Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman Chapter 112

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The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman - Chapter 112 - The Resistance of a Weed (野草的反抗)

When a person was liked, her every word could be regarded as caring, but now that Qiao Hongye’s deskmate detested her, her words naturally became utterly jarring to the ears. Before, Qiao Hongye had mentioned Xin Xin’s parents and spoke in a delusive manner, warning Xin Xin about the possibility of her dad keeping a mistress and even going as far as to telling Xin Xin to forewarn her mom, which was what had resulted in a scolding.

Now, the more she thought about it, the more Qiao Hongye’s deskmate felt that Qiao Hongye had done it on purpose.

Furthermore, she now realized that she had been the weed, there to serve as an object of comparison between herself and Qiao Hongye. Who would be born willing to act as someone else’s foil? If Qiao Hongye was a genuinely pure girl, then fine, but what was Qiao Hongye in reality? Her actions weren’t things regular students would do. Xin Xin felt as though Qiao Hongye had soiled her eyes!

Qiao Hongye was shocked by her deskmate and turned red in a flash. “Xin Xin, I was just worried about you…” She responded, sounding aggrieved.

If it were before and Qiao Hongye showed this kind of expression, someone would immediately jump to her defense. But today was different. She was like a disease that disgusted everyone.

Zhang Hao and Dong Yi, the two former ‘flower protectors’ felt even more regretful, wondering how they had liked someone this deceitful.

“How fake!” Xin Xin looked at her disdainfully and straightforwardly stood up and dragged Qiao Hongye’s desk to the back of the cla.s.sroom. “Only trash is suitable for someone as filthy as you!”

Afterwards, Xin Xin casually tossed the water bottle she had been drinking earlier into the trash bin nearby. With a bang, the residue water drops sprayed from the bottle and splashed onto the surface of Qiao Hongye’s desk, nearly scaring her senseless.

Since the initiative was taken, the other students suddenly began to throw trash, and before long, Qiao Hongye’s desk was covered in a myriad of fruit peels, water, and toilet paper, causing her desk to become so dirty that she began shaking.

No matter how dumb she was, she was able to tell that something was wrong. Her cla.s.smates used to treat her so well that even if there was a conflict, the other party would usually be the one apologizing. Something like this had never happened before.

For Xin Xin to set herself against Qiao Hongye was acceptable, but Zhang Hao wasn’t doing anything? Why wasn’t Dong Yi stepping in to help her? And the rest of her cla.s.smates—they weren’t like this before. Could it be that they were playing an April Fools joke on her? But the school year had started quite a while ago, and April Fools had long pa.s.sed!

Qiao Hongye could only stand helplessly by her desk, watching her cla.s.smates regard her with disdainful glares, making her feel as though she was living a nightmare. No one was willing to talk to her, so she was kept in the dark about what was going on.

Time pa.s.sed very slowly, and the scene ended only after the teacher arrived. The teacher looked upon Qiao Hongye fondly, so after she shed a few tears of complaint, Xin Xin was, of course, punished. However, this didn’t mean Qiao Hongye had achieved victory, because her tattletaling had incurred further hate from her cla.s.smates.

Isolation in school is extremely dreadful, Jing Yunzhao knew this from personal experience. Regardless of what she did, she would always be alone. She would have to keep an eye out for troublemakers who might use her bookbag to play pranks on her. While walking, she would have to worry about whether or not someone would come and trip her. Practically every minute, she would have to be on guard against the other students. Perhaps to others, their actions were trivial, but to the victim, it was equivalent to feeling as though the world had abandoned them.

Except this time, the abandoned one was Qiao Hongye.

Cla.s.s 2 was right next door, so anything that happened in Cla.s.s 1 was immediately transmitted to Cla.s.s 2. Needless to say, Jing Yunzhao also heard about Qiao Hongye becoming everyone’s new target, and she felt the tight knot in her heart instantly unravel.

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Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman Chapter 112

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