Soaring the Heavens Chapter 410: Assemble!

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As he heard the words come out of Yun Feiyang's mouth, Miao Yi was instantly thunderstruck, and he looked at him in shock.

Miao Yi was no fool. He understood what Yun Feiyang meant by introducing his sister to him. However, it was hard for Miao Yi not to be taken aback when the guy was promoting his sister's big chest while he talked about introducing them to each other. To be able to even go this far, as expected of someone on the path of the devil. Truly outrageous!

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Yun Feiyang seemed to have realized his words were a little inappropriate. He coughed drily and explained, "She's not my actual sister, but a cousin of mine."

Miao Yi couldn't help quipping, "Even if she is your cousin, she's still your elder sister. She's still the granddaughter of the Lord Devil Sage!"

"Even the Lord Devil Sage's granddaughter needs to find a man, right? I'm doing this for her sake too. You have no idea, but that sister of mine is a little eccentric. All she does is play around. She never pays attention to her cultivation. That's why even though she's older than me, her cultivation is miles behind mine. The sooner she gets married off, the sooner our family will be free of trouble… and we also won't have to worry about her so much," Yun Feiyang gleefully remarked as he tried to promote his sister as much as possible.

'Wouldn't I be shooting myself in the foot if I married a woman like that? The difference in status is simply too outrageous!' Miao Yi anxiously replied, "Young Master Yang, thank you for your kind proposition. However, I am but a common cultivator. I am simply not deserving of your sister."

"How do you know you're not? With me playing matchmaker, as long as you agree, I guarantee my sister will like you. Just rest a.s.sured and prepare yourself for that beauty to fall into your arms!"

"I'm really not worthy of her. Your sister has such fine qualities; Young Master Yang should find someone more suitable for her. There are countless cultivators much better than me across the realm."

Yun Feiyang grew a little impatient and said, "But my sister likes yo— men like you!"

"I've never even met your sister before. How could she like someone like me?" Afraid he wouldn't be able to escape this topic, Miao Yi turned around and noticed Yun Feiyang's mount, then quickly stood up and ran off. Trying to change the subject, he asked, "I've never seen nor heard of a creature like this before. May I know what manner of creature this is, Young Master Yang?"

"Mad Satan Bull! Our talk is not over! What are you running away for?! Come back here!" Yun Feiyang grabbed Miao Yi's arm and pulled him back to sit beside him. Eyes blinking excitedly, he asked, "Don't you like big chests? My sister's are actually quite big. You can tell even when she's wearing clothes."

Miao Yi was on the verge of tears as he said half-pleadingly, "Young Master Yang, I told you that was simply Luo Shuangfei's misunderstanding. Please don't listen to his gibberish. That guy is definitely an oddball."

"Of course I know he's an oddball. Why would I look for you if he wasn't…"

"Young Master Yang, so you're saying I'm an oddball too?"

"That's not what I meant." Yun Feiyang coughed, then with a serious tone, brought the conversation back on track as he said, "Brother Miao, I'm serious. Marrying my sister is an auspicious affair. Who knows how many cultivators across the realm have dreamt of gaining my sister's favor but to no avail? Let me tell you something. Out of his fifty or so grandchildren, my grandfather adores my sister the most. As long as you marry her, you'll be one family with our Great Devil Realm. Think about it. With my grandfather behind you, who would dare touch you?"

"Young Master Yang! I really can't. I'm not compatible with your sister."

"What do you mean you can't? How would you know you're incompatible if you don't marry her and see for yourself? Even shoes need to be worn at least once before you know whether they fit or not, yes? The same logic applies!"

'G.o.ddammit! Why did I have to meet such a weirdo? Do you think it's even possible for me to marry your sister and see for myself? I wouldn't dare return the goods even if I found her incompatible with me. That's the Devil Sage Yun Aotian's granddaughter we're talking about! Even if I didn't like it, I'd have no choice but to put up with it!'

At the moment, Miao Yi really wanted to say to Yun Feiyang— 'Can I not have you protect me anymore?'

Trying his best to compose himself, Miao Yi said, "Young Master Yang, don't you think you should be asking your sister's opinion first? How can you make such an important decision on her behalf just like that?"

"What's important right now are your thoughts on the matter. As long as you agree, I guarantee my sister won't have any objections! If you just nod your head, I'll call you brother-in-law right now!" Yun Feiyang tugged on Miao Yi's arm, winking to him as he said in an endearing tone, "Brother-in-Law!"

He really went and did it. What a straightforward guy.

Miao Yi felt chills run down his spine as he thought, 'As expected of someone on the path of the devil—to simply throw away his own sister like she was a vegetable. If even you think your sister is eccentric, then how strange must she be? Who would dare want her then?' He hurriedly brushed off Yun Feiyang's arm and tried to reject him as gently as possible. "Young Master Yang, then let me put it this way. You are a cultivator of the Devil Nation, while I am a cultivator of the Celestial Nation. We simply walk different paths!"

Yun Feiyang was instantly overjoyed, replying, "Devil Nation, Celestial Nation, it's all just a difference in territory. My grandfather once said that not all who practice satanic arts are necessarily devils. Everyone in the world has dark desires. Only those who let their dark desires corrupt their hearts are the true devils. As such, every person can be considered a devil. Not to mention, those of us on the path of the devil have never been bothered by things such as status and have always lived true to our hearts. Otherwise, it would tarnish our reputation as devils! Rest a.s.sured, my sister definitely doesn't care about things like that. Your ident.i.ty and background are not a problem. All you need to do is nod your head!"

'Even if your sister doesn't care, I do! Why do you still not understand what I'm trying to tell you after I said so much?' Miao Yi wanted to knock this b.a.s.t.a.r.d as far away as he possibly could. But alas, he couldn't afford to offend the other party. So instead, he abruptly stood up and said, "I don't even know what your sister looks like. Young Master Yang, I cannot agree to this!" He then turned around and left.

Miao Yi still had a little bit of self-esteem. He wasn't about to be someone's kept man. If he were that kind of person, he would have told Fairy Yue Yao his true ident.i.ty a long time ago. Why would he be sitting here talking about someone else's sister?

Most importantly, it was no small matter to be dual-cultivation partners with the Devil Sage's granddaughter, much less as a Celestial Nation cultivator. If that happened, it would surely cause an uproar. Worst comes to worst, his true ident.i.ty might even be revealed to the world and make its way to his little brother's and little sister's ears.

What would his little brother and little sister think if they found out their big brother was a man who lived off another person to survive? If their relations.h.i.+p as siblings were to be revealed as well, then Miao Yi wouldn't be the only one to live in shame—even his siblings would have trouble lifting their heads as well. Hence, there was no way he would agree to such a proposition.

That said, even if he had to reject Yun Feiyang's proposition, he still tried to do it as gently as possible and gave him a very appropriate reason. After all, he couldn't afford to offend the other party. What's more, it was a very gracious proposition indeed.

However, perhaps only Yun Feiyang himself knew whether or not he had truly offered the proposition from the kindness of his heart...

Western Constellations Palace.

Standing before the astrolabe, Hei Yun giggled deviously, "Yun Guang, your son has finally stopped moving about. But the boy sure can run!"

"Of course! There are no cowards in my Yun family!" Yun Guang boasted. However deep down he was cursing, 'You s.h.i.+tty brat, my eyes could barely keep up with how much you've been moving around. Since you like running so much, once you get back, I'll break those legs of yours!'

Behind him, Zuo Nanchun's eyes brightened as he thought, 'Did Yun Feiyang really manage to find that person? Otherwise, why did he suddenly stop after running around for nine years?!'

He was one of the few who knew the true reason behind Yun Feiyang's crusade, mostly because a certain someone had forced him to watch over Yun Feiyang and check whether he was really trying hard or not. That way, Yun Feiyang wouldn't be able to make up any elaborate stories once he returned.

It was also the biggest reason why Yun Feiyang hadn't dared to take a breather and had forced himself to run across the Western Star Sea for nine straight years, even to the point of almost breaking his own two legs. He didn't dare slack off with someone watching over him!

Fairy Hong Chen was not present in the room. Ever since those from the Red Scarves Alliance either perished or went their separate ways, she had no way of identifying which of them was Miao Yi, nor did she know if he was even alive for that matter. As such, she figured that it was sufficient for just one of them to be present to watch over Yue Yao's movements. What's more, she didn't really wish to hear the men's dirty talk. At times, their unscrupulous discussions would involve her as well. Who asked her to be born beautiful? And so, whenever her Senior Brother Tang Jun was around, she would normally retreat back to her quarters...

In the blink of an eye, half a year had pa.s.sed. Looking at the astrolabe, about 20,000 partic.i.p.ants remained from the initial 180,000.

Evidently, those still moving about the Western Star Sea were people who possessed powerful trump cards going around looking for prey. However, those going around looking for places to hide were the ones that formed the majority.

Even though it seemed like there was still a lot of partic.i.p.ants left, but given the vastness of the Western Star Sea, it was no easy task to find the 20,000 people spread over it. Hence, the mortality rates continued to drop. At times, there wouldn't even be a single death for several days.

There was still half a year's time before the Subjugation Crusade would officially end. However, if the current situation were allowed to persist, perhaps there still wouldn't be a conclusion even if they gave it another ten years.

Standing before the astrolabe, Hei Yun snickered and said, "Yun Guang, didn't you say there are no cowards in your Yun family? Out of the six representatives, your son is actually the best at hiding. He hasn't come out of his sh.e.l.l for half a year already. Astounding!"

Yun Guang immediately scoffed, "You sure talk a lot of c.r.a.p. Laugh one more time, I dare you. I'll knock your d.a.m.n teeth out!"

Hei Yun was unfazed by the threat. He looked to the crowd, pointing at Yun Guang as he mocked, "Everyone, did you see that? Looks like I struck a nerve for a certain someone and now he's trying to cover up his embarra.s.sment with anger!"

Yun Guang huffed and said, "Cover up my embarra.s.sment with anger? When Tang Jun goes to meet that ghost s.l.u.t in private later on, we'll see who's the one trying to cover up his embarra.s.sment with anger!" 

"Yun Guang! f.u.c.k you! I'll rip that stinky mouth of yours to pieces!" Hei Yun was really aggravated this time.

No one knew exactly what sort of relations.h.i.+p Hei Yun's wife had with Tang Jun, but Yun Guang would always use this to push Hei Yun's b.u.t.tons happily. And every time he did, Hei Yun would always bellow in a fury. Yun Guang would never get sick of it. What's more, Tang Jun would always just keep quiet, never denying the statement even once. Thus, for those who didn't know any better, this matter indeed seemed highly sketchy.

"Always giving off this weird vibe. No one pay attention to this rabid dog!" Yun Guang scoffed. Turning to the crowd, he continued, "I think it's high time for the Subjugation Crusade to come to an end. Otherwise, there's no telling when we'll be able to reach the final outcome. Does anyone have any objections?"

As soon as he said this, the crowd immediately cast the aggravated Hei Yun aside. After a period of discussion, Ji Meimei gently stroked her hair and strutted towards the astrolabe, swaying her voluptuous figure side to side as she said, "Let's shrink down the area and a.s.semble all the partic.i.p.ants onto one island. We'll get them to have a final showdown there!"

Hei Yun was also in no mood to argue with Yun Guang now that they were talking about official business. He nodded and said, "I agree with this plan!"

"If no one has any objections, then let's set it on this island!" Tang Jun pointed to a certain island on the astrolabe which was closest to Fairy Yue Yao. Since he decided to speak, he naturally had to fight for the benefit of his own faction. At the very least, he would be able to save his Junior Sister some unnecessary legwork. She had been running around for more than nine years. It was hard enough for her.

This was a trivial matter, so no one bothered to argue with him. If they really did, there would be no end to this discussion.

Grandmaster Qi Jie was the one with the highest cultivation among them, but he had always maintained an outsider's stance on their discussions. In the nine years he was in the Western Constellations Palace, he had always kept to himself. He never had any objections to whatever they were discussing and most of the time he just quietly watched over their debates.

After their discussion, Yun Guang slapped on the table and announced, "It's decided then. Messenger! Send out our official decree and inform all surviving partic.i.p.ants to a.s.semble on this island within the next three months for the final showdown. Those who fail to meet the deadline will be shown no mercy!"

Soaring the Heavens Chapter 410: Assemble!

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