Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 122

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"What plans do you guys have?" Lu Shu turned around and asked.

"Since there are no skeletons left here, let's stay here. Maybe the ancient remain might dissipate soon?:

Lu Shu frowned. He wasn't willing to stay at a single location, and the facts have been proven that this place was unsafe, "Then what if I want to leave, what do you guys have in mind?"

"Don't leave, please stay and protect us!"

Lu Shu shook his head, "the skeletons dig their way out from the Earth. When moving around, notice if there are skeletons trying to dig their way out. Run if you notice it and after a certain distance, the skeleton will stop moving. If you meet them upfront, smash their skulls as they'll only die that way. This ax was taken from a skeleton and it's extremely sharp. You can give it to the strongest person here," Lu Shu said as he turned around and tossed the ax to them.

These students didn't help Lu Shu when they were in a position of advantage and Lu Shu was not confident of bringing this group of students around in this strange ancient remain. If they had been braver previously, Lu Shu might have brought them along as at least he wouldn't be alone.

At least… If he was injured, these students could help him.

But alas, these students didn't have much courage.

Was there a point in being a hero in such a place? Just moments ago, if he was to be injured by the skeletons, he would have probably met with a tragic end. If those students saw him injured, their first reaction would most probably be to run.

Lu Shu was no hero, he never was. It was already very benevolent of him to give them the ax, he still wanted to make it home to see Lu Xiaoyu.

This ax gave him some queries. Although it looked stained and rusty, it was extremely practical and useful and it revealed its other side through battle: Sturdy and sharp.

He killed more than ten skeletons consecutively. A normal ax would definitely leave some scratches or be damaged but this ax was different, it felt sharp all the way until the end.

So by giving them this ax, this group of people would probably survive if they were not too silly. Having this ax, they would be able to stand a chance against the skeletons.

But if this group of people only knew how to run, what point was there in Lu Shu bringing them along?

Someone in the group wanted to ask Lu Shu to stay. Meeting such a skilled person in such an environment, they wanted to seek protection but Lu Shu had not the slightest intention of staying behind. They would never have thought that Lu Shu was still treated by many in Luo Cheng's daoyuan class as a metahuman with tier F aptitude and treated as a loser by many back at home.

"If we had helped him just now, would he continue to help us?" Someone asked abruptly.

But there was ultimately no answer to this question. They would only know the answer if they had gone to help him.

Another question came in immediately after, "Who will… wield this ax?"

Lu Shu moved forward extremely cautiously as he was worried that there might be other changes in this ancient remain. The yellow soil here gave rise to different landforms such as gullies and ravines, and sometimes it was hard to make out what these landforms held without going near.

He realized a problem as he looked at the sky. If the sun rose and set as usual, it meant that nightfall existed in this place.

Nightfall… This word came with an ominous connotation.

Lu Shu felt that it was critical for him to search for shelter or somewhere to avoid risks and dangers before nightfall.

The best was an open area where he could easily observe the surroundings and run when needed to.

The worst place, he thought, would be a cave. What if something blocked the exit of the cave? If that was the case, he would likely be dead.

So to find a place where he could observe his surroundings and move about without problems was his top priority.

Lu Shu glanced around and locked his eyes onto a small ridge. That ridge had a higher ground so it was easier to observe any movements in his surroundings.

He wanted to get there quickly but realized it was quite a distance away and it would take some time for him to reach his destination.

He met several skeletons along the way and managed to snatch a metal sword with rusted stains. With his prior knowledge, he had no doubts about the efficiency of the weapon. Moreover, his primary weapon was a sword, and he felt much more comfortable brandishing the sword in his hands.

Through this process, he saw human corpses occasionally. Some belonged to students while others belonged to soldiers, and they had all just died not too long ago.

These corpses made Lu Shu extremely somber. At this point in time, the sun was setting and the reddish light cast a huge red shade onto everything in this world.

Lu Shu was running alone in the broad wilderness, and the cruel light made everything seem like it was covered in blood.

At this moment, in a ravine about ten meters away from Lu Shu came a 'pa' sound. A red light suddenly rose into the sky.

Lu Shu's heart skipped a beat, could this be the fabled magical instrument?

He squatted down gently and jumped up almost immediately. He jumped extremely high, stirring up dust and particles in the surrounding soil.

That red light was extremely bright and not knowing what it was, Lu Shu did not dare to grab it using his hands. At that moment when he jumped up, he swiped the red light with his sword and with a 'dang', that red light was knocked back precisely by Lu Shu!

Lu Shu stood rooted to the ground at the ravine, seemingly stunned!

The red light gave off a constant hum from not far away. A male student was standing opposite him, with a signal gun in his hand...

Lu Shu was rather confused and couldn't understand the situation. The other party stood there utterly confused as well!

Then, Lu Shu realized that what he beat down… was just a signal flare?!

It was such a teaser!

The other party was evidently more confused than him.

"From Haruto Takumi's distress, +555!"

This student never expected the signal flare, which he sent out, to be beaten down by someone just like that...

Beaten down...

Yes, it was actually beaten down! Who was this guy who could beat down a flare! It was really confusing! There's no logic!

The two of them stared at each other. Lu Shu's large eyes staring intently at the small eyes of the other party. The two were at a state of 'having absolutely no idea what was going on, no idea who the other party was and thus waiting for the other party to make a move to see what would happen'.

Lu Shu was rather curious upon receiving the distress point update. This douche has a Japanese name?

Could he be… a spy?!

He once saw a documentary which highlighted some events a spy went through. Spies would live in a foreign country from a young age and as time passed, the spies would forget their own country, behaving exactly like a local in the foreign land. Eating porridge, noodles, rice, vegetables and mastering the local language and accent, just like the spies were from the place itself.

But this did not change the fact that they were spies.

Lu Shu suddenly felt that this distress point update could at times be of great use. He knew the real name of the other party!

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 122

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