So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 26-27

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Chapter 26: Naked Body

"Please, why are we going to the hospital with such a small wound? Just applying some ointment at your home would suffice! Sister Ying, were you thinking about something else?" Yang Ming scratched his head and smiled.

"What something else? I... I... was just worried about you!" Zhao Ying's face turned red as her concern was seen through, but the night's darkness was able to cover that and it wasn't so awkward.

However, who would have known that Yang Ming had already clearly interpreted all of Zhao Ying's expressions?! Seeing things at night is now a small matter for Yang Ming. This girl is really shy, isn't she? Yang Ming thought and kept it to himself.

There was a bit of distance between here and where Zhao Ying lived. They were laughing and talking when they came here, but now due to what had happened just now, the two of them were no longer in any mood to stroll down the street. Zhao Ying was also worried about Yang Ming's wound, therefore, they hailed a taxi and sat in its backseat.

"Young man, what happened to your face? Did you meet some bad guys?" The taxi driver looked at Yang Ming and started the car.

"Er, we just met two robbers." Yang Ming nodded his head.

"The public safety around here hasn't been very peaceful so I don't like to come here when I drive at night. It was just that I was sending a client back home earlier and I saw that both of you were a couple, or else I wouldn't really dare to pick you up." The cabbie shook his head.

Couple? Yang Ming and Zhao Ying stared at each other. There was a sense of pride in Yang Ming's eyes. His ego was nicely boosted given that a pretty girl was being recognized as his girlfriend. Zhao Ying knew that he was wounded so she didn't bother to care that much about this; all she did was give him a glare.

"Young lady, it seems that your guy really loves you! When you were both in danger, he was able to put himself into the situation and protect you. That's a really rare quality! A few days ago, I saw a story in the newspaper about a couple who was robbed. The boyfriend ran away without doing anything and just dumped his girlfriend there. A fine lady was spoiled by them just like that!" The taxi man sighed. "That man was irresponsible but these kinds of things are really common. 'Husband and wife are birds in the same forest, yet they fly apart during a big crisis.' Young lady, you should really appreciate how blessed you are!"

Zhao Ying's face turned really red after listening to the driver's words. Thinking back on how Yang Ming had saved her twice, Zhao Ying's heart started to sway. Yup, as a lady, if I had such a kind man facing me, I would have been really grateful! The sweet and charming words are just lies. It was only through hards.h.i.+p that we get to see our true feelings. Zhao Ying suddenly felt that Yang Ming was someone she could trust and depend on for the rest of her life. She couldn't help but feel excited since she promised that she would be his wife.

Zhao Ying then shook her head. What am I thinking about! He is a student who's younger than she. He may even forget her after he graduates. These words that she heard today could just be a joke!

Zhao Ying didn't say anything, but Yang Ming said proudly, "Sir, my girlfriend is really too pretty. I'm not lying to you. This is actually the second time!"

"You can't blame her for being born pretty, just come out less at night!" The taxi driver said, "Yes, this is my business card. Since we seem to click quite well, if you ever come out at night again, just dial my number and I will fetch you both! Those robbers, no matter how fierce they are, wouldn't dare to attack a car!"

Yang Ming received the business card and read it. On it was written: Song Jiang City Car Renting Service, driver, Sun Kun.

"Thank you, Brother Sun. It's sometimes hard to get a taxi at night." Yang Ming thanked him and kept the card.

"My friends all call me Brother Kun so just call me that... Ah, we have arrived; here we are." Sun Kun stopped the car in front of Zhao Ying's house.

"How much?" Yang Ming had gotten a wad of cash earlier. He wouldn't mind this little taxi fare. 

"I will pay," Zhao Ying said as she opened her handbag to take out her wallet.

"It's fine. It wasn't far at all - not even two kilometers. Brother and Sister, quickly go back and apply some ointment." Sun Kun covered up the taximeter with his hand.

"Really, thank you, Brother Kun." Yang Ming knew that Sun Kun was a forthright person after hearing how he called them 'brother and sister'. If he were to insist on paying, it would be disrespectful. He nodded his head and thanked him, "Brother Kun, I am Yang Ming, Song Jiang City No. 4 High School student. Come and find me if you are free!"

"No problem. I really like your character. Let's go and have a drink one day!" Sun Kun said.

"Sure, I have a really high tolerance!" Yang Ming laughed.

Zhao Ying heard the word "drink" and couldn't help but raise her eyebrow. Yang Ming was her student, but this time around in front of Sun Kun her status was instead a girlfriend. She didn't say anything but just gave a hard pinch to Yang Ming's waist.

Yang Ming grimaced in pain. Only after Sun Kun drove off did he said loudly, "Let go! Are you a crab? Don't you know I am wounded?!"

After she heard what Yang Ming said, Zhao Ying let go of her hand immediately. But wait... that wasn't quite right. Yang Ming's wound was on his face, not at his waist. She then realized he had tricked her.

Zhao Ying had gotten her lesson last time so instead of using her key she knocked on the door.

Just a while later Yang Ming could hear a really sweet girl's voice. It was obviously w.a.n.g Xiaoyan who lived with Zhao Ying. If it wasn't for the thug-looking tattoo that Yang Ming saw, he would have thought that she was a pure innocent lady with a beautiful voice.

"Xiaoyan, it's me. Open the door quick!" Zhao Ying said.

"Sister Ying, it's you? Why didn't you bring your key?" The door opened as she spoke. w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was only wearing a tight pink sleeveless garment and a light yellow panty. Her hand was on her mouth as she yawned and her eyes not yet fully open as she said, "Sister Ying, I was asleep and you woke me up!"

Yang Ming looked at the scene before him and his blood gushed. w.a.n.g Xiaoyan's small body was barely covered with the two thin garments, and a perfect body curve was shown.

What's worse was that this little devil wasn't even wearing a bra. Underneath the sleeveless garment, two protruding points could be seen.

Zhao Ying's head was filled with black lines[1] and feeling really regretful. If she knew it would be like this she might as well have taken the key and opened the door herself. Last time w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was in the bathroom, and even though Yang Ming was in the same bathroom, he couldn't see anything through the bathroom separator. This time... almost her entire naked body could be seen. What was even worse was that w.a.n.g Xiaoyan still hadn't noticed that a man was standing right in front of her!

Chapter 27:  Why Is It Always You

"Sister Ying, why aren't you coming in?!" w.a.n.g Xiaoyan didn't even look at Zhao Ying and turned back to her own room. As her protruding b.u.t.t bounced here and there, Yang Ming's heart was also jumping here and there.

"I'm so sleepy. I can't even open my eyes..." w.a.n.g Xiaoyan slowly walked forward.

"Xiaoyan, why didn't you wear something at home?" Zhao Ying stomped anxiously. This w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was really careless. She didn't see a man standing right in front of her, and still bounced her b.u.t.t looking so flirtatious.

w.a.n.g Xiaoyan staggered forward, "Sister Ying, it's already midnight. I'm going to sleep. What are clothes for? Besides, I'm not afraid to be looked at."

Zhao Ying thought, You're not afraid to be looked at by me, but there's still another person here! "Xiaoyan, my friend is here. If you're not afraid of being looked at, then so be it!"

"Sister Ying, don't talk nonsense. Who would come this late..." w.a.n.g Xiaoyan felt something was wrong before she finished her sentence. She wasn't drowsy anymore. She quickly turned around. "Ah!!! Why... Why, it's you again!"

"Yeah, it's me, pretty lady. You should be saying 'How old are you?', instead of 'Why it's you again'!" Yang Ming laughed while he greeted w.a.n.g Xiaoyan with his right hand. Yang Ming thought, Aren't you a minx? What's wrong with letting me look!? Maybe you are generally f***ed by many men.

When Zhao Ying heard their conversation, she thought it strange and funny. She couldn't understand how they met each other. It's not possible. Last time when Yang Ming visited, she was still in the room.

"Hmph!" w.a.n.g Xiaoyan huffed coldly then she covered her and lower body, then rushed toward her room. "Bang!" the door closed tightly.

What are you trying to cover? Yang Ming thought, If I wanted to look at you, covering up, even closing the door, would be ineffective! Yang Ming had decided that w.a.n.g Xiaoyan was a loose woman in his heart, so he despised that she still wanted to act like a virgin.

Zhao Ying saw w.a.n.g Xiaoyan rush toward her room. Zhao Ying shook her head and thought, I had reminded her many times. She just won't listen to me. Now you have a taste of what it's like. Let's see if you will learn from this experience next time.

Yang Ming looked at Zhao Ying's irritated expression, and he explained helplessly, "Sister Ying, you can't blame me for this. Besides, I can't even see anything."

"What else do you want to see?!" Zhao Ying poked at Yang Ming's forehead. "Tell me everything you know. Why did Xiaoyan say "Why it's you again"? Do you two know each other from before?"

Yang Ming straightaway played dumb, "How would I know? Even now I'm still wondering..."

As Zhao Ying heard Yang Ming's words, she had no doubts. After all, w.a.n.g Xiaoyan and he couldn't have gotten to know each other too. Zhao Ying thought that maybe it was when Yang Ming visited last time and w.a.n.g Xiaoyan saw his face through the gap in the door.

Zhao Ying looked at her watch, and said with concern, "Quickly go to the washroom and wash your face. I will apply the ointment for you. It's already ten o'clock. Your parents will worry if you don't get back soon!"

Yang Ming thought, I have already told my family that I was taking you out for dinner, so it's ok to be late, but the problem is what to do about my face? If I go back like this, I will definitely be questioned.

Yang Ming went into the washroom. While he was looking at the empty bathroom, his mind involuntarily fantasized. The image of w.a.n.g Xiaoyan's charming body in the shower came to his mind, his lower body part was turned on again. Yang Ming immediately washed his face and conveniently took a towel to wipe his face. Because the attractive scent of a woman still lingered on the towel, Yang Ming couldn't help but sniff longer.

"Yang Ming, are you done? Why are you so slow... ?!" Zhao Ying then pointed at the towel he used to wipe face.

"What is it?" Yang Ming saw Zhao Ying come in and he was embarra.s.sed to continue sniffing the towel. He acted like he had just finished wiping and put it back.

Zhao Ying's expression looked strange. "You... just wiped your face with that?"

"Yes, why?" Yang Ming saw Zhao Ying's expression and he asked curiously, "This is your towel right? I'm just using it for a little while. Shouldn't you be less stingy?"

"I'm... not... actually that's... Ai, it's fine. It's not a big deal." Zhao Ying felt her face burning and her sentence became incoherent.

Girls usually took extra care of personal hygiene. They separated carefully the towels for wiping face, legs, and the bottom part. This pink towel was the towel Zhao Ying used for her lower body parts and Yang Ming was wiping his face with it! She was really embarra.s.sed. It was as if her lower body part was stuck to his face!

How could Yang Ming possibly know this? He was happy to use her towel. If he knew the truth, should he feel happy or helpless?

Zhao Ying applied the medicine on Yang Ming's face. Although he looked horrible, it was still better than the injuries from the prior incident. Yang Ming wanted to stay for a while, but he saw that Zhao Ying was already yawning, so he stood up and said goodbye.

Yang Ming's bicycle was gone, and there were only a few cars pa.s.sing by, so he had to walk home alone like last time.

He pa.s.sed by a few pubs and heard earsplitting singing from the pubs. This is really morally wrong. It's so late at night yet you're singing so loud. Isn't this disturbing the residents? Yang Ming stopped and looked at the pub with disgust, but then he turned around and kept walking. Suddenly someone pulled him back.

"Big brother...You..."

Yang Ming turned around and realized the person was a girl with delicate looks. She was wearing a school uniform too.

Yang Ming asked cautiously, "What's the matter?"

The girl hesitated for a long time without saying anything. "Big brother... You... You think..."

"What are you trying to say?" If the girl wasn't pretty, he would have already lost his patience and rushed home.

"I wanted to ask you. Do you... Do you want me... to accompany... have company for one night?" The girl faltered with a fully blushed face.

"Company for a night?" Yang Ming was baffled. It's not possible. Was this girl a prost.i.tute? Looking at her pure face, Yang Ming really couldn't believe that she was a hooker! But he thought about the wench, w.a.n.g Xiaoyan, again and he spontaneously cursed, Son of a b****. Things that look pure were lewder nowadays.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 26-27

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