Even though Yang Ming hated his own cousin, but his father, Yang Dahai, seemed to look up to Yang Li. But it wasn't strange either. Ever since they were young, little Yang Li's results were pretty outstanding. Most probably his father was seeking an improvement for him by calling his cousin and asking her to guide him on university matters. If Yang Li said some foul words to his father, his father would surely be disappointed.

Yang Ming was a filial son who didn't want to cause any difficulty for his dad. Regardless, having your niece to criticize your son isn't a good feeling.

"Lili, your cousin here has quite a personality." Sun Jie wasn't angry. She squinted her eyes as she looked at Yang Ming.

"He has a personality? Ha!" Yang Li let out an unrestrained laugh.

Yang Ming stopped bothering about her and lay down leisurely on the bed.

"Yang Ming, I will use the computer with Sun Jie for a while. You can do whatever you want to do." After Yang Li noticed how Yang Ming was throwing a sour face at her, she didn't want to talk that much to Yang Ming. She had already completed her main objective.

With that, Yang Ming was really enjoying himself. Seeing an MP4 device in the cabinet near the bed, he just picked it up and put on his earphone. Then, he started browsing through it.

"En en… ah ah… oh yeah!" A crazy noise came out from the earphone. It can't be. I never thought that Yang Li's MP4 would have this kind of thing.

Of course, it was within his expectations after all. This Yang Li was a s.l.u.t! Wakaka, it was a lesbian clip. Two foreign ladies were using a d*ld* to comfort each other!

Yang Ming wasn't disgusted by lesbians. On the contrary, lesbians were beneficial for Yang Ming. If he had many wives, he didn't mind s.e.xual activity among them. With that, they most likely wouldn't cheat on him. Also, no matter the how the flow of events turns out, if one became pregnant, that would surely be Yang Ming's child!

However, both of the foreign ladies were quite vigorous. After it was done, Yang Ming could see those parts. Yang Ming couldn't help but be disgusted. He quickly changed to the next video. The result was another adult video. This time it was from j.a.pan, yet it was still about lesbians. As he returned to the main menu, Yang Ming roughly scanned through the names of those videos! Yang Ming could be considered knowledgeable in adult movies. Naturally, he understood the meaning behind the t.i.tles...

After browsing through it, there were a few overseas series at the back. Yang Ming picked a clip called and started watching it. This was a lewd TV series from America which easily excited people to increase their heartbeat in resonance.

Yang Li and Sun Jie were busy chit-chatting about some woman's topic, like beauty and breast enlargement. Yang Ming was curious whether Sun Jie's breast needed another enlargement. It was already voluptuous. If she added more it seemed like a burden.

Afterward, Yang Ming was too lazy to eavesdrop on them. The MP4 was far more interesting than their topics. But was rather short. There were only two episodes. Yang Ming easily finished this kind of short drama.

"Sister Yang Li, do you still have more 'Great Pretender'? Copy two more episodes for me." Yang Ming took off his earphone and said loudly to Yang Li.

"What Great Pretender? Were you referring to that MP4? That belongs to Sun Jie. How could you simply touch other people's belongings?" Yang Li frowned. When Sun Jie came, she was listening to music on her MP4. She took it out once she entered the house and placed it in the cabinet.

Since then the two of them didn't pay attention as well, so it was only now that they realized Yang Ming was fiddling with the MP4.

It was once again Sun Jie. Yang Ming looked at this woman with some deeper meaning. Sun Jie not only was not embarra.s.sed, but she accepted Yang Ming's gaze and gave him a smile.

This smile instead gave some distress to Yang Ming. He lowered his head to not look at her and pretended to fiddle with the MP4 again. Sun Jie continued to chat with Yang Li instead.

It was around 4 p.m. Sun Jie answered a phone call and then said a few words to Yang Li. Then, the two of them prepared to change their clothes.

"Wei, we were about to change. Go outside for a while!" Yang Li said to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming reluctantly took the MP4 and left the room. Do you think I want to look at you? If I wanted to look, even if you wore a metal board on your body, I can still see your naked body!

After about half an hour, Yang Ming was becoming impatient, but then Yang Li and Sun Jie walked out the door. Yang Li still had that little chili's appearance, but Sun Jie! Yang Ming almost couldn't recognize her.

Was this that provocative woman just now? This is now a virtuous girl that can never be more virtuous! The beautiful princess' dress not only displayed Sun Jie's exquisite body, but the flirtatiousness completely disappeared. Instead, a sense of elegance emanated from her.

"What are you looking at? Do you no longer recognize me?" Amused, Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming who was staring at her with his eyes wide open.

"Nothing..." Yang Ming shook his head. He thought that Sun Jie was a rather mysterious lady. Initially, he wanted to have a one night stand or something similar with her. Now, this thought had disappeared.

His intuition told him that this is a person who can swallow someone with their bones and leave no trace behind. Only a person like Yang Li who's so proud of herself would take her as a best friend.

"Pervert!" Yang Li gazed at Yang Ming. "Be more natural later on. Don't give it away."

Yang Ming frowned. From the phone call that Sun Jie had received, Sun Jie was the invited VIP. Yang Li would only be an escort. Moreover, this person would easily be the vice president of Xiongfeng Group. Did he have to go through this trouble?

Sun Jie was unquestionably a suspicious person. Moreover, the vice president was her pursuer. This form of relations.h.i.+p in the situation can be easily understood.

However, this was just a slight hesitation. Yang Ming still decided to go with them. He can't deal with w.a.n.g Zhitao yet, but if he was afraid of this underling now, then he won't be able to achieve anything in the future!

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Chapter 155: The Rights of a Couple

You're just a vice president. Even if you were the president, you're still working for others. Yang Ming was relieved when he thought about this. Now his relations.h.i.+p with w.a.n.g Zhitao was like half of the honeymoon period. Both of them weren't certain of defeating each other, so they had to act "friendly" on the surface! The vice president would be fine if he didn't trouble Yang Ming. If he did trouble Yang Ming, then Yang Ming had a reason to mess him up. Besides, Yang Ming could complain to w.a.n.g Zhitao after the incident. According to w.a.n.g Zhitao's arrogance, he will surely help Yang Ming even if it was going against his will. As such, he could set up the vice president and put w.a.n.g Zhitao into a difficult position. Moreover, eventually they will fight openly, and Yang Ming still had the naked "trump card" of his cla.s.smate's Little w.a.n.g. w.a.n.g Zhitao wouldn't want to be the second Edison Chen, would he?

Yang Ming thought he was talented as a conspirator. Ever since he got framed, Yang Ming didn't think that his fist was the only solution; sometimes an appropriate conspiracy could defeat the opponent entirely. If he used both techniques, then he would be invincible.

I have to admit that Yang Ming was still growing. He became steadier. He knows to plan before taking a step. Therefore, he could form a more comprehensive plan now.

Yang Ming decided to risk the danger after he thought it through. Otherwise, Yang Ming wouldn't be so stupid to agree to such nonsense even if Sun Jie agreed to sleep with him after that.

But Yang Ming had decided. Aren't you guys fooling me like an innocent dupe? Want to fight me with your high social cla.s.s? That's great. I'll just be myself. After all, I have a thick skin. Even a machine gun couldn't penetrate it! Let's see who will get into trouble first.

Ha! Let it be that way. If people knew Sun Jie had a hooligan boyfriend, and this hooligan was Yang Li's cousin, that would indeed be interesting.

Yang Li didn't know that her cousin had started to set her up. She was still feeling proud of her cleverness. Firstly, she could humiliate Yang Ming. Secondly, she had achieved her objective.

The vice president of Xiongfeng Group, Guo Jianchao, was madly in love with Sun Jie. This wasn't a secret anymore. But Sun Jie didn't bother with him. She rejected Guo Jianchao and told him that she had a boyfriend.

Of course, Guo Jianchao didn't give up, so he decided to bribe Sun Jie's best friend, Yang Li. He gave Yang Li a few bottles of perfume that were from France and a limited edition LV handbag [1]. Yang Li couldn't resist the temptation, so she agreed to help Guo Jianchao.

Although Yang Li's family was rich, there were some things that couldn't be bought using money. Let's use this limited edition LV handbag as an example. This handbag wasn't available in the country, and Yang Li couldn't buy it even when she was rich. However, Guo Jianchao got it from overseas because of his broad connections in his business.

Although Yang Li agreed to help Guo Jianchao, she knew Sun Jie very well because they were best friends. It was nearly impossible to match them up. But, for the perfumes and handbag, Yang Li decided to help without jeopardizing Sun Jie. Yang Li helped him once as a favor for his gifts.

Now was just the right timing. Guo Jianchao was treating a dinner today. Sun Jie naturally knew his objective, but she had to go because they were business partners. Therefore, she had no choice but to consult Yang Li and find a strawman to deal with him.

Yang Li immediately thought of her cousin, Yang Ming. She thought Yang Ming was a naive person. He wouldn't have the chance to know about senior white-collar and rich family kids, so, he would behave submissively and get stage fright at that moment.

This way, she could return Guo Jianchao's favor. No matter how stupid Guo Jianchao could be, he should be able to know that Yang Ming was brought in last minute. This should tell Guo Jianchao that Sun Jie had no boyfriend. Yes, if she had a boyfriend, she wouldn't have to find a temporary one.

This was killing two birds with one stone. Why not?

Yang Li wanted to expose Yang Ming, so she didn't dress him up. Yang Ming's cheap clothes were too obvious to be ignored.

Sun Jie wouldn't miss this. She noticed it too. She didn't think Yang Ming was naive, although he acted naively. Sun Jie had an ambiguous feeling about Yang Ming. Was he lecherous? It didn't seem like it. At one moment he was looking at her without scruple, and his eyes were full of l.u.s.t. The next moment he became indifferent.

Sun Jie thought that Yang Ming was a conniving and cunning person. She didn't know Yang Ming was weighing the pros and cons! Another point was that Yang Ming was the only man she didn't dislike since her incident five years ago. Therefore, Sun Jie teased him.

When they got out of Yang Li's house, the two women brought Yang Ming to the parking lot. The parking lot here was like a car exhibition. Most of the good cars in Song Jiang City were here. This was the place for the rich.

Yang Li was driving a modern Coupe sports car. This car was stylish out there, but it became inferior when compared to Sun Jie's car!

This was an Audi R82 Edition that had recently gotten into the market! Yang Ming was learning in one in driving school not long ago, so he was quite familiar with that car now. This edition wasn't opened to the public in China yet! Now the R8 in the country was just V8. He wasn't sure how Sun Jie got this car, but he had to admire her broad social network.

The red color was wilder when a woman drove it. To be honest, R8 wasn't the car with the best performance, but it is easily the most attractive sports car! The big mouth design was more striking than V8. Especially the car lights, they were absolutely fascinating!

"Get in the car." Yang Li noticed Yang Ming only looked at the R8 without taking a peek at her Coupe. She was obviously angry.

There is a better car. Why would I sit in yours? Yang Ming curled his lips and walked straight toward Sun Jie's R8. Then he opened the door.

"Oi, why are you being so impolite? Does she ask you to sit?" Yang Li was even angrier when Yang Ming ignored her.

"You asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend. But now you're asking me to sit together with you. Do you think this is reasonable?" Yang Ming shrugged.

"This..." Yang Li was speechless from Yang Ming's explanation. He made sense.

Yang Ming ignored Yang Li who was stunned and got into Sun Jie's R8.

Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming with interest. She felt something different about Yang Ming. This man, it looks like he is confident! She knew about Yang Ming's family background through Yang Li. Logically, Yang Ming wouldn't be so arrogant. But now, Yang Ming at least wasn't pretending. It was more of his natural character.

There is a saying that heroes are not afraid of a poor background as long as their spirit is high with pride. This meant that a person who is striving for the top will be successful one day no matter what his background.

Sun Jie looked forward to Yang Ming's performance.

If it was a previous Yang Ming, he would surely be arrogant. But he wouldn't have the sense of indifference. It was because of his extraordinary abilities that Yang Ming was capable of looking down from the top!  

Of course, this type of s.h.i.+ft in temperament would be hardly noticed by the person himself. Yang Ming sat comfortably in the R8 leather seat and took a look at the interior design. Luxurious without fuss, the on the operation panel were arranged neatly, the steerability was great.

"Why are you and Yang Li always in a tense situation?" Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming with a smile. The mighty engine roared and filled with unspeakable pleasure.

"Don't you know discussing other's family issues isn't polite?" Yang Ming said lightly.

"Now you're my boyfriend. You're the one who said it. You have your boyfriend's rights, so I have my girlfriend's rights too. Therefore, asking about my boyfriend's family issue isn't a problem, right?" Sun Jie was astounded slightly, then she followed up easily.

"Is that so?" Yang Ming didn't think that this woman was so smart. But Yang Ming had never lost to anyone else in arguing. You use your rights? Alright then, I'll use mine too. This is too easy. How could I lose to you?

Yang Ming extended his hand and put it on Sun Jie's thigh, "My cousin is a bit sn.o.bbish, don't you know that?"

Sun Jie frowned slightly. "What are you doing!"

"I'm using my right, of course. Don't tell me you want to deny those rights now?" Yang Ming looked at Sun Jie provocatively.

Chapter Notes:

[1] LV = Louis Vuitton

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If you like works from this author, Fishman II,  Gravity Tales also features another one of his novels, , translated by Marcy and edited by Weirdo.  Lin Yi is a disciple of Yang Ming. He knows martial arts, is a great cook and highly skilled herbal doctor and of course, has his own harem!  Check it out!

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