Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 121

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Just when the skeleton swung his ax at Lu Shu once more, Lu Shu acted first and grabbed the neck of the skeleton. He exerted his strength and pushed the skeleton forward, causing it to lose its balance.

Lu Shu then gave it a powerful kick to its hip, his huge strength smashing the entire hip of the skeleton to bits!

He took the ax from the skeleton and left the skeleton sprawled on the floor. Despite having only its upper body left, the skeleton was still trying its best to get up and to have a go at Lu Shu.

Lu Shu did all this to understand how to kill the skeleton for good. Seemingly, as long as the two bright green flames in the eyes of the skeleton didn't extinguish, it would not be possible for the skeleton to die.

He stomped on the skeleton's skull into smithereens and looked around his surroundings on this small hill with an ax in hand. Everywhere was made up of yellow soil and there was not a single person in sight.

There were up to ten thousand people including soldiers and students when they were first swept into this realm. Why was there not a single person around?

Just how big is this ancient remain!?

Or could it be that everyone was swept into a realm independently? It can't be. Otherwise, why would people fight over the relic in the remain? If this was the case, everyone could look for their own items in their own realm.

As Lu Shu was pondering seriously, he heard a strange sound suddenly. He turned around to see the surrounding yellow soil loosening as if something was digging its way up.

Lu Shu counted. 1234567… damn, there's more than 20…

Hopefully, they're not all skeletons?

Jackpot… As Lu Shu stared at the loosening soil, a white, bony hand stuck itself out of the soil...

There was no time to think and Lu Shu had to run immediately. This wasn't any game which rewarded experience points for killing monsters. There was no benefit from fighting these monsters at all, and killing them would only stain the ax. Lu Xiaoyu might even complain about it if he was to bring it home, there was really no point in fighting the monsters.

It wasn't an issue of looking for resources in the ancient remain anymore, it was an issue of escaping this place quickly to avoid the countless resurgent skeletons.

Humans can get tired but the skeletons wouldn't. At least it was like that in the movies… He had to treat this seriously...

He then thought. What if everyone had to face these skeletons? He could handle them alright, but what about those students currently in class F? What about those soldiers?

Given the strength of these skeletons, even if it was a daoyuan student who had completed the mysterious matter chapter, it might just be a deadlock.

Lu Shu didn't even want to think about the soldiers' terrible predicament, thinking of their willingness to place the students ahead of themselves such as during meal times made his heart ache.

But Lu Shu didn't know where to run. There was a sun in the sky and there was nothing else on the ground. He calculated for a moment before deciding to run in the direction of the sun.

Small bits of land started shifting when he passed by but Lu Shu didn't even have the time to react. Luckily for him, he could run fast, or else it would be like that game he saw in the past in which the main character had to battle numerous monsters.

Lu Shu ran like the wind and as he went further, the movements from the ground stopped...

Not long after he started running, he heard some noises. This was noise from a person!

This made Lu Shu feel rather delighted, at least he wasn't here alone.

He bolted across a small hill and saw a group of people running towards him with a huge hoard of skeletons hot on their heels.

What gave Lu Shu a grave outlook was not the chase, but there were two motionless bodies of students not far away in the middle of a pool of blood.

People actually… died.

It wasn't a nice feeling being in the face of death. Lu Shu knew clearly that the ancient remains co-existed alongside the real world. Once you are dead, you are dead. There was no revive button.

These two students were still alive ten minutes ago but are now lying motionless here. They have died in their youth, their golden years when they should be enjoying life the most.

Lu Shu thought about this early on. On the path of cultivation and training, there was a big possibility of battling and dying. His adaptability was very strong and he tried to accept death very lightly, but in reality, it was something which was very hard to do.

He was frantic but didn't show any signs of panic.

The approaching students ran past Lu Shu and some of them advised him to run quickly. But Lu Shu remained rooted to the ground.

Someone tried to pull Lu Shu away, but another guy lugged him on, "Why care about him? Don't you want to live?!"

At this time, only the fastest could survive. You didn't have to be faster than the skeletons, just be faster than the other survivors.

At that instant, Lu Shu dashed towards more than ten skeletons with his ax in hand. For some reason, these skeletons didn't have any weapons on them, which was all the better!

Lu Shu thundered his first swing onto the frame of the first skeleton, sending it flying back and into another skeleton!

Lu Shu had great strength now, much greater than any of his classmates.

The students who were running for their lives turned around to look at Lu Shu when they heard noises. Surprisingly, they saw Lu Shu battling the gang of skeletons with an ax in his hand.

Lu Shu learned swordplay, but the move he learned the most was swinging. The details of the swing were immaculate, for example how to swing, how to exert strength. These were intricacies then Lu Shu was very familiar with.

Every swing of the ax was used efficiently, and never were the skeletons shown any mercy.

These were the fruits of Lu Shu's tough training!

Those students could only stare with wide eyes. The skeletons which frightened them so much didn't stand a chance against Lu Shu and his ax. Every swing of his ax looked extremely fierce and aesthetic.

Was he a daoyuan student like them? Why was he so much more aggressive? They were obviously of different class!

These students behaved with pride in school, often feeling high and mighty under the name of daoyuan class. But at this moment, they looked at Lu Shu and then back at themselves, subconsciously feeling a tinge of guilt and shame.

Which city did this daoyuan student belong to? Could he be a prodigy of tier B or tier A aptitude?

"Should we go and help him?" Someone suggested even though he was a little afraid, which was why he wanted everyone to go together.

"Let's see how things go, it seems like he can handle it on his own," They just couldn't suppress their fear in their hearts. This group of people were randomly grouped together and didn't know each other. They didn't have much trust or chemistry as they, after all, didn't know each other.

As Lu Shu killed off the last skeleton, he was glad to have made it out unscathed, even though he almost hurt himself a few times before. Indeed, once the numbers of the skeletons increase, it was harder to handle.

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 121

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