Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 123

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Based on Lu Shu's analysis, those that entered were daoyuan students, members of the heavenly network and soldiers.

The heavenly network had a standardized black coat, soldiers had their army uniforms and daoyuan students wore all kinds of clothes. Xi Fei mentioned before that daoyuan students would have to wear uniforms in the near future which Lu Shu could understand. Things like standardized uniforms would be a step towards establishing an identity. If every aspect was standardized, it would improve their mentality as a team.

Of course, there were others from other countries in this remains since the area was too large for every corner to be kept under surveillance. But Lu Shu believed that if these people were planning an attack, they wouldn't be dressed as casual as the students and not carry any weapons with them.

This student had nothing with him besides a flare gun and the material of this flare gun looked rather weird. Lu Shu suddenly recalled some news- a murderer outside the border printed a one-time use handgun which could bypass security.

One thing was for certain- this guy was definitely not chinese as proven by the income record.

As a spy, making use of high-tech means was understandable.

Lu Shu did not speak to the other party and neither did that person. That person was still fuming about his signal flare being striked down. Before entering the remains, they were told to to use their flares to signify a gathering point in case they split up. The rendezvous point would be 1km east of the flare and the more people could be gathered, the stronger their manpower.

The plan was good… but in the end, the signal flare was shot down. What's your damn problem!

Even if he wanted to fire another signal flare, it was impossible.The 3D printed flare gun may be able to bypass the security check at the foot of the mountain but its greatest flaw was that it was only one-time use!

The others still had their flare guns but there were no flare signals seen. This could only mean that something had happened to them or that the remain was too large for the flare to be seen!

What a headache...

He had yet to find out that Lu Shu knew his real name but only couldn't read it since he didn't know Japanese...

Lu Shu remained silent. This scum had been contributing waves of distress points. Every few minutes, he would contribute 100+, 200+ and Lu Shu was excited. This guy is such a distress points-generating machine!

With this continuous income of distress points, Lu Shu gleefully kept his silence and he could do this all day...

The other party was frustrated, are you a sculpture? So resilient in keeping silent?

Although he grew up in China, he regularly received training from his organization and when it came to perseverance and tolerance, his was way higher than the others his age, but now...

"Ahem, are you a daoyuan student too? From which city? My name is Chang Hengyue, you?" This self-identified as Chang Hengyue spy asked as he couldn't tolerate the silence anymore.

Lu Shu heard the other party's fluent Chinese and replied, "Oh, I'm from Nanyang City's daoyuan class, name's Liu Li. You?"

"I'm from Nanyang city…" Chang Hengyue said with a grimace.

"From Haruto Takumi's distress, +666…"

"Oh? Hahaha, I remembered wrong, I'm from Zhuma city! That flare signal you fired just now, did your school distribute them? Excuse me but I thought that it was some treasure that appeared in this remain…" Lu Shu laughed awkwardly. This was all an act, who would believe that the heavenly network distributed flare guns to normal daoyuan students.

Chang Hengyue could no longer believe what this guy was saying but he played along, "Hi, student Liu Li. That's right, the flare gun was given by my school, yours didn't?" He glances at the sword in Lu Shu's hand, "Did you find that in the remains? Can I take a look?"

Lu Shu heard those words and thought, how could I give this to him? What if he used it to attack me? After all those distress points, how can I be sure that this scum has no intentions of cutting me?!

But he still wanted to continue chatting with this spy and but couldn't as the atmosphere would be too awkward. After thinking for a long time, Lu Shu tactfully replied, "I can't."

A typical cautious Lu Shu...

Chang Hengyue was extremely annoyed. He had thought that between students, borrowing something to take a look was absolutely fine but who knew this guy wasn't normal?!

So be it. He had a rough gauge on Lu Shu's skills, someone who could strike down the signal flare. Although the signal flare was much slower than a normal bullet, not everyone could achieve such a feat.

Both of them were unsure of each other's strength and the spy wasn't sure if he could beat this weirdo called Liu Li...

But this could not continue. The mission in this remains wasn't to mess around with this mad student and he had to regroup with the rest quickly, "student Liu Li, I'm happy to meet you but I have to go look for the rest of my classmates now. They might be in danger and it's my responsibility as the class rep to help them. You should go and hide quickly. Since you're not a class rep, you don't have to take the risk."

Chang Hengyue said agitatedly and extremely animatedly.

"How coincidental but I'm the class rep too. I'll go with you…" Lu Shu said cheekily, knowing that you're a spy, how could I let you go? And Liu Li's identity was a class rep as well...

Chang Hengyue felt extremely uneasy!

"From Haruto Takumi's distress, +999…"

That's great, this guy's distress point contribution was catching up with Liu Li's… what a contributor!

No matter how badly this Chang Hengyue wanted to leave, Lu Shu had to find an excuse to follow. This might earn him ten celestial fruits… Lu Shu calculated that including yesterday's distress points for Liu Li, he had amassed 34000+ distress points. The distance between him and lighting up the fifth star, which required 80 celestial fruits, no longer seemed as far away...

Chang Hengyue became ruthless. He wasn't certain about this Liu Li's skills, but since he wanted to follow him so doggedly, he did not have to hold back anymore.

At that point in time, Chang Hengyue wasn't sure if Lu Shu knew about him. Logically, a normal daoyuan student shouldn't be able to infer his identity as a spy from just a signal flare. But the problem lied in the fact that this guy mentioned his home city wrongly, which was extremely suspicious. And Chang Hengyue wasn't stupid so he was going to make the first move in the night!

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 123

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