Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 135

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Time went from dusk to dawn, then from dawn to noon.

The sunlight in the remains was bright and warm. But as it cascaded through this lifeless heart of the remain, everything seemed to turn cold, and the occasional wind seemed like an ice-cold snake slithering smoothly on the surface.

Lu Shu made use of the night and hid in a path in the mountains, his eyes constantly fixated on the narrow path below him. He was waiting for his chance.

This sort of occurrence was not at all uninteresting to a person like Lu Shu, it seemed more like a game to him.

Just like when he was younger, he would play hide-and-seek in the orphanage. When the seeker closed his eyes to count to 100, Lu Shu and his friends would go and hide.

Most kids would be found very quickly as the orphanage was not very big.

Finding Lu Shu was always the toughest. He would hide on the roof of the old house and go one day without eating or drinking. To avoid going to the toilet, he would even bring a plastic bottle with him. When it came to the spirit of playing such games, no one could beat him.

From then on, no one played hide-and-seek with him as it was like a thriller… A game would cause a person to disappear, would you believe that? Finally, the teacher barred anyone from playing hide-and-seek with Lu Shu.

Back then, Lu Shu found hide-and-seek to be very meaningful and had no idea why he was prevented from playing it.

So now, he found some joy in hiding in his position, something which not many people would enjoy...

Lu Shu continued to wait patiently, till the gallops of horses could be heard. Lu Shu suddenly tensed up. It's coming!

On a mountain not far away, the group that relocated their base finally settled down. Their cla.s.s D leader was using his telescope, looking for traces of the skeleton squad below them.

They moved through the night yesterday and indeed not long after they started moving, the skeleton squad started searching the mountain. Their chemistry was amazing and the heavenly network had to follow their original plan to retreat.

Under these circ.u.mstances where it wasn't a war for land, everyone felt that it wasn't worth it to lose their lives here. This was the heavenly network's view as well. They wanted as little casualties as possible within the remains as these people could be of much better use out there in the real world. Indeed, there wouldn't be any reward for not obtaining anything within the remain but on the other hand, there definitely wouldn't be any punishment.

Everyone agreed with Nie Ting's stance on this matter. If the superiors felt that their subordinates could die in the hunt for resources within the remain, the morale of everyone would be extremely low.

"What should we do next? Now they are extremely cautious and their formation is much tighter than before. The sniper no longer has a good position with a good view anymore, it's like they know how to defend themselves against potential dangers," someone a.n.a.lyzed.

The cla.s.s D leader frowned, "Observe and find out which one is the real leader. If all else fails, we'll clash head-on with them. It's not impossible for you guys to coordinate with me to kill their leader!"

This was the last resort.

"Hey, you guys look! There's someone hidden up there within the gaps of the mountain!" Someone exclaimed. This was quite weird and surprising, why was there a person hidden over there?

Everyone looked over. Just three meters above the pa.s.sing skeletons was a huge gap and indeed, there was a person hidden there silently watching his surroundings.

The person's s.h.i.+rt was old and rugged while his facial features could not be made out clearly. His lower body was out in the light while the most of his upper body was hidden in the shadows… just like a dangerous

"Who is this? Any of you know him? Is he a daoyuan student?" Someone asked suddenly. Most of the members of the heavenly network who were present were form teachers, so the question was asked to see if any of them knew him.

After all, based on his attire, the other party should be merely a daoyuan student. But what was a daoyuan student doing over there alone? Was he hiding there for his own safety or…?

In their impression, the current daoyuan students were rather useless in battle. The group of students behind them were constantly complaining of lethargy and hunger and had absolutely no intention of joining the next battle.

To be candid, everyone did not have a good impression of the daoyuan students. According to them, daoyuan students should all be trained somewhere before they could be considered useful.

As for the opinions of the daoyuan students, although they felt that it was rather illogical for the other party to be hiding there purely for safety, they could not draw any other possibility from the sight.

Just then, that student started moving. Just when the skeleton squad pa.s.sed by that gap, the student jumped down at the last horseman without any hesitation!

"What the f***? What does he want? Is he mad?!"

"It can't be, do you guys know this student? Is he mad?!" No one could identify that it was Lu Shu. It was not because there was no form teacher from Luo Cheng here, but even if there was, it would be hard to identify him from his dirty and scruffy appearance.

At this moment, everyone was stunned and went to the edge of their mountain to see what was going on.

Immediately after, they witnessed something which sent them into further shock. That daoyuan student actually landed accurately at that last horseman and had his hand on his spear.

Just when they thought this student was about to be killed by the 9 hors.e.m.e.n, the student actually dragged the spear and knocked the skeleton off his horse!

"d.a.m.n, that's too fierce," Some of their jaws almost dropped. No one expected this student to have such strength. He actually knocked the soldier off his horse, amazing!

"He's in danger!" The cla.s.s D pract.i.tioner knitted his eyebrows. That student changed his impression of daoyuan students greatly, but he felt that he was rather impulsive and unwise. After all, there were 9 other hors.e.m.e.n, he could knock one down but it's far from dead. Yeah, so what if you're strong enough to knock him down? What's next? Probably death.

"Let's go save him," Someone suggested.

Just then, changes occurred at the battle again. Just when they thought this student would be surrounded, he actually s.n.a.t.c.hed the spear and ran from the skeletons. He didn't run by the road and amazingly, he climbed up the mountains instead.

The rest of the skeletons sent arrows flying towards him but not a single one hit the target. It was simply breathtaking skill!

Everyone held their breath and looked at the amazing scene of escape they were witnessing. A person actually escaped perfectly from the 9 hors.e.m.e.n!

This sort of feeling was surreal! Could this really be a daoyuan student?

As Lu Shu disappeared into the peak of the mountain, someone exclaimed, "Look! He already has two spears!"

Then, he started looking at the skeleton squad below once more. His gaze stayed on that skeleton as he whipped out his broadsword to replace his original weapon.

Everyone stayed silent. They finally understood why that skeleton had in his hand a broadsword… instead of a spear!


Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 135

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