Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta Chapter 31

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Thirty-First Episode

An obscene sound echoes in the dark.

I can understand it even without seeing it. It can be easily imagined.

"You can let it out whenever you want, ok?"

Matsuki whispers after the obscene sound stops. Then after saying that, the service resumes.


My voice leaks out without my permission at her tongue getting entangled.

I thought that she was quite skilled, but not to this point.

Neither s.h.i.+zuki nor Mitsuki knew a man.

Mitsuki had reasonable knowledge and it seems that she trained to serve men. However, it's just practice with no actual experience.

Meanwhile, Matsuki is a mother of four children. And as she thought of herself ugly she accepted any kind of play and served her husband thoroughly.

"Kuu, uuh"

Her tongue makes obscene sounds, crawling through my c.o.c.k.

Carefully, and without mercy at the same time.

Although the pleasure doesn't amount to much, it doesn't stop; I'm made to realize that she has the skills to produce continuous pleasure.

How can a man be pleased? Or how can a man be satisfied. This woman abandoned her desires and keeps looking for ways to service a man.

The experience is way too different from me who just knew of a woman. I myself understand it now that she is just sucking my glans, that I can't win.

However, I can't lose.

I wonder how devoted is Matsuki to her ex-husband. From this b.l.o.w.j.o.b alone I know enough, as she just crawls her tongue through the glans. She abandoned herself. It's mad and unnatural. It's so unnatural that she it's as if she is broken. And that is why she is still suffering.

I can't lose. Even if my skills are inferior, I shouldn't e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e to Matsuki's technique. Don't lose to Matsuki's skills. I shouldn't be satisfied by her mouth. I will deny all of her s.e.xual skills and will e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e only at the last moment.


Her tongue tip licks my urethra and a pleasant sensation goes through me like a current up to my hips and my waist bounces without permission.

Her soft, moist lips suck on my glans' head, squeezing it. And at the same time she licks my urethra with her tongue.


It's as if my glans' head was sucked into a lukewarm and bottomless swamp when it was sucked into her meat hole. [1]

Just s.h.i.+zuki's or Mitsuki's mouths are pretty pleasant, but this is an exception. I feel like I'm endlessly swallowed into a cramped meat hole without any teeth. And although my glans is inside her mouth, I feel an excitement without any discomfort.


I want to let it out and make her swallow it as it is. With such a desire rising, Matsuki lets out my glans head.


*Nururi* And the glans' head is swallowed again into her mouth, but this time she doesn't suck on it and spits it out.

I want to be sucked quickly, fast and violently. It should be easy to swallow the glans up to her throat if it's Matsuki. And her throat should be used to handling glans. However, she just spits it out as soon as she puts it in.

It seems like she is enjoying watching me suffer. However, it's not.

I know Matsuki. The pleasure of when the pleasure increases gradually to the point of almost exploding. She is trying to show that to me.

"It's growing bigger and bigger"

A quiet echo from Matsuki, I feel sweetness in her voice when she said that. However, at the same time, I felt like she is watching my every reaction without leaving any gaps.

It's normal to make a mistake when sucking. But when Matsuki does it, it feels like she wants to give the best pleasure. I'm sure that is what she thinks, so I can't forgive her.


Her thin and delicate fingers wrap around my glans wet with her saliva. And while giving me pleasure enough to not make me c.u.m, she makes her tongue crawl under my glans' head.

At that, pleasure attacks me like a current. However, it's not a pleasant pleasure. It creates stress inside me, doubles my desire, and makes me expect the tremendous pleasure waiting, and my glans swells in expectation.

She will surely not betray my expectation. No, she will give me way more pleasure. But I won't obey her. I won't give in.

"Aah, kuu"

My voice leaks out without permission as her tongue crawls around my glans back while her fingers gently move in my glans' head.

As she was licking the back of my glans' head, and stimulates she glan's head with her fingers, she lets her tongue crawl on the rod.


And then, she uses her free hand and gently handles my prostate, stimulating it.

Her fingers stimulate my glans head, her tongue crawls on my rod, and her fingers wrap around and stroke my prostate. They move independently as if they had their own will, and there is no feel of stagnation there.

This is ridiculous. What is this pleasure?

"Haa, haa, haa"

I can't release it yet. It's not good. Such a delicate and polite caress isn't enough.

I want to let it out. I already want to release it.

I want her to suck it, fast, fast, faster and violently, shaking her head swiftly as she sucks on my glans' head. The urge to order her to do so comes in.

I close both hands and grit my teeth.

I have to endure. Withstand, bear with it, endure, I must accept all of Matsuki. And I must deny all of her s.e.xual techniques.

Because of the aphrodisiac, it's more sensitive than usual, it seems easier to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e, but if I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e as it is, it will become harder. Still, if it's swallowed into her throat, it can be managed somehow.

No, I must endure it.

"You will release it soon I see"

Matsuki whispers with her sweet voice as she lets her tongue crawl over my rod.

I will release it soon. That is not something she said lightly. It's something Matsuki is confident of doing.

"Aah, please do so"

I frantically prepare my breathing, and answer quietly.

"Yes ♡"

Matsuki replies. Due to the darkness I can't see her expression, but I can easily imagine her smiling face.

This is a critical moment, I must endure it.

A G.o.dly grip, her finger runs across my bag and her mouth goes to my glans' head. Then she lets her tongue wander around the tip of my glans' head.


It's like a different tongue. Moreover, while treating my rod which is full of her saliva, she stimulates my bag with her fingers. That alone creates enough desire to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e.


Suddenly the glans is wrapped.

Very soft, a slimy meat hole.

"Kuu, uuuuuuh"

The glans gets sucked in without stopping.

It isn't cramped like Mitsuki's and s.h.i.+zuki's, it's a soft and slimy meat hole.

Unlike the p.u.s.s.y, the mouth is possible to tighten as much as wanted. However, unlike the p.u.s.s.y, which is an organ made to accept a c.o.c.k; the mouth can't easily swallow a c.o.c.k. Still, if she forcibly swallows it, it would tighten without permission. However, it's abnormal that there is plenty of room.

But Matsuki accepted my c.o.c.k without her throat tightening at all.

Matsuki probably trained enough to be able to do so. She must have swallowed a c.o.c.k way too many times up to the root. To make a man rejoice. To serve a man. To connect to her husband's heart.

Although I'm not trying to defend her ex-husband, maybe she wasn't able to take her strong feelings. For Matsuki who thinks of herself as ugly, her ex-husband was the first and last man. If she lost this man, she wouldn't be able to be loved again. There must have been such obsessive thoughts.

The feeling of not wanting to lose her love, she goes to unnecessary lengths. She gladly responds to any requests made due to that.

At that point, she isn't a wife anymore, but a slave.

If he told her to die, what reaction would Matsuki have had at that time?

I can't imagine, but maybe Matsuki would have killed herself. So maybe those kinds of feelings weighted too heavy on her ex-husband.

So maybe that is why her ex-husband was seeking a light woman who would surrender herself for money.

But well, all of that is my speculation, I'm not stupid enough to go and ask. And even if I don't know, it's fine.


Something soft touched my crotch at the root. It's probably Matsuki's mouth.

The glans penetrated too deep that even the glans touched her throat.

The comfort of being wrapped in soft, fleshy meat. Then it's easily pulled out and then pulled in again.

"Fuu, kuuu"

Because there is composure in this meat hole, the pleasure isn't that high. However, it is approaching the high point, and she understands that. I'm completely dancing in her palm. So the moment she is thinking that, she will be forced to acknowledge her mistake.

It isn't easy to endure it. However, I have to endure it.

"Fuu, fuu, fuu"

Swallowing the c.o.c.k to the root inside her meat hole, then it's spit out and swallowed again. The movement gradually speeds up, and the meat hole gradually tightens.

"Kuu, uuh, kuuu"

The pleasure doubles as the meat hole tightens.

The pleasant feeling given together with the obscene sounds sends waves of pleasure like currents.

Feeling the glans' head swelling, the intense e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n desire approaches.

Did she notice that I'm about to c.u.m? She is tightening her throat as she raises the speed and inserts it all at once.

Fierce suction and tightening. The intense water sound echoes and tremendous pleasure comes in.

I felt cold air run up my spine as the s.e.m.e.n was running up the urethra.

I clench both hands as I tremble, and gulp down my saliva as I ground my teeth, trying to forcibly hold down the s.e.m.e.n trying to rush out.

However, Matsuki accelerates even more to make me e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e.

*JugoJugo* *BujuBuju* echoes as her throat tightens and she swallows my c.o.c.k at high speed.


My finger's nails pierce my hand, to help me endure thanks to the pain.

The waves of pleasure that I have never felt before. How long will I last? How long can I endure?

Matsuki wants to satisfy herself by using me. She will be pleased when she gets to see me pleased. She wants that sense of accomplishment of having served me. That is Matsuki's purpose.

This isn't a loss. Just do it for Matsuki. That is what she wants.

She thinks that, so she wants me to entrust everything to the pleasure hitting me like a wave.

"D-Don't… Underestimate me"

However, my thinking is going wild due to me forcibly holding down my desire for e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n.

Before beauty was reversed I also had tasted bitterness. To Matsuki, this bitterness continues even now. What is necessary to release her from that suffering. The thing that keeps her heart bound. I have to make her surrender from the bottom of her heart to cut that bound. So I can't let her make use of her techniques to pleasure me.

I absolutely can't let her use all of her knowledge to pleasure me.

I wonder how long have I endured, has it been about thirty minutes of this sensation?

"Kuu, haa, haa, haa, haa, guuuuuu"

*JuzoJuzo* An obscene water sound echoes at high speed. And her tight meat hole strokes my glans as she gives me pleasure.

And suddenly the sound ceases, and the pleasure stops.


The c.o.c.k that was inside her meat hole is pulled out *ZuruZuruZuru*.

It seems as if I would e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e only with that.

"Haa, haa, haa, haa"

Although Matsuki has plenty of leeway to swallow my c.o.c.k, she spit it out and is now breathing roughly.

She is surely upset. She must be thinking that I should have e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed already, but I didn't.

In fact, in the latter half of her b.l.o.w.j.o.b, Matsuki was lacking delicacy.

I guess she was becoming impatient due to things not going as she wanted.

"Haa, haa, haa - I-I'm sorry…"

An apology comes to me in-between her rough breath.

For Matsuki, who believes herself to be ugly, her s.e.xual skills should be her mind's support. Even if she is ugly, she can please a man with her skills. She should have thought so.

However, Matsuki was abandoned. She was met with the reality that she can't bind a man's heart even with her s.e.xual skills, which she gained through repeated training. Having accepted any obscene plays, she was still faced with the fact that she was abandoned.

Her confidence in her s.e.x skills collapsed when her ex-husband left her.

So, if she made use of me, she could be satisfied for a moment. In the long run, her fear of being thrown away wouldn't disappear.

"So, what will you do now?"

I asked Matsuki, and she trembles at my voice.

b.l.o.w.j.o.b is the easiest thing to use to bring a man to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e. Besides, she would be able to freely adjust her speed, tightness and even suction strength.

And, if it's impossible to make a man reach e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n with that, then she wouldn't be able to do anything even with her p.u.s.s.y.

Though it would be different if the man is the one moving, if the woman is the one leading, surely f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o is better than the p.u.s.s.y.

I guess a handjob would be next. No, in the worst-case scenario, the handjob would be better than a b.l.o.w.j.o.b.

The hands and fingers can be the most delicate part of the body. With lubricant, it may be possible to create even greater pleasure than a b.l.o.w.j.o.b. However, if the purpose is exciting men, a b.l.o.w.j.o.b or a p.u.s.s.y are better.

Anyway, it's quite dangerous if she does a handjob in the current situation.


Matsuki speaks with her weak and trembling voice.

"C-Can this M-Matsuki's worn-out p.u.s.s.y serve you?"

I can understand that that voice is the one of a person who lost confidence. I listened to those words and smile from ear to ear.

I was preparing myself for everything; I was prepared to withstand a handjob. But it's impossible to say clearly. I was almost c.u.mming with the b.l.o.w.j.o.b after all, so I don't know if I could even endure a minute of a handjob.

However, few men prefer handjobs. If there is a woman who knows, she would prefer a b.l.o.w.j.o.b or p.u.s.s.y rather than a handjob. Her ex-husband must have been like that too. It's a success, there is no handjob. So the only thing remaining is her p.u.s.s.y.

Finally, what a man truly desires. An organ made to pleasure a man, to receive a c.o.c.k and s.e.m.e.n. Matsuki is gambling everything on it.

"Aah, please do so"

I withstood the b.l.o.w.j.o.b and I was able to gain time, so I answer Matsuki.


Matsuki is in a cliff's edge.

A v.a.g.i.n.a that was used repeatedly times by her ex-husband and gave birth to four children. For Matsuki, it isn't something reliable to pleasure a man. But she can't help but rely on it.

I won.

While feeling my face loosening, I mutter in my inner thoughts.

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Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta Chapter 31

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