So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 156-157

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Chapter 156: Temporary Boyfriend

Sun Jie hesitated a little before regaining her composure. She was a strong woman who stood by her words. Even though she was uncomfortable with Yang Ming caressing her thigh without restraint, she forcefully held it in and didn't push him away.

Originally, Yang Ming merely wanted to tease her, but he noticed she had no response at all. Even more so, she allowed Yang Ming to do whatever he wanted. Hence, he lost the intention to continue it. It wasn't him pretending to be prudish at this moment. With such a delicate opportunity, he wouldn't want to miss it. The problem was that Sun Jie was driving. If an accident occurred, that would be the end.

Becoming a ghost after dying under peonies is also romantic [1], Yang Ming wouldn't want to be involved in such a smart*ss matter. Although he used to carry this quote with him sometimes, it was still far different between saying so and acting upon it!

"Why did you stop?" Yang Ming stopped his hand. On the other hand, Sun Jie was irritated, Am I not attractive? Can't I handle even a little brat? Sun Jie certainly deemed Yang Ming as a newbie. This was due to Yang Li's misguidance as she described Yang Ming as the hated underachiever of the cla.s.s.

"Focus on your driving. I don't want to die yet." Yang Ming thought to himself.

Sun Jie curled her lips. She thought Yang Ming was only acting cool. In fact, the actual reason was his shyness!

Hence, the two of them misunderstood each other. Each had an ax to grind as they were in the same car. Apparently, the situation was in equilibrium as they each had their own agenda. Aside from chatting about minute matters, there wasn't anything worthy to discuss.

Yang Ming attempted to coax out Sun Jie's family background, but she acted dumb in response to brush it aside.

The R8 TDI Le Mans employed a 5.5 liter v12 TDI diesel engine. The highest power reached 500 bhp with a torque of 1010 nm. It reached the top speed of 298 km/h. The car accelerated from 0-100 kilometers per hour in 4.2 seconds. A modern coupe could not challenge this speed. Thus, Sun Jie intentionally slowed down the speed of the car. They would be approaching the urban area in a moment where they couldn't be fast even if they wanted to.

For a sports car, besides the cool appearance, there weren't many places to utilize its strengths in the country. Moreover, Sun Jie's R8 TDI Le Mans was exceptionally awesome. Driving it on the street would draw the attention of more than 90 percent of the people. The reason was simple. There was a ruthless person known as Iron Man driving this car as well.

"How is it? The power is not bad, right?" Sun Jie was proud of her car.

"It is not bad, but it can't run at high speed in the country." Yang Ming shook his head, "The engine is left unappreciated."

"That... Initially, I was fond of the car because Iron Man drove it. Only after I bought it, I realized that it wasn't suitable for our country." Sun Jie shook her head, "At least, it's cool appearance is an undeniable fact."

'Do you know why?" Yang Ming asked.

"Why? Isn't it because Iron Man drove this car?" Sun Jie answered feeling puzzled.

"The fact that Iron Man drove it is just one aspect. The reason is that the car looked like Iron Man!" Yang Ming wouldn't stop talking until he surprised her.

"Looks like Iron Man?" Sun Jie sweated a bit. In hindsight, the car carried the essence of it. She couldn't help but admire Yang Ming for his creativity.

Originally, Yang Ming thought the vice president, Guo Jianchao, would arrange the meal at their own place, Tavern Heaven On Earth. He didn't antic.i.p.ate that Sun Jie would park her car in front of the entrance of a nightclub.

The Nightless Club was one of the top three nightclubs in Song Jiang. Aside from its large s.p.a.ce, the facilities were great. Most importantly, it was safe to hang around here! Those who could afford a place like this more or less had some social connection. If the government inspectors were here, most likely there would only be fines imposed. However, they should be wary of getting involved with the underworld. They didn't care about the person's ident.i.ty, beating them up first even before speaking to them.

The Nightless Club was popular because of the people who looked after this place. Those were the ones who were actually part of the underworld. They were a different kind of security guard. In a nightclub, they would make it the first time no matter the severity of the conflict. A normal security guard would hide when a fight broke out.

With someone looking after the place, naturally, there would be fewer troublemakers. Hence, the high-cla.s.s white collar individuals favored this place.

Nightless Club was a huge place with the combination of bathing ma.s.sage, dining bar, dis...o...b..r, KTV and many others entertainments.

Yang Ming had quite a common outfit. However, he came out of an R8, so, the receptionist wouldn't dare to look down on him. In these years, there was an abundance of rich people with weird fetishes. Wearing cheap clothes wasn't much. He had encountered someone who was on a tricycle. At that time, he wanted to shoo away that person who had such a displeasing appearance. Luckily, an experienced receptionist stopped him in time and told him the person's ident.i.ty!

The tricycle man was the boss of the biggest furniture mall! However, he was always on his tricycle when he delivered furniture to other people. Rumor said it began with his leg having issues. The doctor wanted him to train. Later, his legs had recovered, but, he was fond of such an appearance and he couldn't let it go.

"Ladies and gentlemen, do you have a prior reservation?" The receptionist asked.

"Dining bar 'Lilac room'." Sun Jie said to the receptionist.

"Alright, please come with me." As he said, he leaned his body and led the way for Yang Ming and company. Even though the decor here was quite luxurious, it was different from Tavern Heaven On Earth. Tavern Heaven On Earth was filled with elegant n.o.bility. However, the atmosphere here was magnificently extravagant.

"This is the place." The receptionist stopped in front of a room written 'Lilac." He offered a "Welcome" gesture and knocked on the door. Then, he opened the room and said, "I am sorry to bother you. There are three guests coming in."

The receptionist excused himself. Sun Jie, Yang Ming, and Yang Li entered the room.

"Sun Jie, you've finally arrived. Welcome, welcome." A man wearing spectacles with a golden frame stood up from the couch and approached them.

"Guo Jianchao, it isn't quite right with what you said. Sister Sun Jie and I arrived on time. Why are you saying it as though we are late?" Yang Li said with dissatisfaction.

"Who would say that you are late? I am just impatient to see our pretty girls." Guo Jianchao only realized Yang Ming's presence next to Sun Jie. He asked in surprise, "Who is this?"

'This is my boyfriend, Yang Ming." Sun Jie generously held Yang Ming's hand as she said this.

"Boyfriend? Sun Jie - he is your boyfriend?" Guo Jianchao was stunned. Even though Sun Jie used to tell him she had a boyfriend, Guo Jianchao still considered it as a fluke. He thought Sun Jie wanted to deal with him perfunctorily. He never thought the person would appear in front of his eyes.

"Yes, Yang Ming. Let me introduce you. This is Guo Jianchao, the Vice President of Song Jiang City's Xiongfeng Group. He is only 29 years old. He may be considered to have a bright future!" Sun Jie said.

"Nice to meet you." Yang Ming extended his hand. He needed to cover it up nicely.

But, Guo Jianchao was stunned looking at Sun Jie. He didn't have any intention to receive Yang Ming's handshake.

Motherf*****, what is the meaning of this? I am offering you some respect. You shouldn't blame me for what is going to happen to you! Yang Ming's anger swelled within him. You think I'm just empty air? Anyhow, Sun Jie is still my temporary girlfriend. Why are you staring at her like this?

Yang Ming released his hand and said plainly, "Xiaojie [2], Mr. Guo seems to be hostile toward me."

At this moment, Guo Jianchao finally regained his composure. With embarra.s.sment, he extending his hand and offered a handshake to Yang Ming. However, Yang Ming didn't even bother with him. Guo Jianchao couldn't help but put down his hand. In a typical scenario, as the elite of the business field, he wouldn't make such a silly mistake. Even though he was hostile, he wouldn't express it immediately. That would be a taboo in the business field! But, he liked Sun Jie too much. Hence, he had lost his composure.

But, he seemed to be out of luck. Right now, Yang Ming had listed him as a person who deserved a beating.

"Mr. Yang, that would be a misunderstanding... I do have feelings for Miss Sun. I was out of my mind just now. I don't have any ill intentions toward you." Guo Jianchao quickly explained.

Pretentious *ss, you should keep putting up on your act! w.a.n.g Zhitao was using the same strategy, and you used it again. Without a doubt, birds of the same feather flock together! Didn't you have any ill intention? Only a ghost would believe it!

"Well said, well said." Yang Ming nodded but thought to himself, Who wouldn't know how to hide a dagger behind a smile?

Sun Jie was satisfied with Yang Ming's performance, but Yang Li didn't think so. She dragged Yang Ming out for the purpose of shaming him. She didn't expect Yang Ming to handle the situation well. When she tried to say something, Guo Jianchao began speaking.

"Mr. Yang, let me introduce you to the people with us here. This is Vice President Liao of Song Jiang Airport," said Guo Jianchao as he pointed at a short fatty.

Yang Ming nodded his head toward him. The short fatty responded with a smile.

"This is President Hua from Hua Jewelry Company." Guo Jianchao pointed at a skinny man as he spoke.

Yang Ming still nodded his head. But, President Hua looked at Yang Ming in a scornful manner. He simply greeted Yang Ming with "Hmph."

Chapter Notes:

[1] It is a Chinese idiom which reflects that it is worth to give up everything for a pretty girl.

[2] Xiao in this context is a more intimate way of addressing someone. In this case, Yang Ming addressed Sun Jie as Xiao Jie to show that they are closed to one another. In a way, it showed Yang Ming being smart enough to adapt his acting to the situation. 

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Chapter 157: Cold Observer

"May I ask what is the esteemed career of Mr. Yang?" Guo Jianchao said as he raised his wine gla.s.s.

"Me?" Yang Ming smiled as he said, "Hehe, unemployed."

Yang Ming had seen some online novels before. Many main characters in those novels would say that they are unemployed. This way, not only they would appear to be mysterious and unpredictable, but even when the lies were seen through by others, there wouldn't be much awkwardness. Because I was really unemployed, I wasn't lying to you!

"My cousin is just attending his university this year. Hehe, how would he be like you guys with such great careers?" Yang Li suddenly interrupted. When Yang Li saw how calm Yang Ming was, she felt irritation swelling within her. She wanted to invite him to cause some negative impact. How could she allow Yang Ming to trick everyone as Sun Jie's boyfriend? Therefore Yang Li decided to spill the secret.

Yang Ming frowned, thinking, Weren't you in too much of a rush? I still wanted to pretend and brag for a while. If this was the case, then I won't even greet your grandfather!

Sun Jie also looked at Yang Li curiously. If you say things this way, wouldn't you reveal everything?

However, Guo Jianchao's face turned into joy, showing an expression of being enlightened.

"Ah? Hehe, I was saying it jokingly. I saw how Mr. Yang also has the surname of Yang, so I simply called him my cousin." Yang Li pretended to have slipped her tongue and started defending herself. But in actual fact, she was making things worse.

"Hmph." Yang Ming let out a cold hmph. Then he just casually opened the b.u.t.ton on his s.h.i.+rt, showing his muscular chest and leaned backward openly. He lit a cigarette and put it into his mouth, looking completely like the mafia. "Alright, cousin, I know you don't look up to people like us who mess around in the underworld, but Sun Jie and I are truly into one another. Since she didn't say anything, you shouldn't be too concerned about it."

As he spoke, Yang Ming held the cigarette with one of his hands while he put his other hand on Sun Jie's shoulder. Because he touched her thigh in the car before, Sun Jie wasn't as resistant toward Yang Ming's skin contact and they didn't show any flaws. She merely smiled at the others charmingly, appearing happy with it.

Yang Li was stunned. Guo Jianchao was also stunned. President Hua and Vice President Liao were also stunned. They were people who had a higher rank in society. Since when would they meet such a rough gangster like Yang Ming? Seeing Yang Ming behave like a mafia boss, everyone felt a bit strange in their heart.

These people were men with culture, so they were quite disdainful toward Yang Ming's status. However, since Sun Jie was present, they didn't say anything bad either. But President Hua had a more scornful look.

What kind of person is a gangster? Do you think you would be a mafia boss if you look after a few punks? You are actually just the rubbish of the lowlifes in society!

Initially, Guo Jianchao thought that Yang Ming was just a boyfriend who got invited at the last minute. But looking at Yang Ming's thuggish face and his strong muscular figure, he was obviously a gangster. Even if you were finding someone to pretend as a boyfriend, shouldn't you have found someone with better quality? It could truly be that this Yang Ming is Sun Jie's boyfriend!

Guo Jianchao's heart was feeling hopeful at the start, but in that split moment, it was sent back to rock bottom. How would Yang Li know that her initial effort to ruin the situation would otherwise contribute to the deceit of the scenario?

In the beginning, Yang Ming was already a gangster, so when he spoke about things it appeared rather authentic. Even though Guo Jianchao didn't say anything on the surface, he was pi**ed off in his heart. I am Xiongfeng Group's vice president, and I am no match for a small gangster?

Looking at Yang Ming's features, Guo Jianchao couldn't take it anymore. If it weren't for President Hua who kept signaling him with his eyes, Guo Jianchao would probably have started mocking Yang Ming.

Even though Vice President Liao was maintaining the harmony on the table, Guo Jianchao was obviously unhappy. Therefore, the feast didn't reach its peak.

But Yang Ming didn't care that much. He just ate whatever was available and swallowed everything into his stomach. Since they weren't people from his community anyway, whatever others want to think about him is up to their own discretion.

"I will go to the washroom." President Hua stood up and secretly gave an eye signal to Guo Jianchao.

Guo Jianchao understood it immediately, stood up and replied, "I wanted to go anyway. Let's go together."

There was a trace of a smile that appeared on Yang Ming's mouth. The little gestures that they showed had already caused Yang Ming to be extra cautious. Therefore, Yang Ming would just throw a few glimpses into that one direction as if he weren't looking at it.

In the washroom.

"That pi**ed me off! Brother Hua, do you think that gangster is really Sun Jie's boyfriend?" Guo Jianchao clenched his teeth as he said.

"We can't tell. It could be; it could not be. But the possibility of not seemed higher." President Hua a.n.a.lyzed, "What kind of status is Sun Jie? How would she find a little gangster as her boyfriend? Moreover, that person is Yang Li's younger cousin, who was younger than Sun Jie by three years. Do you think this is possible?"

"En, not bad. I also thought it wasn't possible." Listening to President Hua's explanation, Guo Jianchao had a solid determination in his heart, "Oh yeah, the plan that we mentioned, are we still doing it?"

"Why, brother. Are you afraid?" President Hua smiled.

"Afraid? What would I be afraid of? That little gangster?" Guo Jianchao laughed.

"Of course not that little gangster. I am talking about Sun Jie's family." President Hua shook his head.

But this phrase was speaking out what was in Guo Jianchao's heart, and he went quiet immediately. However, he quickly s.h.i.+fted and started saying fiercely, "What else could women be? As long as you satisfied her in bed, do you think she wouldn't obey you?"  

"Hehe, that's right." President Hua smirked, "Then I would like to congratulate you, brother, for you are going to be the son-in-law of the Sun family soon!"  

"Hahaha! No worries Brother Hua. If I have such a day, I definitely wouldn't forget the favor from President Hua." Guo Jianchao wasn't usually a mad person, but today's things were his weakness. So he didn't notice President Hua's expression.

"Why are we still talking about these as brothers? I look up to you!" Even though President Hua was smiling, there was a chilly hidden agenda in his glare.

"That medicine... It can't be traced right?" After laughing, Guo Jianchao still said worriedly.

"Of course not. It's the latest technology from America. Even the FBI wouldn't be able to figure it out!" President Hua a.s.sured.

"Oh! Let's do this. I will go back first. You wait for a while before returning back to the room, or else it could raise their suspicion." Guo Jianchao said happily.

Looking at Guo Jianchao's disappearing figure, President Hua smiled as he said, "America's technology? That was what I picked up from the s.e.xual health store by the roadside with fifty yuan. How would the FBI not detect it! Let's not talk about FBI, but any hospital would be able to figure it out. Little brat, in the future I will have you in my hands. Let's see whether you dare to disobey me anymore!"

Inside the Lilac room.

"Yang Ming, what kind of att.i.tude are you showing? Have you already forgotten all of the things I told you before?" Yang Li reminded softly.

"Do you mean the way I am behaving now wasn't what you intended for me to do?" Yang Ming smirked.

"I will report to second uncle." Yang Li threatened.

"Sure, then I will confess about how you forced me to pretend to be Sun Jie's temporary boyfriend." Yang Ming smiled.

"You!" Yang Li was thinking about saying something, then the room door opened. Guo Jianchao walked in with a smile.

Yang Li and Sun Jie were feeling confused. This brat went out with a sour face, but once he was back he appeared so happy. All that we could see was Guo Jianchao taking down a bottle of red wine from the wine rack behind him as he said, "Today's atmosphere just doesn't seem to be there. Sun Jie, how about you have some red wine?"

"Don't drink if you don't want to die." Yang Ming plainly reminded Sun Jie with a sentence.

"Die? What do you mean?" Sun Jie was stunned.

Yang Ming frowned, Why does this lady have such a terrible comprehension skill? But Yang Ming couldn't tell her all the scenes that he "saw" just now. Luckily, he was far more clever now. He said perfunctorily, "You drove here. Why are you drinking alcohol?"

Seeing how Yang Ming was frowning, Sun Jie's desire to show-off started to come out, she said softly, "It's nothing much. A cup of red wine shouldn't be any problem." The tone was a bit sarcastic. It also meant: Aren't you the one who's afraid to die instead?

Understanding how Sun Jie had mistreated his fine intention, Yang Ming got really angry. I was doing it for you. Whatever you want to drink, then drink it. Whatever happens later, don't say that I didn't warn you.

Guo Jianchao took out two goblets and pa.s.sed one to Yang Li, and another one to Sun Jie. However, the bottom of Sun Jie's cup was sprinkled with some transparent powder when the others weren't paying attention. The lighting in the room was dark, so without detailed attention, no one could have seen it. Moreover, Guo Jianchao poured the wine into the goblet right away, therefore, Sun Jie didn't even notice this detail in the whole scene.

But for Yang Ming, he was staring at this whole situation coldly, recalling the last sentence that President Hua said to himself.

A cup of red wine wouldn't be anything much to Sun Jie. She originally had a large capacity. Which woman who is in the business world cannot drink?

When Guo Jianchao observed how Sun Jie had emptied the goblet and put it back on the table, he felt happy in his heart. "Let's finish it here today. Later on, let's go and sing together. President Hua had already booked a room for us. Once he's here we could go - nuo - President Hua is here now!"

Chapter Notes:

So Pure, So Flirtatious is a novel translated on Gravity Tales. Please read at the source! G R A V I T Y T A L E S . C O M !!!

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If you like works from this author, Fishman II,  Gravity Tales also features another one of his novels, , translated by Marcy and edited by Weirdo.  Lin Yi is a disciple of Yang Ming. He knows martial arts, is a great cook and highly skilled herbal doctor and of course, has his own harem!  Check it out!

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