So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: A Little Quarrel

Guo Jianchao and President Hua waited there. A half hour had pa.s.sed by already, but no one came out. Guo Jianchao was anxious, "Brother Hua, do you think Sun Jie settled it on her own?"

"Logically speaking, it can't happen. But it has been half an hour already, and she had withheld for quite some time!" President Hua frowned too. Could the person who sold the s.e.xual healthcare medicine have cheated him? That would be impossible. The person was his brother's mistress' sister's brother before the mistress became a prost.i.tute. He wouldn't have cheated him. Besides, it wasn't a problem with money. He didn't have the motive to sell fake wares. President Hua didn't even negotiate the price.

Therefore, the moment the bathroom door opened, Guo Jianchao and President Hua were delighted. But their faces turned grave when they saw Yang Ming follow Sun Jie coming out from the bathroom.

"You two---" Guo Jianchao was so surprised that his mouth was wide-open as he pointed at Sun Jie and Yang Ming.

At this moment, Sun Jie's face was pink and slightly radiant. She didn't look like she was insatiable. Her face looked dewy and was full of smiles.

"Hehe, I'm sorry. I didn't feel well after drinking the alcohol. My boyfriend had been taking care of me after I vomited." Sun Jie explained with a smile.

"Is that so. Are you truly okay…" The anger could be seen from Guo Jianchao's eyes. Is he honestly her boyfriend? Or he was there and got a free meal coincidentally?

But looking at the happiness on Sun Jie's face, it seemed like the former explanation!

Drunk? People who knew Sun Jie must know her capacity for liquor. How could she get drunk with just a gla.s.s of red wine? Sun Jie knew very well what they did in the washroom. The person who gave the drug, Guo Jianchao should know even better. They just didn't mention it.

"Vice President Guo, you don't have to worry about me. I'm fine." Sun Jie gave off a smile.

"Oh? Is it?" Guo Jianchao was displeased. He grabbed a wine gla.s.s and swallowed all its contents in one gulp. "I'm sorry, Sun Jie. I still have things to do. I have to leave now."

Guo Jianchao didn't want to stay here anymore. He stumbled when he walked toward the door.

President Hua looked at Guo Jianchao's shadow and shook his head. This kid was still young. Was there a need to get so impulsive over such a small matter?

After Guo Jianchao left, President Hua didn't stay any longer. So, he made an excuse and left.

At this time Yang Li woke up too, but she didn't know what happened. She opened her blurry eyes. "Sun Jie, did they leave already?"

"En. They left. We should leave too." said Sun Jie and nodded her head.

Yang Li rubbed her eyes. She was angry that Yang Ming was still standing by the side like a fool. "Why are you still here? Do you still need me and Sister Sun Jie to send you back?"

"I'm leaving now!" Yang Ming surely didn't want to leave with them. After all, Yang Ming just had s.e.x with Sun Jie. It was also clear that Sun Jie didn't want to continue the relations.h.i.+p with him, so Yang Ming didn't have to stick his warm face to her cold b.u.t.t [1].

Watching Yang Ming's shadow when he left, Sun Jie sighed again. Then she acted casually and chatted with Yang Li, "Li Li, your cousin is very interesting!"

"He? Interesting?" Yang Li sniffed at her words.

"Does she have a girlfriend?" Sun Jie asked.


Guo Jianchao was extremely upset. What the h.e.l.l? How could a little hooligan own Sun Jie? How did I lose as a Vice President of Xiongfeng Group?

Guo Jianchao was looking for a target as he walked back. There was a devilish fire in him that needed to be released. The prost.i.tutes in The Nightless club weren't bad either. He was going to choose one and enjoy it before he went back.

A woman with a fruit tray pa.s.sed by Guo Jianchao and caught his eye! This is too coquettis.h.!.+ Each body part was appropriately sized. She was twisting here and there when she walked. She was so s.e.xy!

This was too tempting for Guo Jianchao who just had his heart broken. Guo Jianchao stopped the woman with the fruit tray. "Miss, are you free tonight?"

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 161

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